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1"FreudianExcuse"\²Applies to all characters,\²[[IdiotPlot dumb plot.]] [[SayMyName Nojima!!!]]²-->--@/ScanVisor²²Great plot IMO\²I don't listen to haters\²Such a cool setting²-->--@/SilverWings²²Stop going meta.\²The game engaged until then.\²Seriously, stop.²-->--@/twitterdick²²Story could be good\²but game was badly focused.\²And then there's the laugh.²-->--@/{{Vanguard1505}}²²Symbol in the name\²''Spira''l of death with no end\²Praise be to Yevon.²²The Hymn of the Fayth\²Singing praise or damnation?\²Praise be to Yevon.²²Cast aside your doubt\²In His name all things musr pray\²Praise be to Yevon.²²Deny blasphemy\²Machina, by priesthood made\²Praise Be To Yevon.²²Young girl tells but lies\²In sacrifice there is life\²PRAISE BE TO YEVON.²²Lies fall on deaf ears\²Reality crueler by far\²Praise be to Yevon...


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