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1* Rarity's reconciliation with Antimony.-->"So we may part on good terms?" Rarity asked, and cautiously smiled. She held out a hoof.-->"Make no mistake, you have set to ruin some twenty years of my life," Antimony stated, somehow without a trace of a growl. "Since I was your little sister's age, I have strived towards only one goal: to take for myself the Platinum Crown of Canterlot. To realize the dreams of Lady Arsenic. To punish the Bluebloods who stole our legacy. Tonight, my dream turns to ash. Even my own father, who acknowledged only me as worthy daughter and heir, has forsaken me."-->Rarity lowered her offered hoof, disappointed. "I... see... perhaps it was a bit too much to ask, so suddenly?"-->Before it touched the ground, Antimony reached out and took it, her hoof, in her own.-->Rarity looked up in surprise.-->"Until such time as I can claim it for myself," Antimony told her, shaking one firm shake. "I will be content to see that Crown on your head. You can keep it safe for me."-->"Is that so?" Rarity asked, her smile cracking into a grin as she repressed a laugh. "As I said: stubborn."-->"I would and I have said the same of you," the noblemare replied. "In this world, a true Lady must be stubborn to realize her dreams; as you may come to realize yours. ''[[WorthyOpponent Lady. Rarity.]]''"----


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