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1[[quoteright:200:]]²[[caption-width-right:200:[[VisualPun Beware falling morals.]]]]²²->''"'With great power comes great responsibility'\²That's the catchphrase of old Uncle Ben\²If you missed it, don't worry, they'll say the line\²Again, and again, and again!"''²-->-- '''Music/WeirdAlYankovic''', "Ode to a Superhero"²²A {{portmanteau}} of ''anvil'' and ''delicious'', anvilicious describes a writer's and/or director's use of an artistic element, be it line of dialogue, visual motif, or plot point, to so unsubtly convey [[AnAesop a particular message]] that they may as well etch it onto an anvil and [[AnvilOnHead drop it on your head]].²²''Heavy-handed'' for the new millennium. Extreme polar opposite of ''subtle''.²²Frequently, the element becomes anvilicious through unnecessary repetition, but true masters can achieve anviliciousness with a single stroke. The easiest way to be Anvilicious is through simple cause-and-effect; someone will do something the writers consider "bad" and then something bad happens as a direct result. If the writers prefer not to show the direct consequences of whatever they're crusading for or against, a common alternative is to have a character presented as completely "centred", "unbiased", and "grounded" testify. Surely if this character agrees with something, it must be the right thing to do.²²Common in kids' shows, since they're less aware of subtle nuances, though not as much as writers and directors seem to think.²²Bonus points awarded if the supposed [[AnAesop message or moral]] has only but the most tenuous connections to the actual plot, story, or the events of the episode; or, if the consequences brought about to tell the moral are [[BrokenAesop blatantly arbitrary]] or [[FridgeLogic don't even make any sense]] (see examples below).²²If the work goes beyond anvilicious into hectoring lectures, then it has become an AuthorFilibuster. Note that [[AuthorTract some works are openly intended to hammer home points]], and are essentially teaching material in literary form: fairy tales, religious works, and position papers of all sorts may be heavy-handed, but that doesn't make them anvilicious. To achieve that distinction, the reader has to experience the sense that the author is foisting opinions, in the guise of telling you a supposedly entertaining story -- and doing it clumsily enough that it becomes uncomfortable or irritating. Similarly, it is not anvilicious ''only'' because you disagree with any inherent message.²²Ultimately, whether one considers an Anvilicious story Anvilicious in the good way or the bad way often comes down to [[ConfirmationBias whether or not you agree with the anvils]]. Although this is not always true; one can agree with the anvils [[DontShootTheMessage whilst still thinking they were not presented in an effective fashion]].²²Which leads us to the deep question: Should authors try to make their Aesops subtle? Or do Anvilicious Aesops actually have a good side, i.e. the fact that people immediately see what the author is trying to do with them?²²Compare & contrast PropagandaPiece. See also ScriptWank, CantGetAwayWithNuthin, ScareEmStraight, ObviouslyEvil, AndThatsTerrible, and more than a few {{Clueless Aesop}}s. Always remember that SomeAnvilsNeedToBeDropped. Not to be confused with the ''literal'' AnvilOnHead.²²----²²!!Example subpages:²²%%'''Important Note:''' Please, do not use the examples just to [[Administrivia/ComplainingAboutShowsYouDontLike complain about messages you don't like]]. It gets really old and annoying. Any examples which elicit nothing but complaining and/or rabid defense of the validity of its message will be removed as FlameBait.²²[[index]]²* Anvilicious/AnimeAndManga²* Anvilicious/ComicBooks²* Anvilicious/ComicStrips²* Anvilicious/{{Film}}²* Anvilicious/{{Literature}}²* Anvilicious/LiveActionTV²* Anvilicious/{{Music}}²* Anvilicious/VideoGames²* Anvilicious/WebComics²* Anvilicious/WesternAnimation²* Anvilicious/{{Other}}²[[/index]]²²----²-> [[SelfDemonstratingArticle In other words,]] [[HypocriticalHumor blatancy in regard to the moral of your story]] [[AndThatsTerrible is BAD,]] [[WesternAnimation/SouthPark m'kay?]] [[SomeAnvilsNeedToBeDropped Except when it's not.]]²----


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