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1* Early on, Eggsy insists on saving the debriefing for the next day so he can make it to dinner... for his friend's birthday party. This is heartwarming alone, but then you remember that in the first movie, Brandon wasn't there; it was just Liam and Jamal. The pessimist will assume that it's a case of RememberTheNewGuy. The logician will take into account that it's been a year since the first movie, and it's entirely possible that he's ''made new friends'' since then.²* It's revealed that prior to his 'death', Harry teaches Eggsy everything about how to be a proper gentleman, which includes table manners. When Tilde asks Eggsy to practice dining in a high society with her before he meets her parents, Eggsy tells her that there's no need, as he's already remembered everything that Harry taught him to heart.²* The friendship between Eggsy and Roxy, especially when she helps him out during his dinner with Tilde and her parents.²-->'''Eggsy:''' ''(via text)'' ur da best²-->'''Roxy:''' Best agent or best friend?²-->'''Eggsy:''' both ;)²* Every interaction between Eggsy and Tilde. It's clear that despite their vast differences in social standing and the difficulties presented by his job and her being a princess, they really love each other and go to great lengths to make it work. When Eggsy jokingly asks Tilde to give him a kiss as proof of her love while he's drenched in sewage water, even he's surprised when she's actually willing to do so. When his beloved pug dies, she immediately drums up a cute puppy of the same breed for him, which manages to cheer him up considerably. It all culminates in their BigDamnKiss in the epilogue [[spoiler:when they tie the knot]].²* [[spoiler:Eggsy's and Tilde's wedding in the epilogue]], not just for the act itself, but moreso for who else is there. This is [[spoiler:a ''royal wedding'']], mind you, yet every single one of Eggsy's working-class friends is celebrating alongside [[spoiler:Sweden's royalty]], as are his mum, his colleagues, the Statesmen and many others from the common folks.²* Eggsy and Merlin [[spoiler:toasting to their fallen friends after Poppy's attack. They make sure to toast to JB (Eggsy's dog) as well.]]²* At the end of the movie, Harry and Eggsy have a callback to the first film:²-->'''Harry:''' What do you see?\²'''Eggsy:''' Someone who can't believe what the fuck is going on.\²'''Harry:''' I see a man who is honorable, brave, loyal, who's fulfilled his huge potential. A man who's done something good with his life.²* After Harry finally gets his memories back, Eggsy finally gets that hug.²-->'''Harry:''' It was a fucking blank! I would never hurt Mr. Pickle!²* That very important dinner Eggsy went through sewage to get to? His friend's birthday party.²* [[spoiler: Merlin's HeroicSacrifice]] is Heartwarming, [[SugarWiki/MomentOfAwesome Awesome]] and a {{Tearjerker}} all at once.²* In the end, the Statesmen all put their considerable resources to helping out their "brothers", joining with the remnants of the Kingsmen to help their British counterparts back on their feet and rebuild. Helps show the two groups are staunch allies after all [[spoiler: and that Harry's worry of them being corrupt wasn't true with just Whiskey being a RogueAgent.]]²* Both Eggsy and Merlin react with only slight annoyance when Tequila pours alcohol on them and threatens to set them on fire ... but as soon as ''Harry'' is threatened, the pair are immediately reduced to shouting and pleading for his life despite the fact that he can't hear them.²* The continued development and strength of Eggsy and Merlin's ties despite them not having known each other for long, which doubles as [[TearJerker a major Tearjerker]]. Eggsy starts out believing Merlin is prejudiced against him because he didn't grow up with money like the other recruits, but Merlin is actually very supportive of Eggsy from the beginning. He encourages Eggsy in and out of the younger man's presence, with the audience privy to Merlin excitedly praising Eggsy's quick thinking and obviously rooting and worrying for him and Roxy during the parachute test, for example. In this film, [[spoiler:Eggsy soothes Merlin's self-blame after Poppy's attack, saying that without him, Eggsy would've gone mad a long time ago.]] [[spoiler:Later on, Eggsy's unmistakable grief at the prospect of Merlin sacrificing his life is even more heartwrenching when you recall how Poppy wiped out Merlin's old friends but thought Merlin's life was too insignificant to end.]] [[spoiler:His only remaining old friend Harry bids him [[ItHasBeenAnHonor the final goodbye]], but Merlin can be seen rapidly turning his thoughts in Eggsy's direction before stepping out of the leaves and [[FaceDeathWithDignity Facing Death with Dignity]].]] [[spoiler:He spends the moments prior to his death reassuring Eggsy, who nevertheless is barely able to hold back tears, and the last person he cares for that he sees is Eggsy.]]²* Eggsy's whole conduct in this film is this when compared to the conduct of other famous spies like James Bond. Rather than simply having meaningless sex and moving on to other conquests we see he's formed a real connection with Tilde from the previous film. When called upon to seduce another woman as part of an important mission Eggsy is clearly uncomfortable and insists on calling her beforehand in spite of the possible damage it could do to their relationship. It's touching that, in spite of the importance of the situation he refuses to lie to her about it or go behind her back, showing how seriously he takes their relationship and his commitment to being honest with her no matter what.²** On a related note, when he's talking to Tilde and asking her permission to sleep with a target, he asks for "just five minutes" so he can get the task done and they can have a proper conversation about [[spoiler:proposing]] (as opposed to the rushed, hushed conversation he's trying to end because the target in question is on the other side of a curtain). Tilde assumes that he's BS-ing her, and thus makes to call off their relationship... but her last words to him before she kills the line are "you can last longer than that". Even if it's a terrible case of PoorCommunicationKills, it's telling that her definitive breakup line is [[IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy an attempt to bolster his self-confidence]].


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