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1* Feral's plan to save the world. [[spoiler:She speaks to some doctors about seeing if she can donate her organs multiple times using her HealingFactor. Initial tests prove a complete success, so she decides to spend the rest of her very long life on an operating table, having her organs, blood, and skin constantly removed and regenerated, pausing only briefly when doctors get tired or machines wear out. Oh, and she's immune to anesthetic]]. It is the most heartwarming, heroic, and '''''horrifying''''' thing anyone has ever seen. Alison breaks down crying when she hears the whole story, because she has ''no idea'' what to do.-->'''Alison:''' I should...I should stop her, right?'s the most heroic thing anyone's ever done, but I can't--** Taken to 11 when you learn what they decide to use as the next best thing to anesthetic: [[spoiler:a TV monitor in the room that plays video of the people who will be recieving what Feral donates.]]** Thankfully, [[spoiler:Alison finally found a way to help. After getting Max to boost Feral's power, not only can she provide more transplant materials faster than ever, but there are now actually logistical problems with transportation and storage if she's in surgery for any more than forty hours a month. Feral is...[[ happy, to say the least.]]]]* [[ It turns out there really is a manual on how to be a superhero...]]it is none other than ''ComicBook/AllStarSuperman''.* The sentinel in Patrick's mind is described by his anima as a manifestation of "everything he associates with strength and power, but also everything which makes him feel safe and warm and secure." It's a giant version of Alison in a dress.** Along the same note, the memory that his bookish self prizes the most, his happiest memory, is an image of him and Alison watching Looney Toons together.


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