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1%% Image selected per Image Pickin' thread:˛%% Please do not replace or remove without starting a new thread.˛%%˛[[quoteright:320:[[Film/TheySavedHitlersBrain]]]]˛[[caption-width-right:320:[[Webcomic/IrregularWebcomic Nazi Science SNEERS at the boundary between life and death!]]]]˛%%˛%% Caption selected per above IP thread. Please do not replace or remove without discussion here:˛%%˛%%˛˛->''"Mr. Vollmer, I was making speeches before you could read them. I was fighting battles when your only struggle was to climb out of a '''womb.''' I was taking over the world when your universe was a crib! And as for being in '''darkness''', Mr. Vollmer, I '''INVENTED''' darkness!"''˛-->-- '''[[LargeHam Adolf Hitler]]''', from ''Series/TheTwilightZone1959'' episode "He's Alive"˛˛Think of evil. Not [[CardCarryingVillain Saturday Morning Cartoon evil]], or Hollywood Blockbuster evil, but festering, seething, irredeemable evil. Who do you think of?˛˛[[GodwinsLaw Why,]] UsefulNotes/AdolfHitler, of course!˛˛Orchestrator of genocide, enemy of the free world, [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking and a really, really bad artist to boot.]] Thank goodness he killed himself in that bunker back in 1945, right? Right?˛˛...Because if he somehow came back, we'd ''all'' be screwed.˛˛Maybe there's some nutjob who hasn't given up on the idea of the Third Reich, the Aryan Nation, the Thule Society, or any one of the other things Hitler had a hand in, or maybe they're just doing it ForTheEvulz, but bringing back Hitler for the express purpose of having him take over the world is a recurring villainous plot in fiction, and is often treated as synonymous with opening the gates of Hell and letting {{Satan}} [[TheLegionsOfHell and his minions run free]] or summoning down one of [[Creator/HPLovecraft H. P. Lovecraft]]'s many {{Eldritch Abomination}}s to destroy the minds of all mankind — that is, TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt.˛˛Of course, in reality, Hitler was a mere mortal rather than the very spirit of evil given human form, and bringing him back from the dead would in all likelihood not make TheLegionsOfHell TakeOverTheWorld. As a matter of fact, the reason why an ''Film/InglouriousBasterds''-type situation didn't happen in reality is because the Allies realized that [[PointyHairedBoss Hitler's incompetent leadership]] was practically winning the war ''for'' them.˛˛On a practical level, [[OurClonesAreIdentical cloning Hitler]] ([[YouClonedHitler a favorite method]]) would likely result in a completely different person who just so happened to look like Hitler. And in fact, a man who looked like Hitler would probably have ''less'' of a chance to end up in a position of power in today's world than just about anyone else. Though to be fair, most people probably wouldn't even recognize Hitler without the 'stache. WeDidntStartTheFuhrer, meanwhile, is a better way to [[JustifiedTrope justify this trope]] by making Hitler a literal force of evil rather than rolling with the ironic premise that it's something in the genes.˛˛[[noreallife]]˛----˛!!Examples:˛˛[[foldercontrol]]˛˛[[folder: Anime and Manga ]]˛˛* Averted by the Hitler clone in ''Manga/AfterschoolCharisma'', a [[CheerfulChild cute little boy]] who is terrified of turning out like his predecessor.˛* Glemmy Toto of ''Anime/MobileSuitGundamZZ'' is a [[YouClonedHitler clone]] of Gihren Zabi, himself a NoCelebritiesWereHarmed of Hitler. His manipulations ultimately cause a [[EnemyCivilWar civil war]] within [[TheRemnant Neo-Zeon]] and escalated the rest of the conflict, causing countless additional deaths. Justified by his having been given power by the people who cloned him, and using it as a stepping stone to greater things.˛* Averted in the non-canon ''Franchise/DragonBall'' movie ''Anime/DragonBallZFusionReborn''. A reincarnated Hitler marching through the streets of a major city at the head of a line of Panzers is played for comic relief, not horror, and is easily defeated by a couple of children. It's the reincarnated Frieza that's treated as a problem... [[CurbStompBattle for about three seconds]].˛* The cult of the Nazis who fled to Latin America in ''Anime/VaticanMiracleExaminer'' plays this trope in a rather crazy way using [[spoiler:Hitler's sperm, frozen in a cryocamera, to impregnate young girls and get "Hitler's son" (in a funny way considering him a reincarnation of the "father"), all under the guidance of Satan — who is actually a mass hallucination from the drugs they have taken]].˛˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder: Comic Books ]]˛˛* ''ComicBook/SupermanAtEarthsEnd'' pits a far-future Man of Steel against the DNA Diktators, a pair of Hitler clones who Superman declares to be responsible for all the Earth's ills just before unloading on them [[MoreDakka with the most ridiculously huge BFG imaginable.]] ([[BrokenAesop The story then ends on an anti-gun Aesop.]])˛-->"Of course! Don't you know anything about science?"˛* Creator/{{Marvel}} has had multiple [[YouClonedHitler Hitler Clones]] running around, the most famous dressing up in a purple KKK outfit and calling himself the Hate-Monger.˛** That wasn't just a clone; that was Hitler himself, cheating death by [[MadScientist Arnim Zola]] putting his mind in a clone body.˛* In a multi-issue storyline in the ''ComicBook/{{Fantomas}}'' comic book in the late 70s (likely inspired by ''Literature/TheBoysFromBrazil'') a young Son of Hitler shows up, starts the Fourth Reich, takes over France, restarts the Holocaust(!!), and captures and tortures Fantômas (something no other villain in the series had ever managed to do.) His downfall only came when he became obsessed with Fantômas' follower, agent Taurus... a ''Black'' woman!˛* Subverted in an issue of DC Comics ''[[ComicBook/BatmanAndTheOutsiders Outsiders]]'', where a clone of Hitler is decanted, shown films of the "accomplishments" of his predecessor, [[DrivenToSuicide and then shoots himself out of horror]].˛* In ''ComicBook/{{Hellboy}}'' and ''ComicBook/SavageDragon'', Hitler lived until 1952, when Hellboy killed him. And then [[KillerGorilla his brain was transplanted into a gorilla]].˛** Hitler surviving was also brought up in the movie.˛˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder: Fan Works]]˛˛* In the Manga/{{Hellsing}} fanfic ''[[ Hellsing: Demon Reborn]]'', it's revealed that a reserve unit of Millennium [[spoiler:led by the real, still-human, and ''very'' elderly [[DemotedToDragon Major]]]], has been guarding Adolf Hitler after resurrecting him. His new body is still cooking, but is stated to be made with demonic magics that would turn him into an unstoppable juggernaut. Integra, knowing just how dangerous Hitler was as a mere mortal, is convinced allowing him to fully rejuvenate would lead to TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt and works with Alucard and Seras to prevent his full revival. [[spoiler:Indeed, when he finally gains a fully functioning body, he's able to fight [[ShowyInvincibleHero Alucard]] to a draw.]]˛˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder: Film ]]˛˛* ''Film/TheySavedHitlersBrain'', of course.˛* Given a subtle nod in ''Film/{{Hellboy|2004}}'', where Professor Bruttenholm casually gives a date for Hitler's death much ''later'' than 1945 — and, more concretely, establishes that Hitler had indeed [[{{Ghostapo}} used the power of legendary artifacts]] such as [[TheSpearOfDestiny the Spear of Longinus]] to cement his power base.˛* TheMovie of ''Film/TheBoysFromBrazil'' (in Literature below), of course.˛* ''Flesh Feast'', the last film of poor [[ Veronica Lake,]] is about a MadScientist who creates a breed of man-eating maggots (under the pretense of using them for "regeneration research") and helps the bad guys resurrect Hitler [[spoiler:just so she can kill him personally with her maggots by throwing them in his face, as revenge for her political prisoner parents' deaths in the Holocaust]]. [[MakesJustAsMuchSenseInContext And that's about it, really.]]˛˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder: Literature ]]˛˛* In ''Literature/TheBoysFromBrazil'', [[spoiler:not only has Hitler been cloned many times over, but efforts are being made to make the clones' lives more like that of young Adolf's — for example, by killing the clones' fathers when the clones are the age that Hitler was when his father died]]. Also was adapted as a movie.˛* In the {{Fundamentalist}} "End Times" novel ''The Fourth Reich'', Hitler ''is'' {{the Antichrist}} - [[spoiler:''and'' literally Hitler reborn. He's the Russian President, who turns out to be a clone of Hitler, and is indwelt by the soul of the original Hitler, who's been released by Satan from Hell to do his dirty work]]. This book is one of the more entertaining [[SoBadItsGood (for sufficiently twisted values of "entertaining")]] "End Times" fictions around, and is also notable for a take on eschatology that differs ''sharply'' from the Premillennial Dispensationalist viewpoint with which most people will be familiar. There is much fun to be had in watching Hitler scream "''Nie wieder! Nie wieder!''" as his evil plans are frustrated, and watching him explain each failure to a furious {{Satan}}. In other words, the work is "Christian" End Times fiction [[InNameOnly in advertising only]].˛* In the ''Literature/FactionParadox'' novel ''Warlords of Utopia'', which involves a war between a parallel universe where UsefulNotes/AncientRome never fell and a parallel universe where [[ThoseWackyNazis the Nazis won WWII]], ends with the son of Hitler, raised from birth to be [[UpToEleven Hitler times a thousand]], escaping to ''our world'', planning to wreak havoc. [[spoiler:He is hunted down by the protaganist, who finds him in a small villa in Brazil. He is, for all his education and pure distilled evilness, little more than just another pathetic white supremacist. He's squashed like a bug.]]˛* The disaster spoof ''Earthdoom!'' by John Grant and Creator/DavidLangford features all possible apocalypses happening simultaneously, including an army of Hitler clones.˛* In the ''Series/DoctorWho'' Literature/PastDoctorAdventures novel ''The Shadow in the Glass'', [[spoiler:the Sixth Doctor and the Brigadier discover a Fourth Reich led by Hitler's son using alien technology (albeit alien technology that the Nazis have mistaken for a supernatural artefact), but this trope is defied as the Doctor proclaims that even Hitler Junior knows that there is no place in the modern world for his father's philosophy, justifying why he continues to hide away rather than mount his new campaign even though he is now the same age as his father was when Hitler committed suicide]].˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder: Live Action TV ]]˛˛* ''Series/TheNewAvengers'' episode "The Eagle's Nest" featured a group of Nazis attempting to revive the cryogenically preserved body of Hitler.˛* An episode of ''Series/TheTwilightZone1959'' sees Hitler's ghost inspire and direct a young American neo-Nazi, eventually driving him to [[spoiler:kill a friend to make a martyr for his cause, and later murder an elderly Jewish man]]. At the end of the episode, Hitler's spectral shadow glides along a wall, seeking a new apprentice, as the narration proceeds to inform the audience that [[AsLongAsThereIsEvil as long as bigotry and racism exist, Hitler will always be alive]].˛* Deconstructed in ''Kessler'' (the sequel to ''Series/SecretArmy''). Although there's concern throughout the series that Kessler could use his [[NaziGold ill-gotten gains]] for some sort of Nazi renaissance, his fellow war criminals scoff at the idea, one draping a Nazi flag on Kessler. "Here, cover yourself with glory!" After discovering his fanatical daughter has been killed (after being mistaken for the NaziHunter protagonists), Kessler lies down on the flag and shoots himself.˛˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder: Tabletop RPG ]]˛˛* In the Brazilian game ''Demonios'' by Marcelo del Debbio, Hitler and his armies are waiting in hell for the beginning of the 4th Reich (one of the modernizations of a hell which is otherwise based more on Dante's ''[[Literature/TheDivineComedy Inferno]]'').˛* In the TabletopGame/CallOfCthulhu supplement TabletopGame/DeltaGreen, the Karotechia is a [[ArgentinaIsNaziland South American]] Nazi remnant led by an "ascended" Hitler. [[spoiler:It's actually Nyarlathotep screwing with them, attempting to get their organization to worship Azathoth.]]˛˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder: Video Games ]]˛˛* The villains of ''VideoGame/BionicCommando'' manage to successfully resurrect Hitler (or "Master D", as he's called in the U.S. version). [[YourHeadASplode You get to blow his head off with a rocket launcher.]]˛* Played with in ''VideoGame/{{Persona 2}}: Innocent Sin'', where Hitler is resurrected via the [[ClapYourHandsIfYouBelieve power of rumors]] and a {{conspiracy theory}} suggesting he escaped instead of committing suicide and attempts to take over the world. [[spoiler:This Hitler turns out to be fake, though. He also turns out to be none other than [[Creator/HPLovecraft Nyarlatothep]] himself. [[EldritchAbomination Be afraid.]] [[UltimateEvil Be very afraid.]]]]˛* The ''VideoGame/{{Wolfenstein}}'' series had Hitler in [[StupidJetPackHitler a mecha suit]], [[{{Ghostapo}} and several different legions of ghosts, mages, and what have you.]]˛** The ''VideoGame/Wolfenstein3D'' GameMod ''Spear Resurrection'' plays it straight, with TheSpearOfDestiny being used to resurrect Hitler (partially, you get to kill him again before he's fully corporeal).˛** ''VideoGame/WolfensteinTheOldBlood'' has a note from a man who writes about an encounter with Hitler, mentioning Hitler's hand being unnaturally cold and noticing a distinct rotting smell about him — the implication being that BJ killed him as in ''[=Wolf3D=]'', and the Nazis simply resurrected him afterwards.˛** The ''Wolfenstein''-inspired ''VideoGame/{{Doom}}'' mod "Astrostein'' goes further, and has the player time-travel into a future where the Nazis have ruled for just shy of a century thanks to use of a time portal to win the war. The final mod reveals that Hitler, in a device not unlike the page image, is kept alive as the power source for the Nazis' primary base in the Bavarian Alps, with everything losing power when you finally kill him.˛˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder: Web Comics ]]˛* ''Webcomic/BobTheAngryFlower'' has subverted this trope for comic effect in [[ this]] strip. It's hard to be cloned Hitler [[TheAtoner when you wish to atone for your sins]].˛* ''Webcomic/SaturdayMorningBreakfastCereal'' had [[ a comic]] that addresses this as well. Of course, this being ''SMBC'', it's cynical as all get-out.˛* [[LampshadeHanging Lampshaded]] in ''Webcomic/{{Spinnerette}}'' when Dr. Universe is commissioned to create a clone of Hitler that would then be imbued with the soul of the original via [[{{Ghostapo}} German sorcery]]. After the heroes capture his clients, he points out that the whole idea was doomed to failure from the beginning, since even if the clone chose to be a dictator, the German people know their own history too well to repeat it.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder: Western Animation ]]˛˛* Mentioned by Professor Farnsworth in ''WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}}'':˛-->'''Professor''': Everyone's always in favor of saving Hitler's brain. But when you put it in the body of a [[EverythingsEvenWorseWithSharks great white shark]], ooh, suddenly you've gone too far!˛* In ''WesternAnimation/TheVentureBrothers'', a group of villains who want to resurrect Hitler (through cloning, and a dog reincarnation of him) are featured in the first episode of season four. It's {{played for laughs}}, of course. Brock kills the dog, then remarks that he can check one more thing off the list of cool stuff he never thought he'd get to do.˛** And kinda, [[OppositeSexClone Girl Hitler]]. But she's actually kind of one of the good guys, helping lead LaResistance to free her country from the super-villain dictator who rules it and establish a free democracy.˛˛[[/folder]]˛˛----


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