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1[[foldercontrol]][[folder:''Breakaway'']]* Buzz just takes to being Erin's [[BigBrotherInstinct Big Brother]], and it's [[{{Adorkable}} so awfully cute]].* The ConvenientSlowDance, Buzz's singing, and [[ShipperOnDeck Warp's and Erin's reactions to the whole thing]].* "Jim" and "Mr. Spock". Erin and Ricki are pretty cute.* Erin and Mira talking about their mixed-up love lives. Awww.[[/folder]][[folder:The One-shots]]* "He never thought of her as young."* The "fairytale" told by Liberty in no. 4 of the Ships 50, and the ending of the fic itself.* [[HeelFaceTurn Warp's return]] in "33. Too Much".[[/folder]][[folder:The Roleplay Arc]]* Buzz's BigBrotherInstinct goes into overdrive and becomes his BerserkButton - but you can really see how having Erin around has opened his heart up.* He also makes an {{Adorkable}} dad.* Cora Lightyear calling her daddy "Papa". ''Awww!''* Warp and Erin get some pretty cute moments together.** The ''Darkmatters''. Can't you just see hearts around the name?[[/folder]]


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