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1* In ''Sonic Advance 2'''s SoundTest, the invincibility theme is named "UNRIVAL". What.** I think it's supposed to be short for "UNRIVALED." As in, having the invulnerability gives you unrivaled strength compared to the basic enemies, or something...** It also fits with the naming convention for previous invincibility tracks that had proper titles. The invincibility tune in ''VideoGame/KnucklesChaotix'' was named Surging Power and in ''VideoGame/SonicAdventure'' and ''VideoGame/SonicAdventure2'' it was called (Still) Invincible...No Fear. Unrival fits right in with those.* Sonic Advance 2: How come that Dimps downgraded the graphics during the development? Just compare these screens:** The Leaf Forest background has vibrant colors [[ in early screens]], but washed out colors [[ in the final version]].*** They likely wanted to increase the sense of distance to the backdrop by turning up how "misty" the distant scenery was. It can be a sensible decision in a 2D platformer where you don't want to distract the player from the foreground with a noisy background, but whether it's worth it comes down to personal taste of the player.** The character's afterimage effect is transparent [[ in early screens]], but opaque [[ in the final game]], using the primitive "flickering sprites" effect for pseudo-transparency instead.* How did the characters survive [[spoiler:falling from space to the Earth]] in the endings of Sonic Advance 2!? [[spoiler:Every other game that had the "fall from space" ending had them get rescued by someone in the Tornado]], but not this one.** Sonic survives [[spoiler:falling from space in the intro of Sonic Unleashed]], and earlier than Sonic Advance 2, [[spoiler:Shadow turns out to have survived falling from space after Sonic Adventure 2 (if a little worse for wear due to his inability to handle his super form the first time)]]. Basically whether characters need any help to survive [[spoiler:falling from space]] or not in the Sonic series depends entirely on what is convenient. The developers probably just didn't want Sonic Advance 2's ending to be literally identical to Sonic Advance's down to every detail.*** Actually, Sonic was saved by [[spoiler:Chip's powers]] in Unleashed, while Shadow was [[spoiler:rescued by Eggman, who sent robots after him]] at the end of Sonic Adventure 2.** The characters are never shown falling through space in the ending, so we don't know at which point they jumped out of Eggman's space station. It's possible this one slowly descended at first, then as it started picking up speed, the characters jumped out, already within the Earth's atmosphere. So the fall wouldn't be as severe as falling from space.* Why were Cream and Vanilla captured by Eggman in Sonic Advance 2? One would guess that Amy, Knuckles, and Tails were kidnapped because they are Sonic's allies, but the Rabbits are an outlier having not yet met Sonic.** Presumably for the same reason Eggman is always kidnapping animals -- to use as organic batteries.


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