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1[[quoteright:300:[[ComicBook/AmericanBornChinese]]]]˛˛->''He had clearly been mutated by the terrible radiations of atomic weaponry -- what with his wizened yellow body, slanting eyes peering from behind coke-bottle lenses, and the chubby cheeks and buck teeth of a bunny from Hell.''˛-->-- ''Fanfic/Plan7Of9FromOuterSpace''˛˛Buck teeth were the dental stereotype common to most people of East Asian descent in the early-to-mid 20th century.˛˛Whereas the Western world associates this trope with ALL Eastern Asians in racist caricatures, in Asia itself, the bad teeth stereotype is associated with Japanese people, and either used to villainize them or PlayedForLaughs in Korean and Southeast Asian comedy. Much like Britain, Japan has lax standards on dental beauty and orthodontics is still a relatively recent thing. Crooked teeth are actually viewed as a positive trait in Japan; wealthy women sometimes pay to have their teeth reshaped unevenly because a crooked smile makes them look more childlike and thus "cuter."˛˛Historically in Japan, white teeth were generally seen as unattractive, and women concerned about their physical attractiveness would artificially ''blacken'' their teeth as part of their makeup. Much American anti-Japanese WWII propaganda picked on Japanese people's poor dental health, this stereotype eventually evolved into the Asian Buck-Teeth trope, which now instead of only targeting Japanese people conflates all [[InterchangeableAsianCultures Eastern Asian people into one monolithic bloc]].˛˛UsefulNotes/WorldWarII depictions of the Japanese, however, typically involved giant upper front teeth and sometimes [[FangsAreEvil fangs]]. The primary inspiration for this trope was UsefulNotes/HidekiTojo, the ''de facto'' leader of UsefulNotes/ImperialJapan during WWII, who had a pronounced overbite.˛˛This is often a component of {{Yellowface}}. Both teeth stereotypes are {{Discredited Trope}}s nowadays.˛˛Subtrope of FacialProfiling. Compare with BritishTeeth.˛˛----˛!!Examples:˛˛[[foldercontrol]]˛˛[[folder:Anime and Manga]]˛* Due to Katsuhiro Otomo's artstyle averting {{Mukokuseki}}, Nezu's buck teeth and design in ''Manga/{{AKIRA}}'' is often thought to be this, even though they're part of his [[YouDirtyRat rat motifs]].˛* In ''Manga/DemonSlayerKimetsuNoYaiba'', used for caricature comedic effect on Zenitsu Agatsuma; both Inosuke Hashibira and Flame Hashira: Kyojuro Rengoku, saw Zenitsu having quite the buck teeth during their dream prison under the Lower-One demon Enmu’s power; Zenitsu’s actual normal appearance doesn’t have that pronounced buck, but the series’ author says in a extra that Zenitsu does have buck teeth, it just isn’t visible.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Comic Books]]˛* Many depictions of Japanese in UsefulNotes/WorldWarII U.S. comics had this feature. [[ An example from [=SuperDickery=]]].˛* An old ''ComicBook/{{Archie|Comics}}'' comic drawn by Creator/DanDeCarlo had an example of this.˛* All Asians in ''ComicBook/MortadeloYFilemon'', even in the latest releases.˛** A non-Asian example is Prof. Bacterio. There is an episode in which Mortadelo burns up Bacterio's beard, revealing that he has enormous, very prominent buck teeth - which leads to think that Bacterio actually grows his beard in order to hide them.˛* ''Franchise/{{Tintin}}'':˛** From [[OldShame the very first]] ''Tintin'', the two Chinese torturers have teeth like this.˛** Mitsuhirato, a villainous Japanese businessman in China, is drawn with stereotypically buck teeth, notable in a comic that was very progressive for its time in terms of racial attitudes (well, not counting [[OldShame the first book]]). Understandable in that at the time the character was written, Japan was currently engaged in a very brutal occupation of China, and Hergé made his views abundantly clear.˛** A much more sympathetic Japanese policeman, Bunji Kuraki, does appear in a "The Crab With The Golden Claws", however, who is drawn normally.˛* ''ComicBook/LuckyLuke'': [[InexplicablyIdenticalIndividuals the Chinese launderer]] has teeth like this, as do many others. The leader of the Triads in ''Rantanplan's Heritage'' does not, however.˛* Dan's cousin Chin-Kee from ''ComicBook/AmericanBornChinese'' looks like a bad Chinese stereotype, complete with buck teeth. He is drawn with this trait as part of his "embodiment of every negative Chinese stereotype ever." As part of his ongoing ruination of every relationship in Danny's life, the other kids start to think Danny's got buck teeth too. Turns out the reason he's so goofy-looking is because [[spoiler:he's actually a badly made human disguise worn by Sun Wu Kong, the Monkey King]].˛* Detective Yashimoto, from ''COmicBook/{{Cybersix}}'' and his little sister have very prominent teeth, though apart from this they're not portrayed very stereotypically. Interestingly their character designs from the comic were kept for the CultClassic animated series, despite the series being animated in Japan.˛* In ''Comicbook/NewSuperMan'' #16, Kenan has a vision of the past and finds himself in a 1940s Chinatown ''as it would have been portrayed in the comics of the day''. He initially thinks the bald, bright yellow, buck-toothed people being beaten up by Slam Bradley are some kind of goblin, until All-Yang tells him to use his x-ray vision to see through "the illusion generated by a century of brutality", at which point they look like ordinary Chinese people.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Film]]˛* Creator/MickeyRooney in his {{Yellowface}} portrayal of Mr. Yunioshi in ''Film/BreakfastAtTiffanys'' has misaligned buck teeth.˛* ''Film/OnceUponATimeInChina'' includes a bizarre ''Chinese'' example in the character of Buck-Teeth-Soo, the Americanized member of the cast. It's downplayed, though, compared to most of these examples.˛* Comes up in some UsefulNotes/WorldWarII era [[Film/TheThreeStooges Three Stooges]] shorts, with the Japanese characters being played by actual Japanese Americans from internment camps, wearing fake teeth. Some of them were American citizens and some were native born American citizens. The teeth are particularly obvious in "The Yokes On Me," ( by today's standards probably the most racist of all the shorts) in which the actors not only were Japanese Americans from a camp, they PORTRAYED Japanese American escapees from a nearby camp bent on sabotage.˛* Besides portraying many other Asians stereotypes, Ming Li-Foo from ''WesternAnimation/LaBalladeDesDalton'' has [[ huge front teeth]].˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Literature]]˛* One character in the ''Literature/WildCards'' series was a joker whose virus-induced deformities made him a real-life version of a cartoon Asian, including big buck teeth.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Live-Action TV]] ˛* On ''Series/{{The Office|US}}'', Michael dresses up as a character he calls "Ping", and does a terribly unfunny and racist AsianSpeekeeEngrish routine.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Music]]˛* Along with many other YellowFace aspects, this is part of [[{{Music/Styx}} Mr. Roboto's]] visage--three thin "pegs" between its leering lips accomplish this effect.˛* Played for laughs in Music/{{Ludacris}} and [[Music/{{TPain}} T-Pain]]'s video [[ ''One More Drink'']]. Offering to buy a sylphlike club crawler in a skirt a drink, only to decline once she smiles.˛˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Newspaper Comics]]˛* ''ComicStrip/TheWizardOfId'' once had a strip featuring a stereotypical Asian character (in order to do a JapaneseRanguage joke), who had the big teeth.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Video Games]]˛* ''VideoGame/FireEmblemAwakening'' puts a {{fantastic|Racism}} spin on this, with Panne the [[BeastMan Taguel]] (aka person with [[LittleBitBeastly rabbit features]] that can turn into a literal KillerRabbit) mentioning that humans seem more comfortable around her when she pretends to have buck teeth. Note that Panne seems to hail from the world's [[FantasyCounterpartCulture Europe analogue]], though, rather than its Asia-analogue.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Webcomics]]˛* Possible contributing factor to the racewank early in ''WebComic/{{Homestuck}}'' fandom; John and Jade have buck teeth and are sometimes portrayed as Asian in fanworks. The artstyle is such that it's impossible to tell what, if any, race they were intended to be [[spoiler:and since they were effectively cloned from nothing instead of being born, nothing says they actually have to fit into any recognizable racial category]]. The wank seems to have mostly died out by now, though.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Western Animation]]˛* Krusty does it on ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'' episode "[[Recap/TheSimpsonsS9E15TheLastTemptationOfKrust The Last Temptation of Krust]]" when he goes back to stand-up comedy, showing how out-of-touch he is. ˛* In the old Creator/{{Disney}} short "WesternAnimation/DerFuehrersFace", the caricature of [[TheEmperor Hirohito]] looks like this. The Japanese soldiers in Disney's other {{wartime cartoon}}s, such as "Commando Duck", are also drawn this way.˛* Joe Jitsu from ''WesternAnimation/TheDickTracyShow'' has buck teeth.˛* Si and Am the two Siamese from ''WesternAnimation/LadyAndTheTramp'' have buck teeth when their mouths are closed and CuteLittleFangs when their mouths are open. (Interestingly, however, their slitted eyes are blue, which is TruthInTelevision for actual Siamese cats.)˛* In ''WesternAnimation/TheAristocats'', Shun Gon the Siamese cat (a.k.a. the Chinese Cat) has buck teeth.˛* ''WesternAnimation/{{Batfink}}'': Batfink's Asian sidekick Karate initially had these. They were removed in later episodes though.˛* Many early ''WesternAnimation/LooneyTunes'' shorts used this for Japanese and other East Asian stereotypes. Especially the [[WarTimeCartoon war time cartoons]] ''WesternAnimation/TokioJokio'', ''WesternAnimation/BugsBunnyNipsTheNips'' and ''WesternAnimation/TheDucktators''.˛* Master Little in the animated ''WesternAnimation/TheKingAndI'' movie has these, oddly for a movie that came out in 1999.˛* This turned up in the [[WesternAnimation/SupermanTheatricalCartoons Fleischer's Superman Cartoons]] episode "Japoteurs" with Superman foiling some bad Japanese stereotypes from sabotaging American War Effort.˛* Charlie from ''WesternAnimation/MrMagoo'' has buck teeth.˛* ''WesternAnimation/SouthPark'' :˛** The kid Junichi in the "Jewbilee" episode has these. ˛** Cartman and Butters also use these when disguising themselves as Chinese people in "The China Probrem".˛* The ''WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy'' episode "Road to the Multiverse" makes Quagmire [[TheMultiverse in the universe]] where [[AlternateHistory Japan won World War II and occupied the U.S.]] fall into this trope.˛-->"Hello, I like many sex. Goodbye!"˛** Peter sports buck teeth while wearing a Chinaman disguise in "Peter's Daughter"˛* WesternAnimation/TheBeatles' cartoon series fell into this trope whenever Japanese characters were featured, among the many other unfortunate stereotypes of the time.˛* Ludwig Von Drake speaks with an Asian accent, complete with buck teeth, in the ''[[Series/WaltDisneyPresents Wonderful World of Color]]'' specials "Three Tall Tales" and "Fly with Von Drake".˛* ''WesternAnimation/ScoobyDooWhereAreYou'': Shaggy briefly gains buck teeth while disguised in "Mystery Mask Mix-Up".˛* The promotional cartoons by Guido Manuli for Italy's "Bimbomix" music compilation series (which features ItaloDisco and other popular music at the time) in TheEighties includes the stereotypically Chinese and buck-toothed Cin Ciao Lin.˛* ''WesternAnimation/PurnoDePurno'' features an AsianStoreOwner named Dr. Ha Chiu who has buck teeth.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Other]]˛* Very common in UsefulNotes/WorldWarII anti-Japanese Allied propaganda. [[ Even Dr. Seuss got into the act]].˛** In his biography General Bill Slim mentions how he got hold of a picture of the Japanese general opposing him. He noted that Lieutenant General Kawabe looked like a propaganda caricature with his bullet head, thick glasses and buck teeth -- so Slim comforted himself with the thought that, no matter which one of them was the better general, at least he was better looking.˛* A lot of Roger Shimomura's artwork features Japanese caricatures that have either buck teeth or misaligned teeth, or at least have yellow skin like many of ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'' characters.˛* The main character in ''[[ Chibi Kiiro Jappu]]'' (''Little Yellow Jap'' in English), a parody of ''Literature/{{The Story of Little Black Sambo}}'', has two buck teeth sticking out of his mouth.˛* The horse teeth variant actually existed with some Visual Kei artists until TheNewTens or so, though it's a subversion - it wasn't due to their race or ethnicity ''at all,'' it was due to cosmetic dentistry (especially implant dentistry) not being ''half'' as advanced in TheNineties and TheNoughties, so an artist who was self-conscious over bad teeth had two choices – very large, prominent, and somewhat obvious horse teeth or leaving uncared-for/discolored from tobacco or other drug use/otherwise undesirable teeth the way they were. ''Quite a few'' artists that had the money for cosmetic constructive dentistry often opted for the former, getting a result that, as technology improved, became ''very'' obvious.˛[[/folder]]˛----


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