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6A 1992 SliceOfLife ScienceFiction AlternateHistory novel by Maureen F. [=McHugh=] set in a future world dominated by [[RedChina Communist China]]. The book is made up of several loosely connected stories following the maturation of the Chinese/Puerto Rican main character [[IHaveManyNames who goes by both Rafael Zhang and Zhang Zhongshan in different situations.]]
8!!This novel provides examples of:
10%%* BabelFish: Augmentation.
11* CharacterTitle: "China Mountain" would be a reasonable translation of 中山, or ''zhōngshān''.
12* ChinaTakesOverTheWorld: The entire premise. China is the dominant power in the world and controls North America outright.
13%%* CultureClash: Major theme of this novel.
14%%* DeadlyGame: The kite race.
15* {{Gayngst}}: A major cause of angst for the eponymous character Zhongshan Zhang and co, cumulates in Haibao's suicide. Somewhat justified for according to Wiki/TheOtherWiki homosexual conduct wasn't officially decriminalized in mainland China when this book was written.
16* IJustWantToBeBeautiful: San-Xiang. She finally gets it but what happens afterwards is [[DateRape horrible]].