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1[[quoteright:350:]] ²[[caption-width-right:350:[[SincerityMode This picture is not an exaggeration of Dashie's character in the slightest.]]]]²²-> ''"WHAT UP!? IT'S DASHIE! And welcome to my Wiki/TVTropes page-a! Shage-a! Trage-a!"''²²[=DashieGames=] (real name: Charly Guzman) is a Dominican-American [[LetsPlay Let's Player]] who is known to be [[NoIndoorVoice loud as hell]], being quite HotBlooded, and [[SirSwearsALot excessively swearing]]. ²²He plays many video games of almost every genre, but his more popular playthroughs include ''VideoGame/MarioKart8'', ''VideoGame/SuperMario3DWorld'', ''VideoGame/SuperMarioMaker'', ''VideoGame/LifeIsStrange'', ''VideoGame/GeometryDash'', ''VideoGame/UntilDawn'', ''VideoGame/GrandTheftAutoV'', ''VideoGame/FiveNightsAtFreddys'', and ''VideoGame/HappyWheels''.²²Though he is a gamer, his main channel is actually called WebVideo/DashieXP, where he puts up videos of skits and other sketches. He also has a general main page that can be found [[Creator/{{Dashie}} here]].²-----²!!"Without further ado!...LET'S TROPE THIS SHIT!"²* AchievementsInIgnorance: While playing ''VideoGame/LifeIsStrange'' Dashie managed to [[spoiler: save Kate]] without using a walkthrough and completely on accident. This caused ''VideoGame/LifeIsStrange'' to become one of his most requested playthroughs, garnering tens of thousands of likes in less than an '''hour'''.²** Special mention goes to how the last choice was made: [[spoiler:Dashie only chose "Matthew 11:28" because he ''knew'' a Matthew and because it was 11:30 when he was recording the video]].²* AllMenArePerverts²* AmbiguouslyBi: Seems to have a bit of a crush on Link from the ''Franchise/TheLegendOfZelda'' games.²* {{Angrish}}: Much of his appeal comes from hearing him try (and often fail) to speak coherent sentences during his rages.²* AnimalNemesis: Donkey Kong seems to be Dashie's worst enemy.²** Barney as well, to a degree.²* AscendedMeme: The title of Dashie's "[[ ORENGE YOSHI VS. DONKEY B#TCH ASS!! MARIO KART 8]]", stemming from his [[NeverLiveItDown infamous]] misspelling of the word "oranges" as "orenges" in his "Jeopardy/Wheel of Fortune" episode.²** He even cracks a joke about the name "Orange Yoshi", saying that it was misspelled.²* ATeamFiring: Downplayed. While Dashie does manage to get hits sometimes, he frequently lampshades and proves that his aim is "fucked up."²* AtomicFBomb: Considering who we're talking about, basically every F-bomb he drops is this.²** ''Mario Kart 8'' examples:²*** [[ "DASHIE VS. SUBSCRIBERS"]] includes a ''slowed-down'' AtomicFBomb (that gets [[CurseCutShort cut off]] by a SmashCut, no less) after Dashie finds out that [[spoiler:he didn't place in the top 3 for the tournament and therefore cannot win a trophy. [[ See here.]]]]²*** [[ "11 DONKEY B#TCH ASSES VS. 1 YOSHI"]] ends with Dashie leaving his chair and then screaming "FUCK!" about 10 seconds later after [[spoiler:he gets his [[CurbStompBattle ass handed to him, being unable to place even in the top 5 for a single race]]]].²* AxCrazy[=/=]{{Sadist}}: Often attacks, or attempts to attack, any NPC, friend or foe.²** He also enjoys killing his enemies as brutally as possible, as seen with him constantly trying break the legs of the zombies in [[VideoGame/DyingLight Dying Light]] and ''really'' enjoying the fatalities in [[VideoGame/MortalKombatX Mortal Kombat X]].²*** Perhaps best displayed in Part 4 of his ''VideoGame/LifeIsStrange'' [[ gameplay]].²---> " I should've shot the motherfucker, rewound time, shot him again, rewound, and shoot him one more time and rewind."²* BerserkButton: While he already has a HairTriggerTemper toward almost everything, Donkey Kong's presence is the most specific way to get him to lose it.²** Specific to ''Geometry Dash'': Dashie HATES when he dies right before the beat drops in a song, always resulting in a very large BigNo.²* BigFun[=/=]FunPersonified: You'll rarely see a serious moment with this one, folks.²* BigNo: Done frequently when he knows he's about to be screwed over.²* BigWhat: Done regularly when he sees something bewildering. His best (and arguably loudest) one is probably in his ''VideoGame/UntilDawn'' playthrough when [[spoiler:Josh is revealed to be the "killer"]].²* BigYes: Also done frequently when he succeeds, usually against some odds.²* BileFascination: Will sometimes LP games with bad reputations, just to see what all the fuss is about (e.g., ''[[Film/BadBoysII Bad Boys]]: [[LicensedGame Miami Takedown]]''). [[invoked]]²* BloodKnight: UpToEleven (see AxCrazy.) In-game of course.²** Summed up best in this header for one of his ''VideoGame/GrandTheftAutoV'' videos:²--->NOBODY SAFE!²* BuffySpeak: When he's explaining something, expect all the nouns to be replaced with [[SirSwearsALot "shit."]]²** Will often refer to mechanics by the sound they make, such as calling the Super Star in ''Super Mario Maker'' the "Da-Da-Da Da-Da Da Da-Da!" or the concept of [[PowerLossMakesYouStrong losing power-ups in order to fit into small places]] a "Tra-Tra-Tra!"²* BunnyEarsLawyer: He may be a HotBlooded CloudCuckooLander, but he's also a pretty talented gamer and video-editor and can drop pretty sick rhymes when he feels like it.²* CasanovaWannabe: He portrays himself as this in some of his live action videos. It's also worth mentioning that he'll often hit on female [=NPCs=]. Regardless of whether or not hooking up with them is an option. This is especially evident in his ''VideoGame/{{Huniepop}}'' gameplay. And yes, if there's a female killer/monster/etc. in one of his SurvivalHorror playthroughs, expect him to give her the YouSexyBeast treatment.²* {{Catchphrase}}:²** His intro. "WHAT UP?! It's Dashie, and welcome (back) to [name of game]-uh, [noise or word that rhymes with game]-uh."²** "And welcome back! Yes, BACK! To Super Mario Maker! Oh, you know, I know you know, the game where ya make me levels, tweet 'em to me, I play 'em, AND I RAGE THE FUCK OUT! Without further ado--WAIT, WAIT A SECOND WAIT! Uhhhh, Ma boys, (announcement about upcoming games or events)²** "WITHOUT FURTHER ADO!...(runs while looking to either side of him)'''LET'S DO THIS SHIT!'''"²** At the start of a ''Super Mario Maker'' video: "WEL-COME BACK TO SUPE! SUPER MARIO MAKER! WEL-COME BACK TO SUPE! [[MotorMouth IHOPEYALLHAVEAGOODASSWEEKEND]]!"²** "Holla at yo' boy! FUUU!"²** ''(hums to the stage complete tune of Super Mario 3D World)'' HOES!"²** (when he dies in a super mario world-based level) Duka-dukka-dukka-dukka-dukka-dukka-dukka-dukka-dun. [[ThisIsForEmphasisBitch Bitch]]²** "Fuck a stamp!"²** "Bap, bap, bap" when he's getting into the rhythm of something or a hearty "BAP!" when striking down his enemies.²** "''(name of character)''-Bitch Ass"²** "Pause", usually in response to something that could have a sexual meaning.²** "Hold up, baby girl!"²** [[BigNo "NOOOOO!"]]²** [[BigWhat "WHAAAT?!"]]²** "I'll stop," for whenever he makes a [[IncrediblyLamePun very bad pun]].²** "This is that bull-bull/bullshit!"²** Going up... on a Tuesday!²** "Dachie! Dachie! Why haven't you played X?" whenever he's imitating his viewers questioning why he hasn't played game X some time.²** "My blood pressure!" Whenever a game or level gets very intense and drives him to frustration.²** "It's Monday, everybody's favorite day of the week." Says this at the start of his Happy Wheels videos, which he releases on Mondays.²** "My boys, m-, m-, my boys." Whenever he is in an unavoidable situation. He says this despite there being one character on the screen at that given time.²** "Puh" and "diugh" for female and male genitalia, respectively.²** When Dashie dies on a ''Mario Maker'' level that is too difficult for him, he'll RageQuit and show it by yelling "NEXT!" on the last note of the game over tune.²** "A'ight, y'all!"²** "Ghetto parties and bottles of water!" Said in a British accent whenever UsefulNotes/{{Britain}} is brought up.²** "Gimme something juicy!" When running through a ''Mario Kart'' item box. Is sometimes said with "juice" replacing "juicy".²** "Damn, I'm smart!" Whenever he solves a puzzle or difficult situation in a game, usually in ''Super Mario Maker''.²* TheChewToy: He even lampshades this during one ''VideoGame/SuperMarioMaker'' playthrough:²-->'''Dashie:''' That kind of shit only happens to ME! ²* {{Cloudcuckoolander}}: Known for his weird movements during his intro and outro and his over-the-top reactions to dying in a game.²* ClusterFBomb: Most of his videos have more instances of the word "fuck" than an Eminem album.²** "Shit" seems to be his favorite word, since he uses it as a substitute for a majority of nouns.²* ComedicSociopathy: See AxCrazy. That behavior is more often than not PlayedForLaughs.²** His apathy for his son in ''VideoGame/HappyWheels'' qualifies.²* {{Corpsing}}: He sometimes breaks down laughing after hearing some of "Satan's" comments during the intro of ''Super Mario Maker''.²* CowardlyLion: Constantly ScreamsLikeALittleGirl in his horror-game walkthroughs, yet continues trucking on through them for his viewers' sakes.²* DeadpanSnarker: Despite being known for being quite loud, he does occasionally have the deadpan moment.²* DistractedByTheSexy: Oh, is he ever. See MaleGaze.²** Happens a LOT during his ''VideoGame/{{Bayonetta 2}}'' playthrough, to the point where it's as ridiculous as the actual game's sexuality.²* EarlyInstallmentWeirdness: Dashie's earlier gameplay videos are much more calm and he had a less obvious blood lust. This is noticable during his videos in 2014, where Dashie's voice gets more louder.²** And Dashie made playthrough videos on the Donkey Kong Country games, which was before his hatred for DK arisen in the Mario Kart playthroughs.²*** The Mario Kart 8 videos themselves show this. Newer fans might find it odd that in the first few episodes, Dashie not only didn't hate Donkey Kong, but actually liked him!²--> '''Dashie:''' [[HilariousInHindsight "I think Donkey is a nice guy, you know, he's just... just misunderstood."]]²** Before, Dashie would use the FaceCam seldomly, usually for HorrorVideoGames; nowadays, the majority of Dashie's videos utilize the facecam.²* EnsembleDarkhorse: InUniverse examples.²** In contrast to his dislike of Donkey Kong, he's taken quite the liking to Yoshi, selecting him the most often in games such as ''VideoGame/MarioKart8''.²** In this [[ episode]] of ''Mario Kart 8'', he admitted that [[GracefulLoser he was okay with Lakitu beating him]], since he had cool goggles that he liked and because he played as Lakitu once and thought he was a "cool nerd."²* EpicFail: At the end of [[ this video]] (playing games based on ''Series/{{Jeopardy}}'' and ''Series/WheelOfFortune'' to show everyone that he's smart), Dashie manages to misspell "oranges" (spells it like "orenges"). As of now, it looks like his fans aren't gonna let him [[NeverLiveItDown live that down]].²* FaceCam²* FakeDifficulty: Recently, the ''Super Mario Maker'' levels he's been playing are all made ridiculously hard for Dashie but contain shortcuts to the end that the level designers put in so they can beat the level quicker and get it online faster. However, Dashie's been finding a lot of these shortcuts lately, and he's not afraid to call people out on it.²* FastForwardGag: In his ''World's Hardest Game'' video, there's a part where the footage is sped up and Dashie's voice is pitched up like a chipmunk. Nowadays, when he makes footage faster all audio stays at normal pitch.²* ForWantOfANail: If only due to [[AchievementsInIgnorance his way of going about doing it]], Dashie ultimately wound up [[spoiler:[[VideoGame/LifeIsStrange saving Kate]]]] because of [[spoiler:the time of day he was recording the video]]. ²* FridgeLogic: InUniverse; in his [[ second episode]] of ''VideoGame/{{Audiosurf}} 2'', Dashie plays one of his songs, which has a chorus that goes, "This too hot, so call the ambulance". Dashie pauses and states that if it's too hot, then they should call the fire department.²* GenreSavvy: ²** As of now in his ''Super Mario Maker'' series, Dashie is extremely keen on tricks in levels that his fans make for him.²*** Him trying to find invisible power-ups is basically an instinct.²*** When levels start, he'll immediately run to the left to avoid the falling Thwomp that fans often put above the spot where Mario begins.²*** Since people tend to cheat while making levels (giving themselves shortcuts to beat them easier), Dashie is also very observant when he sees what he considers to be a shortcut.²** In one ''GTA V'' video, Dashie sees a cat and aims his gun at it, but decides not to follow through because he knows his fans will be mad at him for killing an innocent animal.²* HairTriggerTemper: It doesn't seem to take much to frustrate him, at least during a gameplay. ²** It's to the point that some of his ''VideoGame/SuperMarioMaker'' gameplays could give Creator/MichaelJones quite the run for his money. ²* HiddenDepths: Despite his constant yelling, Dashie can freestyle rap at almost any time.²* '''HotBlooded'''²* TheHyena²* IfItsYouItsOkay: ²** Whenever [[Franchise/TheLegendOfZelda Link]] shows up, he frequently mentions how he's [[PrettyBoy "pretty as fuck."]]²--> '''Dashie:''' ''(hits Link while using the star in ''VideoGame/MarioKart8'')'' I'm sorry, Link! I love you! ''({{Beat}})'' Call me later!²*** His first [[ Breath of the Wild]] gameplay is basically 12 minutes of him gushing about how "beautiful" Link is.²** In his ''Amazing Spider-Man 2'' playthrough, he constantly stops to talk about Spidey's physical appearance, only to backtrack and [[BlatantLies deny any attraction towards him.]]²--> '''Dashie:''' Oooh, he's lounging. Hold up man his penis is all up-ALRIGHT, not that I'm looking! Hold up man, calm down! I don't have a thing for Spider-Man. Man, y'all crazy. It's all in your imagination. [[IResembleThatRemark But really look at his arms]] and shi-WHAT no! Man, stop.²* IHatePastMe: He is annoyed by how calm and uninteresting he was in his older videos.²* LampshadeHanging: Frequently points out his mistakes as well as certain characters seeming lack of common sense.²* LargeHam²* LaterInstallmentWeirdness: His earlier Let's Plays (especially [=LPs=] during 2011-2013) have ''way'' less screaming and shouting. Invariably, there will be a comment by a user flummoxed at the video starting with "What up? It's Dashie." rather than "'''''WHAT UP? IT'S DASHIE!!!!!!'''''"²* LittleNo: Happens as frequently as his Big Nos, for the same reasons.²* LovableSexManiac²* MaleGaze: Dashie is ''not'' shy about looking at the ladies, to say the least...²* MorePopularSpinOff: Dashie's gaming channel has over 2 million subscribers while his main channel has only 1.6 million.²* NeverBareheaded: Dashie always wears a hat or beanie in his videos.²* NiceGuy: Despite what some of the more negative tropes on this page might suggest, Dashie is still a laidback, easygoing, and even affable guy.²* NoEnding: The [[ 98th ''Super Mario Maker'' episode]] abruptly ends with Dashie so exasperated from a [[PlatformHell particularly difficult level]] that he doesn't do his SigningOffCatchPhrase.²* NoIndoorVoice: Dashie yells more than he talks normally.²* NoNonsenseNemesis: Will sometimes force himself to stop wasting time, by saying something like, "Just be a thug about it!" And if he's on an especially brutal streak, he might say something like, "I DON'T PLAY!"²* OlderThanTheyLook: Looks like he just graduated high school, and sounds like he's in his 20s. Is actually in his 30s.²* {{Overcrank}}: Has sometimes slowed down parts of a video for comic effect or to show something happening more visibly. He has also slowed down his signature "YEAH!" at the end of a video, as well as an AtomicFBomb.²* OverlyLongGag: His reaction during his ''VideoGame/LifeIsStrange'' walkthrough when it is revealed that [[spoiler:Mark Jefferson]] is the true villain of the game.²---> "WHAT??? (laughs) WHAT??? WHAT??? DIDN'T HE [[spoiler: JUST GIVE A FUCKING SPEECH??!!]] WHAT??? YO, I WAS NOT EXPECTING THAT, THEY THREW YOUR BOY OFF!! Hold the fuck...WHAT??? FOR REAL??"²* PsychoForHire: In certain Let's Plays.²---> "I don't give a damn about justice! I'm in it for blood!"²* PungeonMaster²* RageQuit: Especially in his VideoGame/SuperMarioMaker playthroughs, courtesy of some particularly {{Troll}}ish levels (many of which are created specifically for him, no less).²* RedOniBlueOni: Dashie is the Red to [=RunJDRun's=] Blue. Dashie is more loud, rowdy and rambunctious while JD is calm, level-headed and sensible.²* RootingForTheEmpire: InUniverse. During the FinalBattle in ''VideoGame/{{Tattletail}}'', he invokes AlternativeCharacterInterpretation -- that the [[GoodAllAlong Tattletails]] are {{Ungrateful Bastard}}s toward [[BigBad Mama Tattletail]] -- and decides that he now wants her to win. [[InsaneTrollLogic Despite, you know, the former trying to stop the latter from]] '''''[[InsaneTrollLogic killing him]]'''''[[InsaneTrollLogic .]]²* RunningGag: [[RunningGag/DashieGames He has so many, they needed their own page.]]²* SanitySlippage: He gradually loses his mind in every ''Super Mario Maker'' video as his reactions get more and more crazy and his edits get more and more bizarre.²* SayingSoundEffectsOutLoud: More often than not will refer to an item in a video game by the sound effect it makes (i.e. calling a star in ''Super Mario'' a "Dadadadadadadadada" or the finish line in ''Happy Wheels'' a "Dadada").²** Amusingly, he refers to pipes, power-ups and power-downs in ''VideoGame/SuperMarioMaker'' all as "trounch-trounch-trounch" because all of them make the same sound effect.²* TheScrappy: InUniverse examples. ²** Dashie cannot stand Donkey Kong--especially in ''VideoGame/MarioKart8''. Everytime he shows up in ''any'' of his gameplay videos, he frequently voices his dislike of the character, often calling him "Donkey Bitch-Ass".²*** In his second "reacting to old gaming videos" video, Dashie stated that he actually enjoyed Donkey Kong before ''Mario Kart 8'' came out, and played a lot of his games.²** Dashie highly dislikes underwater ''Super Mario Maker'' levels, which fans often include as a part of (if not all of) their levels for him.²* ScreamsLikeALittleGirl: Sometimes, when he's stressed, scared, or surprised, he'll let out a small, girlish shriek.²* SelfDeprecation: Dashie's not afraid to poke fun at himself and [[LampshadeHanging often points out his bad habits.]]²* ShamelessSelfPromotion: Since Dashie came out with merchandise, he's been finding ways to self-plug during his videos.²* ShortRangeShotgun: In one episode of ''GTA Online'', Dashie gloriously subverts this trope by [[ killing his friend runJDrun with a shotgun even though he was some distance away]]. Immediately lampshaded by JD:²-->"The fuck kind of shotgun is ''that''?"²* SignatureLaugh: Ironically, the ultra-loud and ultra-energetic Dashie has a suppressed wheeze for a laugh.²* SirSwearsALot: '''''Like you have no idea.''''' He even lampshades it himself and tells his younger audiences to not repeat it to least when no one's around to hear them.²* SmashCut: Every video starts with a preview that ends with one, and the clip will be shown in the video proper.²* StupidSexyFlanders: [[Franchise/TheLegendOfZelda Link.]]²** Spider-Man to a lesser extent.²* TakeThatScrappy: InUniverse. [[ Here]], one of his post-death {{Cutaway Gag}}s ends with [[VideoGame/FiveNightsAtFreddys Foxy]] attacking the {{Jerkass}} old lady who keeps harassing Dashie. [[invoked]]²* TakingYouWithMe: One of his ''GTA V'' videos concludes with him surrounded by cops and standing right next to a large, flammable tank. Guess what he ends up doing.²* ThisIsForEmphasisBitch: How his sentences frequently end.²* ThisIsGonnaSuck: Whenever he knows he's about to die, he'll say something like, "It's a wrap!" or, "Welp!"²* WeUsedToBeFriends: Played With and a meta example. As mentioned above, before Mario Kart 8, Dashie would play Donkey Kong games like ''VideoGame/DonkeyKongCountry'' and ''VideoGame/DonkeyKongCountryTropicalFreeze.'' Nowadays, Dashie would wring Donkey's neck if it were possible.²* WorthyOpponent: Whenever [[EnsembleDarkhorse Lakitu]] beats him in ''VideoGame/MarioKart8''.²* WouldHitAGirl: Not in real life, but in video games? It's free game. He has gotten lots of flak for this in his ''GTA V'' videos (that and his tendency to shoot innocent animals), to which he has responded on multiple instances by saying that [[MST3KMantra it's just a video game]].²* XanatosGambit: In a playthrough of ''EA Sports UFC 2'', he has two versions of his in-game self fight each other and says that it's technically a win-win situation for himself.²----²-> ''"Holla at ya boy... '''YEAH!"'''''


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