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1* One of Koro sensei's weakness is he is subservient to authority figures. Why do the class never take advantage of this? The chairman is a douchebag, but there must be someone above him who could order Koro sensei to be still while the complete class shoot him to the death. Even Karasuma would do the trick, since Koro sensei obeyed when Karasuma ordered him go to play to the sandbox.²** I'm pretty sure even most subservient people wouldn't extend that obedience to "sit still so we can brutally murder you".²** He is not letting the world's government do that, what kind of hope does Karasuma have?²** Actually Principal Neuro did use this to try and trap Korosensei by forcing him to solve problems before a grenade went off. Besides which Korosensei often fakes or exaggerates weaknesses to endear himself to the students or test them.²* Itona went to live with his uncle after [[spoiler: his father ran away]]. How could Shiro take Itona with him then? Was the uncle THAT negligent?²** If he did report Itona to the police as missing, it's hardly unusual for missing persons to simply not be found. Especially when they've been taken in by shadowy government organizations. But who's to say that they didn't get his uncle's permission? Itona went willingly, after all.²*** Perhaps, but it's very strange Matsui made the situation so unclear. And when finally Itona joins the class he asked Murasamu to give him some free ramen because he didn't have any money. Right now it's impossible to know what happened there.²* The ending to chapter 128 is definitely one [[spoiler: Kayano showed not that many, if at all, hints of having those tentacles. While it was hinted she was not in the school last year due to not knowing Karma, she seemed friendly enough with everyone to know them longer than when Koro decided to be a teacher. Why would she only now strike? Because she had time to find all his weaknesses? She could have done it loads of times. Maybe it will make more sense in future chapters. If there was some more then a few pictures of foreshadowing, then it most have been too subtle (or did not fit in) for this troper, and for now it just seems like the author thought of this idea maybe a year before the chapter's release.]]²** You'd be surprised. The earliest hints span back as far as [[spoiler: [[ Chapter 29]], when Shiro first appears (along with some other compiled hints observed). There are other instances of her tentacles hiding in plain sight that the fandom has uncovered, one in [[ 31]], one in [[ 80]], and in Chapter [[ 124]] and the fandom is still combing the pages if they can find more. Seeing as her point ''was'' to not be suspected and have hidden bloodlust (as Nagisa served as our RedHerring in Shiro's observations, it's less of an unprecedented twist as some would think it is and more like the effective execution of her long-hidden blade. As to why she waited until this time remains unclear however. On the topic of friendships, it might not be so strange that she acts friendly enough with the others because of her pretend(?) personality; it's also unlikely that all of Class E knew each other prior to that year, so it isn't so much a matter of length of time knowing each other.]]²** I dunno, maybe to wait to the tentacle to grew and learned to control it? Or maybe to analyze the situation and Koro-sensei weakness to ensure the assasination attempt will succeed? It's a secret weapon after all. Or maybe it isn't about 'why choosing to act now' but because there is no other choice, the tentacle had hit some time limit. Itona mentioned it required maintenance and it had been gone for almost a year.²* The moon blew up before the series began. Shouldn't that have massive effects on the Earth's environment? And yet the world seems perfectly fine despite the fucking moon having been reduced to a crescent.²** Chapter two features a newspaper with the headline "Moon Havoc Continues" so it seems like it's just placed off screen and HandWaved for convenience of the story.²* Class 3-E itself. I find it odd that they are so depressed and self-loathing. True I understand they are considered the "lowest class" of the school. But you also have to remember they are the lowest class of the Best School in Japan. So in that regard even if they aren't the top they should still be well above many above average schools. Heck some of those questions they cover are college level.²** True, they're above the average middle school student for sure. But that doesn't matter when their school system is rigged and deliberately, ''consistently'' out to get them, when they're being treated like the scum of the Earth by their fellow peers, and when their friends drop them at the top of a hat simply for not being "good enough".²* Also does the chairman really think the government would let him fire kuro-sensei? how does he think that conversation will go. "I want to fire Kuro-sensei because he challenges my personal philosophy." and they will just agree hell no they will laugh and say "you want us to let a dangerous planet killing monster loose on the world with no way to watch or keep track of just because you have problem with him? No. you really think the governments of the world wouldn't fabricate a bunch of shit to get him in jail if he tried something or hell they wouldn't even have to I am pretty sure he breaks several laws with his treatment of Class E. they could just throw him in prison and say "he was abusive to many children and went out of his way to try and expel a group of students who were trying their best to succeed and when they did he had a mental break and broke several laws in process. seriously how did he expect to get away with threatening to fire kuro-sensei? did he really think the government would let him?²** The headmaster's whole strategy with his school was falling apart and his philosophy was getting overturned. It seemed that he was getting desperate and wasn't really in his right mind. Trying to destroy Class E's building and threatening to fire Koro-sensei was him ''panicking''.²* Speaking of the whole "Class E" concept, why doesn't anybody realize that the chairman's constant interference's demonstrate that his whole philosophy is bunk? The whole concept is based on the idea that some people are naturally less capable than others, but the fact that he has to continually scheme against 3-E to keep up the charade proves that it doesn't work that way. I realize that most of the students in the main building are sort of propagandized into believing the "Class E" is garbage thing, but wouldn't you think that ''somebody'' would point out "Hey, wait a minute, the only reason the other classes are doing better than E is because the administration is deliberately fudging the numbers to keep it that way"? It's like a bunch of runners making fun of somebody for being slow, when the only reason they're slow is because the ref made them wear a ball and chain.²** Keep in mind that prior to Koro-sensei becoming the 3-E teacher, no one had been capable of challenging Asano's system. While the prior 3-E teacher had talent, she was still green and expected to handle a full ninth grade curriculum (as opposed to focusing on a subset like math or social studies) on her own. Add in the collective apathy of 3-E's students and she had a fairly hopeless task. Koro-sensei has a wide range of advantages, most notably being able to individually mentor the students to a degree which a human teacher could never hope to match.²** Also keep in mind that the chairman is a major-league KnightTemplar and {{Jerkass}} who would rather let Koro-sensei ''destroy the planet'' than admit that he was wrong about Class E. He'll [[MovingTheGoalPosts move the goal-posts as many times as he likes]] to "prove" his method is best above all.²** That's actually missing the point. Asano's philosophy isn't that "some people are naturally less capable than others," it's that "if 5% of the population is subjected to abhorrent treatment, then the remaining 95% will work much harder in order to keep from falling into that bottom 5%." In other words, Class E isn't intended as a dumping ground for students who can't keep up, so much as it's intended to be a deterrent to spur the rest of the student body into trying their very hardest. But Class E only works as a deterrent as long as it's viewed as a ''punishment'' by the student body; when Class E succeeds over the "higher" classes, the rest of the students are forced to acknowledge the value of the Class E students, which makes it harder to look down on them and thus lessens the pressure on Class E, bettering the conditions for its students and in turn making it easier for them to succeed. Thus, Class E being allowed to succeed creates a positive feedback loop that makes it continually more difficult for Class E to fulfill its intended role as a deterrent, and without a deterrent there's no incentive for the rest of the students to work as hard,; this runs counter to Asano's ultimate goal of producing students who become "winners" after graduation. So it's not "Class E can't be allowed to succeed because they are inferior, and I will prove it by sabotaging Class E's efforts," it's "Class E can't be allowed to succeed because other students won't work as hard if they don't have to fear the fate of Class E, so I must ensure that Class E remains something undesirable." And in the end it fails ''not'' because it was a fundamentally flawed ideology, but because Koro-sensei was simply ''that'' much better of a teacher.²* During the school festival, how was Rio able to steal Nagisa's pants while he was wearing them without him noticing?²** Well, the whole class are trained assassins, after all.²* Couldn't Korosensei [[spoiler: just dig underground to escape the "Shield of Earth" filled with the Anti-Sensei material, which trapped him in for a week]]? That way, he could have [[spoiler: somehow survived, and wouldn't have to be killed by his students to avoid death at the hands of the government's laser? Sugaya could have also made a dummy to make it SEEM like Koro Sensei was killed, throwing the governments of the world off his radar. Koro-Sensei could have then gone off to live for another 90 years, just like the International Space Station's data indicated he would.]]²** Shiro mentions that the Shield of Earth penetrates the ground under the affected area. I can only assume it closes below like an egg or the walls go so far down it would be impractical, if not impossible, for Koro-sensei to tunnel. After all, it would be a bitch to tunnel through bedrock, especially since he's not particullarly strong.²** Koro-sensei actually ''did'' try to dig underground. The shield does indeed extend to way below the ground, so he was completely trapped.²* This is an anime-only headscratcher. Supposedly, Lovre was spared to spread the reputation of the God of Death. So... what? Spread the word that he's so incompetent an assassin that he doesn't actually kill his target? You know, that one thing assassins are supposed to be good at?²** Since his true purpose was[[spoiler: to have Koro-sensei acknowledge him,]] he was probably satisfied with just defeating his targets (all assassins who were apparently targeting him rather than the other way around). That is to say "Look at how good an assassin I am, I can beat up all these other assassins!". After all, the students are all considered top-tier assassins partially due to taking down other assassins non-lethally, why shouldn't the same thing apply to him?²* Wait, so are Kayano and Nagisa canon or not?? The epilogue seems to imply [[spoiler: she's pregnant]], but she also says regretfully that Nagisa probably doesn't even think of her. And we get no confirmation one way or the other from Nagisa's perspective. It seems to imply both sides at the same time, so which is it?²** No firm comfirmation one way or the other, though in my head-canon, she's being a [[SecretRelationship bit less than truthful...]]²** Kayano [[spoiler: possibly being pregnant]] doesn't mean that the [[spoiler: other parent]] is Nagisa. It's entirely possible that she's with another guy, it has been seven years since graduation by that point²* Wait, I'm confused about something: [[spoiler: If Korosensei WANTED to be killed the whole time to save the Earth, why not just let himself be killed? Why go through all this elaborate set up with the class?]]²** In his own words: "I'm making good on a promise, one I don't take lightly." [[spoiler: He intended to die, but his first priority was looking after class 3-E like he promised. Training them in both academics and assassination made them strong enough to actually kill him while protecting them and preparing them for life, as he promised Aguri.]]²*** I can understand the reasoning behind that, but in that case... Why not [[spoiler:make an agreement with the world governments that he'll let himself be killed after teaching for one year]]? I could even understand if [[spoiler:the governments decided he can't be trusted on that]], but it's strange that he never even ''attempted'' it, especially in a series where the protagonists usually analyze every possible angle of their current problem.²* If Koro-Sensei can move at Mach 20, why is Class 3-E not deaf or at least hard of hearing from the near-constant sonic booms? Koro-Sensei himself has a HealingFactor, but most of the students are normal humans.²* When Koro-Sensei had to punish his students for causing an old man to get hurt on their way to school, he also involved the ones who exactly ''weren't'' involved. He slapped all of them across the face, ''including'' those who were entirely uninvolved in the situation. He not only scolded the uninvolved kids for something their other classmates did, but gave all the innocents an equally cruel ArmorPiercingSlap! Apologies and "equal treatment" be damned, he shouldn't punish or ''harm'' those who aren't included in any sort of incident like that! So why did he?²²----


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