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1----* Quiñones frequently mentions in interviews and speeches that one of his favorite ''WWYD'' moments came from an elderly homeless woman named [[ Linda Hamilton]], who watched over another homeless person lying on the sidewalk passed out (actually a ''WWYD'' actor, of course). Linda nicknamed the man "Billy," took away his beer can, and tried to talk to him. In the meantime, she begged disinterested passersby to call an ambulance. Someone eventually stopped and dialed 911, and when ''WWYD'' broke the scene, Linda quietly left. Viewers were touched by Linda's compassion and wrote to the show, and Quiñones and crew eventually tracked down Linda and gave her a cell phone.* In the segment involving [[ a fifteen-year-old girl about to be married off to a much older man who already has three wives]] (all being members of a polygamous cult), there are several heartwarming moments. The girl, who is crying her eyes out and begging to not have to be wed, attracts the attention of fellow diners. One woman is brave enough to offer assistance to the girl. After Quiñones calls her a hero, she refuses the title, saying that anybody should be willing to help a child in need. Another woman approaches the girl and decides to take her with her. After being questioned "Where are you taking her?" she responds with "I don't know. Wherever she wants to go." Yet ''another'' woman even offers to take the girl into her own home.* [[ The segment which features lesbian parents being publicly berated by a waitress,]] in which a mark leaves a note for the lesbian parents to read. Definitely counts as heartwarming and especially because one actress really was a lesbian parent.-->[[YouAreNotAlone "Hello friends. I know it doesn't mean much, but I love you all. You have a beautiful family and I pray that one person's judgmental intolerance does not in any way put a damper on your hearts and minds. In the words of MLK Jr.: 'In the end we remember not the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends.'-Donovan"]]* The segment that features a little girl getting abducted. At first, no one seems to notice, even when she's screaming for help and that the man grabbing her isn't her father. Finally, two young men walk by, talking on their cell phones. It turns out they were calling their friend to bring the car around so they could corner the abductor, and then charge him. It takes the guy yelling "It's TV, it's TV!" before they back down.** Additionally there was a female mark off-screen who whipped out her phone to call the cops. She couldn't do anything physically but [[MamaBear apparently she'd be DAMNED before she'd let someone hurt a little girl.]]* One of the episodes that features domestic abuse. Usually, someone will stand up for the abused if they blatantly have bruises, which makes nearly all of these situations heartwarming. The best, however, has to be when one guy chases the abuser out of the restaurant, and ''four or five'' other patrons stand up to help him. One man calls 911, and the rest of the cafe offers their support as one to the abuse victim. * There was one segment that had a girl and her Peruvian mother being insulted by a racist diner. Not ''one'' person just sat there and let him verbally abuse them like that.** That segment also featured some men, [[CreatorCameo including Quiñones at one point,]] who were denied service, and berated by the cashier and some customers to go back to where they came from. Then there were those who not only stood up for them, but [[LoopholeAbuse since the cashier refused to serve the laborers, they ordered for themselves, and gave the laborers what they wanted.]]** Among those that agreed with the cashier was an African-American man who stated that it was bad enough for the African-American community without having to compete for jobs against an ethnic group that was willing to work for less. He then had a change of heart when he saw that people failed to sympathize with someone who was discriminated against because of their background.* One segment featured men and woman being stranded on the side of the road by a flat tire, and seeing if anyone would come to help. Things went fine until they replaced the stranded person with a Muslim man. Only two out of the 50 or so people helped him, including an incredibly cheerful young man named Dominic who, when asked how much he should be paid responded with this:-->'''Dominic:''' Pay me? I accept love. I don't want no money from you, bro.* The final mark in [[ this scenario,]] during which a fundamentalist Christian tries to convince a distraught teenager he can "pray away the gay." The mark gives the fundamentalist an impassioned verbal smackdown, and then invites the teen to join him for breakfast so he could have his meal in peace.** Another heartwarming moment is a mark who tells off the fundamentalist and when the fundamentalist asks if he doesn't think they can fix him, snaps back "No! I'm saying he's not ''broken''!"* [[ One scenario]] involved a young woman with a highly visible discoloration on her face enter a cosmetics boutique in search of lipstick, where she was accosted by a saleswoman who promised to make her "look normal." ''No one'' stood by and let the saleswoman put her down, to the point that another customer, who was unable to speak due to laryngitis, sent the young woman supportive text messages. * The last woman in [[ the barbershop scenario with the interracial couple]] diffused the actress' bigotry with some loving words of wisdom directed at both her and the white girlfriend. * Then there's the scenarios of mothers, fathers, wives, and husbands berating their children or spouse's weight at the beach. Everyone who responded told the insulting actors to shut up, that's not how you talk to someone, and told the berated actors that they're perfect the way that they are. * In a scenario involving a [[ mother who can only afford one meal to split with her children on her son's birthday]], ''every'' bystander's reaction doubles as both this and a TearJerker, all of them making generous donations so that the family can enjoy a proper birthday celebration together. ----


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