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1[[quoteright:350:]] ²[[caption-width-right:350: [[HeroicSacrifice A true Mario Bro. indeed..]]]]²Even among the craziness and wackiness, these bloopers can still have you walk away with a good feeling in your heart.²²'''Moment Subpages are Administrivia/SpoilersOff. Administrivia/YouHaveBeenWarned.'''²----²* ''The Visitor'':²** When Enzo [[PetTheDog receives his birthday gift]][[note]]In actuality, it was a ploy to get him arrested[[/note]].²** Also when Luigi cries over Toad's death. Doubles as a TearJerker.²-->'''Luigi''': Oh '''[[SkywardScream NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!]]''' *sobs hysterically*²* ''War of the Fat Italians 2014'': When [=SMG4=] and Mario apologize to each other, while X is bored and depressed:²-->'''[=SMG4=]:''' I'M SO SORRY MARIO! FOR ALL THE FIGHTING!\²'''Mario:''' Somewhere, deep down in my heart, I still love you!\²''Both cry. X is still bored.''\²'''[=SMG4=]:''' C'MON MARIO! BROFIST ME UP! ''(X presses the button on his controller, causing a spaghetti-eating challenge from before to continue)''\²''Mario punches [=SMG4=].''\²'''Mario:''' SIKE! ''(he laughs)''²* ''Who Let the Chomp Out?'': The Chain Chomp and [=SMG4=] share a [[TearJerker heartwrenching]] but warming moment apologizing:²-->'''Chain Chomp:''' I just wanted to be your friend! ''(sheds a single tear)''\²'''[=SMG4=]:''' I'M SO SORRY-\²'''Mario:''' [[MoodWhiplash I don't give a fuck!]]²* In ''Christmas Crazies'', Mario gave Enzo and Villager gifts as a way to stop them from causing more massacre. They both felt happy as a reaction.²* In ''Waluigi Origins'', after Waluigi saves himself and Wario from falling, he reminds Wario of the incident that separated them. Wario forgets the negative parts and both are happy to be with each other again. They even have a hug before being interrupted by Bowser.²* Mario trying to comfort [[ActionGirl Meggy]] after their team loses a tournament in "If Mario Was In Splatoon", and succeeds in cheering her up.²* In the [[VideoGame/HotelMario Hotel Mario episode]], there's one clip where Mario is having genuine fun playing with Baby Mario.²* Fishy Boopkins' RousingSpeech to Luigi in the high school episode.²* ''Sob Story: Tale of a Bob-omb'' It's also a TearJerker.²* ''Area 64'': When Mario had to let go of Beta Luigi from a broken spaceship.²-->'''Mario:''' ''LUIGI! [[Main/BigNo NOOOOOOOOOO!]]''²* The friendship between Mario and Meggy. Unlike pretty much everyone else in the show, Mario seems to genuinely like Meggy and values their friendship, to the point that he comes to her defense without hesitation in "Wild Wild Mario", eagerly helps her learn about Christmas in "The XMAS Discovery", and teaches her how to cook in "New Year, New Mario". Taken UpToEleven in “If Mario Was In Splatoon 2”, where after they part ways over disagreements over a deadly training session Meggy wanted to do, they still manage to make up by the end with Meggy respecting Mario’s decision to not be a part of her team while Mario still claims that it was fun playing with her.²* The ending of ''The Mario Mafia'' certainly counts. Upon confronting Bowser for stealing Mario's spaghetti, he tearfully confesses that what he did was wrong. Mario is unfazed until Bowser [[JerkWithAHeartOfGold decides to make it up to him by buying him extra spaghetti]]. Mario is instantly moved and hugs Bowser while exclaiming that he loves him, as they [[EverybodyCries along with Steve sob hysterically]]. Meggy's reaction kinda [[MoodWhiplash ruins the moment, however.]]² -->'''Meggy:''' Are you guys done yet? ''([[ScrewThisImOuttaHere leaves silently while the boys are hugging]]'')²* During the Smash 5 trials, Meggy has to do a platforming challenge, which she can't do all that efficiently. Her partner is Mario, who isn't allowed to interfere. When all hope seemed to be lost, Mario decided to help Meggy by flinging her across the platforms. Master Hand lets it slide despite it probably being illegal, and Meggy makes it in with a smile on her face. [[RealityEnsues She immediately collapses due to being flung face-first into several platforms]], but its the thought that counts.²* ''If Mario Was In...'' ''VideoGame/KirbyStarAllies'' has Mario, who normally tends to be an aggressive IdiotHero, ask Whispy Woods for directions to Dedede's castle even after Kirby tells him how dangerous Whispy is. He even befriends the tree, giving him a fire flower as a gift. [[NiceJobBreakingItHero The flower accidentally burns Whispy and the entire forest down]], but at least it was a nice gesture from the normally-selfish Mario.²* In ''Mario waits for pizza'' everyone (except Bob) offering to help Bowser clean his house.²* Luigi genuinely trying to help Saiko learn to be a good person in "Luigi's Lesson". While it doesn't seem to take at first, when Mario starts having a heart attack [[ItMakesSenseInContext from eating 500 hotdogs]], Saiko ''immediately'' helps Luigi save him. This, [[WhenSheSmiles plus the genuine smile she gives]] before riding off at the end, suggests that there may be hope for the show's biggest {{Yandere}} after all.²* In "Stupid Mario Tennis Aces", Waluigi wins a tennis game to get into the newest ''Mario Tennis'' game, defeating Fishy Boopkins, who had just been trained by Mario. Initially walking away gloating, Waluigi hears Fishy lamenting how he is always rejected, so what does Waluigi do? Demand that Jeeves let Fishy join since he knows the feeling of rejection all too well (as in, not being a fighter in the ''VideoGame/SuperSmashBros'' games and being reduced to a mere Assist Trophy). It works, and they even get ice cream together.²* Mario, normally portrayed as incredibly self-centered, [[TookALevelInKindness shows care for his friends and his brother]] in ''Mario and the T-Pose Virus''. Mario displays extreme confidence in Meggy's ability to defeat the T-pose zombies (even calling her "number one") and tries to get the door to the roof open so that he and Luigi can avoid the zombies. But perhaps the biggest demonstration (that also crosses over with Main/TearJerker) that Mario [[JerkWithAHeartOfGold genuinely does care about his brother]] comes from what he does to [[JerkWithAHeartOfJerk Bob]] (who has been... extremely unhelpful, to put it mildly) immediately after Luigi gets turned. He wastes no time in giving Bob a well-deserved death to avenge his fallen brother. Even when the situation is resolved, Mario's grateful everything is back to normal.²* In ''Mario The Ultimate Gamer'', Mario gets help with his video gaming skills from a [[GamerChick gamer girl]] named Tari. He wins and gloats it to a saddened [=SMG4=]. Tari, upset, asks if he wants to play video games with her for fun. He accepts, and the video ends with everyone happy.²* In ''Mario SAW'' Mario and Luigi are kidnapped by a masked man. During one task, one of the brothers has to sacrifice himself to die in lava to save the other, and the lava beneath them is rising so one has to do so. Luigi then decides to [[HeroicSacrifice fall in the lava himself.]] Mario cries and begs him to stop, but Luigi still does so, telling Mario good-bye. It really shows that when in danger, the Mario bros will be true brothers. Thankfully, it was a test by the masked man and Luigi is safe as the "lava" is really just warm watermelon kool-aid.²** And even after all of that, when Luigi is allowed to leave, he doesn't want to. Luigi tells this masked figure that he doesn't want to leave Mario behind.²** Although it was the opposite of what Waluigi wanted, Mario being the only person to accept Waluigi's birthday invitation (even if only for free food) despite everything he's done was kind of sweet.²* ''Mario the Scam Artist'':²** Mario dropping everything to save Luigi when he sees him floating in the sewer, and even punching Wario out when he threatens to throw Luigi back into the sewer, counts as well, continuing the theme of Mario genuinely caring for his brother's well-being.²** At the end of the episode, Wario, after spending the entire episode adamantly claiming he didn't care about Waluigi and didn't need him, realizes that he ''does'' care and resolves to find him and talk him down from whatever exactly he's scheming.²* ''The Mario Convention!''²** Meggy [[HeroicSacrifice pushing Mario out of the way just so that he doesn't turn into a T-Pose zombie]].²* Wario and Waluigi finally making up at the end of "War Of The Fat Italians 2018". The last scene before the end is the two of them hugging.²* A FreezeFrameBonus in ''Mario's Late!''; during the awards ceremony Waluigi gets upset he lost the award (unsurprising [[MoralEventHorizon considering what he did to everyone]] the last few episodes). During Baldi's reaction to losing, you can briefly see Wario patting him on the back and consoling him. It's a sweet moment. Sweeter if you consider that this moment takes place after Wario made up with and promised to be nicer to Waluigi after the events of ''WOTFI 2018''.²* ''If Mario Was In... Starfox''²** Mario actually showing concern from Slippy after he crash-landed, jumping onto the plane and trying to revive him. Guess that CharacterDevelopment during the Waluigi Arc stuck...²* ''The Mario Purge'' has Bob locked outside after the purge started. Saiko, Toad, Mario, and [=SMG4=] elected to keep him out (with Mario getting a smaller heartwarming moment, still being angry at Bob for leaving him and his brother out to die during the events of ''Mario and the T-Pose Virus''), leading to Fishy Boopkins defying them and disabling the security system to let him in. Bob is genuinely surprised and extremely thankful, even hugging and spinning around Fishy Boopkins and calling him his best friend.²* ''Mario And... The Well'' stars Fishy Boopkins stuck in a well. Everyone tries everything to get him out but to no avail. Who is the one that ends up saving him? '''[[ItsAllAboutMe Bob]]''' of all people.²** This is the first episode since the Waluigi Arc where Wario and Waluigi have reconciled and are working as a team again, trying to get Boopkins out of the well together.²** The reason why Bob came back to save him? Because Boopkins let him into the castle during The Purge. And everyone, despite how he usually treats them, claps for him.²--->'''Bob:''' So this is what it's like to be loved!²** Sadly retconned by ''The Mario Concert''. Bob was the one to push him down the well, just to get attention and fame.²* ''Mad Mario'' has one via AlternateCharacterInterpretation. [=SMG4=] and Luigi are afraid of the dangerous "Wild Childs" (Meggy, Tari and Saiko) but Mario believes they're NotEvilJustMisunderstood and still thinks of them as friends, even expressing protest against [=SMG4=] for distrusting them. While it could be because of Mario's obliviousness, it's also possible that he still remembers his friendships with Meggy and Tari and considers them his friends. Bonus points for him also considering [[{{Yandere}} Saiko]] as a friend as well. It pays off when the girls decide to help them.²* ''Mario and the Bob Mansion''²** It turns out that Bob's act of heroism in ''Mario and the Well'' has greatly improved his life. He's now mildly successful on Soundcloud and is able to afford a mansion instead of living in a literal garbage dump.²** At the end, when the gang accidentally destroy Bob's mansion, he doesn't get mad, because he's just thankful he gets to have Bobsgiving dinner with his friends.²*** [[MoodWhiplash Unfortunately]], ''The Mario Concert'' reveals that Bob ''deliberately set up his mansion to be destroyed'' so people would pity him, so none of it was sincere.²** After the, erm, messy events of ''Doki Doki Mario Club'', Boopkins and Saiko finally manage to reconcile peacefully. Looks like Luigi's lessons paid off after all.²* When Fishy Boopkins says goodbye to his dad while going to Bob’s concert in ''The Mario Concert'', Fishy Boopkins’ dad waves back and then wipes away a [[SingleTear single tear]]. Heartwarming indeed.²* In ''War On Smash Bros Ultimate'' we have a quick scene of Waluigi hearing about the new character of the game, the Piranha Plant. He starts to go into his rejection mode, only for Wario to lay a hand on his shoulder and say "Not today, bro." [[CharacterDevelopment Waluigi then calms down.]]²* ''The Melancholy of Fishy Boopkins'' has the episode's title character in a state of depression following Bob's betrayal, [[OOCIsSeriousBusiness even feeling too sad to watch anime.]] This prompts the ''enitre'' main cast[[note]]except Toad, who didn't really care much[[/note]] to go out of their way to cheer him up. It's pretty nice enough showing that Boopkins is cared for by a whole bunch of people, but you have to remember that he used to be TheFriendNobodyLikes. That fortunately isn't the case anymore.²* In ''Mario and the Diss Track'', Saiko expresses her concern when Luigi shows her Fishy Boopkins in his HeroicBSOD state as a result of his trauma from being betrayed by Bob. After Luigi tells her everything that happened, she tells everyone that she's willing to help. When Bowser expresses his distrust towards her for being roped up with Bob, Saiko explains that she hates being played and that Bob hurt her "[[CannotSpitItOut f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-]][[PetTheDog friend]]". When Boopkins hears that she cares for him, he snaps out of his broken state and smiles for the first time in ages.²** During Saiko's diss track as a TheReasonYouSuckSpeech towards Bob, one of the lyrics is "help our friend (Bob) and make him see". Even if Bob's friends hated him for taking advantage of them, they still wanted to make him realise the error of his ways. Sure, they still glare at him in the ending, but their intentions were like "You're going to have to [[MustMakeAmends make a lot of amends]]" rather than expressing complete hatred.²* And then comes ''[=SMG4=] Christmas 2018: The Most Important Thing.'' Waluigi finds Bob sulking in the dumpster, and he takes him to the top of the dump pile. From there, Waluigi gets Bob to realize the most important thing is [[ThePowerOfFriendship friends]], all done by throwing him off the dump pile and then catching him with a psychic power right before Bob hits the ground. After all is said and done, [[IgnoredEpiphany Bob does a rap again... only to announce that he is retiring his rap career]] and says he's going back to being a "poor-ass peasant ''with friends''", causing the others to realise that he does have a heart after all. From there, Mario and company visit Bob in the dumpster and give him a picture of the cast with Bob taped on it (causing him to pour OcularGushers and makes an excuse that "[[SandInMyEyes his eyes are just pissing]]", and everyone's friendship with Bob is rekindled once more.²** In the final scene, Fishy Boopkins tells Bob that his own present has been here all along, referring to Bob's redemption and restored friendship. Despite Bob retaining his insults, he still values being friends with Boopkins once more.²** The biggest heartwarming moment comes from the Wario Bros' conversation. Wario is intrigued that his brother had actually cultivated Bob's HeelFaceTurn, and Waluigi responds that after [[WoobieDestroyerOfWorlds everything that happened to him]], he figured that everyone can use a friend. Not once did Waluigi have any evil intentions (throwing Bob off a cliff was to make him realise the values of friendship), everything he did was to make sure [[PetTheDog everyone could be happy]]. Great job, Wario Bros!²* In ''Mario Goes To The Fridge...'' Mario, Luigi and Toad [[ItMakesSenseInContext are forced to milk cows after ruining Jeeve's milk factory.]] Luigi goes to milk a cow called Bessie, but instead of forcibly milking her he compliments and reassures the cow, to the point of having a candlelit dinner, and treats her kindly. Bessie repays the kindness tenfold by saving Luigi from Jeeve's wrath, even if she did start an uprising and transform into a demon to do so.²* ''Everyone'' in ''Mario's Valentine Advice'' turns up to give Shroomy advice on how to win over Po, even though they aren't obligated to. Shows how they're all close friends to him.²* The way Mario and the Cherry Clone interact in "Stupid Mario [=3D=] World" is both this and tear-jerking at the same time. As Bowser throws a fireball at Mario, the Cherry Clone [[HeroicSacrifice sacrifices himself]] to save the original. The Cherry Clone dies after taking the hit and tells Mario that he'll always be in his heart. One could argue that Bowser threw the fireball at the Cherry Clone and the ''original'' Mario took the sacrifice.²* How do Mario and company snap Meggy out of her funk in "Meggy's Bootcamp"? Reassuring that [[YouAreBetterThanYouThinkYouAre they will always be there for her, even after how she treated them]]. Mario also attempts to cheer her up with the spaghetti she gave him earlier. [[OOCIsSeriousBusiness And we all know how much Mario loves spaghetti...]]²* Meggy and Tari hugging Saiko in "The Mario Showdown". Say what you want about Saiko, but she's clearly loved by her female friends.²** Initially, Meggy has no problem fine with the ban on anime... that is until she learns that Saiko was banned from the Mushroom Kingdom, because of Saiko being an anime character. Meggy ''instantly'' changes her mind.²** Meggy thanking her friends for helping her get her weapons back.²* Saiko referring to Meggy as one of her closest friends in "The Splatfest Incident". She's come a long way from struggling to say the word "friend".²** From the same episode, we see a picture of Creator/SatoruIwata inside one of the lockers at Splatfest. Looks like Bob has some respect for him.²* Desti's role in the anime arc [[TookALevelInKindness made her a lot more sympathetic]], even going out of her way to [[FriendlyRivalry save her rival Meggy]]. Many fans were actually horrified when [[TearJerker she got killed off in "World War Mario"]].²* The final scene of “Final Hours.” Francis has been defeated and the Inklings are saved, but Desti has been killed off [[KilledOffForReal for real]]. At her funeral, Meggy mourns the death of her rival and starts crying saying she doesn’t know what to do. Cue a heartwarming speech from everybody telling the now human Meggy that they’re behind her.²-->'''Axol:''' "You have to get back up." That's what she told me. She said that no matter how many times life knocks you down... you ALWAYS have to get back up. She said she learned it from you.\²'''[=SMG4=]:''' Yeah, [[BreakTheBadass we know you've been]] [[TraumaCongaLine knocked down a lot lately, Meggy.]]\²'''Tari:''' But you always have to get back up again!\²'''Luigi:''' And if you can't right now, that's okay!\²'''Fishy Boopkins:''' [[YouAreNotAlone Because we'll be right here to pick you up!]]\²'''Bob:''' [[MoodWhiplash yEaH, i'M gReAt aT pIcKiNg uP cHiCkS!]]\²'''Saiko:''' You know what he means...\²\²'''Mario:''' Meggy... Mario isn't very good at expressing himself... [[HeroicSelfDeprecation In fact, Mario isn't very good at anything.]] But one thing I'm certain of is... [[TrueCompanions Mario will always have your back. No matter what.]]²** After the speech, Desti’s coffin is set adrift along with her weapon. Everyone gives Desti a final salute as the Guards and Octoposse give a 21 gun salute - a poignant send-off to Meggy's rival.²* In "Mario Does the Chores", when Meggy is having trouble adjusting to her human form, Mario reassures her with a RousingSpeech and tells her to [[MeaningfulEcho pick herself up]]. It's notable in that it is pretty much the only time in the video where Mario is being genuinely helpful, despite him doing it to get off doing chores himself, showing off the bond the two have. It even helps make her feel a little better... even if she goes gun-crazy while training for Splatfest. Again.²* Mario visibly feeling sorry for Luigi in his HeroicBSOD over the final obstacle course appearing to be impossible in "Stupid Mario Maker 2". It motivates him into clearing the course himself, in his own stupid way.²** Overlapping with Tearjerker, the ending features an Main/InMemoriam to WebVideo/{{Etika}}.²* One would expect Meggy's segment of "A day in the Life of Everyone" to be her training hard for Splatfest. Instead, it's her, Tari and Saiko playing pretend police in her apartment, with Meggy and Tari having a lot of fun and Saiko...less so. After Meggy's breakdown in the previous episode, it's adorable to see the three messing about and having a great time. Even Saiko gets into it...[[TriggerHappy a little too much, though]].²** Likewise, Bob and Boopkin's segment has them play Monopoly that quickly descends into {{Calvinball}}-esque chaos. But it's still nice to see the two get along after the Bob Arc, especially when Boopkins actually commends Bob for being good at the game when he cheats his way to victory.²* "Treasure Hunt With The Bois" opens up with Mario and Bob fishing together. It's small, but considering Bob's long-standing status as TheFriendNobodyLikes, it's nice to see someone else besides Boopkins hanging out and getting along with him. ²* "The Minecraft Plague" starts with Meggy getting to enjoy the one activity she never could when she was an inkling; swimming!²* Sans and Mario having a lazy-off in "Sans's First Day In Smash Bros."²* After Mario's friends [[FlowersForAlgernonSyndrome convert his dumbness into smartness]] in "Smart Mario", he spends the first half of the episode doing all sorts of good deeds for his friends. Unfortunately, that all goes to hell when [[BadSamaritan he starts demanding compensation in spaghetti for his kindness]], and then starts stealing everyone's spaghetti as [[WhosLaughingNow revenge for all the times he was called a dumbass]].²** On that note, while all of Mario's friends--including Meggy and Tari--are on particularly sour terms with Mario for most of the episode, they all show that they still care for him. Their decision to make Mario smart against his will is treated as an intervention for him being LethallyStupid because they don't want him causing trouble for anyone or himself anymore, with Meggy rushing in to make sure he's okay when the operation is finished. Later, when everyone gets even more angry with Mario for turning into a bigger jerk than before, they make it clear that they only hate [[MyGodWhatHaveIDone the villainous asshole they turned Mario into]], not the [[JerkWithAHeartOfGold good-hearted asshole]] [[WeWantOurJerkBack he used to be]]. Once they know Mario's back to normal, his friends immediately stop being angry with him and celebrate, reaffirming their acceptance of him as their idiot friend.²* In "The Big Bad Bully", Tari's friends all immediately come to help her out after finding out Wario stole Tari's game. Mario and [=SMG4=] immediately run off to beat Wario's ass, while Meggy and Saiko try to help her boost her confidence, even if that does [[GoneHorriblyRight nearly work too well]].²** Wario and Waluigi show they're still working things out after the Waluigi Arc, taking it one step at a time. When Wario hurts his brother's feelings by playfully ribbing him over still not getting into ''Smash'', Waluigi maturely goes out for a walk to clear his head and [[JerkassRealization leaves Wario feeling guilty]], as he admits he didn't know it still bothered him. Then, when Wario is crying like a baby after Tari takes her game back, Waluigi just [[GetAHoldOfYourselfMan slaps some sense back into him]] and carries him away, saying they should just buy their own game for once.²²!!Meta²%%* The creators' message to the [[ fans]].²* The ENTIRE journey of the [=SMG4=] channel. Anybody who's been subscribed to it since its humble beginnings can tell you that although the bloopers looked crappy by today's standards, the text was ''rife'' with errors and inconsistencies, and they frequently featured jokes that [[ValuesDissonance wouldn't have a snowflake's chance in Hell of flying in this day and age]], they were made with dedication and heart. Back then, [=SMG4=] lived in the shadow of other ''VideoGame/SuperMario64'' Machinimists like [=MarioMario54321=], who had been in the game longer and had more subscribers than him. But as time went on, those channels more or less fell to the wayside while [=SMG4=] grew more and more skilled at his craft, gaining new subscribers every day. [[ArtEvolution The editing improved, the character models began emoting]], and the humor became funnier and more refined than just [[ToiletHumor "Hehehe, toilets!"]] Suddenly, this tiny but persevering channel gained 100K subs. Then 200K. Then 400K. And finally, out of nowhere, ''one million'' subscribers! This kid who made the stupid Mario bloopers had now risen to the [=YouTube=] big leagues! And it's now over triple that number! Hell, it didn't stop there--Luke and Kevin got fan mail, have their own line of merchandise, and now completed several tours! And all of this was because one boy found something he liked doing and never stopped doing it, making it one of the most inspirational success stories in all of [=YouTube=].²** After a good dose of BrokenBase, as is to be expected with a change this drastic, the outpouring of support for Meggy's new human form after ''Final Hours'', especially after her model got released onto the Workshop. Just this tidal wave of art and fanfics of characters in and out of universe helping her adjust to her new body, it's all quite adorable.²----


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