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1* In elementary school, Hime decides to blow off her so-called "friends" to spend time with Mitsuki, showing that she values the one real friend she had over the entire rest of her class. Unusually for Mitsuki, who occasionally lectures Hime to get her back on task, the two girls spend the entire afternoon chatting.* While it turns out to be NotQuiteTheRightThing, the reason why Hime quit the recital was to save Mitsuki from being seen as a bully, which would result in her going from being a pariah to potentially actually getting in trouble.* The fact that a part of Mitsuki regretted exposing Hime as a liar and wanted to be friends with her again, even after all this time and even while still thinking that Hime betrayed her for no good reason. Similarly, while Hime is bitter about what Mitsuki did, she also still doesn't want Mitsuki to be seen as the "bad guy," showing that a part of her cares about Mitsuki as much as she did back in elementary school.* Hime, seeking to put the rumors that Mitsuki bullied her into being schwestern with her to rest, decides not to use lies, but the truth. She makes an emotional declaration that "I am her schwester because I want to be!", and tells Mitsuki that if she ever lied, it's because she liked Mitsuki, prompting Mitsuki to apologize for how she treated Hime.* In "Tea Time Is Mitsuki's Job," you can see that Hime really does enjoy spending time with Mitsuki, and that she values her as a friend. When she says the latter, Mitsuki [[LuminescentBlush blushes deeply]].* The end of Volume 3 shows the story of how Kanoko and Hime became friends. After their classmates [[GotVolunteered "persuaded" Kanoko to make a sign for the video congratulating their teacher for the wedding]], Kanoko ended up destroying her own sign. When she tried to confess, Hime claimed Kanoko had an alibi, and not only managed to get the others to give up on the "witch hunt" for the culprit, but also convinced them to make a new sign together rather than rely on Kanoko. As a result of this, both girls made the first friend they had in a long time. * In "Break Time Is Kanoko's Job," Hime teaches Kanoko about how to do a façade, while Kanoko shares the following thought about Hime, showing her as one of the few people who appreciates Hime for who she is, rather than who she pretends to be.-->'''Kanoko''': Shiraki-san's cuteness may be an act, but I'm the only one who knows how much cuter the real Shiraki-san is.* During the Blume arc, Sumika eventually realizes that Kanoko does not pose a threat to the salon's continued existence, but continues to persist in trying to reach out to her- not to stop her, but out of compassion and care for her.* After making many attempts to prevent Kanoko from undermining the salon out of jealousy toward Mitsuki's closeness with Hime, Sumika finally gets through to Kanoko by listening to her and offering her support, becoming the first person that Kanoko trusts enough to tell about her love for Hime. At the end of the election, the two girls end up becoming schwestern.* Hime's genuinely happy that Kanoko was able to make a friend besides her, and judging from [[TearsOfJoy Kanoko's expression]], Kanoko's happy that Hime's happy.* Much of the Lady Blume election arc deals with what decree the winner might make and what effect it might have on the salon, from Kanoko's desire to abolish the Blume system (out of jealousy toward Mitsuki's closeness with Hime), to Sumika's desire to make schwester bonds irrevocable. So what does Sumika actually decree? Instead of a misguided attempt to force her desires on everyone else, she makes a heartfelt and heartwarming appeal for everyone to get along.-->"Salon staff, let us all get along with each other, so that for the next year, no one feels neglected. That is my Blume decree."* After Hime hears Mitsuki confess to being jealous of Kanoko, Hime honestly says that she's not happy to hear that, but that doesn't change how she feels about Mitsuki.* When visiting Mitsuki, Hime reads aloud a letter sharing all her affection and gratitude toward Mitsuki. That finally gets through to Mitsuki, resulting to her confessing to her and kissing her.* Mitsuki's reminiscence on her relationship with Hime. While it's bittersweet due to Mitsuki reflecting on her mistakes, she concludes by saying she's grateful to Hime for rescuing her and giving her a second chance at her FirstLove.


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