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Context Headscratchers / TheJungleBook2

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1* How can Shanti and Ranjan immediately understand the animals?** Is there ever any sign that the animals aren't speaking straight English? (Or the native lanuage they would speak in this time and place?) In the original film, Mowgli ''was'' able to understand Shanti when he heard her singing, even though he's been raised by animals all his life.* Where was King Louie supposed to be during the sequel? We see his ancient city and many of his old henchmen, but Louie is nowhere to be seen. The real reason for this was because of issues Disney faced with Louis Prima's widow over her late husband's voice, but what is the in-story reason? All we hear is that he apparently left his old ruins.** Hard to say... all Baloo says is that "he's Splitsville" without going into too many details. We do know he wasn't content with where he was, so perhaps he left in order to discover the secret of fire from a more reliable source than Mowgli... or maybe the monkeys just got tired of his obsession with becoming human and threw him out. Since none of them seems particularly interested in Mowgli this time around, either is possible.* Related to the above, but how did the Ancient Ruins get rebuilt despite crumbling to rubble in the original film? These jungle animals obviously have no experience with construction.


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