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1[[quoteright:350:]] ˛ [[caption-width-right:350:The first book, cover illustrated by Nick Sharratt]]˛˛'Hetty Feather' is a book series created by British author {{Creator/Jacqueline Wilson}}, the title book being released in 2009. ˛˛Having reached critical success, 'Hetty Feather' went on to spawn a [[Series/HettyFeather TV series by the same name]], first broadcast in 2015.˛˛Set in mostly in {{Victorian London}} in the first book, title character and {{Fiery Redhead}} Hetty, with her extraordinary {{Photographic Memory}}, recounts her early childhood in foster care and the life altering event of returning to the Foundling Hospital along with her surrogate brother Gideon. Hetty then has to navigate her pre-adolescence under the care of [[SadistTeacher pretty bad teachers]] and finds little kindness, the search for her mother driving the plot of the first book which eventually comes to fruition.˛˛The second book 'Sapphire Battersea' sees Hetty's first attempt at a [[MeaningfulRename new identity]], explores Hetty's working life and as a scullery maid, enjoying the naivety of {{Puppy Love}} with the local Butcher's boy.˛˛The 3rd book that concludes 'Hetty Feather', 'Emerald Star' sees Hetty's 2nd attempt at a [[MeaningfulRename new identity]], finding her father to the dismay of his current family, returning back to the country for her foster father's death, and reconciling her feelings to [[PatientChildhoodLoveInterest Jem]], her foster brother whom she shares a brief [[ChildhoodFriendRomance romance]] with.˛ ˛'Hetty Feather' has gone on the have 2 sequels and a 2 spin-offs, exploring Hetty's life after the events of the first book and the people she meets along the way.˛˛˛'''''All spoilers have been left unmarked so far, this page is still being built'''''˛˛!!The Hetty Feather book series:˛[[index]]˛* Hetty Feather˛* Sapphire Battersea˛* Emerald Star˛!!The Hetty Feather spin-offs:˛[[index]]˛* Diamond˛* Little Stars˛˛!!Provides examples of:˛* AbusiveParents: ˛** Diamond's father, who sells her to the circus.˛** Not to mention Sissy's alcoholic father she has to live with in ''Hetty Feather''.˛* AndNowForSomethingCompletelyDifferent: ''Diamond'' is told from the perspective of Diamond, instead of Hetty.˛* AttemptedRape: In 'Little Stars', the significantly older Samson attempts to rape the underage drunk Hetty, fortunately foiled, though costing her job as a result.˛* BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor:˛** In ''Sapphire Battersea'', Hetty believes she can easily quit service and make enough money for a house for her and her mother, but scullery maids made barely enough to survive. When she quits service, she realises you have to make money to survive...made especially painful when her mother dies of consumption.˛** Even when Hetty finds her father she thinks he's single and childless, ready for a family but finds he's happily married with two children who ''aren't happy.'' in ''Emerald Star''.˛** In both ''Diamond'' and ''Little Stars'' Hetty discovers that her idealised version of the circus/the music hall wasn't true and was instead a CrapsackWorld of corruption and greed.˛* BigSisterInstinct: Although not biological siblings, Hetty tries her best to protect Diamond from Beppo. Hetty also saves her half-brother Ezra from drowning in ''Emerald Star'', and feels very protective over her foster brother Gideon.˛* BitterWeddingSpeech: Hetty is asked to speak at Jem's wedding, and says goodbye, rather bittersweetly.˛* BreakoutCharacter: ''Hetty Feather'' was hugely successful, and WordOfGod Creator/JacquelineWilson says Hetty is probably her favourite character.˛* BrotherSisterTeam: Hetty and Gideon throughout the first part of the book in the Hospital.˛* BettyAndVeronica: Janet and Hetty in 'Emerald Star'.˛* TheBusCameBack: After Polly is [[PutOnABus adopted by a rich couple]] in ''Hetty Feather'', she makes a brief cameo as a circus guest and has a sweet reunion with Hetty again in ''Diamond''.˛* CassandraTruth: Bertie warns Hetty about Samson in ''Little Stars'' and not getting too near him, which sadly leads to her losing her job through no fault of her own.˛* CinderellaCircumstances: All girls at the Hospital are destined for service.˛* DarkerAndEdgier: Each book becomes darker and more complex as Hetty grows up.˛* EyeScream: Gideon attempts to blind himself during his service in the army after killing an escaped prisoner, and is discharged as a result.˛* FieryRedhead: Hetty's flame red hair mirrors her flame red temper.˛* FaceOfAnAngelMindOfADemon:˛** Saul in ''Hetty Feather''.˛* GeneHunting: Hetty is desperate to find her mother and father.˛* HandsomeLech: Samson.˛* HairOfGoldHeartOfGold: Janet.˛%% * HeldGaze: Hetty and Jem at his wedding reception.˛%% * InsufferableGenius: Hetty, particularly as a child. By the 3rd book Hetty has mellowed in her precocious-ness.˛* IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy: Jem accepts that Hetty is too wilful to settle down, and lets her go to the circus (reluctantly.)˛* LastKiss: Jem and Hetty before his wedding.˛* LoveTriangle: Between Janet, Jem and Hetty in "Emerald Star". Made even more painful when Hetty almost ''ruins'' Jem and Janet's wedding by cropping up, causing Jem to admit his undying love for her and kissing him in ''Little Stars''.˛%% ** Jem, Hetty and Bertie in 'Little Stars.'˛* ParentalSubstitute: Peg Cotton and Nurse Winnie during Hetty's early years in ''Hetty Feather'', Mrs Briskett in ''Sapphire Battersea'', Lizzie in ''Emerald Star'' and Madame Adeline throughout ''Diamond/Little Stars''.˛* ProtagonistCenteredMorality: The entire series is written from child and teenaged Hetty's perspective, naturally unintentionally or even intentionally skewing facts at times. Hetty even rewrites some of her memoirs in 'Emerald Star'.˛* ProtagonistTitle˛* TheRunaway: Hetty first runs away age 10 during a hospital outing in Hyde Park to seek out Madame Adeline, her . She runs away again to the circus 5 years later after realising she can't stay in the village.˛* TallDarkAndHandsome: Jem.˛%% * TagalongKid and TheBabyOfTheBunch: Diamond˛%% * UnfortunateName˛* UnwantedHarem: Throughout the series, Hetty is almost constantly surrounded by suitors, such as Jem, Bertie, Marvo and unfortunately Sampson, who attempts to take advantage of Hetty multiple times.˛* SculleryMaid: Hetty goes into service at the beginning of ''Sapphire Battersea''.˛%% * ShrinkingViolet: Gideon, throughout the whole series.˛* SmallTownBoredom: What Hetty experiences after returning to the village.˛* SpookySeance: Hetty and her fellow maid Sarah attend a Seance in ''Sapphire Battersea''.˛** Considering the series is mostly set in VictorianLondon , these types of visits were frowned upon and a cause for suspicion, which was likely why Mrs Briskett attempted to forbid Hetty from attending.˛* StageNames˛* StreetUrchin: Sissy, Lil and for a brief time Hetty in ''Hetty Feather''.˛* TooGoodForThisSinfulEarth: ˛** Ida.˛** Lil.˛* UnresolvedSexualTension: Between Jem and Hetty for the whole series.˛** Although Jem does end up marrying Janet and Hetty ends up with Bertie, there are many instances which explain otherwise some sort of unresolved connection between them, such as Jem's AnguishedDeclarationOfLove right before his wedding to Hetty's hysterical reaction to his engagement and crying all the home from it:˛--> Hetty: It was still wonderful to know he loved me best.˛* VagueAge: Although we get rough years for most characters, we never actually learn when Hetty's birthday is.˛* VillainOfTheWeek: Rule of thumb is at least one BigBad per book.˛** ''Hetty Feather'': Matron Bottomly.˛** ''Sapphire Battersea'': Mr Buchanan.˛** ''Emerald Star'': Katherine.˛** ''Diamond'': Mr Tanglefield/Beppo.˛** ''Little Stars'': Mrs Ruby/Samson.˛* WhatBeautifulEyes: Hetty's eyes are described as 'sapphire blue'.˛* WillfulBlindness: Mrs Ruby in ''Little Stars'' pretends Samson is an angel who can do no wrong (although its implied she knows what he's [[DirtyOldMan really like]].)˛* WillTheyOrWontThey: Hetty and Bertie (''and'' Hetty and Jem.) Thankfully at least by the end of ''Little Stars'' Hetty and Bertie finally get together after months of the {{Relationship Revolving Door}}.˛%% ** Hetty and Jem, then ˛* WickedStepmother: Katherine in ''Emerald Star'', though this is arguable, as, one could say her being antagonistic towards Hetty was mostly because she was upset that her husband had a child out of wedlock and didn't tell her and in response to how Hetty is towards her.˛* TheWickedStage: Hetty's landlady Miss Gibson disapproves of her Music Hall and Acting career.˛----


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