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1* Luna's relationship with her father. Especially when she's younger, she's an enthusiastic GenkiGirl, and he's fully supportive of her dreams. Shifts towards TearJerker later on as she is ground down by setbacks and seems to take her hard-working father for granted, while he never stops working to help her, but it comes back again in the BittersweetEnding as Luna achieves her dreams and remembers her father who helped inspire her. * After her father's death, Luna rallies and tries again, and as we see her succeeding in her studies and athletics, we also see that she's making friends among her classmates. When she gets an A on her paper, she and the boy sitting next to her share a high-five, and when another girl falls out during a run, Luna runs back to help her up, and we see all three of them walking together after they graduate.


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