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1Greetings Troper, you have accessed the official database of the IROHA (International Research On Humanized Animals) Foundation, here you will learn about the creatures known as ''Homo varietas'', animals that have undergone a form of rapid convergent evolution to become sentient organisms in the shape of humans. The world has changed dramatically since the Day of Evolution, and IROHA has been trying its best to keep the world safe and informed in its wake, though the Varietas aren’t the threat to society that many thought they would be, it’s still better to be safe then sorry. ''May we all prosper in the planet-sized zoo''.²²!Major Articles²[[folder:''Homo varietas'' overview]]²²!! Notable Biology²²''Homo varietas'', known commonly as “Beastfolk” or “Varietas”, is the classification given to animals that have undergone rapid convergent evolution to become humanoids with animal traits. First discovered in 2019, Varietas [[HumanOutsideAlienInside outwardly resemble humans with animal features, but are in fact closer to mostly-hairless/scaleless animals taking the shape of humans, as their inner workings resemble animals more than humans]]. Recent studies have shown that [[MotherNature the earth itself most likely caused the evolution, possibly to reunite humanity with their animal brethren]]. Varietas aging is a notable anomaly, aging in animal years until they reach sexual maturity, where they start aging in human years, allowing them to increase their population rapidly.²²!! Habitat²²Depending on the animal and type of the specimen, ''Homo varietas'' can be found anywhere across the globe, more humanoid species are more common in civilization then their less humanoid counterparts, but there are plenty of humanoid Varietas in the wild as well.²²(For more information, see the “Social Structure“ segment below).²²!! Diet²²Science has shown that ''Homo varietas'' have the same diets as the animals they are derived from, and that they mostly refuse to eat anything that may upset their stomachs.²²As a note to anyone in the vicinity of Varietas, do not give any food to a Varietas that is not approved of by a licensed veterinarian. ²²!! Hazards²²While not outright superhuman, Varietas are still dangerous creatures, some of the more common hazards include but are not limited to.²* Permanent scars, usually left by the claws or bites of an enraged Varietas.²* Poisons and venoms secreted by many serpents and arthropods, which could prove deadly to humans and Varietas alike.²* The dubious legal status of Varietas, due to the debates as to whether they are humans or animals.²²!! Social Structure²²As they themselves question their own humanity, IROHA has classified ''Homo varietas'' into four different “types”, each radically different from the others.²²* '''Feral:''' Varietas that choose to be wild animals, acting independently of humans and not playing by their rules. They are wild and free, acting outside of conventional human behavior and instead acting like they did as animals. They have NoNudityTaboo, and mostly will go naked without a second thought.²** '''Wilderness Feral:''' Ferals that live outside of human civilization, most of these Varietas do not speak in any human languages, since they don’t have any proper interaction with humans.²** '''Urban Feral:''' The stay cats and racoons of the Varietas, living in civilization as stray animals, rarely staying in one place.²* '''Domesticated:''' The Varietas that choose to be a part of human society.²** '''Domesticated (Pet):''' The Varietas that choose to be companions to humans, seeing them as their “pet-owner”, who they will be at the side of forever. The relationship is closer to (a (mostly) nonsexual version of) the human {{fetish}} known as “Pet Play”, than slavery, though the exact legality may vary from location to location. These will usually only wear clothes if their “owner” tells them to.²** '''Domesticated (Person):''' Perhaps the most normal out of the four, these Varietas act identically to humans, seeing themselves as the same thing (or at least, the same kind of thing) as humans, essentially being humans in all but name. They are the only type that has a nudity taboo (though barefooters of this type are common).²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Timeline of events]]²* August 12, 2019 (Nicknamed the “Day of Evolution”): Hundreds of animals start evolving into Varietas at exactly 2:30 PM.²* August 13, 2019: A United Nations meeting is held to discuss the new species.²* August 25, 2019: The UN meeting concludes, Varietas are allowed citizenship.²* September 30, 2019: A Japanese Catgirl going by the name of “Kakumei” starts the [=#UnleashTheBeast=] movement for Varietas rights.²* January 14, 2020: A Catgirl actress is cast as [[ComicBook/{{Catwoman}} Selina Kyle]] [[DifferentWorldDifferentMovies in the]] Franchise/DCExtendedUniverse, becoming the first Varietas to star in a feature film and is considered a major milestone in Varietas rights.²* July 4, 2021: Development on a [[CityOnTheWater “Varietas country”]] begins.²* August 12, 2030: The “Varietas country”, dubbed “Sanctum”, is finished.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Glossary]]²* Bunnies: Casual name for Lagomorph Varietas, sometimes used as a slur.²* Beasts: Varietas, sometimes in a derogatory sense.²* Clothbearer: Derogatory slur used by Feral Varietas to refer to Domesticated Varietas, pointing out their nudity taboo.²* Furries: Derogatory word for Varietas.²* Pet-ears: Term for Varietas, sometimes in a derogatory sense.²* Zoolanders: Inhabitants of Sanctum.²* Zunts: Derogatory word for Varietas.²[[/folder]]²²!Varietas species²[[folder:Catgirls]]²²!! Notable Biology²²Perhaps [[MascotMook the most well known Varietas species]], ''Felis Homo'' (commonly referred to as “Catgirls”, with males of the species known as “Catboys”) is a species of ''Homo Varietas'' derived from the domestic cat (''Felis Catus'').²²Outwardly, they look very much like humans, tails, cat ears, and claws (both on the fingers and on the toes) are the only real differences they have at first glance. They possess slim builds, short and skinny but with a noticeable musculature for nimble movement.²²!! Habitat²²Catgirls live primarily in (sub)urban areas, stray Catgirls are a common sight in the city streets, and many humans can be seen with Catgirl companions. If a traveler sees a Catgirl in the forest, it’s very likely they’ve found civilization.²²!! Diet²²As with their cat ancestors, Catgirls are carnivores, instinctually going after foods that are most commonly given to cat, such as “cat food” and Fish. Attempts by Catgirls to go vegetarian is deadly, and non-meat products should never be offered to a Catgirl under any circumstances.²²!! Hazards²²While it is rare for (unprovoked) Catgirls to attack humans, Catgirls still possess sharp claws that could leave fatal slashes under the right circumstances.²²!! Courting and Childrearing²²As cats transformed into humanoids, Catgirls have bountiful amounts of kittens resulting from a single pregnancy. Non-domesticated Catgirls do not normally raise their children, readying their children to fend for themselves, as with Regular cats (for more information, click [[ here]]).²²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Centaurs]]²!! Overview²''Equus homo'', commonly referred to as the Centaur, is a species of ''Homo varietas'' derived from equines, most commonly of which is the ''Equus ferus caballus'', commonly known as the horse.²²!! Notable Biology²²Centaurs are the spitting image of their mythological namesake, having an equine body save fore the head, which has been replaced by the head and upper body of a human. Notably, all placements of internal organs are carried over from their horse ancestors (for example the brain is located where a human’s is, but their hearts are in between their front legs). Centaur intestines are another bizarre aspect of their anatomy, being a straight line until it reaches the horse half, where it becomes identical to a horse’s intestines. Centaurs also possess a thick set of “bone armor” where their ribcage and heart should be, allowing them to take hits that would kill a human and survive, which has given them a reputation of being mighty warriors.²²Due to how specialized horses can be in terms of jobs and purpose, Centaurs can vary wildly in terms of body types, Centaurs derived from race horses are usually slim and speedy, “Dairy” Centaurs are females [[GagBoobs breed for milk]]. "{{War Horses}}" are the biggest of the Centaurs, big, muscular, and brutal, they usually serve in the military.²²!! Diet²²As evolved equines, Centaurs are herbivores. The common wild Centaur will usually be seen eating fruits picked directly from trees due to the fact that their human upper bodies are not well suited to eating grass, their old diet back when they were horses. Domesticated Centaurs also eat fruit, though depending on the specimen they may eat any food that a herbivore can consume.²²²!! Courting and Childrearing²²Once a stallion impregnates a mare in its band, the Centaur foal is grown inside the womb of the horse half, and ''not'' in womb of the human half, rumors of Centaurs having a second vaginal tract where their human waists should be are utterly false.²²!! Social Structure²²''???''²[[/folder]]


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