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1* The outcome of Naruto's struggle with his EnemyWithin in Chapter 3.* The rematch Kakashi vs. Zabuza is this. Zabuza and Haku express their displeasure at being resurrected and controlled as they beg for Kakashi to finish them. As Kakashi engage the battle, he is very displeased with the Reincarnation suppressing Zabuza's mind and turning him into a mindless killing machine. Add to this playable flashbacks of the battle on the bridge from the early series and you have the UrExample of Heartwarming boss battle, goes on TearJerker territory too.** The way before and after the battle how they casually talk about Naruto and how much the two were an influence on him, was nice, to say the least.* During her pregnancy, Kushina gave a young girl her favorite comb as a memento. Naruto found the girl later as an adult woman, who lost the comb. He finds the comb for her, and she says Kushina gave it to her. After revealing his mother is Kushina, she gives Naruto the comb. The in-game description even reads:-->"Your mother's comb. Just holding it makes you feel warm and happy."** The entirety of Naruto's birth as portrayed here, even more so than the original manga or anime. A game-only scene with Kushina [[{{Determinator}} trying her best]] to get a baby toy Minato bought for Naruto, while dying during the Nine-Tails attack after its extraction from her, just to try and calm down a crying Naruto and her words to him during, before, and after the scene manages to make it even more this. Doubles to make the entire thing an even [[UpToEleven BIGGER]] TearJerker than ever.* The ending of the Choji vs. Gedo Statue boss fight. As you successfully input all the commands for the QTE, you unlock the secret factor with him and Choza, who has a quick flashback of himself expressing the desire to fight together side-by-side with Choji, just before landing a devastating double punch with his son to the enemy.** And after the fight, as Choji is about to collapse from exhaustion, Choza catches him and gives him a fatherly proud compliment, with a smile.--->'''Choji''': D...Dad...\'''Choza''': You did well, Choji...** And the best part is when the Alliance cheers him on for defeating it. You can just see how far Choji came along in life, much like Naruto. He went from being the second-biggest loser in the village to a hero of the 5 nations, much like Naruto.--->"Go! Giant of the Hidden Leaf!"* Itachi's entire conversation with Naruto in Chapter 9, culminating in him calling him 'friend'.* Reanimated Nagato in general. Very rarely do you see a villain who underwent RedemptionEqualsDeath...come BackFromTheDead. In his win quotes, and his general attitude in the story, you see just how much Naruto managed to change him. [[VideogameCaringPotential You can even team him with Konan and Pain (Yahiko) to reunite the three childhood friends]]. And then there's his Ultimate Jutsu Finish:-->"Konan...Yahiko...Guide me."* Gaara finally getting his ArchnemesisDad to acknowledge that his life ''did'' have purpose after all. As he is sealed, he finally considers Gaara worthy of the title of Kazekage.* Naruto saying that the Nine-Tails was not a demon fox anymore. He's an asset to the Leaf. Naruto's partner. Then calling the Nine-Tails by his true name, Kurama.* The last Secret Factor. Think a very sped up version of the 'pray' sequence in Earthbound. Except channeled into a single punch.* Naruto can really cheer up [[ShrinkingViolet Hinata]] by helping her on a mission ''and'' choosing [[NiceGirl her type of person]] over [[{{Tsundere}} a type like Sakura and Ino]] in the "Ultimate Decision" sidequest.* [[ In this friendship scene]] between Rock Lee and Gaara, Lee tells Gaara that he holds no grudge against him for nearly crippling him during the Chunin Exams because it helped him get stronger and overcome that challenge. This is especially heartwarming because Gaara actually wanted to apologize to him for doing that! Gaara even says that he thinks that Lee, Naruto and their teachers are wonderful and he's happy he met Konoha. D'awww.* The sidequest where Iruka and Kakashi talk about Naruto's growth. Particularly heartwarming in which it comes right after the [[KickTheDog dog-kicking fest]] that was the previous sidequest with [[{{Tsundere}} Ino, Tenten and Sakura]].* Of course the reunion of Sasuke and Itachi facing Kabuto, culminating in Itachi saying that he'll always love his little brother.* Some of the friendship events (both the requests and the ones you get ones maxing out their affection) definitely count.** Jiraiya's treasure isn't a porn mag, an erotic novel or even valuable by normal standards. Rather, his treasure is a coupon from Ichiraku Ramen that Naruto gave him. The value to him was that this was the first gift Naruto gave him as a show of appreciation during their training together and he obviously treasured it as it was from his precious pupil. Naruto finding out only makes it more heartwarming, not to mention Kakashi (who was disappointed the treasure wasn't erotic), Sakura (who was glad it wasn't erotic) and Sai were there too.** Kakashi and Iruka treat Naruto to some ramen and discuss his mischievous past and compare it to how much he's grown. Naruto for his part admits this wouldn't be possible without them and his other teachers and friends. This prompts Kakashi and Iruka that he's matured quite a ways as well.** Naruto, Kiba, Shikamaru and Choji, who have been troublesome to Iruka during their academy days, decide to show their appreciation to him by pooling their money (money Naruto gets by completing 20 request missions, which count for probably more than 75% of the total number) and buying him an expensive ticket for a hot spring trip. In the end, they give it to a girl who lost a gift she wanted to give to her dad, and this was just moments before they would meet Iruka to give the gift to him. Iruka arrived just in time to witness it happen, unbeknownst to them. When they meet, the Problem Kid Brigade decide to treat him to ramen as a last resort. Iruka, happy of what they did for the little girl, comments on how the ramen will be more delicious that day. Shikamaru is the only one who realizes Iruka knows of what they did, of course.** Bee's event within the Waterfall of Truth would also count. Bee asks Naruto to bump fists with him in the deepest parts of the temple, which triggers them to appear with both Eight-Tails and Nine-Tails/Kurama. Bee and Eight comment on how much Kurama has changed, and didn't even object to appearing with them, and doesn't even object to that comment as well. Naruto then apologizes to Kurama and says he doesn't have to rush anything and he can go at his own pace regarding how he acts. The rest then just dissolves into some playful banter, showing just how Bee and Naruto's friendship as well as their relationship with the tail beasts as Jinchuuriki has grown.** The friendship event where Naruto comes across Kakashi reminiscing on a time when Minato had to leave their training due to a promise he made to Kushina is rather cute too. Him telling Kushina, that despite her being "touchy", he wouldn't have her any other way. Also Kakashi telling himself that Naruto really reminds him of Minato the more he grows up.** In essence the mail you send and receive shows just how much they appreciate Naruto's friendship, acknowledge how much he's matured and the effect Naruto has on people just by writing a few words. This includes bonding with ninja from other villages (even ones who don't agree with his bold personality), getting advice from the Five Kage and more.*** Temari acknowledges Naruto as an important friend for Gaara and asks him to continue to be so.*** Kankuro gets an idea from Naruto to go over the top and build a giant mecha made from puppets as a project.*** Gaara comments on how Naruto is his first friend and most important encounter as well.*** Naruto convinces Lee to enjoy a trip with Neji and Tenten instead of just training and saying that it'll help them work better together.*** Naruto telling Neji that he hopes the latter continues to become better friends with Hinata and saying how it'll help narrow the gap between the Hyuga clan families.*** Naruto telling Kiba how he would also adopt a dog if only he weren't always going off on missions and telling him how he and Shino, despite being totally different, work well as a duo.*** Naruto cheering up Hinata in a letter and telling her [[NiceGirl how kind she is]].*** Naruto discussing clothes with Tenten and how much it matches their personalities.*** Naruto telling Guy, who wants to engage in another match with Kakashi, to believe in himself and go straight for victory.*** Naruto convincing Kakashi to continue Jiraiya's legacy by writing the sequel to the Icha-icha series.*** Naruto reacts well to how Sakura says Ino is probably the person she works best with, then she comments on how Ino's the best girl friend she works with while Naruto is the one she gets along best with as a boy and how much he's matured.*** Naruto reaffirming to Sai that not only is the former his friend but that he already has other friends like Sakura and Kakashi as well.*** Naruto talks with Ino about how he was troublesome in the past until Ino comments on how Naruto has become calmer and mature.*** Naruto talks with Shikamaru about inheriting the will their masters gave them with Shikamaru commenting on how Naruto will most likely pass on his will through his attitude and actions just as Jiraiya did.*** Choji confides in Naruto about his dad talking about Choji marrying in the future while Choji expresses some doubts in being able to. Naruto replies by saying to leave that in the future, that worrying will make it harder and he should man up. Grateful, he tells Naruto he'll do just that.*** Naruto convinces Tsunade to give Shizune a gift for taking care of her all this time including when she was unconscious and to ask Sakura for advice on what Shizune might like.*** Darui confides in Naruto about Cee telling him to fix his habit of repeating his catchphrase of 'excuse me' and Naruto confesses on how he also has that habit, but is happy since his mother also had it. Naruto then points out how Cee might be talking about his habit of saying 'it's a pain' to which Darui realizes Naruto may be right and thanks him for helping him.*** Cee tells Naruto how he was first offended about how insensitive Naruto is, referring to his encounter with Raikage/Ay, Cee and Darui during the Five Kage Summmit. Naruto then apologizes and to which Cee comments on not minding his upbeat personality, citing it as being frank was how he gets along well with Bee. Naruto then comments that he always has fun with Bee but is not so sure about the rapping. Cee happily agrees, saying that while Bee has a lot of issues, his appeal outshines them all. He then tells Naruto that he trusts him with get along with Bee.*** Bee asks (in rap) Naruto to rap with him (in letter form!) to which Naruto indulges him. Bee ends it (still in rap) with saying that he dreams of having every shinobi rap together and making the world a better place along with Naruto.*** Ay/Raikage warns Naruto about being careful regarding people aiming for his life or the Nine-Tails to which Naruto thanks him for the advice. Ay then asks Naruto what he would do in such an event when Naruto comments that he would fight alongside his friends. Ay praises Naruto's wise decision and comments that since the world is changing, it's alright to depend on your friends and help them in turn.*** Mei/Mizukage asks Naruto for advice about making the Hidden Mist Village a better place. Naruto humbly comments that Gaara, ever since becoming Kazekage, has turned the Hidden Sand Village into a better place and that he would be a better person to ask for advice. The Mizukage then praises him for being honest about it and asks him what he expects of a Kage, to which he replies that a Kage would place the villagers' welfare above all else. Mei then agrees and thanks Naruto for reminding her and to expect a lot from the Hidden Mist from now on.*** More Funny than Heartwarming but Ao's messages first turn out to be cryptic with him about to tell Naruto about something terrifying he saw. Despite being scared, Naruto steels himself to hear Ao out. It later turns out to be seeing the Mizukage without her makeup, it becomes funnier when the messages abruptly end, suggesting that the Mizukage has caught Ao telling Naruto of what happened, or at least almost got caught.*** Chojuro confides in Naruto about Zabuza as one of the seven swordsmen of the mist to which Naruto replies about liking Zabuza's style despite being an enemy. Chojuro then confesses about how he has doubts regarding his abilities. Naruto then tells him that as he's already one of the seven swordsmen, he should have more confidence and to never think of things as impossible.*** Onoki/Tsuchikage asks Naruto what he thinks about respecting his elders and Naruto replies that though he's never thought much about it, he believes in showing his appreciation to the people who've taught him and to respect them always. Onoki praises him for that and surmises that he learned such a thing from a great master. Naruto replies that he certainly learned a lot from Jiraiya to which Onoki replies that since he's a pupil of one of the Sannin, he will watch Naruto's growth and actions despite being a Kage from a different village.*** Kurotsuchi confesses that she's bored with how more and more ninjas from other villages are now coming to the Hidden Stone Village, to which Naruto suggests organizing a fight tournament. Kurotsuchi happily replies that that would be a good idea, and to see how the other nations fare against the Hidden Stone, despite believing that the Hidden Stone are already the best. Naruto heartily challenges Kurotsuchi and proving that the Hidden Leaf are the best. Kurotsuchi replies, in a bout of friendly rivalry, that she will be looking forward to it.*** Akatsuchi confides in Naruto about how people tell him to lose weight and that he's getting depressed about it. Naruto then says he envies him since he can carry heavier stuff and reach higher places then asks him what he should do to be bigger. Akatsuchi thanks Naruto for complimenting him and tells him he should eat raw vegetables. When Naruto shows hesitation, Akatsuchi assures him he will cheer Naruto on.*** Mifune/leader of the Land of Iron tells him that ninja and samurai must learn from each other and asks Naruto what he thinks a samurai is. Naruto replies as best as he can but confesses to not knowing much. Mifune compliments him for speaking honestly and that samurai pledge to protect peach and harmony. Naruto then replies that shinobi feel the same way, that they must protect their people and that samurai and ninja are much more alike than what most would see. Mifune then ends it by saying how the gap between the two will gradually get shorter and looks forward to the future.----


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