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Context Headscratchers / AndiMack

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1* So are the Space Otters a school team or not? And if they are, are all the school teams called Space Otters (and what would the school mascot have to have been until just a few years ago?)
2** They are, seeing how they have to take team pictures on school picture day.
3** Or not since except for the one time Bowie showed up there are *never* any adults at the practices or games. The lack of an actual coach fits the ethos of Ultimate Frisbee, but there'd need to be someone over 18 there for insurance reasons even if they just look at their phone the whole time.
4* Shouldn't Andi look more white, considering she's only 25% Asian?
5** [[RealityIsUnrealistic Genetics don't always work the way you may think...]]
6* What was Jonah going to tell Andi in season 1? We see a whole plot on the Good Hair Crew trying to figure out what Jonah was going to say, yet we never find out.
7* Why do they barely mention Cyrus’s coming out story arc?
8** They might be trying to balance the narrative timing of all the different stories they want to tell this season, so they all feel like a cohesive story instead of a bunch of disconnected ones. There's also the fact that while there is a bit of "ensemble"-ness to the show, its main character ''is'' still Andi, so the narrative leans more toward giving time to her story, while Cyrus/Buffy/the adults/etc. all need to be balanced into the remaining time. At present (for posterity: This bullet was written the day after There's a Mack in the Shack), they still have time, and ''for now'', they haven't (IMO) left it sitting so long it's started to "go stale", for lack of a better term.
9* During the psychic session on Cyrus's Bar Mitzvah, Buffy's question was if her mom would be home for good and got devastated when answered no, but then after she called her mom and got told she wouldn't be deployed for at least another two years, she's delighted but got upset and told the psychic she's cruel for playing with her feelings like that. The thing is though, regardless the psychic is phony or not, how does that disprove her answer? What happens after two years? If she got deployed again 5 or 6 years after that, then that means she's still won't be home for good.
10* Why didn't the show point out the racial implications of Buffy having to change her hair in the first season? The show seems comfortable tackling certain racial aspects of other characters, but, for some reason, they don't to it with Buffy.
11* Why didn't Bex and Bowie just get engaged at the end of season 2 instead of dragging it out? They could just get engaged and then get married when his tour his over, but that's never even presented as an option.