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1New entries on the bottom:* Why does it seem like only the evil or rogue Devils can shapeshift? None of the lead characters or side characters seem able to do that.** Because they want to look young? The core cast themselves are still in their teens.*** All Devils can shapeshift. Venelana is mentioned at using her magic to keep her appearance similar Rias' in age, the common practice of most female Devils is to use their magic to keep them looking young, sometimes subconciously, and Okita Souji first met Sirzechs while he was transformed into a cat.* Is Senjutsu a form of magic or an unrelated technique? Would Koneko be better at it if she were a Bishop instead of a rook? Her sister is a bishop, I'm just not sure if that gives her enhanced devil magic and youjutsu or enhanced senjutsu too.** It's separate. It relies on ki instead of mana or demonic power, which are all separate sources of power.


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