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1Despite the heavy fighting, there are still heartmwarming moments to be found.* The Bosh'tet Express. The quarians, considered the scum of the galaxy, arrive en masse to evacuate the turian wounded and resupply the turian fleets. Particularly the bits with the quarian children. One highlight of adorableness was when one battle-scarred krogan commando was merrily giving a piggy-back ride to four at once.** The aftermath of the Bosh'tet Express can count too. The quarian received the second highest military award from the Hierarchy, to the incomprehension of some... until the quarian children all received, for their heroism, the highest one.* At the beginning of the story, the turians and krogans hate each other. By the time the Miracle happens, they're sitting down together like brothers.** "Thanks for taking my planet back."* Reading the epilogue and seeing how the galaxy is rebuilding, the many friendships struck up between turians and krogans, and especially how the krogan can actually branch out into other trades than being mercenaries. One takes up arborism and makes major contributions to biosphere reclamation on Tuchanka. Another finds a lucrative calling in "privateer cargo service" in the rather chaotic aftermath of the Reaper War, providing a means to get cargo to where it needs to go unmolested by pirates and other outlaws running rampant. Another decides to become a proper military officer and enrolls in a turian academy, and becomes a major player in the [[SoldierVersusWarrior Krogan military restructuring]].* How Kal'Reegar's sacrifice is honored:-->At the heart of Carratine District on Palaven, there stands an array of statues twenty meters from the foot of Communications Relay 227. Laser-carved from blocks of metal imported from Rannoch in 2191, a dozen unmoving life-sized quarians stand tall and proud in front of plaques detailing each of their names and an explanation of their sacrifice that made the Miracle of Palaven possible. Today, the Defense of Communications Relay 227 is officially considered the opening operation of the Miracle at Palaven, and the relay itself is now the starting point of Reaper War Remembrance Week on the planet, both a formal event and tourist attraction that brings no less than a half a million quarians and geth to Carratine District each year.* Primarch Victus to the allied combatants [[spoiler:after the success of the Miracle at Palaven]]:-->"Although we are separated by the eternity of time and the infiniteness of the universe, our very existences mere motes against the great fabric of reality came together against unfathomable odds, came together in a brief and lucid moment of our fleeting lives, and accomplished the impossible. The galaxy is a better place because all of you have come together. Know that wherever you go, you've earned the right to hold your head high, for Palaven calls you a brother."


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