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2[[caption-width-right:350:"Now that's ''amazing!''"]]
4Despite the show being entirely comedic, it has many instances where the Mixels do care about each other and use their abilities to help others.
8[[folder:In General]]
9* Any time a Mixel mixes with another just so they could solve the problem at hand, which shows how caring he can be.
10* Any time Scorpi acts cute.
13[[folder:Season 1]]
14* '''Coconapple'''
15** Zorch ''did'' notice that Seismo was having trouble trying to get the coconapple out of the tree, and offered to help him by mixing. Even though Seismo was afraid to mix with him, and all Zorch wanted was to have fun, it does show clearly that Zorch is a JerkWithAHeartOfGold.
16* '''Cookironi'''
17** A subtle example at the beginning, where Flain shares his box of cookironis with Krader, only to realize that that was the last one... Also note that compadre is another word for "friend".
18-->'''Flain:''' "Let me load you up, my Cragster compadre, we've gots plenty!"
19* '''Hot Lava Shower'''
20** At the start of the episode (after Vulk realizes the shower is clogged), Zorch helps relight Flain's flame with his jet boosters and maxed with Flain and Vulk to fix the lava shower. The former didn't say anything in the episode, but it does prove that he's a helpful Mixel.
21** Not to mention that later on in the episode, Vulk realized the error of his actions when Krader and Teslo complained to him, and went out for ice cream with the two to fix the problem.
22-->'''Vulk:''' "Oh, sorry guys. But you know what they say!"
23-->''(scene shifts to where Vulk, Teslo, and Krader go out for ice cream)''
24-->'''Teslo:''' "It's totally true what they say! Right, eh, Krader?"
25-->'''Krader:''' "Yeah, yeah! Ice cream does make everything better!"
26* '''Electrorock'''
27** The Cragsters having a friendly "dig-digging" competition with each other, and Seismo and Shuff going out to find Krader when the latter goes missing.
28-->'''Seismo and Shuff:''' ''(to the Electroids)'' "STOP!!"
29-->'''Seismo:''' "You no sacrifice Krader!"
30** Then, when they find out that the Electroids were only preparing for the Electroid Annual Dance Party, they join in on said party with the Electroids, and even have a friendly dance competition with them as maxes.
31* '''Nixels'''
32** The interaction between Seismo and Flain in this episode. It goes back to when Flain called Krader his "Cragster compadre" in "Cookironi", and it's used again with Seismo.
33-->'''Flain:''' "Welcome, welcome to the Infernite kingdom, my Cragster compadre! So Seismo, all I've gots to say is, LET THE RAD FUN BEGIN!!"
34-->'''Seismo:''' "Yeah, Flain! Rad fun! Rad fun!"
35* '''Pothole'''
36** Another interaction, this time with Vulk and Zaptor. Even though Zaptor managed to smack Vulk in the titular pothole a couple of times, the former does tell funny jokes to the latter and even high-fives him when they fix the pothole by mixing.
37-->'''Zaptor:''' "Well, look at that! No more pothole! We fixed it!"
38-->'''Vulk:''' "With a mix-it!"
39-->''(Zaptor and Vulk high-five each other)''
40* '''Murp'''
41** Flain helping Krader get over the river to the "fun-fun barbecue party" by mixing with him, although it doesn't end well.
42* '''Mailman'''
43** The other Cragsters helping Shuff get the Ceramic Teddy Butterfly he ordered from Zorch.
44* '''Changing a Lightbulb'''
45** Teslo teaching the other Electroids about changing a lightbulb if they needed to, and comforting them somewhat when they were afraid of the dark.
46-->'''Volectro and Zaptor:''' ''([[SecurityCling hugging each other in the dark]])'' "We're scared!"
47-->''Teslo:'' "Everyone calm down and look for a lightbulb!"
48* '''Rockball'''
49** A mild example with Flain thinking that the Cragsters' game of Rockball was fun, and even joining in with them when the other Infernites didn't want to. He and Krader eventually end up creating Mixelball, and then the other Infernites join in, mixing with the other Cragsters and playing.
50** Also note that there wasn't a hint of conflict between Seismo and Zorch.
51* '''Wrong Colors'''
52** Flurr and Gobba rescuing Shuff and Volectro by making an ice slide with ice breath and creating a slide from a log.
53* '''Nixel "Mix Over"'''
54** Balk letting the Nixels (who were disguised as a Frosticon and Flexer Mixel at the time) join him and Lunk in a game of Slingshot, even letting them take a Frosticon/Flexer cubit to mix with. Although the Nixels easily manage to fool the Balk/Lunk mix by creating a "mix", the Balk/Lunk mix teases them joyfully and launches off.
55-->'''Balk/Lunk Mix:''' "You guys are weird. See ya later!" ''(launches away)''
56** The Balk/Lunk mix later appears at the end of the episode, where he snatches the Frosticon/Flexer cubit out of Major Nixel's hands (or in this case, claws), and even says "thank you" to him. Maybe Balk was taught to be a polite Mixel after all.
57* '''Bar-B-Cubes'''
58** It's very subtle, but when the Slumbo/Vulk Mix allows Gobba to have free samples when the latter asks if there are any. What follows up is the Volectro/Krader mix offering up free samples, which results in more free samples, and, well, you can see where this is going...
59* '''Snow Half-Pipe'''
60** It's not shown on screen, but you can see that Frosticons Flurr and Slumbo invited Kraw, Krader, Jawg, and Flain to their ice half-pipe. And they didn't even care that Flain's element was fire.
61* '''Hamlogna Conveyor Belt Madness'''
62** Lunk and Tentro working together to make all those Hamlogna sandwiches Zaptor wanted. They even mixed to make the Hamlogna sandwiches when they went at a fast rate.
63* '''Vaudeville Fun'''
64** Kraw and Gobba's teamwork to win the audition. Unfortunately, the judges didn't like it.
65* '''High Five'''
66** Even after their little dispute in "Fang Gang Log Toss", nonetheless, Slumbo, along with Kraw, helped please Chomly by giving the latter high fives.
67--> '''Chomly:''' "High five!" ''(high fives Kraw, then Chomly starts laughing)'' "More!"
68* '''Elevator'''
69** Tentro telling Lunk that they'll "get [to Balk's birthday party] in ti-i-i-i-ime" by mixing with him to get there. How sweet!
70* '''Epic Comedy Adventure'''
71** The caring between the Series 1 and 2 leaders (sans Jawg, Gobba substituted him) and their tribemates is especially apparent in this episode. Not only do the leaders worry about their tribemates when they were nixed, they also went to Mixel Mountain to get the giant Rainbow Cubit and even got Krader's help to "go under, smash big, pretty rainbow cubit to get small cubits". Then the leaders mix with each other and defeat the Nixels, restoring color back at the Mix Festival in the form of a WorldHealingWave. Awwwww...
72* The initial appearance of the Series 3 tribe leaders, not to mention where every Mixel (except the other Series 3 Mixels) have fun together in the Mix Festival while backgrounds shift between the Series 1 and 2 tribe locations, right before it goes back to under the lightbulb sun, and it brightens up. What an awesome way to end an episode.
73* '''Murp Romp'''
74** Scorpi's EstablishingCharacterMoment at the start of the episode. Admit it, you wanted to hug him when he had those big PuppyDogEyes!
75-->'''Torts:''' "Aw, Scorpi. You're just the cutest little Mixel."
76-->''(Scorpi's eyes grow larger while he cocks his head back and forth)''
77--> '''Hoogi:''' "Yeah. He's our bestest nuzzle-wuzzle buddy."
78* Although they were afraid at the time, the other Spikels' and Glorp Corps' worrying about Scorpi and Glurt when they make a murp. What Hoogi said really drives it home, with Footi's response being the icing on the cake..
79-->''(After the scene shows the Scorpi/Glurt murp ruining Mixel Park)''
80-->'''Glomp:''' If we don't catch him quick, he'll slice and slime all of Mixel Land!
81-->'''Hoogi:''' And poor little Scorpi will miss out on our nighty nuzzle-wuzzle time! WHAT WILL WE DO!?
82-->'''Footi:''' Hoogi, it'll be fine. As long as we listen to our hearts. Yes! We must listen to our everloving hearts! And my heart says: to save our friends, we must mix 'em to get 'em.
83* Late on in the episode, Mesmo (somehow) noticed that Glomp, Torts, Footi and Hoogi needed help catching the Scorpi/Glurt Murp that was on the loose in the Wiztastics show, and mixed with Torts to get it. Maybe he does have feelings beneath that emotionless demeanor...
84--> '''Torts:''' "Well, aren't you the helpful Mixel!"
87[[folder:Other Media]]
88* In ''Calling All Mixels'', the members of each tribe hanging out with each other also counts.