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1* The scene at the end of the final episode where [[spoiler: Izumi Himuro hugs Ryo Hayakawa to cheer her up after they lose the semi quarter final, with the hope of maybe trying to go farther next year.]]** It is also made even more heartwarming by the fact that Izumi ([[PerpetualFrowner Who hardly smiles throughout]] and if she did usually comes up with a cocky/mean smile), [[WhenSheSmiles warmly smiles as she hugs Ryo]].* Every single word and note of the ending song, [[ "PASSIONATE DAYS"]]. Like the [[SugarWiki/AwesomeMusic epic opening song]], it's sung by Ryo and Izumi's [[NamesToKnowInAnime seiyuu]], and seems to be from the POV of Ryo and Izumi years after the events of the series, and high school. [[ The dialogue from the bridge]]:--> '''Ryo''': ''"It was at the tennis court when the leaves were budding, wasn't it? When I first met you, the sunlight was flowing all around you, and you shined so bright that it was hard to get near you."''--> '''Izumi''': ''"Back then, I tried hard to keep up my heroine facade, and couldn't take my mind off your gaze. But perhaps what I wanted was to open my heart and make a friend."''


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