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1If one needs a serving of ''Fate''-related {{WAFF}} with their coffee, they'll find it at the [[TitleDrop Café of the Round]].²----²* Chapter 8 has Mordred escaping Gawain and yelling "Father, save me!" to Artoria, and immediately regretting it. What's the heartwarming part? Artoria does exactly that. Later, after Mordred scratches her leg, Artoria applies disinfectant and bandages to the scratch.²-->'''Mordred''': Are you not resenting me, like the others? You of all people have every right to do so.\²'''Artoria''': No. I never was, admittedly. ''[motions to the couch]'' Come along, Mordred; there are things that I have to tell you.²** And then Gwen comes across this moment:²--->Guinevere would never admit it, but finding Artoria and Mordred snuggled together on the couch, sleeping, with Mordred having dried tears on her cheek, was one of the cutest and most unexpected things she had ever had the fortune to see upon entering their apartment, having come home from a date with Lancelot.\²She promptly took a picture.²** Also in Chapter 8 is [[spoiler:Shirou and Rin learning of Avalon's excavation, and them immediately making plans to reunite with their friend Saber]].²* Chapter 10 has Artoria comforting a despondent Bedivere while [[AffectionateGestureToTheHead combing his hair.]]²* During Tristan's segment in Chapter 12, he finally meets Artoria and Gwen, fully expecting them to shun him. They don't.²* Chapter 13 sees [[spoiler:Irisviel, Chloe, and Ilyasviel visit the Café. After speaking with Artoria, Irisviel cries TearsOfJoy as the family departs.]]²-->[[spoiler:'''Chloe''': "Mama? Is somethig wrong? Why are you smiling like that? Why do you have tears staining your cheeks?"\²'''Iri''': "Hmm~ I'm smiling because I met an old friend. Mama is very happy right now."]]²** Meta-example: [[spoiler:With the Grail and Angra Mainyu gone, Iri is back to her old self. Not a puppet, not [[BrainwashedAndCrazy a mouthpiece for the God of All Evil]]. In this lifetime, she's finally free to live a normal life with her family.]]²* The Renaissance Fair.²** Everybody getting in costume as King Arthur, Queen Guinevere, and the Knights of the Round.²** Lancelot [[AffectionateGestureToTheHead ruffling]] his brother (once-son) Galahad's hair, praising him for his [[RealMenWearPink skill in needlework]].²** Mordred quietly complimenting Galahad on Artoria's costume.²--->"I have no idea how you managed that, but [it's]...gorgeous. Stunningly so."²** The ''Spamalot'' stage-play crew--Leodegrance, Gareth, Gaheris, and Dagonet--reuniting with King Arthur and the Knights. …Well, until they notice Mordred, of course.²** Artoria [[DeclarationOfProtection declaring]] her MamaBear[=/=]PapaWolf status over Mordred, after Gaheris objects.²--->"No but! If you wish to harm her, [[DeclarationOfProtection you will have to move past me]]; I have a responsibility as her once-while-parent that I will uphold."²*** Not only that, but Percival and Galahad both say "Likewise!", Bors nods, and Gawain grudgingly [[AffectionateGestureToTheHead tossles his now-sister's hair]].²---->"Well, that goes for my responsibility as an older brother as well."²* Chapter 18. After [[spoiler:Shirou and Rin]] finally visit the Café and Gwen directs Artoria towards them, resulting in a well-deserved reunion scene.²* In Chapter 25, when [[spoiler:Merlin's disappearance]] brings Agravain to the Café and he comes face-to-face with the staff, after a {{Beat}}, it's Artoria who greets him with a smile and simultaneously releasing the tension in the room.²-->"It figures that you would end up working for the law, Agravain."²** Also, Mordred rushes over to give the assassin a hug.²* Bedivere and Lucina finally reconciling.²----


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