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1%% Examples have been alphabetized. Please place your example in the correct order.²²->''"I love you, Tycho Brohe."''²-->-- '''Sydney''' (during his new best friend's wedding[[note]]to a woman[[/note]]), ''Film/ILoveYouMan''²²At the intersection of the {{buddy picture}} and the {{romantic comedy}} lies the ''bro''mantic comedy. In this case, however, both leads will be male and the relationship pursued will be strictly platonic, possibly diving headlong into [[HaveIMentionedIAmHeterosexualToday "no homo"]] territory. Also unlike its romantic counterpart, a true Brom-Com is decidedly ''not'' a ChickFlick.²²Distinguishing between this trope and the buddy picture is a little more complicated, but a preliminary way to mark the difference is that a pure bromantic comedy would not center around, for example, unlikely allies coming together to overcome adversity. Rather, the plot of a Bro-Com is specifically driven by the relationship between the characters themselves, much like a regular RomCom. Naturally, [[HappyEnding if things work out well]], the story culminates in a (more or less) straightforward [[HeterosexualLifePartners bromance]].²²----²!!Examples²²[[index]]²* ''Film/TwentyOneJumpStreet'' has a number of bromantic moments, such as Schmidt asking his partner Jenko to prom (as part of their undercover work) and Jenko climbing all over Schmidt in bed. Though they start as high school enemies, by the end it has become a full-on bromance.²** ''Film/TwentyTwoJumpStreet'' extremely ups the ante for the Jenko/Schmidt bromance, with HomoeroticSubtext out the wazoo, Schmidt and Jenko having a counseling session together, and Schmidt becoming distraught when Jenko states that they need to "investigate other people."²* ''Film/AboutABoy'' plays like a textbook romantic comedy, except the couple are an emotionally stunted ManChild and a maladjusted kid from a seriously dysfunctional family.²%%* ''Series/EvasiveInquiryAgency''²* ''Film/TheGreenHornet'' gives this a superhero twist. It uses a lot of the Bromantic Comedy tropes in order to deconstruct/reconstruct the hero/sidekick dynamic.²* ''Film/HotFuzz'' fits the bill rather well. Amusingly, most of this owes itself to the fact that Angel was meant to have a love interest named Victoria, but after she was cut, most of her lines were given to Danny with surprisingly ''few'' changes.²* ''Film/TheHangover'' is a film series consisting of three films which adapts [[RomanticComedy Rom Com]] tropes.²* ''Film/ILoveYouMan'', which embraces and adapts countless RomCom tropes.²* ''Film/LoveActually'' is a RomCom that has multiple couples, one of them is a bromantic couple.²* The first half of ''Film/MelodySWALK'' is about how Daniel makes friends with Ornshaw before it heads into RomanticComedy territory with Melody.²* ''Film/PlanB'' is mainly about the bromantic friendship between a man and his ex-girlfriend's boyfriend. [[spoiler:And while it tips into full-blown QueerRomance near the end, the bromance is just as integral to the film and its characters as the romance.]]²* Though some versions of ''Film/TheProducers'' have a romantic subplot between Leo and Ulla, the main story of all versions is about how Leo Bloom and Max Bialystock came to be HeterosexualLifePartners (in crime) on Broadway. Near the end, it even has Leo testifying in court to what a great friend Max has been to him.²* ''Film/RoleModels'' as it stars Creator/PaulRudd who has been known for staring in romantic comedies and has dabbled in buddy films.²* ''Film/StepBrothers'' as the main characters are forced to live together and eventually form a friendly bond.²* ''Film/{{Superbad}}'' is nominally a sex comedy about the two main characters trying to get with women, but the emotional core of the movie is Evan and Seth's deep but fraying platonic friendship, which has some homoerotic undertones.²* ''Film/WithnailAndI'' was once described by Creator/RogerEbert as 'a Bromance going horribly wrong'.²²[[/index]]²²----


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