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1Welcome to the nitty gritty. This is an index of all the guidelines on Wiki/TVTropes as well as helpful hints on how to perform basic tasks and explanations of wiki terminology. We know this stuff can be a bit intimidating, so we've broken it down for you.²²Remember, if you really get lost and can't find what you're looking for, relax and AskTheTropers. You can also check the {{FAQ}} for some helpful pages.²----²!The Basic Stuff²²[[index]] It's always hard to figure out where to start on a new website. If you're looking for the very basics, see below.²²* '''Administrivia/WelcomeToTVTropes:''' This article describes the layout and basic operations of the site.²* '''Administrivia/TheGoalsOfTVTropes:''' Here you can see the reasons that we put this site together.²* '''Administrivia/TVTropesCustoms:''' This page lists the general customs and guidelines for the wiki.²* '''Administrivia/TheTropingCode:''' The ultimate summation of the rules.²* '''Administrivia/GetKnown''' (you'll need to do this to edit at all)²* '''{{FAQ}}''': A directory of some frequently asked questions.²²!Discussion Areas²²There are a few places around the wiki that might aid you in your journey. Here are some links to serve as your initial roadmap. ²[[/index]]²* '''AskTheTropers:''' Here you can ask fellow tropers any questions you have about the wiki. Also to report problems with other tropers.²* '''QueryBugs:''' The place where software bugs are squashed and disposed of.²* '''QueryWishlist:''' If you have a spiffy new idea for our tech, put it here!²[[index]] ²* '''Administrivia/TVTropesForum:''' The social hub of the wiki and where decisions are made on fixing pages and site policy.²[[/index]]²* '''TropeLaunchPad''' (aka TLP, [=YKTTW=], YouKnowThatThingWhere)''':''' This is the place to propose a new trope article. You may also use it for works.²* '''TropeFinder:''' Here's the place to ask "Do we have this one?" and "What's the trope about...?"²* '''TropeTalk''': A directory for various trope-related questions.²* '''YouKnowThatShow:''' The place to ask for help identifying a work, when you only remember one or a few things about it.²²!People of the Wiki²²These are the strange beings known as {{troper}}s that you may encounter in your wiki wanderings.²²* '''TheContributors:''' You the tropers! The very backbone of the wiki.²[[index]]²* '''Administrivia/KnowTheStaff:''' The cool guys hard at work making sure that things run smoothly.²* '''Administrivia/FiveP:''' A panel of tropers dedicated to making sure that the wiki doesn't descend into a wretched hive of scum and villainy.²²!Editing Basics²²Think of this as a quick start guide for editing. These are the links that can help you delve into the arcane art of troping. ²²* '''Administrivia/HowToWriteAnExample:''' Ever want to know how we make the examples so fun to read? Just follow these simple steps.²* '''Administrivia/TextFormattingRules:''' Use this page to make sure that your examples are clear, readable, and fun.²* '''Administrivia/TipsForEditing:''' Things to keep in mind for your first foray into editing.²* '''Administrivia/VideoGuidelines''': The rules and practice of video uploading. ²* '''Administrivia/WhatGoesWhereOnTheWiki:''' A basic outline of the types of wiki pages.²²!TV Tropes Terminology²²Yes, we know tropers seem to have our own vocabulary. A lot of it is based on the tropes that we catalog, but we understand the need for a lexicon. To help with this, we have created the '''Administrivia/TVTropesGlossary''', but here are a few basic terms to keep in mind.²²* '''BlueLink:''' A link that is blue and leads to another page.²* '''RedLink:''' A true door to nowhere. These links are red and lead to blank pages.²* '''WikiWord:''' Writing the words of a page title in such a way that they become a Blue Link.²* '''{{CamelCase}}:''' The basic way to make a wiki word by writing words that run together and all start with capital letters.²* '''{{Trope}}:''' A narrative device or convention used in media.²* '''{{Works}}:''' Media such as a series, or a discrete item like a movie or novel. ²* '''{{Creators}}:''' The people who make media.²* '''KnownTroper:''' A troper who is signed in with a username.²* '''{{Pothole}}:''' A trope linked from text other than its title.²* '''Administrivia/{{Namespace}}:''' The part of a wiki URL between "pmwiki.php" and the article's name.²²!Basic Page Building²²Ever wanted to know how a page gets put together? We're here to tell you.²²* '''Administrivia/HowIndexingWorks:''' A basic overview of how to get pages to show up on indexes.²* '''Administrivia/CreatingNewPages:''' Everything you wanted to know about making a new page but were afraid to ask.²* '''Administrivia/CreatingNewRedirects:''' Want to make sure that you can find a trope from the British spelling? Have a clever name that can add clarity to an existing trope? Here's how to make it a reality.²* '''Administrivia/{{Crosswicking}}:''' Making sure that all the links on work and trope pages correspond with each other.²* '''Administrivia/NamingATrope:''' Find out how to be clear, concise, and witty while naming your tropes.²²!Advanced Editing²²Here there be dragons. It can be a bit intimidating at first, but there are some more advanced guidelines for page editing, sorted alphabetically within their sections. While you don't need to learn all of these to edit, they can come in handy.²²!!Technical Help²²* Administrivia/HowCrownersWork²* Administrivia/HowToAlphabetizeThings²* Administrivia/HowToCreateAWorksPage²* Administrivia/HowToMakeACustomTitle²* Administrivia/HowToMoveAPage²* Administrivia/HowToSplitAPage²* Administrivia/HowToSubscribe²* Administrivia/ImagesInWikiPages²* Administrivia/NotesAndLabelnotes²* Administrivia/PageTemplates²* Administrivia/ThePtitleReplacementSystem²* Administrivia/WhatPageTypesMean²²!!Manual of Style²²!!! "Do"s²²* Administrivia/BrevityIsWit²* Administrivia/EditReasonsAndWhyYouShouldUseThem²* Administrivia/ExampleIndentationInTropeLists²* Administrivia/HowToCollectTropes²* Administrivia/HowToCreateACharacterPage²* Administrivia/HowToPickAGoodImage²* Administrivia/HowToWriteAnExample²* Administrivia/PrescriptiveVsDescriptiveLanguage²* Administrivia/RepairDontRespond²* Administrivia/ThreeDayRule²* Administrivia/ThreeRulesOfThree²* TipsOnGrammar²* Administrivia/TipsWorksheet²* Administrivia/TLPGuidelines²* Administrivia/WhatToPutAtTheTopOfAPage²²!!!"Don't"s²²* Administrivia/AllBlueEntry²* Administrivia/AutoEroticTroping²* Administrivia/CircularRedirect²* Administrivia/ConversationInTheMainPage²* Administrivia/EditWar²* Administrivia/EverythingsWorseWithSnowclones²* Administrivia/ExamplesAreNotArguable²* Administrivia/ExamplesAreNotRecent²* Administrivia/TheFicMayBeYoursButTheTropePageIsOurs²* FlameBait²* Administrivia/FirstPersonWriting²* Administrivia/JustAFaceAndACaption²* Administrivia/JustifyingEdit²* Administrivia/LinkingToAnArticleWithinTheArticle²* Administrivia/NoLewdnessNoPrudishness²* Administrivia/NoNewStockPhrases²* Administrivia/NotADeconstruction²* Administrivia/NotASubversion²* Administrivia/PleaseNoNatter²* Administrivia/RightingGreatWrongs²* Administrivia/RuleOfCautiousEditingJudgment²* Administrivia/TheSameButMore²* Administrivia/SignalToNoiseTrainwreck²* Administrivia/{{Sinkhole}}²* Administrivia/SpeculativeTroping²* Administrivia/SquarePegRoundTrope²* Administrivia/TropeNamerSyndrome²* Administrivia/TypeLabelsAreNotExamples²* Administrivia/WeblinksAreNotExamples²* Administrivia/WordCruft²* Administrivia/ZeroContextExample²²!!!General Guides²²* Administrivia/AboutImagesAndCopyright²* Administrivia/AboutRhetoricalQuestions²* Administrivia/AmericanAndCommonwealthSpellings²* Administrivia/TheContentPolicyAndThe5PCircuit²* Administrivia/CreatorPageGuidelines²* Administrivia/EverythingYouWantedToKnowAboutChangingNames²* Administrivia/TheGreatCharacterAlignmentDebate²* Administrivia/HandlingSpoilers²** Administrivia/SelfFulfillingSpoiler²** Administrivia/SpoilersOff²* InUniverse²* Administrivia/LaunchDisplacement²* Administrivia/MediaCategories (not to be confused with namespaces)²* Administrivia/MediaCategoriesFAQ²* Administrivia/{{Namespace}} (not to be confused with media categories)²* [[/index]] OurSuperStrictLanguagePolicy (aka the FamilyFriendly policy) [[index]]²* PredefinedMessages²* WMG/ProgrammeNote (WMG)²²!!Trope Maintenance²²* AmbiguityIndex²* Administrivia/AnalyzingInbounds²* Administrivia/CreatingAWorkPageForAnUpcomingWork²* [[/index]] CutList [[index]]²* Administrivia/DeadLink²* Administrivia/DiscardedTLP²* Administrivia/ExampleSectionectomy²* Administrivia/FrequentRedlinks²* Administrivia/HowToDoAWickCheck²* ImagePickin²* Administrivia/IttyBittyWikiTools²* Administrivia/LockedPages²* Administrivia/PermanentRedLinkClub²* MediaUploader²* MissingSupertrope²* Administrivia/NoRealLifeExamplesPlease²* Administrivia/NoRecentExamplesPlease²* Administrivia/RenamedTropes²* {{Synopsis}}²* Administrivia/TropeRepairShop²* Administrivia/WorksPagesAreAFreeLaunch²* YMMVRedirects²²!!Specific Projects²²See also the [[ Long Term Projects]] subforum.²²* Administrivia/TwoPointZero²* Administrivia/HyphenatedTitles²* Administrivia/ImagePickinSpecialCases²* Administrivia/ImagesWithoutASource²* Administrivia/InboundWatch²* Administrivia/ListOfShowsThatNeedSummary²* Administrivia/NeedsWikiMagicLove²** ListOfPagesArtistsCanIllustrate²** Administrivia/NeedsABetterDescription²** Administrivia/NeedsAnIndex²** Administrivia/PagesNeedingAnEntryPimp²** Administrivia/OverlyLongPages²** Administrivia/PagesNeedingExampleContext²** PagesNeedingExampleSorting²** Administrivia/PagesNeedingImages²** PagesNeedingWicks²** Administrivia/TropesNeedingExamples²** Administrivia/TropesNeedingImages²** Administrivia/TropesNeedingTRS²** WorksNeedingTropes²* Administrivia/PagesNeedingTransparentImages²* Administrivia/TRSWickCleaning²* Administrivia/TVTropesTranslationProject²* Administrivia/TropeDepictionGuidelines²* Administrivia/WickNamespaceMigration²** Administrivia/CompletedNamespaceMigrations²** Administrivia/NamespaceCleanupProject²²!!Wiki²²* CanonicalListOfSubtleTropeDistinctions²* LaconicalListOfSubtleTropeDistinctions²* Administrivia/ExampleSectionectomy²* Administrivia/FindingATrope²* HomePages²* Administrivia/HowToCiteTVTropes²* [[/index]]IndexIndex[[index]]²* LoadedTropeWord²* PitchGenerator²* ShortTitles²* StoryGenerator²* SubWiki²* Administrivia/TVTropesGlossary²* Administrivia/WelcomeToTVTropes²* WikiArchives (natch)²* WikiCurator²* Administrivia/WikiSandboxes²²!! Historical Pages²²* Administrivia/AprilFoolsDay2013²* ConfirmedYKTS²* ContributorAnnouncements²* JustForFun/{{Egregious}}²* FanSpeak²* Archive/TheGreatCrash (2008/01/12)²* Archive/GreatCrashContributors²* Administrivia/TheGoogleIncident (2010/10/27 Google Ads)²* Headscratchers.{{Tropes}}²* ItJustBugsMe²* LiveBloginations²* Administrivia/TheSecondGoogleIncident (2012/04 Google Ads)²* PunctuatedTitles²* SearchWiki²* SubjectiveTropes²* {{Synopsis}}²* TropeReport²* TroperTales²* JustForFun/WeirdestInboundLinkOfTheDay²* [[/index]] WikiTechWishList [[index]]²²!!Other²²* Administrivia/TheBadgeShop²* Administrivia/BibbleBobble²* Administrivia/CompleteMonster²* Administrivia/IttyBittyWikiTools²* Administrivia/OverlyLongPages²* Administrivia/TropingUnderTheInfluence²* Administrivia/WhatToDoIfYouAreSuspended²[[/index]]²²----


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