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1[[WMG: Why didn't they stay in the "Sorcerer"'s dimension?]]˛* They not only found a Quinn double in that dimension, but one who had relatively mastered sliding technology. The big hurry to catch the slide window was a huge IdiotBall, as they could have simply replaced their timer with the Quinn double's help, something they ended up forced to do next season anyway. Rather then jumping headlong into a scenario where they had 53 seconds to decide if they reached home or not, they could have used a new timer where they chose their own slide window, as the timer originally could do in the pilot, or hell, they could just try to ''fix'' their original timer. With the help of the Quinn double, who was able to select a destination relatively accurately, they could have just slid back and forth from that dimension until they got home.˛** Because there was literally a price on Quinn's head, remember? If they stayed there, the "authorities" would have caught up to them eventually. ˛* For that matter, Quinn developed the sliding technology in the first place using homemade mid-nineties technology in a basement. They weren't always being hunted for their lives. Whenever they landed on a world with technology as advanced or better than their own or where they were stuck for some time, why didn't they work on a new timer? Even if they didn't have time to finish it in one world, it's small easily portable technology. They could have just carried it with them to the next one until eventually they developed a second functional timer. Even if they didn't start using it straight away, it would take the pressure off significantly if they could use it to slide before their primary timer's window was up or in case they ever missed their primary timer's window. Alternatively (as suggested above) they could set up a base in whatever world they ended up in and slide back and forth from that dimension until they got home (given they could set the timer window with a functional timer they could even travel to a lot more worlds and do it a lot quicker).˛* At the end of "Into The Mystic," when [[spoiler: they land on Earth Prime for 53 seconds]], Quinn says the gate squeaks. During "Exodus Part 1," [[spoiler: when they land on Earth Prime a second time, before Maggie gets sick and they have to leave]] he finds the squeaky gate again. Does this mean it's squeaky again, or did the writers just forget about that oiling?˛** Neither. It was supposed to be a hint that it wasn't really [[spoiler: Earth Prime. A plot point that would be used in season 4, but the Executive Producer overruled it so the arc was dropped.]]˛˛[[WMG: Isnt Quinn actually from a separate universe from the version of Arturo, Rembrandt and Wade?]]˛I mean in the first episode, he goes to another universe on his own, then he met up with wade and arturo, then they slid and pulled rembrandt into the ice age universe, But it is implied later on, that they are from the same universe. Can someone explain this?˛* All four of them are from the same universe. In the first episode, Quinn travelled to another universe, realised it was another world and then came home. He then mistakenly thought he had ended up in another alternate universe because he had apparently done things here he didn’t remember. It turned out though that it was actually an alternate version of Quinn who had come to this world who was doing those things. This meant that he really was back in his own home universe. It was then from this universe (his and their home universe) that all four of them left.˛[[WMG: Why couldn’t they go to Quinn’s homeworld?]]˛* I apologise in advance that this will be a long one (spread across several points). At the start of season four, the characters embarked on a quest to find Quinn’s homeworld. At first, they couldn’t get there because they didn’t know the coordinates. Eventually, Quinn is able to use a combination of information he was given and that Colin was given to figure them out. In “Slidecage” they then attempted to travel to this world but were prevented from doing so because of the titular Slidecage (which, by some form of Slider call forwarding, was where people attempting to slide to Quinn’s homeworld were redirected). In the end, Quinn wasn’t able to get past the Slidecage (at least not without compromising the security of his homeworld) but he could send them back to the previous world and modify the Slidecage so people attempting to travel to his homeworld would automatically be redirected back to whatever world they came from.˛˛* So, to review, at this point Quinn knows the coordinates of his homeworld but can’t go there because of the Slidecage. Then in “Revelations” Quinn meets a writer who claims to be from his homeworld but who hasn’t heard of the Slidecage. Quinn then reveals he knows a way around the Slidecage and sets the timer for the coordinates of his homeworld. The writer, being a fraud, gives him some new coordinates (claiming the ones he had were wrong) so that Quinn gets taken to another world (the writer’s homeworld). Quinn goes to the wrong world and once they figure out it’s the wrong world the sliders leave.˛˛* So, hold on…doesn’t that mean that by “Revelations” Quinn knew both the coordinates to his homeworld and a way to bypass the Slidecage? Why did he even go to the world in “Revelations” rather than just going straight to his homeworld? Even if he figured it out during the episode, did that mean he was always simply planning on waiting until it was time to leave and then go there (but didn’t mention it to anyone and instead spent the episode complaining about how bored he was)? Even if he didn’t figure it out until the very moment when he said it, when it came time to leave the fake homeworld didn’t he still know the actual coordinates for his homeworld and how to get past the Slidecage? Why wasn’t that his first stop?


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