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1[[foldercontrol]]!!Series:* Why doesn't Barbie call for an ambulance when Julia is shot in Season 1? Why does he insist on driving her to the hospital?[[folder:The "Oh well, we're stuck." mentality in the pilot episode.]]* No one seems to be trying to communicate with the army of the outside. No one has taken a pad of paper to the edge to write notes to someone on the other side to at least keep up on the outside news - or writing up a list of names of people stuck in the dome and a list of the missing.** Barbie finally tried this in episode 5. The military had been ignoring everyone else anyway and the soldier Barbie talked to only acknowledged him because he served in a particular unit in the military.* No one seems to be digging a hole to see if the dome can be passed under. True, there's probably equipment on the way from outside, but people should at least be checking if it's just a few feet down (obviously it isn't, but they'd all feel pretty silly if it was).** See 'Digging Out' below.* No one is seen walking the full perimeter of the dome to check for exits.** That's what Barbie and the reporter were doing, when they got interrupted by the injured woman. For the first day/episode, they're just under crisis control. Once that's covered, then they'll start testing the limits of their prison.** Also, the two teenage boys - one of who seems to be using some math - have started mapping out the dome's limits.[[/folder]][[folder:Digging out]]* Big Jim yells at a guy for wanting to use a backhoe to get out, saying he'll fry the machinery when it touches the dome. Ignoring that Big Jim seems to be the BigBad and thus probably doesn't want people to dig out: so use the backhoe to dig a hole a few feet away from the dome and then you'll find it easier to remove the dirt that is actually against the dome with a shovel. DUH!** Who says that's not what he did? It's just that his original plan was blatantly "start digging dirt directly off the dome," which would have fried the backhoe. He just needed to be stopped, immediately, before anything went wrong.[[/folder]] [[folder: The lack of a news system]]* Despite running around with a camera taking pictures of events, Julia doesn't seem to be gathering information and publishing it in a way the town can benefit from it. Does she even have a staff at the paper? As a reporter this is practically her chance for a Pulitzer and book deals if they ever get out of there. ** By episode 8 it's been well over a week since the dome came down, and despite everything that has happened she doesn't seem to be keeping notes or taking any more pictures and no one seems to be wondering why the paper hasn't come out for a while.[[/folder]][[folder: No census/visitor's day]]* I've been trying to let this one slide, but now that by "Blue on Blue" the dome has been down for a week, no one has done a census of the people who absolutely are inside the dome (and alive/dead) and at least posted it where the outside world could see it and the outside world posting a list of residents who are accounted for outside the dome. Yep, I know - Administrivia/TropesAreTools and RuleOfDrama, but it's stretching my WillingSuspensionOfDisbelief. Even with the issues they have been dealing with one week is hours and hours these people have had to get their act together, but alas.** This is especially unfortunate as the whole "Junior kidnapped Angie" plotline would fizzle in about two seconds once people started counting heads and realized Angie couldn't have left the Dome area.** Exactly. And what has Big Jim - the only councilman left in town - been spending his week ''doing'' if not checking on the state of the town? If he hasn't been... well... ''governing'', then what reputation does he feel he needs to preserve?** Big Jim is, despite trying his best, not an experienced leader, and he has his own concerns with covering up his dirty laundry. Second, in regards to everyone finding Angie quickly once they realize she's gone, in episode 5 they start actively looking for her and still don't find her. Big Jim lucks upon her, and after a few hours of "WTF is going on here I need a minute to process this because '''WTF'''", he lets her go. Knowing she was missing didn't help in the slightest.** This doesn't seem too bad to me. Sure, it's bad leadership, but it isn't "Break willing suspension of disbelief" bad. It's pretty apparent that Rennie is hell-bent on controlling information, so he wouldn't want a census to go public. Also, he's been pretty busy from the get-go so he'd have to hire people to do it, and that would mean people poking around places he might not want them poking around.* FridgeLogic: How did Norrie's father know she was in the dome? And even if you can explain that, why would he think that Alice and Carolyn wouldn't be right there with her? He's been absent since before she was aware of his existence, so he couldn't have known that Norrie was going to reform camp in Maine. Consider also that they live in L.A.; Chester's Mill, Maine isn't exactly a surrounding suburb. ** Was it stated that he was completely absent? It could be possible that one of Norrie's parents called him up and told him, even if just in a guilt-trip laden "Look what we have to do without you" motive. Barring that, they possibly had mutual friends who knew that Norrie didn't reach camp, and with Chester's Mill all over the news it wouldn't take a genius a full week to figure out why.[[/folder]][[folder: Wind]]* Where is the wind in the dome coming from? Why, in some shots at the edge of the dome, are the trees in the background showing is is windier inside the dome than outside?[[note]]Aside from the MST3KMantra fact that the show is shot outside on location and the studio can't control the weather[[/note]] ** The dome is large enough to have its own weather system? If that doesn't sound plausible, note that they showed quite clearly that the dome is slightly permeable--a little water leaked through when they sprayed it with a fire hose. If the air can pass through it fast enough, it might be able to still be a part of the outside weather.** "Own weather system" seems to be confirmed.*** [[ There's real-world precedent for this]].** Entropy in a closed system only increases. It's conceivable that all the commotion in Chester's Mill does cause wind, which normally just dissipates into the countryside or upper atmosphere, but the dome traps it in. [[/folder]][[folder: The Economy of the Dome]]* So Max [[spoiler:sets up a black market. Here's the problem: what happens when people run out of stuff to barter for "fun"? Either her business will abruptly crash to the ground and she'll have angry people raiding her supply, or she'll end up being able to dole out what she has to people and they'll do whatever she wants, no matter how degrading.]] But the situation is fundamentally unstable due to the finite resources of the Dome, and nobody has the legal right to print money in the dome, which would avoid or at least delay the moment at which nobody has anything and one person has everything.** And as far as printing money goes, as long as nobody got stupid about it they could keep shoving money into circulation and thereby erode the value of whatever Max or someone else has hoarded away.* It would appear that Big Jim Rennie's solution to the problem is to enforce a quasi-command economy.[[/folder]][[folder: Episode: "Going home"]]* Neither Barbie or Sam contact any authorities about being from inside the dome.* Barbie's father says he can't convince his friends in Washington to let him near the dome. I guess bribing the National Guard or asking is out of the question? * Barbie doesn't even tell his father that he was inside the dome.* Upon learning that there may be a way out, the normally brash and impulsive Julia, Norrie, Joe, and Junior don't immediately leap for it? The dome has not exactly been a safe place to stay...[[/folder]][[folder:Big Jim's car dealership]]* In one episode in season 2 Jim's Car dealership is brought back up after long being a non-issue.** Joe includes a paperweight from Big Jim's dealership with a message to be sent out of the dome as proof it came from inside. So ''no one'' outside the dome could possibly have bought a car from Big Jim and gotten a free paperweight?** Where is Jim's dealership anyway? Has he checked on it?[[/folder]]!!Book:[[folder:Big Jim and Barbie]]* Big Jim wants to convince the population Barbie is an insane serial killer and necrophile, running the largest narcotic lab in the United States ''and'' the mastermind of a government conspiracy. It's too bad we never get to hear him try to explain exactly why this is supposed to make sense. . .** Although given the psychological state of the town at the time, he probably wouldn't have needed to make much sense.[[/folder]][[folder:Technology]]* Several aspects of technology use in the book make very little sense. The military is worried about information leaking out of the dome, so they jam everyone's cell phones, but at Barbie's insistence, they leave the internet connections alone. Because there's no way to send information out by using the internet?** The military wants to know how tall the dome is. This could be done any number of ways; as one example, spray some paint on it from a distance and see what shows up. Instead they... shoot a succession of missiles at it until one sails through. Is that really the best possible plan?** There's a weird overuse of missiles in general. When the military tries to crack the Dome, they shoot a missile at it. Fine; but the main purpose of a missile is to get an explosive to someplace that's hard to reach. Why not just walk up to the dome and pile as much explosive as they want against it? That would get better results and be much less expensive.*** IIRC, they fired the missile way up in the air. Presumably, they were worried that hitting the Dome with a missile would work too well, and the explosion might carry over into the town. So to be safe, they fired it were no one or nothing could get caught up in the fireball.[[/folder]]


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