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1* Why did Widow Tweed think Tod would be safer at the game preserve than at home with her? It was really a bad idea to drop him off there because 1: Tod was raised as a pet from cubhood, and he therefore had no survival skills. And 2: When she released him, she actually set him up to be hunted by Slade. Though granted, she did drop him off at a game preserve where hunting is forbidden. Maybe she didn't think Slade would be so determined that he would break the law, but it's kind of ironic considering he had already vowed to catch a fox that was somebody else's pet. It's a good thing Tod met Vixey, or he wouldn't have survived for very long.* Why did Slade and Copper think Tod deliberately caused Chief to fall off the track and injure himself? They saw the train coming, and Slade was even yelling at Chief to jump.* Why didn't Widow Tweed call the police on Slade?


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