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1[[quoteright:350:]] ˛[[caption-width-right:350:The [[FanNickname Core Four]] of ''ComicBook/YoungJustice'' reuniting.]] ˛˛Heartarming moments in the ComicBook/RobinSeries.˛˛!!! Robin˛* Tim realizing that [[ComicBook/Batgirl2009 Stephanie]] is the thing he most misses in Gotham after his father moves them out of town and his getting a speedster to rush him back to the city when she goes into labor in order to be there for her.˛* Tim asks Dana to teach him how to make soup from scratch when Steph gets a cold, and then takes the pot of soup to her via subway and walking the eleven blocks from the station to her house since by that point he no longer had a car in his civilian persona.˛* In ''ComicBook/{{Robin|Series}}'' #123 after thinking he accidentally killed the super-powered Johnny Warlock (who ends up just getting up and walking out of the morgue) Tim is deeply upset, but when he tries to tell [[ComicBook/{{Batman}} Bruce]] why he's a failure he's met with steady rebuttals;˛-->''"Hit the showers. Take your time. Come up with other reasons you're a terrible person and I'll shoot those arguments down when you get back."''˛* When Tim learns that Stephanie's dad has died he's reluctant to finish his current mission as Robin rather than stay with her, though she tells him to get a move on. He then spends the entire next day with her just listening and being there for her as she works through her emotions.˛* After the deaths of so many of his friends and loved ones in ''Robin Vol 2 #156'' after and while stopping a man from committing suicide it's heavily implied Tim has been having suicidal thoughts as well and the issue end with him calling [[ComicBook/{{Nightwing}} Dick]] for a brotherly talk about what he's going through.˛* When he realizes the "imposter" in the Spoiler costume is actually Stephanie instead of someone romping around Gotham using his deceased beloved girlfriend's name he immediately swoops her up in an ecstatic hug and gives her a kiss.˛˛!!! Red Robin˛* In ''ComicBook/RedRobin #12'' after Tim impressively foils [[spoiler: Ra's al Ghul's]] plan to kill Bruce's loved ones in revenge for Tim's actions and get kicked out a window for his troubles [[ComicBook/{{Nightwing}} Dick]] asks Tim how he knew he'd be there to catch him:˛--> '''Tim:''' You're my brother Dick. You'll always be there for me.˛* In the same vein after Dick notices that he's not on Tim's hitlist and Tim confirms that he would never be on it.˛* The group hug the rest of the core members of the long defunct ComicBook/YoungJustice still acting as heroes springs on an unsuspecting Tim when the ComicBook/TeenTitans show up while trying to deal with the Calculator.


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