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1Heartwarming moments from ''Anime/CaroleAndTuesday''.≤≤'''All spoilers are unmarked.'''≤----≤* For a sweet, emotionally-driven series, Dann's story in episode 14 about how he went to prison, lost his wife and never got to know his daughter, who ended up in an orphanage and as a refugee on Mars; indirectly revealing to Carole that he is her father really takes the cake. Especially since he only told her right before having to return to Earth, after hesitating for several days, but promises to meet her again.≤* Gus, Carole and Tuesday doing everything they can to help Flora in episode 16, including performing a cover of her song, leading Gus and Flora to mend their relationship and Flora to find the heart to sing again.≤* Ezekielís song he releases before he gets deported to Earth for living on Mars illegally, is essentially a love song or a song of heavy praise for Carole, even referencing her and Tuesday in the song.≤* The finale:≤** Nearly every artist that Carole and Tuesday have met in the past join the duo onstage to perform one grand motivational song about letting your voice be heard. Even Angela, despite her ongoing rivalry with the two and the multiple tribulations that she suffered through, musters up the strength to collaborate with them. At the end, the three of them share a heartfelt hug, signifying the end of their rivalry.≤** When Angela sings ''"Mother, mother, mother, won't you come show me the way?"'' during "Mother", we briefly cut to a shot of Dahlia's grave, implying that Angela is dedicating the song to her late mother.≤≤[[AC: Meta]]≤* On April 14, 2020, at the height of the coronavirus lockdown, the creators of ''Carole & Tuesday'' (composer Mocky, plus the singing voice actors for Carole, Tuesday, Angela, Pyotr, GGK, Desmond, and Crystal) [[ put out a video on]] [=YouTube=] with messages of hope, solidarity, and encouragement for the world, followed by the entirety of the "Mother" concert. And at the end, instead of "Carole and Tuesday will be your mind"? [[TearJerker "Keep on singing, and keep yourself alive."]]≤----


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