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2!!!Ryan and Esposito
3* In "Den of Thieves", the word 'partner' is used repeatedly in questionable context.
4** Also in the same episode: "Where's Esposito? WHERE'S ESPOSITO?
5* In "Lucky Stiff" [[TheIngenue Ryan]] reveals that he plays Esposito's lottery numbers, so it wouldn't be awkward if one of them won.
6** Even moreso because Esposito's numbers are the dates of his firsts - as in, his first time in combat and the first time he had sex.
7* Castle to Esposito about Ryan when Ryan's girlfriend calls him yet again.
8-->'''Castle''': Don't worry, he still loves you.
9* Ryan and Esposito discussing Music/TheJonasBrothers.
10-->'''Beckett''': When I'm not here, do you guys braid each other's hair and discuss who's your favourite Jonas brother?
11-->'''Esposito''': No... but it's Nick.
12-->'''Ryan''': Absolutely Nick.
13* Esposito throwing Ryan up against a wall in "Knockout", [[spoiler: after finding out that Captain Montgomery was involved in Johanna Beckett's murder]]. And the heads of a thousand SlashFic [[YaoiFangirl writers]] exploded...
14* It gets better in "Dance With Death", when a (keep in mind, married for seven episodes) Ryan pretty much insists Esposito wear his wedding ring when interviewing suspects at a strip club... to see if strippers will flirt with him even if he's not taken. The scene is set up to look like a proposal, which isn't even mentioning the subtext that Espo gets a date because of the ring... and later, can't take it off because his finger's too big and needs Beckett's hand cream. Ryan panicked. Slashers squealed.
15* The best thing about the HoYay here is that Esposito and Ryan pretty much acknowledge the fact that it's there and just roll with it.
16* Between Castle and his old high school friend Damian in "The Last Nail." Teenage boy sent off to a boarding school, gets homesick, and gets comforted by an older student.
17* In "Probable Cause", Esposito assures Beckett that she's not alone in worrying over Castle's situation as the prime suspect of their current murder investigation.
18-->'''Esposito''': I know how you feel about the guy. I love him, too.
19* In seasons 6's episode "A Murder is Forever", the victim of a week is a renown relationship therapist with a best-seller on relationships, and after having read it Ryan refers to it... but in the context of his relationship with Esposito, ''not'' his wife.
20* In "Under Fire", with Ryan and Esposito trapped in a burning building and Ryan's wife going into labor, they manage to contact the crew, and Jenny asks her husband what to name the baby. His response for a boy's name is "Javier". Even Espo criticizes that choice. Luckily for both of them it's a girl.
21* In the Season 4 blooper reel, Creator/AdamBaldwin grabs Creator/NathanFillion's butt. He responds by swatting his hand away and saying, "Later."
22** Several seconds later, the two (almost) kiss.
25* The killer in "The Mistress Always Spanks Twice" is the [[spoiler:victim's female roommate]], whose MotiveRant for killing is loaded with [[HoYay Les Yay]] with a PsychoLesbian twist. Add in the fact that the victim once compared her to a dominatrix...
26* Dr. Kelly Nieman, the female plastic surgeon in "Disciple" is absolutely ''fascinated'' by Beckett's "perfect face" and takes every opportunity to invite Beckett to come in and have some work done. [[spoiler: Gets far, far creepier once it turns out she was the real mastermind behind several plastic surgery related killings and picked up all of 3XK's methods by dint of being his lover.]]
27** In the episode [[Recap/CastleS7E15Reckoning Reckoning]], Nieman has Beckett [[IHaveYouNowMyPretty restrained to a medical]] table, and [[HannibalLecture lavishing her with a strange mix of affection and threats]].
28* In the eighth season, Hayley and Alexis are drinking scotch in the PI office on a stormy night, wearing very nice dresses (at the same time Castle and Beckett are having a date night at home).