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1* Pretty much any time we're reminded that, underneath that snarkiness and fur, the protagonist is a 15-year-old boy.
2** One of Haguro's early scenes involve him beating the crap out of a {{yakuza}}, then burning him to death... and then [[MoodWhiplash informs the yakuza's goons that he's in middle school]]. In a later chapter the translator's note says that due to the way the Japanese school system works, the characters are actually in ninth grade, which is not much better.
3* Due to an incident with the {{Moral Guardian}}s, Chapter 59, ''Desire For Revenge'', was temporarily censored to ''Desire For Hugs'' by the scanlators as a TakeThat.
4* The fiasco between Inugami and Aoshika in his apartment in Chapter 14. It starts with Aoshika going through Inugami's stuff and Inugami coming into his apartment and turning off the lights suddenly, which scares Aoshika enough for her to, er, "[[BringMyBrownPants leak.]]" Inugami, with his super smelling sense, takes note of this and starts to tease and mildly threaten her that he would tell the students that she wet herself. Then she starts to reach for the lights, which is when Inugami thinks, "OhCrap" when she finally turns them on to reveal - a wolf guy! And what's the first thing that they say to each other?
5-->'''Inugami''': "Evening."
6-->'''Aoshika''': "G.... Good evening."