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1* Nagini is kind of adorable. She's not trying to crack your ribs, she's ''hugging'' you. Honest.* Barty's response to seeing [[spoiler: Edric and his parents]] again after the Dark Lord tries to [[spoiler: send him to live with the Carrows]], and crying for joy to be home.--> [[spoiler: Edric!]] I missed you so much!'* Snape telling Hermione about why he stopped being a Death Eater.-->'She would have liked you very much.' ** [[spoiler: Hermione's patronus is a doe, not an otter.]] [[TearJerker Yeah.]]* The way Snape slowly comes to regard the younger generation as[[spoiler: his children]], and the revelation that he has dreams where Hermione is [[spoiler: his daughter with Lily]].* Anu hugs Snape ''twice'' after the [[spoiler: dementor attack.]]-->'''Anu:''' I was afraid you'd not come back!-->'''Snape:''' I shall always come back, Mr Tamm. And do you know why?-->'''Anu:''' No, sir.-->'''Snape:''' [[SugarWiki/FunnyMoments Because Black owes me money.]]* [[spoiler: Sirius asking Snape to be his best man.]]-->'''Sirius:''' Is that a yes? -->'''Snape:''' Fuck you, Black.-->'''Sirius:''' All right, then.* "You have earnt your name, Severus Snape. You may kiss me."* Bellatrix's growing love for Hermione, to the point where she chooses her over the Dark Lord.--> It was on the tip of her tongue to say that she'd die for Him, but as she rose her eye happened on her daughter, and the words froze in her throat.* [[spoiler: Sose]] and Sirius. Every scene with those two.* The fact that Anu calls Sirius "Baba" now but still considers Snape a father figure.* Neville shaking hands with Barty Crouch and Draco's reaction.-->'''Malfoy:''' Truly, sir, you are a credit to your family line.


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