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1* The two Nanas in ''Manga/{{Nana}}'' fawn over each other on a regular basis, with one of them even claiming to feel excited like a young boy who experiences his first love. Of course, sharing a bed ever so often and [[spoiler:one Nana kissing the other]] is a dead giveaway too. It never gets any resolution though, since both girls decide to stay in their (rather hopeless) heterosexual relationships. ** They also take a bath together in episode 28.** Ai Yazawa is no Creator/{{CLAMP}}, but she obviously likes this trope. In ''Manga/{{Nana}}'', there is also Misato, a fangirl with a thinly veiled crush on Nana Oosaki. Nana seems aware of it and even kisses her to thank her for her support (and expensive presents). Hell, the fangirls who wait for Nana outside every Blast show are predominantly female, and in one case they react rather jealously when Nana gives ultimate fangirl Misato a kiss.* Ren and Shin start to make out with each other and tease Nana later on.


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