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1!!''VideoGame/FableI''²²!!''VideoGame/FableII''²* When you return from [[spoiler:the Spire after ten long years of abuse]] and [[CanineCompanion your dog]] is the first one to greet you off the dock, complete with face-licking and just being so damn pleased to see you again.²* The "Perfect World" sequence is NightmareFuel for a reason, but if you pass it, you hear [[spoiler:Rose's voice telling Sparrow she had passed [[SecretTestOfCharacter the test]] and obtained [[MacGuffin the one object that can defeat Lucien]], encouraging her sibling to confront him]].²* At the end, Hammer [[spoiler:calling you the greatest friend she's ever had]].²* Perform good, friendly, or funny expressions in front of Theresa, and she'll wistfully remark, "You remind me of someone I knew once. Long, long ago." It's a tiny moment, easily missed, but it feels good to players of the first game to know that they haven't been forgotten.²* At the end of "The Blind Date", [[RetiredBadass Farmer Giles]] [[GoodParents accepts his son Rupert's homosexuality without any criticisms or resistance.]] ²²!!''VideoGame/FableIII''²* [[spoiler:"Teach me to be a Hero."]]²* At the end of the "Kidnapped" quest, [[spoiler:if you reunite with Elise/Elliot (that is, if you chose to spare them very early in the game after Logan presents the SadisticChoice), you have the choice of professing your love for her/him or [[IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy encouraging them to stay with their current love interest]].]] If you choose the latter, the two of you share a warm hug. Heart-melting is guaranteed.²* After the Prince/Princess collapses in the Auroran desert [[spoiler:after being tormented by the Crawler]], he/she is found by Kalin and Ben. Ben tells the Prince/Princess to hang tight and assures him/her they'll find [[spoiler:Walter]]. Later, after the Hero is brought to Aurora, he/she wakes up and asks about Ben, who walks up and delivers the following line:²-->'''Ben''': A devilishly handsome soldier by the name of Ben Finn? [[SincerityMode Not dead yet, my friend.]]²** Ben telling the Hero he persuaded Kalin to organize a search party to look for him/her and Walter after fearing the Hero and Walter were dead following the attack by Logan's soldiers and realizing "I was being an ass."²* After the Prince/Princess is crowned, there's something about [[spoiler:Logan's shocked, completely genuine smile in the middle of all the crowd's booing if you choose to spare his life]].²* After you [[spoiler:defeat the Crawler by killing its unwilling host Walter]], [[spoiler:a dying Walter]] tells the Hero "[[SoProudOfYou You've done me proud]]." But if you've played as a male Hero, [[spoiler:he]] adds "boy" to that line. Doubles as a TearJerker given the circumstances.²* The praise you receive from your allies at [[spoiler:Walter's funeral after the defeat of the Crawler]] if you kept all your promises after becoming King/Queen. Highlights are [[spoiler:Kalin saying her people are honored to be part of Albion and Page giving you a respectful bow and vowing to continue serving you the best way she can]].²²!!''VideoGame/FableTheJourney''²²!!Meta²* [[ Lionhead Studios' message]] after the cancellation of ''Fable Legends'' and the announcement of the studio's closing definitely deserves a mention: ²-->''All stories have to end eventually, but the memories of Heroic triumphs and Villainous plots will last forever. Thank you for your support - you are all Legends!''²²!!Unsorted²* If you have a daughter (adopted or not), you can pick them up and hug them. There's a likely chance that, when you do, she will say "Snuggles!" in the most adorable way possible, you can't help but grin at the sheer amount of heartwarming to be found in that one word.²----


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