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1->'''Chava:''' So, it’s just stories now. And perhaps the humans did create their God. But does that make him less real? Take this arch. They created it. Now it exists.\²'''Ahmad:''' Yes, but it doesn’t grant wishes. It doesn’t do anything.\²'''Chava:''' True. But I look at it, and I feel a certain way. Maybe that’s its purpose.²²²²''The Golem and the Jinni'' (2013) is a HistoricalFantasy novel written by Helene Wecker about two creatures of legend living among immigrant communities at the end of the 19th century.²²In 1899, the Golem wakes up in the cargo of a ship bound for UsefulNotes/NewYorkCity. Despite being inhumanly strong and made of clay, her newborn status makes her fearful and confused about the humans surrounding her. She is taken in and named Chava by a kindly old rabbi, who warns her to never let others around her learn of her true nature, lest they destroy her. ²²Across town in Little Syria, the Jinni springs from a copper flask being repaired by the local tinsmith. After hundreds of years of imprisonment, the Jinni still has an iron manacle attached to his wrist, confining him to human form instead of his usual form of a spirit made of flame. Choosing the name Ahmad, he begins to work in the tinsmith's shop as an assistant to keep his cover.²²After months of living amongst the humans, the two meet late at night, instantly recognizing each other as different from the others around them. A friendship is struck, and slowly the threads of their lives and the peoples' around them become more and more intertwined.²²----²!!Tropes in this novel include:²²* AIIsACrapshoot: All golems supposedly go berserk or become dangerous at some point. Chava is perpetually worried about it happening to her. [[spoiler:And indeed, a couple of times she gets so angry in defense of a person she cares about that she experiences what in a human would probably be called a dissociative episode -- her body attacks them while her mind observes, as if from a distance, without being in control.]]²* AMindIsATerribleThingToRead: Chava is usually overwhelmed with the volume of thoughts that she can hear. The ones of a sexual nature are especially annoying for her considering her modesty (programmed in by Schaalman).²* BornAgainImmortality: [[spoiler:Yehudah Schaalman turns out to be the latest incarnation of the wizard who trapped Ahmad.]] Gains access to PastLifeMemories late in the book.²* EarnYourHappyEnding: The ending is a little [[BittersweetEnding bittersweet,]] as good people do die [[spoiler: (mainly, Michael is killed by Yehudah and Saleh [[HeroicSacrifice gives his life to trap Yehudah in the flask]])]], but otherwise, most of the characters get varying degrees of happy endings. [[spoiler: Anna's is the most bittersweet, as she doesn't know how long she'll be able to provide for her son, but she is intent on being the best mother possible and Chava is supporting her as her new, lifelong friend. Ahmad takes Matthew to live with his grandmother and is able to see him off, and he and Arbeely make up and continue their partnership. Sophia gets to see her dream of traveling the world. And of course, Chava and Ahmad are friends once again... [[MaybeEverAfter with hints they may become something more.]]]] ²* ElementalEmbodiment: Chava is made of earth; Ahmad is made of fire.²* TheEmpath: Chava feels the fears and desires of the people around her. To keep from being identified by her, [[spoiler:Schaalman uses a spell to suppress them]].²* EthicalSlut: Jinn are this by nature, male or female. Their society doesn't bother with exclusive or permanent relationship and their flame-like bodies make them passionate and fickle, but Ahmad recoils at the idea of buying a prostitute for the evening, since he considers sex with only physical pleasure to be rather pointless.²* GenieInABottle: Poor Ahmad. At least he doesn't have to grant wishes.²* {{Golem}}: Chava, obviously. And part of the reason Rabbi Meyer understands her so well is that, as a child, he once created a much-less-complex mini-golem under the supervision of a (slightly eccentric) tutor.²* MaybeEverAfter: [[spoiler: At the end of the book, it's hinted that Chava and Ahmad may attempt to pursue a romantic relationship, even if, given their circumstances, it would be a very strange one to most New Yorkers. [[ShipperOnDeck Anna certainly wants it to happen.]]]]²* MuggleBestFriend: You'd ''think'' that Arbeely would be this, considering that he's the only human that knows Ahmad's secret, but Ahmad is too prickly about his lack of independence (especially compared to his previous life) to open up properly.²* SealedEvilInACan: [[spoiler:Schaalman at the end, in the flask he was going to use on the jinni.]]²* SecretKeeper: Arbeely is this for Ahmad, Rabbi Meyer for Chava.²* TheSleepless: Ahmad and Chava don't need rest and are incapable of sleep. They both find nights frustratingly dull at times.²* SlutShaming: Affects most of the female characters. Anna has to hide her premarital pregnancy. Sophia has to hide her fling with the jinni, and [[spoiler:her engagement is eventually broken because of the rumors]]. Chava marries a human who doesn't know what she is, and when they engage in "marital duties", it's all good for him...but the one time it starts stimulating her in a pleasurable way and she moves to pursue that, he thinks it's "immodest" and unbecoming of a wife. Because [[TheEmpath she can sense his desires]], she shuts the feeling down.²* SuperStrength: Both Chava and Ahmad -- so that when Chava loses control, Ahmad is the only one physically able to stop her.²* ThenLetMeBeEvil: Schaalman's StartOfDarkness begins when his brief dream of an edenic garden is cut off by a voice telling him "You do not belong here." [[MaybeMagicMaybeMundane Whether or not]] it's actually supernatural, he interprets it as God rejecting him and takes up self-serving villainy with barely a backwards glance.²* TrueSight: Chava and Ahmad can see through each other's human disguises to the elemental beings underneath.


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