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1Blue eyes are the second most common eye colour in RealLife, but that does not make them a trope. Please don't list them as such.˛˛Sometimes they reflect the existence of a trope:˛* CreepyBlueEyes: Given to particularly degenerate characters, sort of light and watery, and there are blue eyes that seem to be too ''open'' where one starts to hope they'll blink soon.˛* ElementalEyeColors: Any blue for MakingASplash and IcyBlueEyes for AnIcePerson. ˛* IcyBlueEyes: Piercing and icy, seeming to look right through you.˛* InnocentBlueEyes: Beautiful, innocent "baby blues" or clear, pure, and shining. Either way, a popular choice for heroes and heroines. Common with HairOfGoldHeartOfGold.˛* MeaningfulAppearance: For when the eyes having that particular colour is commented upon in the story as important.˛* OccultBlueEyes: Possessing the MagicalEye. In Mediterranean countries, the Demon's Eye amulet is always blue. (Xenophobia may explain this.) ˛˛Please delete all links to this page unless they can be changed to link to another page, such as the ones listed above.˛----


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