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1Skin is a novel by Creator/TedDekker, and happens in the same universe as Literature/TheCircleSeries, Literature/TheParadiseNovels, and Literature/TheLostBooks. ²A freak storm in the small town of Summerville, Nevada forces four people to seek shelter the basement of a doctor's house: Colt, a cop chasing down a SerialKiller called (Sterling) Red, Wendy, a woman who escaped a cult and HatesBeingTouched, [[TheCynic cynical]] gamer Jerry, and siblings inhumanly beautiful Nicole and occultist Carey. When they emerge, they find that the town is gone and are sucked into Red's mind games.²²!!This book provides examples of the following tropes:²²* AbusiveParents: All of the main protagonists except Pinkus.²* CanonWelding: At the end, Colt is wearing a [[Creator/TedDekker Forest Guard shirt.]] Also, Sterling [[Literature/TheCircleSeries RED]]!²* FakingTheDead: Colt does this briefly , [[spoiler: as does Sterling Red, as Tim Healy]].²* FreudianExcuse: Colt, Carey and Nicole. ²* HatesBeingTouched: Wendy.²* KilledOffForReal: Nicole, Carey, and Tim Healy.²%%* MindScrew²%%* ParentalAbandonment²%%* ParentalNeglect: Colt.²%%* ScarsAreForever: [[spoiler:Nicole]].²%%* SerialKiller²%%* TheGameNeverStopped: TWICE!²%%* TheReveal²* TrueBeautyIsOnTheInside: The theme in Skin ("We are all ugly inside").²%%* TheUnfavourite: Carey.²%%* TwistEnding


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