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1[[quoteright:150:]] ˛''Chronicles of the Misplaced Prince'' is a series of young adult novels by Canadian comedian Seán Cullen. ˛˛It centers around the adventures of Brendan Clair, an OrdinaryHighSchoolStudent whose life is turned upside down when he discovers that he is actually a Faerie prince who was raised as a human.˛˛The first book in the series, ''The Prince of Neither Here Nor There'', was released in late 2009. The second novel, ''The Prince of Two Tribes'' was released in October 2010. It has been confirmed that this will be a trilogy.˛˛!!These novels contain examples of:˛%%* {{Adorkable}}: Brendan˛%%** Greenleaf's sister, Deirdre, is also (fittingly) beautiful.˛%%* BrattyTeenageDaughter: Brendan's sister, Delia Clair.˛%%* CoolTeacher: Also Mr. Greenleaf.˛* CovertPervert: Dmitri, of ''all'' people, comments on how he doesn't want to miss street hockey practice because he [[SugarWiki/FunnyMoments wants to see girls in short skirts hitting each other with sticks]]. ˛* [[CuteClumsyGirl Cute Clumsy Boy]]: Brendan is a rare male version. He runs into doorframes, bumps his head, trips on everything...and it somehow manages to make him ''more'' appealing.˛%%* IAmWho[=/=] LockedOutOfTheLoop: Brendan on his true identity.˛%%* NewTransferStudent: Dmitri˛* OldRetainer: CrustyCaretaker Finbar, who worked at the orphanage where Brendan was left as a baby. [[spoiler:We later find out that he is a faerie himself, exiled from the faerie world after falling in love with a human.]]˛%%* OrphansPlotTrinket: Brendan's pendant.˛* PowerTattoo: Though not a ''tattoo'', per se, Brendan's spiral-shaped scar fits this trope. [[spoiler:That is, until it gets ''taken off'', revealing that it was really a sort of charm that hid his Faerie nature to everyone around him.]]˛* PrettyBoy: Mr. Greenleaf. His description makes him sound like a ''Anime/CodeGeass'' character, for goodness sakes! This also applies to latecomer Ariel...and, apparently, faeries in general.˛%%* SweetTooth: BLT. Oh, so very much...˛* TechnicolorEyes: Grey, lavender, and 'flecked with gold' are all mentioned in the text. Kind of justified by the fact these are ''magical beings'' we're talking about...˛%%* {{Tsundere}}: Kim˛* [[UnfortunateNames UnfortunateName]]: BLT. [[PunnyName These are the initials of a faerie who was found in a sandwich]].[[note]]It MakesSenseInContext.[[/note]]˛----


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