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1%%%²%%²%% This page has been alphabetized. Please add new examples in the correct order.²%%²%%%²Examples of KickTheSonOfABitch in anime and manga.²----²²* ''LightNovel/AccelWorld'':²** Seiji Noumi's FreudianExcuse involves him being [[BigBrotherBully bullied for years by his older brother, Yuichi]], such as being forced to give up his Brain Burst points to him. Eventually, after acquiring his special ability, Seiji lured Yuichi into a trap, and repeatedly killed his Duel Avatar until he lost all his points and was forced off Brain Burst, sadistically enjoying it all the while. While Seiji becomes just as bad as his brother, it's hard to argue that Yuichi didn't deserve this.²** [[spoiler:Taku, using the forbidden and corrupting power of the ISS kit]], shows off his newfound strength by winning a CurbStompBattle against four members of Supernova Remnant, a PK guild that uses immoral and ruthless methods to erase their targets from Brain Burst for money, and forcing them off Brain Burst for good.²** Sky Raker once threw a [=PKer=] into the territory of a particularly powerful Enemy, resulting in them being killed repeatedly until they lost all points. It's a fairly vicious thing to do, but considering that the [=PKers=] are threats to players' real life well-being, she doesn't feel bad about it.²* In ''Manga/{{Bleach}}'', [[spoiler:Liltotto [[ImAHumanitarian eats Pepe alive]]]] for turning one of her friends against her.²** Grimmjow's first act upon regaining his arm and rank as Espada #6 is to kill Luppi, his arrogant replacement in that position, who'd proven himself a thoroughly unpleasant individual. Grimmjow also brutally beats up Loly and Menoly in order to save Orihime, so that she can heal Ichigo and Grimmjow can fight Ichigo at full strength.²* ''Manga/CityHunter'':²** Ryo is quite sadistic with his enemies, at least in a funny way. In the manga version the General wasn't killed in a duel immediately after he appeared, but had his beloved jewelry invaded by pigs (that he hates) and the jewels eaten by said pig, his beloved art collection destroyed and the money he was supposed to bring to his boss stolen from under his nose (with Ryo declaring he could kill him whenever he wanted and purposefully leaving him alive) before their duel. Ryo had already declared himself the most sadistic person in Japan since destroying the art collection.²** In another occasion he captured two opposing hitmen and, to discover who they worked for, stripped them to their underwear, tied them to the floor, placed bottles of nitroglycerine in their hands, placed bird food on their body and set a flock of chickens on them. They broke immediately, but because they didn't know who had hired them they got left with the birds and no idea the bottles actually contained water. As soon as they escaped they had their client tell them his identity, just in case they got captured again (they did).²** One arc ended with the villain, his son and his guards impotent.²** The very first: in the first manga chapter/anime episode Ryo was hired to kill a boxer who fixed his matches with blackmail (and murdered his client's fiancée when he refused to give up a champion shot), and did it in such a way it looked like the champion killed him and threw him out of the ring with a single punch, right after he declared he would win the match in that round.²** The most sadistic event happened right after the first chapter. Ryo had been hired to apprehend a serial killer specialized in raping and murdering teenagers and young women, so Ryo started making clear he knew his face and where he lived, placed a fake bomb in his car, and when he still refused to give himself up to the police Ryo shot him in the gun hand, the legs and the other shoulder with crossbow bolts that penetrated enough in the muscles to hurt a lot and short enough they were impossible to take out without cutting him open, all while giving him an And This Is For... speech, dedicating each bolt to every single girl the guy raped and killed. And when he still refused to give himself up (and instead tried to run over Ryo and his client) he got shot in the head with his own gun.²* In ''Anime/CodeGeass'', while Lelouch Lamperouge feels little remorse for killing, he's up against the racist [[TheEmpire Britannian Empire]], and the only people he ''personally'' kills are [[PayEvilUntoEvil those he sees to have it coming]], including a genocidal prince and enemy soldiers. Then comes the second half of R2 and he starts JumpingOffTheSlipperySlope... ²* ''Anime/CrossAnge'' featured humans being a community that used mana and revels in prejudice and racism against Norma, women with birth defect that made them unable to use Mana. They couldn't be reasoned out of it and turn against any form of decency just to make Norma life miserable. Whenever things go bad to them, the reactions would be more or less "Serves you right"... even from less moral characters:²** The protagonist, Ange, has became a cynic after being outed as a Norma and being made to suffer by them. When they suddenly demand help from her because they couldn't use the Mana anymore and their civilization collapsing, Ange bluntly stated she doesn't give a fuck about these selfish pigs, and shot one of them in the head to scare them. At the end of the series, their civilization really collapsed and the previously spoiled Mana community had to resort to barbaric means to survive... and Ange still doesn't give a fuck.²** Their sudden inability to use Mana were caused by Embryo, the BigBad, who saw them having grown complacent with all the luxuries and peace they had, given to him by designing that the Norma should be the scapegoat, and his original plan was to restart the world to make things right. Mind you, this is a BigBad who eventually succumbs into a severe MotiveDecay and became more known as a creepy stalker that wouldn't mind forcing himself into his woman of choice. He still came off as 'properly punishing' when it comes to this community.²* November 11 killing Maki in ''Anime/DarkerThanBlack'' is definitely an example of this. Normally, [[ImpaledWithExtremePrejudice impaling]] a [[WouldHurtAChild young boy]] with an ice spear would put you well over the MoralEventHorizon. Not in this case though, as the boy in question is a psychotic {{yandere}} who was causing needless destruction because of his obsessive love for his leader and would probably have gone on to kill his own allies if he hadn't been stopped. The way the murder plays out is like an odd fusion of KickTheDog and PetTheDog. Maki had badly injured April, one of November 11's teammates, and when he tracks Maki down, he is aided by his other teammate, July, and it's shown how despite [[TinMan seeming emotionlessness]], they are a very close group. The episode ends with them all bonding (while Maki is bleeding to death in the same room).²* ''Manga/DeathNote'': Light Yagami's first murder victims were Kuro Otoharada and Takuo Shibuimaru, which is out of curiosity to test the Death Note. The former is a criminal who held a group of children hostage in school while the latter is a motorcycle gang leader who tries to sexually harass (and in the anime, tries to ''rape'') a woman on the street. From this point onwards, Light's killings becomes more of PayEvilUntoEvil.²** In the very last episode, we have [[spoiler:Light running down the street, already riddled with bullet holes and probably not going to live much longer]], but that doesn't matter much to [[spoiler:Ryuk]]; he goes right ahead and [[spoiler:kills him anyway, just [[ItAmusedMe 'cause he wants to]] and if Light spends the rest of his life in prison, it'd be fairly boring to wait for him to die]].²* How many times does this happen in ''Manga/DetectiveConan''? Pretty often, considering how many {{Asshole Victim}}s are in that show.²* Makuramon of ''Anime/DigimonTamers'' was a giant JerkAss, a DirtyCoward, and a creep who stalked a bunch of 10-year-olds, attacked Jeri, kidnapped Calumon, abandoned Majiramon--who was his ally-- to die, ''tried to kill Suzie'', attacked Antylamon -- who was ''also'' an ally -- [[EvenEvilHasStandards when she tried to stop him]], [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking and]] [[TooDumbToLive was stupid enough to taunt Beelzemon for not killing the Tamers yet]]. Needless to say, watching Beelzemon crush his head with one hand was ''extremely'' satisfying. [[SarcasmMode And totally appropriate]] [[WhatDoYouMeanItsForKids for kids]].²* ''Anime/DragonBallZ'':²** After [[TheBrute Nappa]] fails to defeat Goku and can only nearly equal his strength (without Kaio-Ken), [[WarriorPrince Vegeta]] [[YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness throws him up the air and obliterates him.]] Although the action itself is pretty surprising (Nappa was his partner), Nappa had spent most of his screentime slaughtering thousands of innocents and most of the Z-Fighters and nearly killed Gohan while laughing about it. Still, many fans do see this as Vegeta's lowest moment.²** Vegeta ''IS'' this trope in the Planet Namek arc, with his fight against Zarbon being among the best moments. Until about an arc and a half later when he makes a more genuine HeelFaceTurn, Vegeta is basically an evil guy killing even eviler guys.²** On the other hand, many view Vegeta's first fight with Zarbon as being this for Zarbon. Not that long before he confronted Zarbon, Vegeta murdered an entire village of Namekian (elder and children) and stole their Dragon Balls, all while laughing and acting smug. When Zarbon transformed and started to beat Vegeta's butt, most felt he more than deserved it, especially since Zarbon is the most humane of Frieza's elites.²** However, contrast this with [[NoHoldsBarredBeatdown final form Frieza's fight against Vegeta]]-- whilst Vegeta's actions up until now have hardly been worthy of any sympathy, the fight plays out to evoke as much sympathy for Vegeta as possible. The fact that he is finally facing up to the cruel tyrant who has held him in bondage his entire life, and getting smacked around and humiliated because of it, resulting in Vegeta breaking down and crying, is fairly emotional despite his villainy.²** On the other hand, Frieza's genocide of the Saiyan race definitely fits the bill. While it was terrible of Frieza to do so after all the loyal work they did under him and his father, it's hard to feel sorry for them considering they were genocidal {{Space Pirate}}s long before King Cold conquered them and basically served as [[PsychoForHire Psychos for Hire]] that took sadistic pleasure in what they did. [[AllLovingHero Goku]] himself tells Frieza point-blank that the Saiyans [[MySpeciesDothProtestTooMuch paid for their crimes]], agreeing with [[GodIsGood King Kai]] that they [[AssholeVictim deserved what they got]].²** After Vegeta sold out his allies and his own son to allow Cell to become complete, all for the sake of his overblown ego, most cheered when Cell beat him into the ground. Even Krillin got into this, saying that Vegeta deserves to be killed.²** {{Subverted|Trope}} when Vegeta confronts Majin Buu and is beaten to near death. Despite selling out his friends, family, and his own morality for the sake of power and the chance to surpass Goku, his death is played very tragically. It helps that [[HeelRealization Vegeta realizes what a selfish prick he has been]] and his actions lead to Gohan's death, so he believes. He also fights for the sake of others for the first time in his life and knows when he dies, he will go straight to Hell.²** Super Saiyan 2 Gohan's fight with Cell, during which Gohan beats Cell within an inch of his life and goes so far as to deliberately drag the fight out because [[RevengeBeforeReason he felt Cell deserved to suffer as much as possible before he died]]. As terrifying and sad as it is, there's no denying that Cell deserves every second of Gohan's wrath after all of the horrible things he's done; among other things, Cell ''[[ImAHumanitarian ate]]'' 600,000 innocent people and killed hundreds of others in his quest to become perfect. Not to mention the fact that he [[ForcedToWatch made Gohan watch]] as he tortured his friends and family and killed Android 16 right in front of him.²** Androids 17 and 18's betrayal and killing of [[MadScientist Dr. Gero]]. Considering the fact that Gero caused so much pain and suffering over a petty grudge with Goku, resulting directly in a BadFuture, and being a SmugSnake to boot, no one sheds a tear when they do so.²** Goku's fight with Frieza, where he deliberately drags the fight out purely to humiliate him. Despite Goku transforming into a Super Saiyan being presented as not being an entirely good thing, at least in the original Japanese version and ''Kai'', it can't be argued that Frieza had all that pain and misery coming, especially since he slaughtered hundreds of people, destroyed countless planets, and finally killed Goku's best friend, as well as threatening to kill Gohan next, right in front of him.²** Buu punching Babidi's face in so hard that it ''explodes''. It is a gruesome end, but given that Babidi is the same person who regularly [[YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness murders his own men he doesn't need anymore]], lets his loyal {{Dragon}} get beaten and eaten by Buu, [[ForcedToWatch forces the world to watch]] Buu eat cities just so he can get back at Goten, Trunks, and Piccolo, and is a SmugSnake who enslaves people to do his dirty work, seeing him die is more than a little satisfying.²** During the Buu saga, Van Zant, an AxCrazy TriggerHappy lunatic who had gone on a killing spree for fun with the justification that [[ApocalypseAnarchy Buu would be destroying the Earth soon anyway]], decides to drop that excuse and try to kill Majin Buu so he can go on killing people. Instead, he causes Buu to spawn the Evil Buu, and the very first thing Evil Buu does is [[DisintegratorRay completely vaporize]] Van Zant. With the fact that he had been shooting innocent people ForTheEvulz, had previously [[KickTheDog shot Buu's puppy Bee]] for fun, and then shot [[MilesGloriosus Hercule]] who had just suceeded in getting Buu to perform a HeelFaceTurn, it's hard ''not'' to cheer when Evil Buu kills him.²* ''Manga/FairyTail''²** Angel, a member of the villainous Oracion Seis, being revealed as the one who killed [[BitchInSheepsClothing Karen]], a cruel woman who'd treated her Celestial Spirits horribly, thereby forcing Leo to endure great pain by spending three months in the human world to prevent Karen from taking out her anger on Aries (whom Karen had assumed had reported her to Bob), since Karen wasn't able to summon multiple Celestial Spirits at once (and her inability to do so resulted in her death against Angel). That said, Angel was by all accounts [[EvilVersusEvil nearly as bad]] (in the sense she just had complete LackOfEmpathy for her Spirits rather than brutalizing them) to Aries after taking her key.²** Zeref, the legendary Black Wizard, establishes himself as a villain and kicks off his more proactive approach to his plans by killing Hades, the ArcVillain who'd tried to awaken him in order to bring about a new world where only those with magic could survive.²** [[EvilRedhead Flare]], a member of Raven Tail, cheats by [[IHaveYourWife taking]] [[WouldHurtAChild a six year old girl]] [[IHaveYourWife hostage]], and sadistically tortures Lucy while she's unable to fight back. After Natsu saves the girl, Lucy is about to win, at which point one of Flare's other teammates reduces Lucy's magic to zero and causes her to collapse, costing her the match and resulting in Flare engaging in some UnsportsmanlikeGloating. In punishment for doing so badly, Flare gets the taste knocked out of her by [[WouldHitAGirl her own guild master]], and he proceeds to threaten her with this again when she antagonizes Lucy. That said, [[NiceGirl Lucy]] actually feels bad for Flare.²** Early on, a BrainwashedAndCrazy Jellal makes his turn to villainy clear to a horrified Erza when he brutally murders two men. These men, it should be noted, were the leaders of the Zeref-worshiping cult that raided villages, murdered the adults, and enslaved the children to build a tower to their "god," on top of being the ones that not only tortured Jellal, but also tortured Erza so badly [[EyeScream it cost her an eye]].²** Generally, almost killing your boss in a fit of rage, [[BadBoss no matter how bad they are]], is frowned upon as Sting doubtlessly knows in chapter 300. When said boss beats you up and then seemingly kills a friend of yours for [[InnocentBystander no reason other than they're there]], not so much.²** Minerva also gets in on this. While, at this point, she's very much a JerkAss, and coldly showing no regard to her father being seriously injured is not a very nice thing to do, she has a point when she tells Jiemma that he's a failure according to the rules that ''he himself'' established and no longer deserves to lead his own guild, making it a dose of LaserGuidedKarma for him. The fact that Jiemma was also [[AbusiveParents abusive towards Minerva]], and the cause of some of her crueler tendencies, goes a long way in showing why she doesn't care for him.²** After Crawford Theme, the former head of the Magic Council, sells out his former colleagues, resulting in Tartaros killing them all for the keys to the AntiMagic superweapon Face, and then transfers Jellal's "key" to himself, Kyoka [[RewardedAsATraitorDeserves stabs him in the back, killing him]]. It's a brutal act, but no one appears to feel sorry for him.²* ''Manga/FullmetalAlchemist'':²** The villains' use of the YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness trope generally is completely unsympathetic, but in the manga when Pride pulls it on the Man in White, a MadDoctor, you can't help but cheer, and the same is true to a lesser extent with his devouring the equally monstrous Kimbley. In both cases, you have an evil guy who threw his lot in with monsters who think of humans like insects, and their fates are rather karmic in showing them that they ''really'' picked the wrong side.²** Scar did this in his first manga appearance by killing off [[spoiler:Shou Tucker, a remorseless MadScientist who turned his ''wife'' and ''daughter'' into chimeras to keep his State Alchemist licence]].²** Subverted by [[spoiler:Roy's CurbStompBattle of Envy]] in the manga and specially in ''Brotherhood''. The way the scene is framed makes quite clear to the fans that that was ''[[JumpingOffTheSlipperySlope not something you are supposed to enjoy...]]'' The other characters present acknowledge that [[spoiler:Envy]] ''must'' die, but think [[spoiler:Mustang]] is killing him for the wrong reasons: "How will he [[spoiler:become a benevolent leader]] if he's '''this''' willing to resort to murder someone for [[spoiler:{{Revenge}}]] and thus ''betray everything we've fought for and preached about ever since the Ishvalan War''? IT'S NOT WORTH IT."²* ''LightNovel/HighSchoolDxD'': Shalba Beelzebub's cold-blooded execution of Diodora Astaroth, blasting a hole through him and vaporizing him to the point where Diodora is screaming in agony. Cruel, but since Diodora had been established as a {{sadist}}ic HopeCrusher to nuns, and openly gloated about his plan to rape and murder Asia to Issei's face, he gets absolutely NoSympathy in-universe and out.²* While it's said there are [[GreyAndGrayMorality no true heroes or villains]], ''Anime/LegendOfGalacticHeroes'' has a few characters who are asshats get what they deserve. Most of these come from the Empire:²** Reinhard does this time to time whenever he looks down on other people. One of his quote sums it up:²--> "I'm not arrogant. It's that after being barked at by so many ill-bred dogs, every now and then, I take a kick at one for the dog's own good."²** Oberstein has an indirect example, [[spoiler:broadcasting the nuclear attack on Westerland that results in the entire Empire turning against the DecadentCourt]].²** [[spoiler:Reuenthal]] has his share when he [[spoiler:takes control of the Free Planets Alliance. To gain public support, he orders the arrests and executions of corrupt politicians who didn't give a damn about their country, which played a major part in its downfall. Finished with the worst of them, Job Truncht]].²* In ''Anime/MagicalGirlLyricalNanohaStrikers'', [[TheMole Due's]] first scene has her killing [[spoiler:the TSAB High Council]]. [[FingerLickinEvil The manner in which she does this]] would firmly establish her as unsympathetic, except that [[KarmicDeath they were the ones responsible]] for the season's conflict.²* In ''Manga/MagicalXMiracle'', [[spoiler:Yue]] was absolutely merciless in interrogating and killing [[spoiler:Ardi]], although the former did have reason to be upset; [[spoiler:Ardi]] had him imprisoned and was about to kill one of the few people he actually cared about.²* In ''Anime/MaiHime'', this is pretty much [[spoiler:what Shizuru does]], and one reason [[spoiler:she]] lends [[spoiler:her]]self well to being a DracoInLeatherPants. [[spoiler:The First District]] arguably needed killing considering what they'd done to [[spoiler:Natsuki's mother]], and while [[spoiler:Nao]] is more sympathetic than them [[spoiler:she]] could be seen as a second case, depending on the viewer's perspective.²* ''Anime/MegaManNTWarrior'': Bass.EXE, in the last episode of the [[SeasonalRot Stream arc]], brutally murdered and consumed [[TheDragon Slur]] before disappearing forever. As Slur was a stupidly powerful, [[SmugSnake utterly loathsome]] bitch who personally caused all the problems of the arc, fans consider this scene cathartic.²* Ribbons Almarck from ''Anime/MobileSuitGundam00'' does this in Episode 13 of Season 2 [[spoiler:when he slaps Wang Liu Mei and tells her to know her place when she mocks him after witnessing the full extent of the Gundam 00's power]]. Ribbons is the BigBad, to be sure; but, because [[spoiler:Liu Mei]] is widely perceived as a SmugSnake and a [[TheScrappy Scrappy]], this became an awesome moment for him.²** In the first season, his overthrowing of [[spoiler:Alejandro]] also counts. [[spoiler:Alejandro]] was just such an arrogant SmugSnake that Ribbons [[spoiler:betraying him and leaving him to die]] is just the icing on the cake after [[spoiler:Setsuna defeats him in battle]].²* In ''Manga/MuhyoAndRoji'', this is applied retroactively to two of Enchu's victims, as when their deaths are first mentioned, we don't know that they did anything to deserve it. However, it's later revealed that they treated Rio terribly; one forced her to wear revealing clothes to class so that she could sell her tools, another mocked her for doing so, and both refused to save her mother from a haunt, [[spoiler:causing her FaceHeelTurn]].²* In ''Manga/MyHeroAcademia'' Shigaraki and his ally Compress have a particularly nasty one [[spoiler: when they remove both of Overhaul's arms leaving him incapable of using his quirk, take the genetic material that was the basis of his grand plan and then mock him, all of this despite the fact that he was already restrained and incapable of stopping them. Overhaul also all but tortured his adopted daughter for most of her life to the point of killing her multiple times and bringing her back. In addition to being responsible for Night Eye's death and for Mirio losing his powers. So it's hard to say he didn't have this coming.]] ²* One notable example in ''Manga/{{Naruto}}'' is when [[spoiler:Madara stabs Sasuke on the battlefield]]. Considering that [[spoiler:Sasuke]] has betrayed nearly every one of his allies and teammates, [[spoiler:and goes on to try to betray them again]], it's hard to feel too sorry for him.²** [[spoiler:Also Madara himself ends up becoming victim to this when Black Zetsu literally backstabs him, and converted him into Kaguya Ootsutsuki. You know Black Zetsu doesn't have any kindness in his heart, but knowing all the terrible things that Madara did, you would hardly call this action as an unforgivable sin.]]²** Sasuke delivers one of these to Orochimaru when the latter attempts to steal his body, mocking his attempts at attaining the power that the Uchiha possess and absorbing his remains.²** Sasuke defeats and mortally wounds Danzo by [[ShootTheHostage shooting a Chidori through Karin]], who'd previously been unquestioningly loyal to Sasuke. Not only was Danzo responsible for many atrocities that were ostensibly for the benefit of the Leaf Village(including the Uchiha Massacre), but it's hard to feel completely sorry for Karin, who was a willing subordinate of Orochimaru who prevented his test subjects from escaping.²** In ''Itachi's Story'', it's revealed that Itachi felt varying degrees of guilt about killing some of his targets (especially his parents), and gave his girlfriend a fairly merciful death by showing her a life in which they got married and grew old together. Neither applies with Yashiro Uchiha, a {{jerkass}}, who'd never liked Itachi and had been [[spoiler:one of the main proponents of the Uchiha coup]]. Itachi mocks [[DirtyCoward Yashiro]]'s [[AintTooProudToBeg begging for his life]], toys with him to show how outclassed Yashiro is, and finally tortures him with [[MindRape Tsukuyomi]] before [[OffWithHisHead cutting off his head]].²* ''Manga/OnePiece'': As if he really needed it to secure his villain cred, [[AxCrazy Donquixote]] [[PsychoForHire Doflamingo]] is especially willing to... [[YouHaveFailedMe cut loose]] his former allies. However, so far he has done this to: Bellamy (a {{Jerkass}} bully), Disco (a slave trader), and [[spoiler:Gecko Moria]]. None of whom were the least bit sympathetic and pretty much deserved what they got. Same goes for [[spoiler:Barrels]], who had become a truly vile pirate who was just as horrible to his own son as he was to his victims, and [[spoiler:X Drake]] tellingly bore absolutely no grudge against Doflamingo for killing [[spoiler:Drake's]] father.²** And [[{{Jerkass}} Spandam]] in Franky's backstory, where it happened not once, but twice! First by Franky's father figure Tom, who would have possibly killed him if he hadn't been stopped after the first blow and then shortly after by [[spoiler:Franky himself]] who left him with permanent face damage. Franky and Robin then take revenge on him near the end of the Enies Lobby arc, with Robin slapping him repeatedly, Franky smashing him with his sword in elephant form, and Robin breaking his back. Breaking it CLEAN IN TWO.²*** Almost ''everybody'' among the Straw Hats gets to take a shot at Spandam during that arc. The crew ends up putting him through a pretty severe HumiliationConga, and you'd be hard-pressed to find '''anyone''' who believes he didn't deserve ''every second'' of it.²** The prisoners in Impel Down suffer horrific torture, but they aren't like the Straw Hats; most of them have killed quite a few people, and they think nothing of sacrificing others in order to survive their tortures.²*** Then again, there were also prisoners like Ivankov, who for all appearances is a genuinely good guy, and got locked up for being one of the leaders of a rebellion against the very evil World Government.²* In ''Manga/OniisamaE'', Mariko is a ClingyJealousGirl who follows Nanako everywhere, and is seen violently slapping a girl around in the second episode. Said girl, however, is Aya Misaki, a really cruel AlphaBitch who has ''just'' pressed ''both'' of Mariko's {{Berserk Button}}s: mistreating her beloved Nanako, [[spoiler:and mocking Mariko's DarkAndTroubledPast]]. Crazypants as she is, Mariko's epic slapping of Aya is awesome.²** Also, around episode 3, Aya and her GirlPosse refuse to give up, and start mocking Nanako ''in the middle of class''. What happens there? Kaoru, the local {{Tomboy}} and SchoolIdol, not only tells them to shut up, but '''physically mauls them'''. Aya's really TooDumbToLive, isn't she?²* ''Anime/ParanoiaAgent''. There's a particularly memorable moment when you're seriously rooting for [[EnemyWithout Shounen Bat]] to beat the crap out of [[spoiler:Masami Hirukawa]].²* In Episode 24 of ''Anime/Persona5TheAnimation'', Ren, the protagonist, comes across Youji Isshiki being beaten up by some loan sharks and [[AccompliceByInaction walks off without doing anything to help]]. Not only is Youji [[MissionControl Futaba]]'s abusive uncle (who refused to provide for her basic needs while she was staying with him, forcing Sojiro to pay him off to rescue her), but he's only in that situation because he wasted all the money he extorted from Sojiro on poorly thought out business ventures, which is why he tries to shake Sojiro down again later that episode. As such, it's hard to feel sorry for Youji or to blame Ren for not helping him.²* In ''Anime/{{Pokemon}}'', one episode had Team Rocket's Meowth slashing the crap out of a one-off villain, to the point of ''shredding his clothes off''. Sort of a nasty thing to do, even to a villain, but the guy had been putting pretty much everyone ('''especially''' Meowth) through hell the whole episode. The guy was [[DirtyCoward kind of a wuss]] and [[SmugSnake taunted the heroes the whole time]], so he really had it coming.²* Part of the reason the ComedicSociopathy in ''Manga/RanmaOneHalf'' works so well is because, ultimately, pretty much everyone who gets hurt can be said to deserve it:²** Ranma getting a MegatonPunch from Akane is funny because he's a {{Jerkass}} who routinely mocks and verbally abuses her.²** Akane getting tongue-lashed and mocked by Ranma is funny because she tends to overreact in a "hit first, listen ''maybe'' later" way.²** Mousse getting his heart stomped on by Shampoo when he returns to the series looks like Karmic Justice for being a StalkerWithACrush, and the fact that we just saw him try to kidnap Ranma's fiancée, try to murder Ranma, successfully kidnap Ranma's fiancée, threaten to turn Ranma's fiancée into a duck, and then finally try to either murder Ranma again, turn Ranma himself into a duck, or both.²* The first really wicked thing Reina does in ''Manga/RaveMaster'' is quite literally stab Sieg Hart in the back. It's a little satisfying though, since Sieg had just mind raped Haru.²* From ''Anime/SailorMoon'', there's Rubeus. He was a very irritating SmugSnake who treated his QuirkyMiniBossSquad, the Ayakashi Sisters, like shit -- specially the one who loved him, Cooan. When he was left to die by his fellow villain Green Esmeraude, he had kicked the dog so many times that seeing him die felt like a KarmicDeath.²* In the ''VisualNovel/SchoolDays'' anime, Sekai Saionji earned the rare distinction of being on both ends of this trope in a single episode. First, [[spoiler:she kills Makoto Itou, the JerkAss who has been cheating on her like crazy and recently refused to stay with her despite her thinking she's pregnant with his baby ''and'' having a reasonably good reason to think that way]]. And later, [[spoiler:she ''gets'' killed and cut up by Kotonoha Katsura, the girl whom she stole Makoto from, by kissing him and becoming his "other woman" after Sekai herself hooked them up, which kicked off said girl's BreakTheCutie deal]].²* In the ''Manga/SoulEater'' anime, [[spoiler:Asura]] kills [[spoiler:Arachne]].²** Subverted in the manga, when [[spoiler:Crona brutally kills [[AmbiguousGender their]] abusive mother Medusa]]. Because what's supposed to be the kicker's awesome moment, [[spoiler:actually was the last part of Medusa's ThanatosGambit]].²* ''LightNovel/SwordArtOnline'': Sugou Nobuyuki/Oberon, the ArcVillain of the Fairy Dance arc, commits a lot of horrible deeds on top of being a {{Jerkass}} SmugSnake, performing such acts as conducting inhumane MindControl experiments on 300 SAO survivors and keeping Asuna hostage to lord over her in a cage, and when Kirito finally finds her, Sugou abuses his GameMaster powers to pin Kirito down and [[AttemptedRape sexually abuse Asuna]] while [[ForcedToWatch making him watch]]. Once saved and given admin privileges by Akihiko Kayaba's VirtualGhost, Kirito wastes no time in defeating Sugou as painfully and humiliating as possible, [[TheReasonYouSuckSpeech verbally tearing down his delusions of godhood]] before brutally killing him to the point where Sugou is [[WoundThatWillNotHeal left with permanent injuries in real life]]. On anyone else, it would've been [[ColdBloodedTorture horrifyingly brutal]], but after all of the atrocities Sugou has committed, along with his smug attitude, it's [[LaserGuidedKarma incredibly cathartic]] to watch Kirito put him in his place.²* ''Anime/TigerAndBunny'''s WhamEpisode 16 has [[spoiler:a flashback to Yuri Petrov's (Lunatic's) childhood when we see his abusive drunkard father beating his wife and then turning on his then-teenage son when Yuri tries to stop him. In response, Yuri activates his Next ability for the first time, and burns his father alive]]. Lunatic's methods are undeniably brutal, but in THAT instance...²* In ''Manga/YuYuHakusho'', [[DragonInChief Toguro]] and [[BigBad Sakyo]] had done this quite a bit namely to Tarukane[[note]]The previous ArcVillain who'd tortured Yukina to make her cry valuable gems[[/note]], Butajiri[[note]]who'd cheated multiple times in an attempt to eliminate Team Urameshi from the tournament[[/note]] and the 3 other remaining members of The Black Book Club. Though it doesn't actually make up for their KickTheDog moments (especially since in the case of the BBC, they were actually trying to stop Sakyo's EvilPlan despite their own cruel deeds) or in Toguro's case, at least not until the end.²²----


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