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1!!Administrivia/SpoilersOff for Moment sub-pages!* As the duo returns to their apartment, Billy was pretty PapaBear on Lloyd when he threw down a handful of Pop Rocks to his pet birds.-->'''Billy:''' It's okay, Siskel. Daddy's not gonna let him get anywhere near you.* As Freida wasn't up to meeting her daughter after her letter was returned to her, Harry and Lloyd were at no hesitation to find her for Freida.-->'''Freida:''' Are you guys serious? You'd help me out?\'''Harry:''' Of course we'll help you out. ''(to Lloyd)'' We're gonna need some wheels.\'''Freida:''' I'll lend you a car.\'''Harry:''' Then it's done.\'''Lloyd:''' Using this address and our superior instincts, you and your little girl are gonna be havin' a family reunion in no time!* As the two travel to Maryland to find Penny, Harry daydreams of life would have been like if he were around.-->'''Harry:''' I wonder what it woulda been like to raise a child. Maybe I couldn't afford to send her to the best public schools, but I bet I would've been a pretty good dad.** The daydream starts with Harry giving the young Penny confidence into jumping that ramp on her bike without training wheels.** The next part has him helping her pull out a loose tooth with the old "tooth-tied-to-doorknob" trick.** The last part has her going to a dance with her date.* As Dr. Pinchelow discovers that Penny had left the package, Adele suggests that Harry and Lloyd go to El Paso to deliver the box to her. The two even promise Pinchelow that they won't let him down.-->'''Lloyd:''' You can count on us, sir. Our word is our bond. "[[Franchise/JamesBond James]] [[RunningGag Bond]]".* Lloyd, [[TookALevelInJerkass who's more callous towards Harry]], has a few moments regardless.** Throughout the rest of the film, he helps Harry get a replacement kidney.[[note]]Even though we discover that Harry was lying about his kidney problem, it was still nice of [[JerkWithAHeartOfGold Lloyd]] to help him.[[/note]]** When they discover Harry was adopted and his parents (who are Asian) weren't his actual parents, Lloyd was willing to search the world to find his biological parents, [[YankTheDogsChain until Harry's father says they're dead]].** Near the end, Lloyd gives Harry one of his kidneys after realizing that Harry wasn't Penny's biological father.-->'''Lloyd:''' I figured, since you can't get one from Penny, I'd give it to you myself.


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