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1* Anytime Ranma decides to be straightup nice without (much) snark count as this.** After getting hypnotised, drenched and hit in the head with a boulder, Ranma gave Kana a piggyback ride back to her dorm after their fight. Not only does he fail to begrudge her for causing so much trouble, he states that he considers her a friend since most of his 'friendships' involved fighting.* Ranma's relationship with Yukari ''before'' she warms up to him is a bit of Fridge Heartwarming. In spite of how annoying she's being he takes it in stride and treats her as an equal by getting into a prank war with her instead of beating her up. And while she misses the signs, it's very clear that he enjoys the chance to get creative with his skills, and he treats her as an honorable enemy instead of a pest, up to and including scaring off two more violent monsters who were going to try and hurt her when they got caught in the cross-fire of the prank war.* In the After School omake series. Ranma gets Satan to make a pleasant afterlife for spiders, who are denied entry into Heaven. In fact, Satan takes it a step further and creates good afterlives for everyone who is denied entry to Heaven simply on the basis of species rather than individual sin. Except vampires.** From the same Omake chapter: Tsukune being very upset that [[spoiler: Ranma supposedly died to save Yukari,]] calling him his best friend and having to seriously strain himself to keep from screaming at Kouma.* Chapter 6 gives us a small but touching scene where Tsukune helps Ranma back to their rooms after his fight with Chopper Rikishi. It's not that Ranma hasn't had help back when he was in Nerima when he was injured but in contrast with his other 'friends', Tsukune doesn't taunt, admonish or try to use the situation for his own benefit. He just gives Ranma his shoulder for support and simply says that's what friends are for; and this was after Tsukune got caught in a huge explosion while fighting a golem.** Ranma and Tsukune as HeterosexualLifePartners in general. Ranma doesn't look down on Tsukune for [[OvershadowedByAwesome not being insanely skilled/powerful]] and Tsukune defends Ranma against anyone who tries to disparage him, including ''Moka'', giving her at least one WhatTheHellHero over her problems with Ranma's love of combat.* An odd one, but ''Ranma'' treats Inner Moka (dubbed [[SuperPoweredEvilSide Evil Moka]]) with more respect and friendliness than the rest of the Protection Committee. Doubles as a bit of a TearJerker, though it's PlayedForLaughs, when he comments that her rabid attempt to strangle him is still better than how most of Nerima welcomed him back.


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