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1* You have to wonder what Irma Gobb sees in Mr. Bean and why she agrees to go out with him. She's clearly embarrassed by his antics at the magic show and seemingly leaves him for another guy that same night. A few episodes later, they're inexplicably back together and she even wants him to buy an engagement ring! Then again, anyone who wants to be married to Mr. Bean must not be entirely right in the head so maybe they're not such a mismatched couple after all.** As revealed in "Young Bean", she and him are seem to be childhood friends.** Mr. Bean is a blithe spirit, even if he is childish. She may find that attractive, even if she's put off by his immaturity and thoughtlessness.* I could never understand the motivation behind Mr. Bean's [[WithFriendsLikeThese friends]] moving the clock forward in the New Year episode just so they could have an excuse to bail out of his boring "party". I could see why they didn't have the guts to just go ahead and say to his face "Look Bean, we're not interested in celebrating with you anymore, have fun with your teddy bear and Marmite twigs, we're going to that party next door", but wouldn't it be easier to just quietly sneak out while he was in the kitchen, without the whole ruse? It would still be rude on their part, but at least they wouldn't trick Bean into thinking it was past midnight, which only ruined his New Year's Eve because he was already in bed while everyone else was actually celebrating.** Perhaps they were afraid he might come after them, having already seen what he was capable of.** British people are stereotypically non-confrontational. They don't want to "make a fuss."


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