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1* Blanc embracing the harassed little sisters of hers in episodes 2 and 5.** Ram and Rom hugging Victory!Blanc upon meeting her at the end of the OVA too.* The sisters finally reuniting in episode 5. Nepgear even gives Vert a hug too, since she doesn't have a younger sister of her own.** Also in this episode; Noire finally acknowledging Uni's growth and development is enough to break out the waterworks from her sister.* Warechu saving Arfoire at the end of Episode 5.-->'''Warechu''': Even we bad guys feel friendship, chu.* Arfoire retires to become an Eggplant farmer, and Pirachu decides he'll help her out. She states that, for the first time in a long time, she feels alive.* After beating Yellow Heart through the PowerOfLove, at the end of the episode, Neptune hands Peashy a pudding with her name (Neptune) on it. Which was also why Peashy fell in love with her in the first place, when she first passed her one of her (likewise labelled) puddings, her subsequent denial of which led to the whole Eden/Yellow Heart mess to begin with. Also doubles as a Funny, since earlier in the episode, she reveals an entire bag of pudding, all with her name on it (presumably to avoid a repeat of the mess).** Unfortunately though, this leads to the biggest TearJerker in the series when Peashy stares at the puddings for the rest of the goodbye's, and finally remembers everything. She even calls out to Neptune... only to immediately be teleported back to her own dimension. Neptune just stares for what seems to be hours.-->'''Peashy''': Neptuna...?* The scene in the OVA where Neptune and Peashy reunite. Helped by the background song of 'promise'.** Double heartwarming in that Peashy / P-ko finally fully remembers Neptune and happily greets her.* The toast at the end of the OVA to everyone.* Plutia makes a bunch of plushies of everyone, including the oracles (even Chika, who otherwise had zero screentime in the entire series), from both dimensions in the OVA


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