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1''Comes the Blind Fury'' is an extremely creepy 1980 book by Creator/JohnSaul. 께ExactlyExtyYearsAgo in the charming small town of [[IronicName Paradise Point]], a gentle blind girl took a walk along the seaside cliffs near her home and vanished forever. Was it an accident? Suicide? Or did it have something to do with the cruel schoolchildren who taunted her until she lost her sense of direction?께In the present day, Dr. Cal Pendleton, his pregnant wife June, and their adopted twelve-year-old daughter Michelle come to Paradise Point, where they live in a BigFancyHouse overlooking the sea. But [[NewHouseNewProblems strange things have occured]] ever since they arrive, such as the disgusting stain in June's art studio that can't be scrubbed away, or the mysterious, disturbing paintings that appear on her blank canvases each night, or [[CreepyDoll the antique doll]] that Michelle finds in the attic.께Things take a turn for the worse when Michelle falls over the edge of a cliff and injures her hip. Her new bitterness coupled with her disability cause the other children in town to taunt her, leaving her friendless. Her parents seem to abandon her in favor of their newborn daughter. Now she has no one but her doll Amanda.께But there's another friend, one who only comes on misty nights. One only Michelle can see. Her name is Amanda, too, and she wants to look through Michelle's eyes to see everything she's missed throughout the past one hundred years. And in exchange, Amanda will punish anyone who makes Michelle unhappy.께Soon the town children begin dying, one by one, in grisly accidents. Soon it seems there's no one to blame but Michelle, who is always at the scene of each death. Soon Michelle will have to run. 께------ 께!! This book contains examples of:께* AdultFear: Cal and June, as well as Corinne, have quite a few of these.* AffectionateNickname: Cal calls Michelle "Princess." It's a sign of his growing disconnect from her when he bestows this nickname on baby Jennifer.* AllOfTheOtherReindeer: Led by Susan Penderton, the other children in town turn against Michelle (although Michelle's bad attitude after her accident doesn't help).* AssholeVictim: Even though she's only a child, it's hard to feel sorry when [[spoiler:Susan]] bites the dust.* BetaCouple: Corinne and Tim are this to June and Cal, to a certain extent.* BirthDeathJuxtaposition: June goes into labor on top of a grave.* BrattyTeenageDaughter: Not quite a teenager (she's eleven) but Lisa Hartwick seems to fit this trope pretty well.* CreepyChild: The townfolks begin to believe Michelle is this...and then there's Amanda... * CreepyDoll: Two.* CruelAndUnusualDeath: A child is killed with a swing set--and not in any way you might be envisioning right now.* [[spoiler: CruelTwistEnding]] So, so much.* DisneyDeath: Amanda [[spoiler:and eventually Michelle.]]* GuiltComplex: Cal has one of these in regard to Alan Hanley's death; Joe Carson uses it to his advantage.* MilkyWhiteEyes: Amanda. Makes for quite a creepy book cover.* NosyNeighbor: Constance Benson, who barges right into June's art studio on the very first day the family moves in and does not improve for the rest of the book.* HereditaryCurse: The Carsons'.* HappilyAdopted: Michelle was adopted as a baby. Her parents have always been open with her about the fact and it's never been an issue...until they move to Paradise Point.* TownWithADarkSecret: Paradise Point, to a certain extent.* TheUnfavorite: What Michelle's schoolmates tell her she will become with the new child.* WhenYouComingHomeDad: Although physically present, Cal becomes more and more distant from Michelle after Jennifer's birth, when previously they'd been very affectionate. Michelle's childish efforts to win a moment's attention from her father are heartbreaking.


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