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1!!!Return to the main ''Two Best Friends Play'' Funny Moments index [[Funny/TwoBestFriendsPlay here]].²The Best Friends' final year was so jam packed that the page has been split in half. See the second half [[Funny/{{TwoBestFriendsPlayLetsPlay2018Part2}} here.]] ²²![[foldercontrol]]²²[[folder:Resident Evil VII: Not a Hero]]²* Part 1:²** Matt repeatedly praises Chris as the hero who punched a bio-boulder to death. Which was [[CallBack also cursed]].²** After learning that Chris is only with the Umbrella forces because he doesn't trust them to not be evil, they question what an anti-Umbrella group should be called. "Raincoat" gets bandied about as a result, including its alternate meaning.²--->'''Pat''': Well that would make people think they're a [[{{Squick}} BOW condom company]]. "[[NightmareFetishist Wanna fuck a Licker]]? Put this raincopat on."\²'''Matt''': Use this extra small one.²** Matt points out one of the big signs standard ''Resident Evil'' villains haven't thought their plan through is that they apparently never planned out how they'd have sex after turning into a monster.²* Part 2:²** Matt misreads a puzzle solution as "Up Up Down" ''while looking at the solution''.²** The "puh-recious ann-tik koin" returns.²** Pat discovers Lucas's take on the push block puzzle.²--->'''Pat''': Ohhh, yoooou video games.²* Part 3:²** It opens with Pat hoping that Crazy Talk won't pull an ''Evil Within 2'' and attack him.²** The cocoon [[spoiler:Lucas]] emerges from is a massive, hideous mass of pulsing flesh. Matt compares it to the [[CallBack cheescake Woolie ate]].²*** Said boss is deemed "Resident Evil boss #72".²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Resident Evil VII: End of Zoe]]²* Part 1:²** They explain they were ''trying'' to capture Lucas alive, but he fell... on his head... on their bullets... multiple times.²** Opening [[GovernmentConspiracy Joe]]'s inventory for the first time, Pat finds his survival manual.²-->'''Pat (as Joe):''' ''THE SWAMP MONSTERS LOOKS LIKE THE'' '''''GOVERNMENT!!'''''²** Matt is wondering why none of Joe's advice to fight Molded includes ''getting a weapon''.²** Early on they characterize Joe as a man who has no idea what technology is (besides flashlights and tape recorder), wherein he calls a microscope as a space machine, and as a crackpot who has something against the Government.²** The duo agree that the Connection must be ''really proud'' watching some random hillbilly punch all of their [=BOWs=] to death.²** Zoe's transformation is deemed the most Japanese/anime thing in the entire game. "Muh pre-cious ani-moo princess!"²** "Man, these accents are ''bad''. Let's keep doing them!"²* Part 2:²** Seeing the first-person [[WrestlerInAllOfUs power bomb]] earns massive cheers from the two. Matt hadn't believed the people on Twitter when they said there would be one in-game.²** Earlier during a fight inside the paddleboat, two Molded try to fight Joe, while [[ArtificialStupidity both of them try fit in a doorway]].²--> '''Matt:''' (as the Molded) I can't get through, Phil!²** When they finally get to the machine that creates the E-Infection Cure, Matt has Joe confuse it for a time machine and The Machine says "Synthesizing".²-->'''Matt (as Joe):''' ''What the fuck is this'' '''''[[LargeHam TIME MACHINE]]!?''''' ''What're you, synthesizing LIES, government!?''²** Pat once again sees scorched earth tactics as the best option.²-->'''Pat''': They need to burn this fucking shit down.\²'''Matt''': Yeah, maybe. Seems like the thing to do.\²'''Pat''': This seems like a, I don't know, '''[[TitleDrop biohazard]]'''... The ground is breathing, for fuck's sake!²* Part 3:²** It starts with Pat admitting he probably should have used the spike bomb in the last big fight, but will do so the next time it's needed. Cue a fight with three Molded on a narrow bridge and him ''not'' using said bomb. It only occurs to him on the second go-around.²** Pat gradually goes crazy trying to figure out where their second Champion Effigy went (it was a random spawn). He finally looks it up and is embarrassed at how many effigies he's missed.²** Pat starts to say Umbrella is incompetent compared to the BSAA until it occurs to him that no, the protagonists of the games are just super-competent ''freaks'' compared to the normal members.²** Matt is ''delighted'' by the "cyber-glove", eking out BigOMG[=s=] as Joe mows through the Molded with his OneHitKill charged punch.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Best Friends Play Batman: The Enemy Within]]²* Woolie and Matt conclude that Amanda Waller's murderous amorality is simply because she's the "ultimate tsundere".²* Woolie hypes up the potential to date Amanda "The Wall" Waller.²-->'''Woolie:''' I'm gonna climb that Wall!²* Part 2:²** when the Agency shows up in Wayne's office unannounced Matt points out the FridgeLogic.²--->'''Matt (as Bruce):''' Yes, usually my secretary, WHO DOESN'T TELL ME ANYTHING NOW, should have announced you.²** They suspect Batman wanting Tiffany, the daughter of Lucius, to be Oracle, wheelchair included.²** Lucius for his part is trying to push his daughter for Summerslam, with Woolie suggesting next day he'll cover Wayne's desk with a bunch of merits and awards she won.²* During Part 3 They speculate about how the Joker might possibly ruin [[spoiler:Lucius's]] funeral, including a fast-forward to a theoretical option to teabag the coffin.²* Part 7 is basically an extended date between Bruce/Joker (or "Juice") with Harley as the third-wheel ruining their bonding. Woolie and Matt ''love it''.²-->'''Woolie:''' ''(voice going incredibly high)'' There's a fucking love triangle between Bruce Wayne, Harley Quinn, and Joker!\²'''Matt:''' [[ItMakesSenseInContext Yeah, and we're the slushie!]]\²'''Woolie:''' And its not between Bruce and Harley Quinn! This is amazing! This is ''fucking'' great! I love everything about this! (voice settling to normal tone) This could go on forever! I don't want this moment to end!\²'''Matt:''' Stop the lame plot with the Agency, just focus on this bullshit!²* Part 14 has Woolie and Matt blame any faulty technology in the game on secretly being Wayne Tech gadgetry, characterizing Bruce as someone sheepishly embarrassed of the company products.²-->''(Agent Avesta and Bruce are riding in his car when Bruce's anti-surveillance technology causes her hearing aid to short-circuit)''\²'''Avesta''': Crappy Agency technology. Not your fault.\²'''Woolie (as Bruce):''' ''(nervously)'' It... it's a Wayne Tech hearing aid...\²'''Matt:''' (''starts laughing hysterically'')²* Jokes about Alfred's poor working conditions reach their zenith when [[spoiler: he actually passes out.]]²-->'''Woolie:''' Did I forget to change your water bowl?!\²'''Matt:''' ''(loses it)''²* In the final episode, the choice they've been awaiting since it was first used in episode one: [[spoiler:"Grapple away."]]²** Even better: According to Woolie's Twitter, this last "grapple away" was put in by the devs for the last episode after they saw Woolie and Matt laughing themselves silly over it.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Binary Domain]]²* The thumbnail is a screenshot of [[MemeticMutation Big Bo]] that Pat claims is where Woolie gave up on the demo.²* One of the dialog option is always just a profanity that makes no sense in context and only serve to piss your teammate (YouFool).²** The guys also make a habit of bringing up various senses and emotions (taste, shame, etc.) that robots really wish they hadn't been programmed with.²* Given the game comes from the ''VideoGame/{{Yakuza}}'' developers, the guys frequently make comparisons, including noting at one point in Part 4 that a cutscene not featuring the main characters could easily be mistaken for a ''Yakuza'' game.²-->'''Pat''': Yeah, there's this one robot that walks around with a grey suit.\²'''Matt''': And everyone wants to fight him.\²'''Pat''': It's weird.\²...\²'''Matt''': There's a specific robot. Its model is 1.523 and it's designated as "''Shakedown''".\²'''Pat''': Oh god, ''fuck'' that thing.\²'''Matt''': Steals all your money.\²'''Pat''': Oh yeah I could tell it was a robot. How come? Cuz it's 9 and a half feet tall!²* This is not helped when Pat reveals the multiplayer allows you to play as ''Yakuza'' characters. [[Yakuza4 Super Chunk]] is not available, as she was a Hollow Child.²* Part 1:²** Matt and Pat make multiple references to playing the demo "many years ago", and are shocked when they realize that [[NewerThanTheyThink it actually came out in late 2012]] alongside games like ''VideoGame/MassEffect3''.²** They poke fun at the brief, clumsy StealthBasedMission on the way to the tanker:²--->'''Pat:''' (''in a soft voice'') I'm from [[BadassCrew Rust Crew]], man.\²'''Matt:''' We hide from robots really well.\²'''Pat:''' We're the biggest cowards around!²** Pat accidentally [[FriendlyFire hits Big Bo with a melee attack]], triggering an alert that lets him know Bo's trust in him is decreasing. He and Matt obviously run with this.²--->'''Pat:''' (''after getting shot down and given the prompt to bring an ally over'') Help! Help!\²'''Matt:''' But he doesn't trust your fuckin' ass!\²'''Pat:''' Help me, Big Bo!\²'''Matt:''' [[BigNo NO!]]\²'''Pat:''' Help me!\²'''Matt:''' Absolutely not! [[EvilIsPetty Not after what you did to me!]]²** On learning that they can interact with their teammates and choose which ones go on missions with them, Matt immediately demands to know if they can shit all over one member and never take him on a mission. Pat already knows which one Matt will choose.²** While reading Big Bo's bio, they stumble upon an unfortunately-worded line:²--->'''Pat:''' Born and raised in poverty, but bre- but blessed with- [[{{Corpsing}} *starts cracking up*]]\²'''Matt:''' But blessed with a huge body!²* Part 2:²** An expert is telling the president who created the highly advanced robots. Just as he's saying only one person has the technology to make them, Matt pipes in with [[Franchise/MegaMan Doctor Light]].²** Pat wonders why Japan didn't notice that all the other nations had a big, fancy meeting and they weren't invited. He imagines the people attending just said it was boring and they wouldn't be interested.²** The two think that rather than [[VideoGame/DemonsSouls Patches]], [[VideoGame/MetalWolfChaos Michael Wilson]] should have been the cross-franchise character Creator/FromSoftware kept around.²--->'''Pat''': You don't get it, Chosen Undead, we have to stop white slavery.²* Part 3:²** While talking about another unpopular third person shooter, Quantum Theory, Matt says they should change the tag line "gotta kill it" to "[[FastballSpecial just whip a bitch around]]".²** After Faye scolding Dan and Bo for looking her up the next cutscene has a MaleGaze on her.²--->'''Matt:''' Man, fuck this game.²** One of their allies comments the Japanese will regard anyone without a proper ID as an invading force. Pat notes ''[[CaptainObvious they are a literal invading military force]]''.²* Part 4:²** The Rust Crew is pinned against the Spider.²--->'''Faye:''' I doubt we could take it down with brute force. What now.\²'''Matt:''' Shoot it with brute force\²'''Pat:''' ''(firing a missile at the spider's face)' hunf!²** After Bo freaks out about the spider, he suggests they'll be fine so long as they can get to their target undetected.²--->'''Pat:''' "Undetected" from now? Or like...\²'''Matt:''' 'cause we've been detected ''big''.\²'''Pat:''' We couldn't have been [[OvertOperative more detected at every point]].\²'''Matt:''' Like we might as well have shouted "America!" as we fucking started this mission.\²'''Pat:''' Singing the "Star Spangled Banner". Tattoo fucking American flags on the robots's dicks.\²'''Matt:''' Or like have that [[CallBack American flag facepaint]] from ''Snake Eater''.²** The guys point out that having the nickname "The Survivor" should actually be ''worrying'' for the teammates as it implies everyone you work with gets ''killed'' due to your recklessness.²* Part 5:²** Pat and Matt are amused at how Charles is the OnlySaneMan ButtMonkey. ²** Due to really bad planning, everyone is incapacitated during a firefight.²--->'''Pat:''' Oh we are all crawling now, oh no! Oh no [...] I'll save you Bo!²** Among the stock voice commands you can give to your teammates are things like "Thanks" or "I can't"... or a solitary "[[PrecisionFStrike Fuck]]". Matt is flabbergasted.²* Part 6:²** Matt and Pat are too busy talking about which Call of Duty game they played on the channel, they they were doing a time mission which fail as the Britsh squad drowned.²** At the start of the episode the begin talking about the trust mechanic and how Big Bo has the highest because Pat loves Big Bo and Big Bo loves him. Cue Big Bo immediately stepping into his line of fire preventing him from destroying a group of enemies from exploding and downing nearly the entire team. Matt then asks if your trust in them can go down.²--->'''Pat''': Fuckin' goddammit Bo!²** Near the start of the episode they spend far more time chatting about weird ''Friends'' episodes than paying attention to the game.²--->'''Pat''': It's funny how much talking about ''Friends'' can ruin your day.²** Discussing the concept of taking "breaks" from relationships segues into taking breaks during military operations, which leads to a talk about cigarettes and Canadian snipers.²--->'''Matt''': Why wouldn't they make a movie called ''[[Film/AmericanSniper Canadian Sniper]]''? \²'''Pat''': Because it would be boring and polite.\²'''Matt''': Yeah, every time he headshots and blood and brain matter go everywhere he's like "Sorry, eh".²** Since maximum trust is needed for the GoldenEnding and Pat does not want to take Charlie and Rachel that much, he spends the last ten minute of the video fighting endless waves of robots so their trust are maxed out and don't need to switch later. Matt jokes that he expects the British soldiers to caught upon Dan's act.²-->'''Matt:''' (with a thick English accent) Is he farming trust?\²'''Pat:''' (doing the same) He is so fucking strong. GET IN THE FUCKIN' ELEVATOR.²* Part 7:²** They are introduced to Cain, the French robot, which leads to Pat using a French accent apropos of nothing.²--->'''Pat:''' I'm a feucking robot, madame.²** Matt says he'll keep a check on what Cain says, believing he is a human with robot skin trying to pass as one.²--->'''Matt:''' "I sure like motor oil" " why don't you drink some right now?" "uh I'm not thirsty.\²'''Pat:''' Uhm No no, it's uh, my motor is not made for this.\²'''Matt:''' I will not drink that swill. I need imported motor oil [[BlatantLies from that country you don't know.]]²** Pat's fears about the end of the human race lead to this exchange:²--->'''Pat:''' We should just let the robots take over for us. We already kinda have!\²'''Matt:''' [[VideoGame/NierAutomata For the glory of mankind!]]\²'''Pat:''' Oh, boy. See, those are some fuckin' sex robots right there.\²'''Matt:''' What do you mean?\²'''Pat:''' [[CaptainObvious I mean]] [[MsFanservice they're hot]].\²'''Matt:''' [[{{Troll}} Who?]]\²'''Pat:''' The androids.\²'''Matt:''' You mean like [[Series/StarTrekTheNextGeneration Data]]?\²'''Pat:''' Well, yeah, yeah--\²'''Matt:''' For that one girl in Star Fleet, he sure was!²*** Cue a discussion of Data's dick and bionic dicks that talk.²** And shortly thereafter, Matt gets his names mixed up.²--->'''Matt:''' You don't mean Tasha Yarn?\²'''Pat:''' Tasha ''Yarn''?! Tasha ''YARN''?!\²'''Matt:''' What's her name?\²'''Pat:''' Tasha Yar! She's not from the yarn planet!\²'''Matt:''' She's from ''VideoGame/YoshisWoollyWorld''.²* Part 8:²** Matt and Pat suggest that if a game wants to use a Montreal landmark, either use Shwartz's Deli or studio Super Sexe, which Pat points out is closed.²-->'''Matt:''' Yes but you still fight near it, we don't get rid of that sign.\²'''Pat:''' You're not allowed.²** Pat selects Cain to come with Dan in the farm plant and when he sees the shot of them entering the room he wished the game was a buddy cop show with Cain and Dan.²* Part 9²** They see a flying Cain choosing to save Faye over Dan because she's prettier.²--->'''Pat:''' Typical French. Also, ''[[SuddenlyShouting Cain can fly!]]''²** During a subway shootout, Pat is exasperated by Cain who gets stuck walking slowly back and forth in the middle of enemy fire while blocking Dan's line of fire.²** Faye goes down to a bullet in the shoulder, but assures a worried Dan [[OnlyAFleshWound it's nothing major]]. Pat points out it's a good thing shoulders are invincible per modern media as the ''arterial spray'' from her getting hit was pretty worrying.²* Part 10:²** The first seconds of the rematch with the gorilla robot.²--->'''Dan:''' That gorilla is one tough bastard.\²''[fight starts]''\²'''Pat:''' Alright, is he a tough bastard? ''(rammed to the ground and needs a medpack)''²** Pat wants a mod that replaces the increased trust sound effect with "splorch" sounds.²** Pat declares this is a legitimately good game, but he has a hard time thinking of any that looks ''more generic'' for its time.²** After beating the gorilla, they guys figure it was just set on auto-kill for anybody who wasn't Japanese; the people who sent it out haven't paid any attention to it.²* Part 11:²** After their romantic interlude with Faye, the guys choose "Love You" for their next conversation with her. The phrasing creates the illusion of such a stilted discussion they start imagining Dan sounds like a robot.²** The next boss fight is with an out-of-control cargo loading robot. As Pat points out, despite its job it's actually vastly more dangerous than dedicated combat robots.²** Pat hurling what he thinks is a grenade at the cargo-bot, only for a hologram decoy to pop out after several awkward seconds.²** Matt is convinced that one of the party members (or potentially all of them) is secretly a robot. Pat laughs at his insistence, then admits he's probably right with how the story's shaping up. Matt's first choice on who the robot is? [[CaptainObvious Cain]].²** Dan has a bad habit of leaving firefights to go buy ammo, check his e-mail, and update Instagram.²** Matt finally reaches his saturation point on RuleOfCool when the [[HumongousMecha Tsar Runner]] appears.²--->'''Matt:''' What the fuck is this thing now? Why would this be created!?\²'''Pat:''' To destroy.\²'''Matt:''' This is a ''Film/RobotJox'' or ''Film/PacificRim''... [[BuffySpeak thing]]. It's awesome but...\²'''Pat:''' It is [[{{Understatement}} somewhat impractical]].²* Part 12²** There is a ''massive'' robot force waiting for the Rust Crew. Pat and Matt note the Japanese might have figured out where they were headed based on the trail of massive explosions from the Tsar Runner fight heading towards the destination.²** Matt pegs Faye as the team Hollow Child, only for Pat to ask how Dan wouldn't have noticed during the intimates. This leads to a disturbing discussion of a sex robot being destroyed via [[{{Squick}} overuse at a convention]] and how old women at male strip clubs are the most grabby patrons.²** The guys are delighted to discover a robot that failed to load in properly stuck in mid-air, allowing them to unload on it.²* Part 13:²** Matt declares that Shindo is the robot after he stays behind in a safe area with surveillance cameras and all the direction he gives to the rest of the crew is rife with robots. Despite Dan ''telling Shindo to stay behind''; apparently he used his "robot pheromones" to make Dan act that way.²** Discussion of an NHL game leads to Matt saying he wished a memetic gnome had been included in said game. Cue Pat declaring this their least intelligible and hardest to follow conversation to date. And then they keep trying to explain it, unsuccessfully.²* Part 14:²** It starts with Pat stating he has no interest in farming trust with Kurosawa and Shindo for the achievement. Despite this, the one segment fighting with them is so long he ends up accidentally maxing their trust.²* Part 15:²** On the reveal that [[spoiler:Hollow children can get pregnant]], Matt declares that's ''too advanced''.²** Pat never really like this plot twist but was tired on his first time through the game. He hoped that on a second playthough it would make more sense; he ''still'' doesn't see the issue with this "twist".²** Opening a high tech casket, Matt speculates they'll find Ric Flair. Inside is a mummy, which Matt takes as confirmation of his guess.²** The guys point out the [[GameplayAndStorySegregation odd disconnect]] of Bo's current behavior.²--->'''Bo:''' That was ''sweet''.\²'''"Dan":''' Thank you, Bo.\²'''"Bo":''' ''[disgusted]'' You [[spoiler:scrap lover]]! ''[thrilled]'' That was sweet! ''[disgusted again]'' You love [[spoiler:scrap]], did you like how it scraped your dick?\²'''"Dan"''': Wow, Bo. Fucking relax it up.²** This repeats after the cutscene where Faye returns and the team members go from being on the verge of shooting Dan to cheering him on.²** Amada's creepy fondling of a server in a cutscene leads to the conclusion he's about to fuck it in specially-designed socket.²** Matt assumes Amada taught his AI how to feel fear by convincing it it was going to be [[TakeThat bought by EA]].²** Pat points out the reason people are worried about AI is the worry that they'll do ''exactly what the AI did'' in [[spoiler:killing Amada]].²** As the episode closes out, Pat sums up all of their issues throughout the video on the story, tone, and characters.²--->'''Pat''': This is dumb. This is a dumb video game.²* Part 16:²** When [[spoiler:the Major]] reveals he is piloting the boss mech, Matt decides he's actually Richard Hawk. They also point out that he seems ''way'' too thrilled to be killing Dan, like he's just been waiting for the chance.²*** They also note that his showing up at what he ''knows'' is going to be ground zero of a ''nuclear strike'' in only minutes is ridiculous.²** Matt mispronounces cuirass as "queer ass". As Pat notes, that has a different connotation.²** The reveal that the AI controlling the nuke launching ships now has the free will to ''refuse orders''.²--->'''Matt''': That's not good. That's ''bad''. That's ''Skynet!''\²'''Pat''': But this is ''reverse'' Skynet, where Skynet won't let you use nukes, ever.²** Pat brings up a ludicrously valid criticism of the official stance on the hybrids:²--->'''President:''' Besides, the last thing we need is more racial tension.\²'''Pat:''' So you're gonna solve that with '''genocide???'''²[[/folder]]²[[folder: Shadow Of The Colossus]]²* The RunningGag of them clearly being in awe of the [=PS4=] remaster's SceneryPorn while at the same time saying that the new graphics [[BlatantLies ruined the PS2 version's aesthetic.]]²* Part 1:²** Opens with Woolie worried about the LP because he doesn't know how to do a funny LP with a game that he respects the hell out of. Pat assures him it'll be fine since the cutscenes use a fake language.²** The boys remark that Wander has probably committed three major faux pas against his culture. The first is stealing the Ancient Sword, the second is stealing Mono's corpse with the intention to bring her back to life after she was sacrificed, and the third was going to "[[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin The Forbidden Land]]"²-->'''Matt''': "Why is it The Forbidden Land?" "I don't care, just don't go."²** During the Valus fight, Woolie observes that if your fashion designer gives you little shelves that men can climb on and then stab you, you should probably fire that fashion designer.²* Part 2:²** Woolie and Matt talk about how Dormin will drop more and more obvious hints on how to beat the Colossi if you stand around doing nothing for too long. Matt then makes [[WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons a comparison]] that leaves Woolie in stitches:²--->'''Woolie:''' Like, I'm talking 2-3 minutes of nothing and he comes in like "YA WANNA WAIT FOR HIM TA SWING THE SWOOOOORD!"\²'''Matt:''' No, it's like Dormin is stomping on Wander's foot, it's like "Hello, Mr. Thompson!" and Wander is like, he turns to Agro and goes "[[CaptainOblivious I think he's talking to you.]]"\²''Woolie cracks up''²** From that point on, whenever Dormin offers a hint, the boys chime in with "HELLO, MR. THOMPSON!"²* Part 3:²** The tediousness of the fight with Phaedra has Matt talking about the [[Franchise/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles Ninja Turtles]] (saying he would have sex with super Shredder) and Woolie singing his frustration about the boss to the choir's beat (which Pat thought he was doing to a Batman song).²** Also during the fight, Matt remarks that, if the game were adapted into a movie, then Wander would be played by a Wilson brother. On cue, [[StrangeMindsThinkAlike both Pat and Woolie simultaneously respond]] ''"Woooow!"''²** Pat failing his jump and having to reclimb Phaedra, cue BigNo from him.²** On the way to Phaedra, they run into a cluster of regular lizards in a canyon, and Pat starts freaking out about trying to kill them all for the stamina upgrades their tails provide, and failing badly. [[spoiler:Everyone in the comments for the video collectively tell him that only ''white-tailed'' lizards, found at specific shrines, give stamina upgrades.]]²* Part 4:²** It opens with Pat falling off of Avion's wing much to his [[BigNo dismay]]. His next two attempts to get back on to the flying Colossus fail, with the second one [[EpicFail nearly killing him]].²--->'''Woolie''': Get your bearings, bro. Agro's like shakin' her head right now.\²'''Matt as Agro''': ''(sounding like Mr. Ed)'' Ooohhh... I'm sure he'll get it next time.²** Noticing Wander's injured animation, Matt suggests from the body language that Wander may be having second thoughts about this quest.²--->'''Matt''': I think this is one of those Colossi where Wander'd be like, ''(sigh)'' "Man, is this worth doing? She was a nice girl, but..."\²'''Pat as Wander''': ''(dejected)'' Mom said I have to find a good lady and always stay close to her.\²'''Woolie''': And Mono's just like, "[[MemeticMutation Excuuuuuse me, Wander!]]"²** Woolie remarks that the way Agro always seems so excited whenever she's called as meaning that she's always ready to bounce and is always ready to hit the mall.²--->'''Matt as Agro''': Lesgo lesgo lesgo! I've been drinking green tea all day!²** Woolie deciding that the Forbidden Land is "basically New Zealand".²** The boys remark on how there is evidence of human civilization in the Forbidden Land despite the fact that it is not a very bountiful land.²--->'''Woolie''': 'Ey Ma, what do we got for dinner tonight?\²'''Matt''': Fruits! Lizard tails! ''Again!!''\²'''Pat''': Some rocks from the Coloss- This is ''not'' where I'm supposed to go...²** Pat's awed shock over how the updated game renders Barba's BadassBeard, and Woolie characterizing the colossus as a beer-guzzling redneck ala ''LiveActionTV/DuckDynasty''.²* Part 5:²** Woolie reads from [[ a series of tweets]] detailing the first third of a NINETY-NINE page script for an abandoned Shadow of the Colossus movie, which induces disgust in everyone.²--->'''Woolie:''' Wander gets to the temple and makes contact with Dormin and we're tossed into ''flaaaaaashbaaaaack''.\²'''Pat:''' ''(groans)''\²'''Matt:''' [[SarcasmMode It has to have it.]]\²'''Woolie:''' Alright, so the first 30 pages are flashback scenes dealing with Wander's life prior to the Forbidden Lands, and every single one is awful. Uh, lets start with the [[FantasticRacism racism]]...\²'''Pat:''' OH! Oh, [[ThisIsGonnaSuck oooooooh no]].²** As Woolie continues, he goes into detail about the [[FlatCharacter story]]-[[UnintentionallyUnsympathetic breaking]] [[ClicheStorm levels]] of CharacterDerailment in the script: Wander is now an escaped slave and acts like a bratty, petulant ''Franchise/FinalFantasy'' protagonist (Woolie even does a subtle [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyX Tidus]] impression when reading his lines), Mono is every generic naive, [[PoirotSpeak pidgin-speaking]] "savage tribal girl" ever, Agro is a wild horse that Wander steals from Mono's abusive, alcoholic father, whom he is only able to tame because Agro senses that "they're ''both'' escaped slaves", and all of Lord Emon's nuance and ambiguity are stripped away as he is turned into a typical sneering villain (dubbed "Lord Emon Ba'ad'gi Putridus III") who belittles Wander for his low birth. He caps it off by revealing that, instead of being sacrificed for a cruel fate, Mono is killed accidentally by her father in a drunken rage, a change that completely robs Wander's quest to revive her of any sense of gravity. Matt and Pat are beyond stunned with this.²--->'''Matt:''' Did David Cage write this?²** Near the end of the video, the boys start speaking for Basaran before quickly realizing that the voice they're using sounds a lot like Kevin using a Talkboy to imitate his father from the second Film/HomeAlone movie. This then leads to them making Basaran say lines from that movie. Matt decides that there should be a crossover called "Shadow of the Colossus X Home Alone" in which Kevin has to climb and stab Buzz and Dormin has the combined voices of Harry and Marv.²* Part 6:²** They comment how perfect the delivery of "Agro!" is and how it should feel getting fired after trying those lines. It ends with Matt suggesting the game maker found someone who lost his horse and record it at his weakest moment to get the right emotion.²** After making Dirge an understood monster who just wanted to offer drink, Woolie says he also made vegan muffins.²--->'''Pat:''' Oh you gotta go, I don't even care about Mono anymore you're getting stabbed.²** The guys call for Agro from a distance and manage to catch her OffscreenTeleportation , as they watch her [[GoodBadBugs spawn just on the edge of the draw distance, fall through the world, she proceeds to run under the world until spawning in front of them.]] The guys are cracking up, while Woolie, who was looking away, is upset he missed such a good moment.²** On their way to Celosia's arena, the boys somehow talk about Franchise/TombRaider and the correct pronunciation of [[ItsPronouncedTropay Lara Croft's name]]. Pat brings up how he hates it when people pronounce it "Laura Croft", calling out Patrick Klepek from the Giant Bomb-cast in particular, and how he responded with "yeah, whatever" when someone tried to correct him.²--->'''Pat''': No, not "whatever"! That's a person's name, Pay-trick!²** Matt randomly points out that the three of them would probably be Borgia if they could, though Woolie is reluctant to take part in the family orgies.²--->'''Matt''': You don't have to! Woolie, you can just show up and and be like, "Aawww, shucks! I missed it! Sorry guys!"²** After knocking Celosia off a cliff and removing its armor, Pat attempts a jumping stab to its weak point. He misses it by about ''two inches'' much to Woolie and Matt's dismay.²--->'''Woolie:''' DAMMIT PAT! YOU SON OF A BITCH!!²** After Pat's fourth or fifth failed attempt at the jumpstab, Woolie notes that, with each bad try, actually landing it successfully becomes less and less cool. One more failed attempt later, and he claims that Pat has now made the jumpstab [[EpicFail "anti-cool"]], and he will actually ''lose'' points for nailing it.²* Part 7²** Woolie and Matt convince a reluctant Pat to go pray at a save shrine (which now only recovers health). Pat is rewarded by having a lizard immediately run up to him. Even better, it's a white-tailed lizard, meaning Pat FINALLY got his stamina boost!²** Due to Pelagia's [[ThatOneBoss status]] among the friends, and the fact that he shares his BGM with [[TheScrappy Phaedra]], we see the return of Woolie's "Oh my fucking God, I hate you so much" song.²** When Pat is told Pelagia's name, he briefly thinks that Woolie is talking about the Villagio hotel chain.²** Throughout the Pelagia fight, the boys joke that its weak point is on its [[GroinAttack genitals]] due to it being located underneath the Colossus. This leads to this exchange at the end of the fight.²--->'''Woolie (as Pelagia):''' That's what I get for showing you mah balls.\²'''Matt (as Pelagia):''' I thought we shared a special moment of looking at my balls.\²'''Woolie (as Pelagia):''' ... I enjoyed it.²** The three of them let out a triumphant cheer when Pat accidentally bumps into Phalanx while riding Aggro, resulting in Wander getting knocked off and Aggro getting clipped into Phalanx ''sideways'' and floating up with it for a few seconds before falling off.²--->'''Woolie:''' [[Film/{{Babe}} That'll do, pig. That'll do.]]²** When Emon shows up in the plot, Woolie tries to CallBack to the script he read in part 5.²--->'''Woolie:''' Remember: you were nothing from the day you were--\²'''Pat:''' [[NoJustNoReaction Ugh, stop it.]]\²'''Woolie:''' ''(sadly)'' ... born.²** The Friends' interpretation of Emon and company.²--->'''Pat:''' I like the idea that he [Wander] steals the sword and Mono and they're like "Huh. Somebody stole this- I guess it's fine." And then they look out the window and see this fucking hell vortex open up in the sky and like, "Aww. Aww he's doin' the shit with the sword."\²'''Matt (as Emon):''' He's literally doing the thing we said "you know what you shouldn't do? What you're doing."\²'''Pat (as Emon):''' And he's... wow, that hellmouth's really big. He must be burning through this shit in like a five, maybe five and a half hour span.\²'''Matt (as Emon):''' Man he's really actually good at killing Colossuseses.\²'''Woolie (as Emon):''' Y'know I had a busy day [[VideoGame/{{Ico}} putting kids in cages in forgotten labyrinths]], and now... now I gotta worry about fucking this shit?²* Part 8:²** Woolie retroactively points out that Phalanx's latin name is Aeris Velivolus.²--->'''Matt:''' That sounds like a part of the female anatomy that I'm not familiar with.²** During the Cenobia fight, Pat tricks the Colossus into knocking down the pillar Wander is standing on, triggering a cutscene where Wander jumps to the next set of ruins.²--->'''Woolie:''' Nicely done.\²'''Pat:''' Thank you. It's important to do that during the cutscene so you don't look like an asshole.²** After they break Cenobia's armor:²--->'''Woolie (as Cenobia):''' Oh. I didn't mean to show you that.\²'''Matt (as Cenobia):''' My unmentionables! Mwaaah!\²'''Woolie (as Cenobia):''' Am I still a tough guy to you?\²'''Pat:''' Yes. For the next 90 seconds to five minutes, you are still a tough guy.²** Woolie's theory that Dormin is actually a Film/TheWizardOfOz style old man and lady syncing up their voices.²--->'''Pat (as Dormin):''' Oh man, these fuckin' dorks are getting tricked so bad!²* Part 9:²** Woolie calls the shafts of light emanating from the dead Colossi "crime scenes that God's trying to point out."²** On the way to Malus, Matt suggests that the devs should add [[VideoGame/PunchOut Title Defense mode]], where ''you'' stay at the sanctuary and the Colossi all come to fight ''you''.²--->'''Woolie:''' Aw man, Argus comes back with ''two'' knives, and giant gloves, ''and a helmet''!²** Woolie's insistence that they go to Ico Beach.²** Woolie tries to persuade Pat not to cross the bridge leading to Malus and thus avoid [[spoiler: [[TearJerker Agro's apparent death]]]]. Pat follows Woolie's advice... halfway across the bridge, [[spoiler: [[TooDumbToLive causing]] ''[[TooDumbToLive both of them]]'' [[TooDumbToLive to fall to their deaths]]]].²--->'''Woolie:''' You fuckin' deserve that, you piece of shit.²** Even better, the game then picks up from the last cutscene, putting the boys back at the Shrine of Worship.²--->'''Matt:''' Oh, that wasn't worth it.\²'''Woolie:''' Glad you did it?\²'''Pat:''' You were literally yelling at me to stop, Woolie.²** The boys point out how silly it is that despite being forbidden, the ritual that Wander is performing is supported by the Forbidden Land's architecture. They include the game's soundtrack as part of the ritual.²--->'''Pat:''' Yeah, it's weird. Why'd you guys hook up speakers for the ritual that is ''never'' supposed to be completed.\²'''Matt:''' ''(laughing)'' They hooked up like a boombox to the fucking gate!\²'''Pat:''' It's all hooked up to like a fuckin' Amazon Alexa. Runs the whole show.²** [[EpicFail Pat trying to kill a white-tailed lizard with his sword. It takes about fifty tries.]]²*** And how does he finally kill it? [[CallBack With a jumpstab.]] It is exactly as "anti-cool" as Woolie predicted.²* Part 10:²** The friends come to the conclusion that every time Wander teleports back to the temple, he falls out of the sky and plops painfully onto the ground.²** Woolie's DullSurprise that the world of ''Shadow the the Colossus'' has crossbows and Wander has been using a regular bow this entire time.²** [[spoiler: Emon orders his men to destroy the source of Dormin's evil. One of the soldiers responds by shooting a single crossbow bolt through Wander's leg.]]²--->'''Pat:''' Destroy the evil slowly and ineffectually.²** Pat points out that the game's finale is an excellent example of how gamers interact with story since [[spoiler: after Wander is possessed by Dormin]], the game gives the player no prompt or direction and still ''everybody'' always tries to [[spoiler: attack Emon and his men]]. Woolie's justification for this? "There's no hug button."²** During the epilogue where Agro is revealed to survive her fall. The friends are ''overjoyed''. Pat is actually ''crying with joy'' according to Woolie.²--->'''Woolie:''' FUCKIN' SURVIVE THAT SHIT!!\²'''Matt (as Agro):''' I LIVE, BITCH!²** "Wow, Barba just becomes a hill!"²[[/folder]]²[[folder:Dead to Rights]]²* For some reason, ''one'' of the rumble packs in Matt's controller will randomly trigger every now and then for no perceivable reason. It creeps him out and he starts referring to it as the "baby heart".²-->'''Pat:''' You've been going on for an hour about your "thumping baby heart" and I don't like it.²* Part 1:²** Matt says the game was recommended by LetsPlay/{{Slowbeef}}, who loved the main character Jack Slate so much he asks Pat to guess what was his character's name in Bloodborne. ²--->'''Pat:''' [[EpicFail Slowbeef.]] That was a straight up brain failure by the way.²** Pat starts feeling nostalgic for this game. He's never actually played the game, but it wants to be ''VideoGame/MaxPayne'' so much he feels like he has.²** Matt is unimpressed by the "PG stripper", as [[FullyClothedNudity she doesn't take her underwear off during her whole number]], Pat wants her to flip upside down on the pole and lift her body with her arm simply because it looks super hard to do.²*** Pat notes that this is the ''first thing'' they do in the game after the tutorial.²---->'''Pat:''' This is a ''weird'' fucking game, man.²* Part 2:²** Pat is both horrified by the overly cruel deaths Matt is inflicting on people and bummed out by the fact that Shadow isn't allowed in the strip club.²*** Shadow ''would'' be allowed in that ''other'' strip club, but it's pretty [[IncrediblyLamePun ruff]]. The bouncers would bark at him to get out. But if he could get in, the ladies will make you go [[RuleOfThree woof]]. And that's all the dog puns the two could collectively scrape together.²** Stripper Kings aren't the head pimp, it's like a rat king - the strippers's tails get stuck together and form a stripper ball.²* Part 3:²** During the weightlifting minigame, Pat distracts Matt by constantly talking about bodybuilders shitting their pants during deadlifts.²* Part 4:²** When their next objective is to meet an inmate called "Big Arm Tony", Matt hopes that he's called that because of his [[IronicNickname disproportionately tiny legs]].²*** Pat gradually escalates this, wanting Tony to look like a [[Franchise/ResidentEvil Bandersnatch]] with a single enormous arm and candy cane stick limbs otherwise.²** The guys accuse Woolie of being too cowardly to complete ''VideoGame/GodHand'' and his claims of being sick are a trick to keep people from realizing he never did.²** Matt grows in strength and power every time a ''Franchise/{{Turok}}'' announcement is made.²* Part 5:²** Pat spent years hanging out with one of Woolie's friend but can only remember his nickname, "Ratboy". And not even ''why'' his nickname was Ratboy.²** Matt and Pat's [[BigWhat reaction]] to the unexpected revelation that Jack's dog [[ArtisticLicenseLaw was also sent to prison]]. ''The same prison''.²--->'''Pat:''' No, but for real though, this ''dog'' prison might be--\²'''Matt:''' I said this! But I didn't think it'd actually be true!\²'''Pat:''' This might be the dumbest thing I've seen ever.²** During the fight with Sickle, Pat is baffled when Matt accidentally discovers that the AI ''won't attack you from behind if you don't move''.²** Pat points out that not only was shoving Sickle into the electric chair a good way to become ''actually guilty'' of murder, it was also a ''massive waste of time''.²*** He also has an issue with how the mayor doesn't use the proper term "murder in the first degree".²*** Then Matt gets a game over for beating up a good guard while escaping. Pat theorizes it means they have been killing people with heir bare hands the whole time.²* Part 6:²** During the overly long sewer/mine escape sequence, Pat quickly tires of wondering why dozens of prisoners have pistols and decides to talk about ''Resident Evil'' viruses instead.²** Pat is abruptly reminded of the prison break when they get stuck in a small room with about ten armed escapees and Matt guns them down, ending with a leap toward the last one, firing his shotgun ''three times'' center mass.²--->'''Pat:''' There are games that ''end'' with the sequence you just finished.²** The guys can't handle the cutscene where a car nearly runs down Jack with a [[{{Narm}} comical]] zoom-in effect and Pat realizes the sound effect is one usually used for ''laser beams''.²** Matt hits a checkpoint while critical on health and in a massive gunfight with multiple thugs, resulting in a constant loop of spawning and dying. Pat admits ''this'' is the reason regenerating health is a thing.²** One of the deaths during this part has the camera spin around to Jack clutching his chest with both hands for no good reason.²--->'''Matt''': MAH NIPPLES!²* Part 7 ²** Pat asks Matt to rotate saves when they find a way to get a health pick up and go back to cover, however it just saves the last checkpoint.²*** Pat notes they have spent fourteen minutes since the last episode having a "very specific kind of fun".²---->'''Pat:''' Slowbeef is laughing at us. ''Laughing''.²** After painstakingly clearing the street, Matt and Pat get the worst HopeSpot.²--->'''Pat:''' [[TemptingFate Yessss]].\²'''Matt:''' Don't. Shut up.\²'''Random appearing goon:''' That's him.²** Pat tells Matt he has to be careful with this section because, according to the F.A.Q he is reading, the next section is supposed to be ''even worse''.²** Said area starts with a cutscene of Fat Chow casually walking to his hideout. Pat realizes it makes sense given he had a whole army between him and Jack so he didn't need to run fast at all.²** The first enemy encounter they run into has them getting cornered by a bunch of goons in a tiny crevice and blasted from almost-full health to dead in a matter of seconds. [[ In gif form]]!²--->'''''Matt:''' ''(loses it)''\²'''Pat:''' What is going on man? That's nuts. That's so crazy. ''What does this game want from you''?!²** Pat notes he's getting very worried about this game considering how many fight sequences they've gone through that have felt completely unfair and one-sided.²** After a long and painful gunfighting sequence, Matt fails to complete a timed lockpicking mini-game and Jack gets surrounded by armed cops for a game over.²--->'''Pat:''' I'm ''so'' excited.\²'''Matt:''' ''[hoarse whisper]'' Are you serious!?\²'''Pat:''' I'm very excited for what we're about to see right now.\²'''Matt:''' [[BigOMG Oh. My. God]]...\²'''Pat:''' I'm very excited. Let's see what happens.\²''[game cuts back to the start of the sequence and Pat erupts into laughter]''²* Part 8:²** Finally escaping the sequence from last part, Matt asks if Jack and Shadow can't just go home and chill.²** Woolie's phone goes absolutely crazy whenever he turns it on as a reminder of Pat and Matt's failures, as each notification is another cut notice to their editor.²** Getting locked outside a prostitute's room, the guys get a laugh when moving slightly near the door causes a woman saying "Oh god! ''[moan]''" to play repeatedly. And it doesn't reset the sound when triggered but plays ''over'' itself.²** A long, desperate, and pathetic slapfest with a group of thugs in the massage parlor leaves Pat snickering.²--->'''Pat:''' ''[on the verge of laughing]'' Oh man, best game ever. Best LP we've ever done!²** Matt suspects Slowbeef was trolling the Best Friends when he pushed for this game.²** On the way out of the parlor, the duo runs into a swarm of barely-clothed masseuse assassins. Not only are they are tougher and deadlier than most other enemies until this point, Jack refuses to use them as human shields even though he'll gun them down. And Shadow won't bite them either!²--->'''Matt:''' ''[seeing four masseuses clipping into each other]'' There's so many masseuses!\²'''Pat:''' Why do they--? Oh, oh man! Usually you gotta pay extra to get the masseuses lined up like that!\²'''Matt:''' ''[as Jack dies]'' Now I gotta leave because of damage!\²'''Pat:''' They turn into ''death turrets'' like that!²* Part 9:²** Given the issues they're having with this LP, including Matt's mic failing ''twice'' during this one video, the two start wondering if there's a [[RunningGag bio-curse]] involved.²** After changing to the Gamecube version and finagling with the camera, Matt notices the game is much easier. Then Fat Chow one-shots Eve with a bazooka and triggers a game over, then on the next attempt he kills Jack with one shot as well.²*** Matt mentions that they've toned down the difficulty to 'Easy' mode because the Gamecube version has a difficulty toggle, while the Xbox version was fixed to 'Hard'. They joke that it's because Xbox players must be "so strong and hardcore", because [[VideoGame/SoulSeries they enjoy]] ComicBook/{{Spawn}} [[VideoGame/SoulSeries and Necrid]]. Pat then almost throws up after being reminded "[[CallBack Necrid... Must Win!]]"²** The duo are unprepared for the graveyard segment where they are ambushed by [[ItMakesJustAsMuchSenseInContext killer clowns]].²*** The "boss" of the segment is a Clown Van containing a howitzer. Matt soon discovers he can only kill it by throwing canisters, but the game ''keeps automatically locking onto random clowns instead''. The result is the slowest death to a howitzer in gaming history.²** Matt self-depreciation about his time in art school.²--->'''Pat:''' Hey, Matt! You're an artist--\²'''Matt:''' No.\²'''Pat:''' You used to be--\²'''Matt:''' No.\²'''Pat:''' You know of art.\²'''Matt:''' ...Okay.²* Part 10:²** Pat is a bit confused about the logistics of the EscortMission.²--->'''Pat:''' Why is the gun audio so low on the minigun? ''({{beat}})'' Wait, [[EpicFail what minigun am I thinking of]], you're in a ''news chopper''!\²'''Matt:''' (''laughs hysterically'') [[CrossesTheLineTwice We make our own news!]]²** Pat takes the downtime of most segments to gush about ''Film/DieHard'', hates on [[Manga/DragonBallZ Babidi]] and admits he finds Plague Of Gripes really handsome.²*** His gushing about ''Die Hard'' comes to an abrupt end when Matt uses Alan Rickman to make it a ''Literature/HarryPotter'' crossover.²** Their reaction that one of the bomb to collapse the building was in the bathroom. ²--->'''Matt:''' That's not a load bearing bathroom.²** [[spoiler:Eve's death]] is more amusing than anything to the duo, given how [[{{Narm}} poorly animated the scene was and the equally poor voice acting]]. Matt even goes so far as to say he's glad since [[spoiler:Eve]]'s only contribution to the story up to this point was [[spoiler:killing people before they could give Jack information]].²** During the chase with [[PsychoForHire Patch]]'s convoy, Pat points out how much damage the cars are taking at top speed.²--->'''Pat:''' These cars are tough -- that's [[UpToEleven runnin' on rims with a busted engine]]! That's crazy!\²'''Matt:''' (''cackling'') That is, uh, quite amazing.\²'''Pat:''' That's a durable sedan!²* Part 11:²** Shadow has trouble finding the first bomb of the episode and tries to go up to the next floor, which triggers Jack to yell him to stay on the first floor. From two hallways and a ninety degree turn away. Matt figures they have a link like ''VideoGame/BeyondTwoSouls'' and Pat is annoyed he can't disgaree.²*** Having failed the disarming ''twice'', the guys cut the overly long run to the bomb and disarming game on the third go around. We cut back as Matt finishes the mini-game with ''a tenth of a second left''.²---->'''Pat:''' Christ, my dick is wet from that.²** Looking up what the [[NebulousEvilOrganization GAC militia]] he's fighting might be, Pat determines that they're the [[MilkmanConspiracy Geological Association of Canada]]. And then a shipping company with the same acronym tells him to let them use his phone's location so he can be [[UnusualEuphemism part of their "chain gang"]].²** Matt demonstrates his mastery of the bomb mini-game.²--->'''Pat:''' ''[as Matt zips along]'' Oh wow, look at this confidence.\²''[bomb instantly explodes]''\²'''Matt''': ''[as Pat snickers]'' I'm not sure if even the "dence" of saying confidence had come out before...²*** On the second attempt, Pat warns Matt to be wary of his confidence and abuse the save states. It's time to abuse their [[Manga/JoJosBizarreAdventure Bite the Dust]]'s power to ''not'' explode a bomb.²** Like last episode the guys points out the bombs location are ridiculous as it could only kill someone who decides to hide in a specific corner.²** Pat points out the mooks they've been killing are very oddly committed to their job of guarding ''bombs that are about to explode''. And then stand their ground to defend the building that is currently ''burning down with them inside''. They conclude that the men weren't told the bombs were about to explode.²--->'''Matt:''' Bomb is not gonna snitch.²** The duo are decidedly unimpressed with the "fire", which is only present as a few minuscule particle effect clouds on the carpet. They also wonder why they have to ''manually'' activate the sprinkler system. Which don't work.²--->'''Pat''': The sprinklers, not enough to beat this raging inferno with no visible flames.²** Pat declares the best part of the bio-curse is that it shows just how much their fanbase is willing to slog through the drek and [[ItMakesSenseInContext keep sticking their dick in]].²* Part 12:²** The guys discuss how Matt Hardy's gimmick of being insane treats mental health issues with more care than David Cage.²** Pat comes up with the idea of "furry Woolie" out of nowhere while Matt is doing the pick lock mini-game. He fails the mini-game and it takes a few minutes for him to [[{{Corpsing}} recompose himself]]. ²--->'''Matt:''' I'm fucking begging you, please shut up.²*** During a breath holding mini-game later in the episode Matt once again has trouble and says he needs to focus on it. Pat immediately revives the furry joke, talking about the fur clogging up Jack's windpipe and Woolie needing to clean up the green water. Matt is not happy.²---->'''Pat:''' That looked really tough actually.²** While Matt is busy fighting a helicopter, Pat's brain turns to mush and he completely forgets the word 'helicopter', spending several seconds calling it an 'elevator'[=/=]'escalator' before he finally remembers it.²** Pat declares he's going to do an Irish accent and proceeds to do the most horribly stereotypical ''Italian'' accent possible. And then realizes he also ''said Irish wrong''.²** Their reaction to a boss being named "[[AwesomeMcCoolname Longshoreman X]]".²--->'''Pat:''' ...Fuck this-- ''[sees the boss name and laughs in disbelief]''\²'''Matt:''' That's super strong and--\²'''Pat:''' ''[high-pitched]'' Whaaaa! ''No!'' That's ''so bad!'' That's so bad. Holy shit. Also, this guy looks like the ''biggest fucking loser ever''.²** Matt thinks the stripper is stripping at the pier, but Pat corrects him saying she works as waitress in a whorehouse now. Matt concludes it's a whorehouse for strippers.²* Part 13:²** Being a new recording session, Matt and Pat are trying to remember what they did last episode. Pat vaguely remembers something about furries being in the hot zone.²--->'''Pat:''' Wait, wait what, the furry? Were the girls with him furries?\²'''Matt:''' No, but I assumed once he got dipped. Y'know.\²'''Pat:''' You never know. Scales could just form.²** Pat thinks the construction workers jumping them have clown faces on their helmets, meaning Jack is fighting clown construction workers. It says something that neither find this impossible for the game.²*** Matt would like them to have some dialogue, like yelling "Die, Slate". Pat would prefer something along the lines of asking ''why Jack is in their factory''.²** While discussing how humans are not designed to punch, Matt states the only creatures naturally designed for it are kangaroos and lobsters. Pat wonders about the latter as they don't have armpits. Crazy Talk keeps him from realizing the word he meant was "shoulder" for a good ten seconds.²** Pat suggests they should get high before recording so they become critic-proof.²--->'''Pat:''' "How did you miss the key?" I'm blazed, dude.²** Pat continues to escalate the RunningGag of trying to make Matt fail the lockpicking mini-game by {{Corpsing}}. This time, Woolie is apparently a furry drug dealer.²* Part 14:²** The guys lament several times that they're [[CallBack too high]] to play or talk well.²--->'''Matt:''' ''[dying after a long sequence]'' [[{{Angrish}} Bu— I wa— I was so high!]]²** When Matt asks why anybody would name their town after a resource that could be depleted, Pat starts listing off real town names. Or at least ones he thinks are plausible real town names.²** Stuck in yet another unfair gunfight -- one Pat thinks would be ''unwinnable'' on the Xbox -- they have no idea how to end it until they apparently sate Khorne's bloodlust by killing enough thugs. Except they can't leave because the area is ''too hostile'', which is a good reason to ''leave'' the area.²*** Pat tells Matt he can do this if he believes in himself. Matt refuses, as things have always gone wrong when he does that.²*** Matt attributes his ability to defeat the area on being barely human. Pat then decides he's just a giant cannabis leaf with arms and legs, like Flowey from VideoGame/{{Undertale}}, or as Matt puts it, "Weedy". ²** Pat points out there's no real reason for the bad guy to be a criminal if he owns and operates a gold mine; Matt has no answer.²* Part 15:²** Jack -- for some reason -- doesn't have any guns at the start of a sequence despite having just left a firefight where he had guns. So Matt has Shadow grab one from a goon in plain sight of his friends, who don't react ''at all''.²--->'''Matt:''' "Well, that was a hell of a thing. Johnson just got ripped apart by some kind of dire wolf."\²'''Pat:''' "It teleported away with his gun? What the hell..."²*** Even funnier is that when Matt decides to attack, [[CurbStompBattle six enemies ambush him from behind and a few above him start shooting]], giving the goons the last laugh. ²** Pat and Matt talk about Montreal "accidentally" drilling several extra ''kilometers'' on a subway and deciding they might as well add another exit... "coincidentally" right next to a rich businessman's mall.²--->'''Matt:''' Hey, Terry, [[VideoGame/FatalFury Terry Bogard]], can we have you? What do you say about the situation? What do you thin-- "[[MoneyDearBoy Kick back]]!"²** Jack returns to the prison and immediately starts slaughtering guards, despite doing so in the past being a game over. Matt decides these are a different breed of guards -- literally, as they hatched from different eggs.²--->'''Pat:''' You can't leave them here -- they might go back to their families.²** The duo decide their biggest source of discomfort with this game is that Jack doesn't seem to care ''at all'', either about his dad being dead or the hundreds of people he's killed.²*** They propose having the mayor show up while Jack was in prison and laugh maniacally to give him ''some'' form of motivation. And also go and dig up Jack's mom's body to fuck her.²* Part 16:²** The duo sums up Jack's approach to finding out how his dad died is by killing every single person he meets, whether they know who he or his dad is or not. His internal rationale plays out in HulkSpeak.²*** They compare him ''un''favorably to the Punisher, pointing out he's really a very ''bad'' detective. Especially given he seems to think ''every'' criminal in Grant City is somehow in on his dad's death.²** When they learn who the ''real'' mastermind was, Matt actually has to pause the game to complain. They realize yet again just how ''pointless'' all of Jack's kills have been up to this point.²--->'''Pat:''' Jack Slate might be the dumbest motherfucker ever. How many fucking people have he killed for nothing now? Many.²** Pat continues his comparison of Jack to [[VideoGame/{{Uncharted}} Nathan Drake]], bringing up how Naughty Dog has jumped through ''a lot'' of hoops to keep their protagonist from being a flat out thieving mass murderer.²* Part 17:²** Matt is nearly defeated by a door, because unlike ''every other door'' in the game, it does not open automatically or display an icon. And then they get jumped -- repeatedly -- by a goon who spawns and shoots them in the back any time they touch the exit door. Just like [[RunningGag John Wayne]].²** The fact that [[spoiler:Hennessey]] apparently only has a single hard copy of the blackmail material that lets him control the ''entire city'' leaves the two stumped.²** After [[spoiler:the stripper kills the politician]] while he was being held at gunpoint, Jack asks if ''she's'' okay. Pat solemnly declares him to be the dumbest motherfucker in the world.²*** Pat spends the next few minutes quietly sputtering because he can't believe just how ''stupid'' this game and Jack are.²** Matt grabs a goon to use as a human shield, thinking he would be disposed of quickly because of his low health, and ends up shimmying slowly across the room in the most ridiculous way possible.²--->'''Pat:''' ''(dumbfounded)'' Why would they think that this, what we're looking at right now, would be a cool thing for Jack to do?²** Matt tries to snipe another goon. Somehow a ''headshot'' fails to kill him and he gets a slow, badly aimed rocket in his direction for his trouble. ²** Matt orders Shadow to kill a goon in front of him, but after the cutscene of Shadow biting someone's throat out the goon is still there. Matt is puzzled over who Shadow just killed and Pat says this is the question that haunts Jack.²-->'''Pat:''' Jack sits up awake at night, "Who is Shadow killing right now? I pointed in my sleep."²* Part 18:²** Matt is ''begging'' the auto-aim to switch to the Chopper instead of random goon #38.²** The guys can't remember any real reason Jack would want to kill Fahook aside from the furry dip. Matt proposes it would replace Jack's body parts with furry parts but Pat states it would burn away all the impurities until all that remained was an ''Undertale''-style furry heart.²** Matt cycles through his weapons, including a shotgun, sniper rifle, and rocket launcher, ending on an outline of Shadow with a woof.²--->'''Matt:''' If people want to ask "How's that ''Dead to Rights'' LP?" just show them that.²*** Pat idly notes the gameplay would be a lot smoother if there was a dedicated Shadow button. There is.²** "Jack Slate: Noted [[BlatantLies clear goal haver]]." "I'll kill someone."²* Part 19:²** [[spoiler:Hildy]] is gunned down from behind, while Jack just watches, and it's played as a tragedy. Only for Pat to point out she's a ''violent murderer'' who did it all for the money.²** Jack says he needs to hurry during the gameplay... and then in a cutscene sneaks around stealthily. Before he brains some innocent mechanic working on his bike and leaves him to die in an explosion.²** The subsequent motorcycle cutscene -- which Matt would have liked to ''play'' -- ends with Jack jumping off the bridge after the plane [[BeyondTheImpossible gunning down a pursuing motorcycle, whose explosion propels Jack through the air to the plane's open door]]. The guys have a few... questions about this.²** Pat wonders why nobody is concerned about the gunfight on an ''airplane'', which Matt excuses due to Jack being a [[BlatantLies stealthy tactician]].²** They find the ''one'' room on the plane where they can't use guns and encounter a trio of scantily-clad women who cower in fear and then abruptly laugh and attack. The duo can't figure out what the purpose of the room or that encounter was.²** Jack gets hit at point-blank with a big blast from Fahook's flamethrower and you even see his model light up, but [[GoodBadBugs he inexplicably takes no damage or anything of the sort]]. Matt is flabbergasted.²* Part 20:²** Needing to manually target and shoot Fahook's booze bottle every time he takes a swig to heal is praised for being nearly ''Metal Gear'' in nature... if only it was in an interesting boss fight with good aim controls.²** After the plane crashes, Pat imagines Jack will jump out and start gunning down the firefighters while Matt imagines him screaming "For my daddy" like a toddler.²** Matt is insistent on downing the helicopter with a rocket launcher but doesn't want to use manual aiming because it will take too long. Several minutes later as he's gunned down, Pat notes this method is [[SarcasmMode obviously faster than manual aiming]].²** The entire FinalBoss fight with [[spoiler: Hennessy]] -- from kiting him around a fountain [[BossArenaIdiocy as he slowly electrocutes himself]] to having a fist fight as he's ''[[KillItWithFire on fire]]'' -- is enough to leave Matt and Pat dumbstruck.²** Pat spends most of the credits picking at Jack's nonsensical closing monologue and the meaningless [[TheStinger stinger]], only for both of them to be struck silent by the last thing in the credits: a bizarre montage of people saying "See you in Hell."²-->'''Matt:''' [[SuddenlyShouting WHAT THE FUCK?!]]²[[/folder]]²[[folder: Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE]]²* The animated opening: Woolie trying to make it as an idol while Matt cheers him on from the audience.²* Part 1:²** The moment the game switches to 3D cutscenes, Woolie sticks his foot in his mouth:²--->'''Woolie:''' This is a very ''VideoGame/{{Persona}}''-ass, like- [[ItMakesSenseInContext colored people who don't matter]] in the background.\²'''Matt:''' They don't matter!\²''[After a {{Beat}}, Woolie cracks up]''\²'''Matt:''' Are you colorful?! Do you have any color at all?\²'''Woolie:''' [[ThatCameOutWrong That's not what I meant!]] That's ''not'' what I meant!\²'''Matt:''' Out of my face!\²'''Woolie:''' Oh no, [[CrossesTheLineTwice not to]] ''Film/{{Pleasantville}}''!²** Their reaction to being forced to use [[ScrappyMechanic the Wii U gamepad]], and the fact that they have to record said gamepad with a camcorder.²*** Woolie comments that Matt's hands smell really good.²** During the idol questions, Matt and Woolie give questions a bit more complex than "what do you want to be an idol." ²--->'''Woolie:''' How do you feel about Gaza? Go!²** Matt hoping Brennan Williams, their NXT wrestler friend, leaves a match because of a fan showing a "Best Friends Play Fire Emblem" sign.²* Part 2:²** Itsuki taking Tsubasa's magic orb and jamming it in her attacker.²--->'''Matt:''' [[WesternAnimation/MegaMan Now]] ''[[WesternAnimation/MegaMan I've]]'' [[WesternAnimation/MegaMan got your power!]]\²'''Woolie:''' I stole your shit and I'm takin' it 'cause I gave mine away.²** The guys reaction to the Carnage form transformation.²--->'''Woolie:''' Who told you how to do that?\²'''Matt:''' Why is it called Carnage form?²** When Touma calls them.²--->'''Woolie:''' Okay, there is a lot going on Touma, uhmm, I'm in my Carnage form.²* Part 3:²** The guys are already getting hype for Touma when they see his ''Fire Emblem''-esque armor, and then they see his [[UpToEleven awesome entrance]] on a tricked-out, red and gold ''motorcycle''.²--->''[dual shouts of joy]''\²'''Matt''': That's way cooler!\²'''Woolie''': ''[high-pitched]'' Yeah, everyone, I take it back! I take it back, you're the best! Oh, Touma you're cool, I love you.²** Woolie asks for ''[[EvenTheGuysWantHim Touma]]'''s three measurements.²** The StarterVillain goes down with a death cry that's not translated, so the guys provide their own.²--->'''Woolie''': "I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you meddling kids."\²'''Matt''': "And your lousy Performa."²** "Idolasphere" as the term for the dark world the protagonist got dragged into is one step too far for Matt.²* Part 4:²** Woolie and Matt are rather lukewarm about Kiria's Carnage Form, then she reverts in her normal form which Woolie find hype.²--->''[Kiria appears]''\²'''Woolie and Matt''': ''[disappointed]'' Ahhh... ''[Kiria transforms back]'' Yeah!\²'''Matt''': You look way cooler!\²'''Woolie:''' Stay that way!\²'''Matt''': ''[as the Mirage appears]'' Oh shit! Her Mirage looks awesome!\²'''Woolie''': Please don't ever put that shit back on again.²** The guys ''try'' to concentrate on Maiko's dialogue, [[MaleGaze but]]...²--->'''Woolie''': You can't, you can't read the lines of dialogue without setting eyes ''firmly'' on cleave central.\²'''Matt''': [[BlatantLies I was looking at her earrings]].²** They are starting to wonder which celebrities can get in the Idolasphere and have a Performa: the Kardashian having no talent disappears right away, Kanye had one but starts fading nowadays and Puff Daddy is a master Performa collector and kicked Biggie Small's coffin for all its worth.²** Matt having Itsuki going "I don't now this all seems super gay" to show his ignorance of the Idol scene.²* Part 5:²** The two have an... interesting take on the relationship between the Mirages and their masters.²--->'''Itsuki''': ''[reluctant]'' I'll visit you again, Tiki...chan, whatever. Because we have no choice, you're the only one who can power us up!\²'''Tiki''': No, it's 'cause we care about you and love you and do actually want--\²'''Itsuki''': Level up my shit.\²'''Tiki''': Oh, sometimes I wonder if I'm even real at all or just a fabrication.\²'''Itsuki''': I don't hear leveling! That's a whole lot of existential crisis thoughts coming out of my level-up machine.²** When Woolie says its time to meet people willing to sell weapons to kids, Matt immediately asks if he means [[TakeThat America]].²** They want a Mirage to pop out of Hachiko's statue and, given the audience may not be aware, state that Hachiko was a legendary Japanese dog who [[BlatantLies fought off an invading army twenty years ago]].²** Woolie is stunned into silence when they meet Barry, the heavyset, anime-loving fitness instructor from America. He simply can't figure out what to think of this character.²** When Barry starts tearing into Oribe for wanting to be an idol to ''save her sister'', the guys point out Itsuki's complete ''lack'' of a purpose is ignored.²** Oribe starts gushing to Itsuki about how cool her sister was, at which point the duo start bringing up the various insane things expected of Japanese idols, such as needing to ''shave their head'' if they're caught dating.²* Part 6:²** Matt and Woolie wonder why nobody at the showroom are commenting on the otherworld portal.²** And then they go to the concert and wonder why nobody in the crowd is concerned by the fact the singer apparently is creating a holographic ''apocalyptic rain of meteors'' and levitating her stage into the air.²--->'''Matt''': This is-- people ''will'' pass out due to hype!\²'''Woolie''': Is Talent just like attacking the city right now?\²'''Matt''': People are all just looking at each other like going "Witch? Should we burn her?"²*** And then Oribe levels up her Talent due to how radical Kiria's concert was, with a massive explosion of light that, once again, nobody in the audience comments on.²** Portals appear in the sky and all around the concert. Woolie says they better be an enemy appearing, because if it's the actor's entrance no performer will ''ever'' have enough budget to match him.²** Woolie asks what famous person would be best to have still alive but enslaved by an evil netherworld. Initially he proposes Muhammad Ali, but then realizes one even better: Stephen Hawking.²** Encountering the clown head enemies, Matt immediately compares them to Pennywise before learning their name is Nickelwise. He decides they must also be related to Nickelback.²** Matt still going with Itsuki being disinterested with the idol scene.²--->'''Matt/Itsuki:''' I don't know... singing?²* Part 7:²** The two discuss how oddly widespread the fear of clowns is in North America and yet completely absent in Japan. Matt then brings up a Japanese game developer whose clown character design was rejected due to being too scary and how it made him realize he had found an easy way to crit Americans.²*** After fighting goofy clown heads, Woolie was not prepared for the [[TinTyrant Ironclad Myrmidon]].²** When they see the smoke machine item is used to escape battle, they wonder if Beyoncé ever though using that tech to escape shoddy concert.²** Woolie's reaction when he sees "[[{{Bishonen}} bishdish]]" producer Hatanaka, wishing he becomes part of the party.²--->'''Woolie:''' Oh my god, your hair is ''perfect''. That is immaculate volume.²* Part 8:²** Woolie notes that in a world where having talent causes otherworldly abominations to invade, it might be better to have ''no'' talent. Matt proudly points out that [[TakeThatUs the Best Friends are ahead of the curve on that]].²** Woolie ThatCameOutWrong ability shows up again. That he sounds extremely defeated over it really sells it²--->'''Woolie:''' Pounded by her weaknesses... It's the phrase that came--\²'''Matt''': ''Grind'' on her!²** Oribe's pep talk for her sister takes a slightly... different turn.²--->'''"Oribe"''': You worked so hard-- even though you didn't do anything, technically-- you worked so hard to just style on all those skanks. To beat them all out, to be the number one. You aren't trashy like them, you were awesome and talented! You knew how to dance! I'll always be your biggest fan! ''[under her breath]'' Having a family member be your biggest fan is the lamest thing in the world, just saying it, just putting it out there.\²'''"Touma"''': Tsubasa, why are you throwing so much shade? It's blotting out the sun!²* Part 9:²** The guys point out how bizarre the contrast is when they leave what's essentially a satanic hellhole and return to the happy city with the sun shining.²*** Itsuki ''refuses'' to be Tiki's big brother figure.²** Oribe needs to sing to rescue her sister. The guys recommend a few songs, such as "Master Exploder" and "Freebird".²** Considering fusing with demons in ''SMT'' and ''Persona'' is a gruesome execution, Woolie fully expected Unity in this game to be fuck-fighting.²** Matt and Woolie start talking about an inside joke, which Woolie declares impenetrable to anybody not a member of the original group.²* Part 10:²** Matt and Woolie share stories about their first websites, from Woolie's overly dramatic presentation of three whole art pieces to Matt's website only he knew about because he wouldn't ''tell'' anybody about it.²** Woolie commenting how useless characters are to him if they don't [[CombinationAttack session]].²--->'''Matt:''' There is like a pest animal outside and you punch it while your girlfriend stand there and like "what the fuck? Didn't you see the session".²** Woolie suggests that instead of leaving the dungeon every time to get drink from the vending machines and boosts the gang should get all together and bring the machine into the Idolasphere.²** Woolie wants Kiria to return at the end of the dungeon and to herald her appearance by using the Wii-U gamepad to text "[[RunningGag I live, bitch!]]".²** Woolie notices that [[FunnyBackgroundEvent your party members will wave]] if you're hovering over a skill that leads to a session...[[FailedASpotCheck but somehow misses]] not only the exclamation points that appear over the enemies when you do so, but also the ''giant list'' of what the session order will be on the left side of the screen. The comments waste no time in pointing this out.²* Part 11:²** Woolie has been wondering if they'll reach the point where they so outlevel the enemies in a fight that they never get a chance to attack. They almost get that, except for one mob that survives the first round.²--->'''Woolie''': And then there's ''this'' fucking loser that doesn't know when to quit. Can't you tell, asshole? Read the room! Read the room!²** Touma's inability to session due to poor elemental affinity continues to nag Woolie.²--->'''Matt''': He's like Woolie.²** Chrom is interested in the modern world and is currently interested in learning more about this thing called [[{{Squick}} vore]]. This leads to Matt imagining ''Fire Emblem'' knights failing to comprehend pop.²* Part 12:²** Woolie decides to follow a piece of advice they got, namely "Visit the fucking Hee Ho Mart". They reason the things they buy there that boost their Performa are things like little notes saying nice things about Itsuki.²** Matt lists all of the ways they have for quickly leaving a dungeon as he's stunned by how much this game "emphasizes cowardice".²** Woolie is having trouble remembering the games rock-paper-scissors, but is comforted when Matt states he does even worse and will just agree with anything Woolie says.²--->'''Matt''': You know what an ax works well against? Someone that's unarmed.²** Oribe's long-awaited heart-felt song to her sister is completely wordless, consisting of nothing but "La la la". Woolie and Matt eviscerate her and hope it actually powers up the Mirage due to it being so awful and childish.²* Part 13:²** Matt jumps in without thinking and immediately jumps back out.²--->'''Woolie''': So you got a hot lady with horse legs--\²'''Matt''': Yeah I'm down.\²'''Woolie''': Yeah?\²'''Matt''': Uh, no, I'm not, I back out.\²'''Woolie''': ''[chuckling]'' Yeah, you ready to try and figure ''that'' one out?²** Reading the Horseslayer skill, Woolie is reminded of just how easy it is for a horse to get an injury requiring euthanasia.²--->'''Woolie:''' Matt, imagine if you chipped a nail, and you have to die because of it.²** Woolie spots the most bizarre part of Kiria's outfit -- a literal ''belt'' around her coat's collar. Over an actual choker.²** Woolie is absolutely baffled when he realizes the first thing the office did when Aya got back was make her an office assistant as "light rehab". Nevermind the fact she's most likely ''[[UndeadTaxExemption legally dead]]'' and just got out of being demonically possessed.²--->'''Woolie''': Not everyone gets a second chance at going back to being a slave.²* Part 14:²** When Maiko asks Itsuki to stay alone, Matt assumes she wants MC sex, which is ''exactly'' what she hints at. ²--->'''Woolie:''' Matt, stop saying things. You're making them happen.²** Matt's answer when Tsubasa accuses men of all wanting the same thing.²--->'''Matt:''' Opening tickets to ''Film/{{Rampage|2018}}''.²** They completely fail recording the Wii-U pad this time.²--->'''Woolie''': In conclusion, fuck it.\²'''Matt''': In traditional Best Friends style, things aren't working, and fuck it.²** Matt and Woolie love how the "Intermission" is stated to be a period when ''nothing of importance happens''.²*** Woolie's first action on getting control? Turning off Kiria's Carnage form and declaring it wiped from existence.²** Kiria challenges Oribe and Itsuki to rise up and meet her challenge in learning to be an idol.²--->'''Itsuki''': I hate this shit. I'm just here because I have nothing going on.²*** Earlier, Itsuki was declared the leader of the band of the idols. Woolie wants to go back through the log to see if there was any reasoning because there is ''nothing special'' about Itsuki to justify him being made leader over Touma and Kiria, who are both more experienced.²** Oribe gets her music video and the guys like it and her costume... until they see the city is overgrown with flowers. As Woolie declares she's singing and dancing on humanity's grave after they all died, Matt worries it's ''VideoGame/TheLastOfUs''.²--->'''Matt''': And she's celebrating atop the corpses of mankind!²* Part 15:²** The guys absolutely love Barry's over-the-top "SHIT!" when Itsuki doesn't get his anime reference and then panics at the realization a moe fighting game is coming out shortly.²--->'''Matt''': How do they know what Liam is like?²** Oribe excitedly drags Itsuki off to watch the show of an actor they just met.²--->'''Itsuki''': But I hate everything about this industry. You're forgetting that I don't want to be here or do any of this.²** Later Itsuki admits he doesn't even watch T.V. Matt admits he hadn't even read the text where Itsuki said that, it just sounds like what a bland, clueless teenager would say.²--->'''Itsuki:''' I sit in a chair and I stare at the wall. My hands are folded and it's a fold out chair.²** Matt's story of how a woman very obviously came onto him when he went to sign a lease and his absolutely freaked out voice while recalling his responses.²** Woolie is ''very'' upset that Aya's return from the hell dimension is being so thoroughly downplayed and ignored. Especially the fact that while Aya came back ''there were a lot of people from the same event who didn't''.²** Matt once again throwing legendary shade to the photographer who took a lot of pictures of one bridesmaid ''instead of Matt's wedding''. And following that he was flirting with said bridesmaid online despite her being ''married and not interested''.²--->'''Matt:''' What a piece of shit. And also your photography was bad.²* Part 16:²** Continuing on his complaints from last episode, Woolie notes that the characters seem remarkably unconcerned with the fact that idols are flat out disappearing.²*** Related to this, Matt points out how Oribe is apparently not spending any time with Aya despite having longed to see her sister for years.²--->'''"Itsuki"''': But Tsubasa, what about your sister's feelings?\²'''"Oribe"''': Who?²** Their reaction to Hinozawa, who they find remarkably not racist and cool looking.²** Matt and Woolie pointing out how the main character of this type of RPG usually become so versatile, they are probably calmly asking the element specialists to sit this one out.²--->'''Woolie:''' I don't need you if all you have is bufu.²** Woolie blessing the Japanese service workers, who continue working even as their souls is being sucked by the mirages.²** Itsuki being told he isn't needed.²--->'''Itsuki:''' I guess I'll just go home and masturbate. Wait, I don't really have an interest or passion in masturbation. So I'll just stare at the wall again.²** Tsubasa bungled the photo shoot; Matt and Woolie immediately assume it was gas and deem her "Tsu-''Gas''-a."²* Part 17:²** Thanks to suggestions from the audience, Woolie will now be cycling out every item after he has Mastered it. He'll squeeze all of the useful abilities out of an item and then abandon and forget it in favor of the next new item.²--->'''Matt''': [[TakeThat It's just like the idol industry!]]²** Woolie is bemused by a side story of watching a television show opening while [[TakeYourTime people are trapped in a hell dimension]]. Matt notes it's not that bad in-universe given they're sandbagging Aya's return from life, which Woolie is still ''very'' salty over.²** Matt questions the protagonist screaming ForGreatJustice against jellyfish monsters, as the concept might elude them. Right after that one of them charms Itsuki and Woolie points out they understand love at least.²** Kiria levels up enough to unlock a side story.²--->'''Matt:''' Cancel all other side stories.²* Part 18:²** Matt mentions that his wife calls the game ''"Anime Twilight"'' for reasons even he doesn't get.²** While talking about Star Wars, Matt concludes that sometimes anime bullshit is more logical than "they're friends".²--->'''Matt:''' No, Darth Talon and Darth Maul are not friends. Just because they are red and black doesn't mean they're friends, Georgie.²** Talking about their taste in chocolates and how some people outside Canada asks why they aren't eating better flavor, Woolie explains they don't have any options.²--->'''Matt:''' These are the dicks we can suck and we will suck them. I know that ''you'' have big exotic dicks. Where you are, there's many, but we're fine with sucking these.²** Woolie and Matt talks about a stripper just eating pizza on the stage as part of the show, they agree that it feels like a great job to have.²* Part 19:²** Matt commenting on how awkward it is when companies take jabs at each other in a show and how badly it can age, like if ''Justice League'' kept making jokes about ''Black Panther'' being a flop.²** Kiria getting level 21 prompts Matt and Woolie to joke she's 21 years old and past her prime.²--->'''Woolie:''' You can drive, get the hell out of there.²** Woolie once again mentions how the disappeared people from three years ago are not a priority for the characters.²--->'''Woolie''': Ah, nothing like the smell of dead horse.²** When Oribe is downed and needs a revive, the duo laments they can't just have Touma just drag her dead body off stage.²* Part 20:²** Learning a new boss fight includes a few steps: Learn the moves; forget the moves; tell Billy to cut the worst attempts; and revive Oribe again.²** Matt considering what the Idol scenes would look like in current day Detroit.²--->'''Idol:''' Hey everyone, like cheer on. Positivity!\²'''Audience:''' Flint still doesn't have clean water! The amount of money it took to put on this show you could have fixed our fucking pipes! Fuck you! We are not actually angry at you; you're trying your best.²*** While discussing Woolie's dietary restrictions and the torment of healthy waffles that he can't pour syrup on, Matt suggests pouring [[BrickJoke positivity]] on them.²* Part 21:²** Deciding to have Oribe train a bit since she is under level, Matt brings up that for what should be the protagonist she spends most of her time on the bench.²*** The very first fight after Matt says they need to level her, Woolie almost immediately wants to bench her because she's under level.²** Woolie once again makes an innuendo that begs to be taken out of context.²--->'''Woolie:''' I'll get to work on the little girl.²** Woolie becomes increasingly exasperated with Tiki, who constantly messages him about needing to visit her ''while they're fighting in a hell dimension''.²* Part 22:²** Woolie advises people that if they are doing a cosplay photoshoot and the photographer use his phone for it, run away.²--->'''Matt:''' If you get a photographer and he says "I did the [=McMuscles=] wedding", ''do not''. [[CallBack Call the cops]].²** Woolie taking time so people can use [[ this reaction]] as a meme template.²** Their amazement at the boss power to seal their magic with his camera.²--->'''Woolie:''' Without our Carnage Form we are just children.²** Seeing [[{{Bishounen}} Yashiro]]'s concert start, Woolie has some advice.²--->'''Woolie''': [[EvenTheGuysWantHim Matt, that feeling in your loins right now? Embrace it.]]\²'''Matt''': Yeah, I'm trying to.²** The episode ends with Matt screaming "titties are gonna grow!"²* Part 23:²** Matt and Woolie can't handle how perfect Oribe's new outfit is or the poses she strikes.²--->'''Mat''': ''(as the boss goes crazy over Oribe)'' Yo! This is it, this is what I wanted, exactly what I fucking wanted! This better just beat him.²** The boss Gangrel shares a name with a wrestler that Matt mention started the "New Porn Order".²--->'''Woolie''': ...Wait.\²'''Matt''': He started a porn company. And directed some porn.\²'''Woolie:''' Wait. As, as a kayfabe?\²'''Matt:''' '''No.'''²** Matt voicing Maiko when she is freed.²--->'''Maiko:''' You guys didn't look through My Complex did you?\²'''Oribe:''' I looked at your big fucking titty photos.²** Debating what entertainment industry figure could be the leader of the Mirages, the guys settle on Suge Knight. His final attack is teleporting to [[BlackComedy hold you out a window]].²* Part 24:²** Eleonora, the blond half-Japanese idol, makes her appearance and declares she'll one day be a top Hollywood actor. Matt thinks they'll probably just [[RaceLift cast a white actor for her role]].²*** When Itsuki asks if she's mixed race, the guys start cycling through the various terms for it like asking if she's a dhampyr or mulatto.²** They propose a boy band named the "Omni-Directional Boyz", who are obviously better than the One Way Boyz. Though in some countries they're known as the [[Manga/AttackOnTitan 3D-Maneuver Boyz]].²** Once again Itsuki keeps hammering how unaware of anything he is when Ellie said she plays in ''Dandelion Love''.²--->'''"Itsuki":''' I recently bought a poster. It's a blank, white poster. One day when I have a direction, I will put something on the poster.²*** Touma points out Eleonora's show is getting bad ratings and nobody's talking about it.²--->'''Touma''': It's kind of ''ass''.²** Due to bad positioning of an animated icon in a cutscene, both Woolie and Matt mistakenly think Oribe just took a ''dump'' on the floor.²** When Ayaha suggests Itsuki would be better fixing Kiria's plushy.²--->'''Woolie:''' What do I pay you-- Get back in the dungeon!²** Woolie comments that while Itsuki is obviously horrible at sewing back a plushy, he didn't even try using colors that match!²** After Kiria powers from getting her plushy back with an over-the-top cutscene. They immediately decide to go do Touma's as well, because Woolie is more than happy to get another O-face.²* Part 25:²** Their reaction to Kiria's concert after her sidequest was completed, wishing one of the options for Itsuki is just "breathes heavily".²*** They wanted her to dress up in a plushy outfit, but are completely into her Jotaro costume. Woolie instantly regrets buying her other outfit before this.²--->'''Woolie''': Fuck that fifty-one thousand! Money wasted!²** Reading a text message for a newly available sidequest, Woolie realizes Maiko is drunk.²--->'''Matt:''' DO THAT ONE!²** The ingredients to cure her hangover disgust Matt.²--->'''Matt:''' It's got ''[building] nails'' in it! Eat this Maiko!²** Since the sidequests with Kiria serve to show her cute side, Woolie guesses Oribe's sidequests will show her badass side. Matt hopes that Oribe turns out to be super into dog fights.²** Maiko is apparently drinking with officials and the police so they won't reveal to the public that the ''world is about to end''. Not to avoid a mass panic, but because it would cut into the sales on their new album.²--->'''Matt:''' They are being brought to sake bars by this mature, older 23 year old.\²'''Woolie:''' "Don't tell the world that it's almost over. Whatever you do, we got a bunch of kids on it, they're figuring it out. More importantly, check this album out."²* Part 26:²** The duo wonder what it would be like if they got an ominous warning to put their affairs in order in real life when they went to see a movie.²** Woolie and Matt's reaction as Touma is about to get dunked by a boy for fanboying over a sentai at his age.²--->'''Matt:''' This is like when a kid comes up to me and says Godzilla isn't real and I just powerbomb him through a table.²** Touma decides to practice his skills for an audience by going again to Daitama Idolashpere. Woolie and Matt can't help but think the monsters are getting sick of being massacred by overleveled characters and dread every time the door to the Idolasphere is opened.²--->'''Woolie:''' "Hey man, you bored?" "Yeah." "You want to crash some pussy ass bitch monster?" "Sure thing. Meet you in Daitama?" "Uh-huh."²** Touma's new Performa, "Mind of a Hero, gained thanks to his desire to be a sentai is the most powerful thing of all: Kayfabe. Which carries over to him getting absolutely demolished in his first performance as a villain.²--->'''Woolie''': Mind of a Hero, Soul of a Jobber.²*** They really want Touma to show his new power by beating up or terrorizing the kid who dunked on him.²* Part 27:²** Woolie says Tsubasa shouldn't be worried about being in public since she is not popular. As he says that, he and Matt notice the giant screen with Tsubasa's face from her new album.²** Woolie prefers hanging out with Kiria and Touma and wishes Itsuki was just romping up with them while Tsubasa hands out tissues.²** When Tsubasa succeeds at her meet-and-greet, Woolie gives her the most condescending congratulations he can for managing this bare minimum of social interaction.²** Tiki's side quest is begun with a complete lack of enthusiasm and the fact that they're apparently looking for somebody who wants to marry this five thousand year old dragon child doesn't help.²* Part 28:²** They start the episode mocking people for having waifus... and then Woolie sheepishly admits they have friends like that.²*** Given Tiki=Waifu managed to reach the fourth floor of the Idolasphere without any seeming difficulty despite lacking a Carnage form, they speculate she would be a good addition to the team.²** Woolie doubling down on Tiki's usefulness as grinding and nothing else.²--->'''Woolie:''' Quite frankly, you should just be a vending machine. Input, output. Press button, get special weapon... Team vending machine.\²'''Matt:''' You're more like a fax machine, really. [[InsultToRocks A vending machine has too much personality.]]²** When Aya says she suspects Mirages to be behind people's depression, Matt thinks the crew just needs to accept some people are just assholes.²** Touma's sidequest has him trying to talk about girls²--->'''Matt:''' We got to get rid of them!.²** Just as he is about to explain the boy that dunked on Touma interrupts them.²--->'''Woolie:''' "I heard y'all were talking about catching some snitches. You trying to find some stank?" \²'''Matt:''' "You know how me, Boy, do."\²'''Woolie:''' "How you go talking about catching some stank when I'm not around."\²'''Matt:''' "You know I'm down!"²** When Touma explains he wants to be a real hero for the boy, the guys point out he can just go carnage form and just bring him in an Idolasphere would fix this in a minute.²** Then they go back to the quest.²--->'''Touma:''' So anyway, now that that shit kid's out, how about we talk about getting our dicks wet?²* Part 29:²** They are having a great time making Touma and Itsuki look like skeezy pick up artists²--->'''Matt:''' She's like "you guys are horrible" and then Touma looks over at Itsuki and Itsuki is giving a big thumbs up.²** Woolie suggests "accidentally" dropping a magnum condom when going for his phone to take the girl's topic ID. Matt suggests dropping your phone and show a picture of your magnum dong on the screen instead.²** Touma's new Performa is alternately known as "Soul of a Catcall", "Chauvinist Pig", or "Holla-holla-holla for a Dolla".²** Cain is puzzled at Touma trying to woo women as part of a hero's journey and wonders if he should stay at Touma's side. The friends think this ''holographic assistant'' needs to be quiet and just do his job.²--->'''Touma:''' Itsuki? Ok I'm mid-panty raid and I need your back up. What are you doing right now? Come find me, I'm in Shibuya. But I don't know where, help. I woke up in this room, there is all kinds of panties on my head right now.²** Woolie admits that Touma has a lot of self-confidence to be able to wear his gaudy leopard print costume.²*** Touma declares he will save the children and beautiful ladies. Men and uggos are out of luck, and uggo children are ''extra'' out of luck. ²** Matt wants people to know Woolie refers to Haim Saban from ''Power Rangers'' with the same disdain normally reserved for war criminals and genociders.²** Woolie and Matt conclude it's not about creeping on gals, it's about embarrassing yourself so the children are inspired by it... to not be like Touma.²* Part 30:²** Woolie and Matt use the downtime after finishing sidequests to explain there is construction going on downstairs, so if they raise their voices it's to muffle it. Woolie suggests editing with a compressor later but they might want to update their motto of "expect nothing, deliver less" to "we've done worse".²--->'''Mat''': If you're able to bite into the pillow and take the worst, then you can't complain about not the worst.²** Matt recalls an interview where a man explained today's porn industry can not rival to hentai and animated porn as the camera angle allows inside and x-ray footage not possible on porn actors.²--->'''Matt:''' That guy was right!²** Barry's rather unhealthy comments about Mamori.²--->'''Woolie:''' He might as well say "I want to see her grow up healthy".²*** Matt suggests that going for the charger is too creepy and desperate. He should go with something more normal, like stealing her clothes or cutting a lock of hair.²** When Mamori leaves the office it's depicted by having her fade out of the frame. Matt and Woolie assume she must've been a casualty of Thanos's fingersnap.²*** They begin pronouncing Mamori as "mammaries".²** When Yashiro shows up to kidnap Tiki.²--->'''Matt:''' Well she's ''ours'', she's our property. She's like our toaster. We bought her, legally ours.²*** Woolie points out that Yashiro has the ability to steal Tiki away because he has ''heterochromia''. They imagine he's actually super prejudiced against inferior beings whose eyes are the same color.²** Matt and Woolie point out a sword that hurts when you hold the handle says a lot about Yashiro's character.²** When Kiria regrets not being strong enough, Woolie thinks it'll lead to a moment she'll leave for a few episodes to get stronger.²--->'''Woolie''': Imagine if that trope plays out and it's like "Are you stronger?" because she is wearing a new outfit and she is like "No, I just bought clothes."²** On seeing the new Mirage attack is led by a death metal Barry, Woolie erupts in delighted cackles.²* Part 31:²** Eleonora's Mirage looks like an actual Stand while her armor is right out of [[Anime/{{Scryed}} s-CRY-ed]].²*** The costume grows on Woolie over time, though he states that he really wants the costume on her TV show to be an ''Manga/AzumangaDaioh'' penguin suit.²** Discussing {{Old Shame}}s, Matt wonders what will happen if historians find out the ''Reboot'' logo, that Woolie has a pin of and uses a lot, turns out to have been the emblem of a forgotten tribe of racist, genocidal maniacs.²--->'''Matt:''' In your travels one day you go to some obscure country, and they like run you out of town. But you don't know what the problem is, they just start running after you.\²'''Woolie:''' That would suck. That would suck ''so hard''.²*** This conversation is started by Woolie soliciting people who were fans of ''Literature/{{Twilight}}'' at the start of the craze to write in what they think about it looking back.²** Woolie showed his family his Haka training, and his mom spent the entire time scowling and eventually crossing her arms. Apparently she's of the group that thinks if you don't understand what somebody is doing or the language they're using to explain it, the whole thing is ''demonic''.²*** Matt chimes in that while his parents are way more lax, his dad once admonished him for having his eyebrow pierced, asking him what his boss would think of that.²--->'''Matt:''' "Well, dad, since my boss has a tongue piercing"... and then he got that weird Mohawk, "Well I doubt he cared. He probably thinks I'm lame." And my dad is like "Well it's not about what your boss thinks" and then I go "Then what is it about, DAD! Then what is it about!"²* Part 32:²** Continuing the discussion from last part, Woolie wonders what the parents of the Mirage Masters would do if their kids came back in Carnage form. Itsuki's dad would probably bail.²** Woolie is increasingly annoyed by the sheer volume of texts that crops up even when he's just doing a little maintenance at the base. He wished Itsuki could just turn his phone off.²** Matt's perfect defense against Kizun AI, a LP channel about an AI playing game: The Best Friends have done the worst already so their audience's expectations are already low, while Kizun cannot lower its standards.²--->'''Matt:''' We're just yelling at Game Grumps "You didn't beat us, we are surviving."\²'''Woolie:''' Right now. As we yell over the sounds of [[CallBack drills and jackhammers]]\²'''Matt:''' That podcast that was being deconstructed around our heads. Bricks were falling. Dust was settling.\²'''Woolie:''' Nothing can stop us from playing ''Tokyo Mirage Sessions''. You hear me, nothing.\²'''Matt:''' The only thing would be if Nintendo announced the Switch version.\²'''Woolie:''' [[VerbalBackspace That would stop us]]. That would in fact-- yeah. But the point remains.²** Woolie explains the stupidity behind attacking the toughest guy in jail on your first day. First is that you're going to die. Second is that people do that in ''jail'' when they're going to be released at the end of the day. It makes you look like a violent idiot and screws up any chance at getting bail.²* Part 33:²** Matt declares a Phantom they just killed only wanted to perform.²** Woolie points out Ellie would be able to aim better by just standing still instead of flipping when she shoots an arrow, even if it will look way less cool.²--->'''Ellie:''' Yeah, but this is ''Hollywood''. I gotta jack them up, and I gotta jump high.\²'''Itsuki''': But it makes it so much harder to do it in midair.\²'''Ellie''': Nah man, Hollywood.²** Woolie is absolutely dumbfounded to learn that Tommy Wisseau's ''Best F(r)iends'' is split into two volumes. Matt notes the second part will be shown wherever bad movies are shown.²** During one of the fights they realize that the last training cutscene with Barry was Itsuki's but the game ''still'' didn't say what he is being trained for.²* Part 34:²** The duo point out that movie makers can throw out all sorts of pitches and instantly forget them, allowing them to just make shit up. Just like Pat.²** Matt relates that he's hit hard by the meme about leaving a game you like to die so you can hang with a game that'll make their channel grow. Woolie agrees they choose to have a good time even if it's actively murdering the channel.²--->'''Woolie:''' That's our struggle, that's our life, and that's our stupid shit. I'M PLAYING ''TOKYO MIRAGE SESSIONS'', MATT! WE'RE PLAYING FUCKING ''# FE''!²** Woolie compares limiting classic [=IPs=] on the 3DS to the companies disposing of disgusting guck they don't want on the main consoles.²--->'''Woolie''': I want the guck, I've been ''craving'' the guck for years.\²'''Matt''': I live in the guck!\²'''Woolie''': I have a home made of guck.²* Part 35:²** Ellie starts nagging Itsuki to start her side mission... while the group is currently ''in the middle of a hellish netherworld trying to save Barry''. [[TakeYourTime They decide he can last a little while longer]].²** The guys are not amused by Ellie's date relies on having to find her.²--->'''Matt:''' You better have the hottest, thickest ass ''ever'' for this to be worth it.²*** When Ellie CanNotSpitItOut that she needs to go on a date with Itsuki, stumbling over the "d", Woolie shouts "Diaphragm!"²*** Given this is not how dates work or people talk, the duo speculate David Cage wrote the side quest.²** Woolie and Matt point out that Ellie's desire to go to Hollywood might be a bit dated given the scandals enveloping it in 2018.²* Part 36:²** Having enjoyed Ellie's side mission, the guys check to see if any others are available, but they haven't progressed enough with their allies and Maiko isn't drunk enough yet. So they reluctantly decide it's time to save Barry.²** Woolie learning boss fights the hard way continues.²--->''[boss's add attacks, hitting every member of the gang]''\²'''Woolie:''' Okay, let's kill the adds.\²''[boss's other add drops a massive heal on the entire enemy group]''\²'''Woolie:''' Oh, let's kill the fucking adds.²* Part 37: ²** The guys sandbagging Yashiro's disdain for friendship when their swords and spells run on the PowerOfFriendship.²** Woolie wishing he had a conversation where both people have their back turned, thinking of it as an anti-staring contest where the first one to turn loses.²** Leaving the dungeon with Barry trapped inside yet again, they claim Tiki has informed them that Barry's skin is now completely burned away. Given how long they're taking to save him, Matt wants him to just be a burning skeleton when they finally reach the last boss.²** Tsubasa's plan to learn to be devilish is to talk to a stray cat called Little Devil, who is just an actual cat. Kiria than shows and Woolie hopes Itsuki walks off with her.²--->'''Woolie:''' She wouldn't even notice. Just go, just follow.²*** Woolie is absolutely ''baffled'' by Tsubasa's decision to focus on a ''cat'', having spent the entire time leading up to this making jokes about her needing to get ''filthy''.²** Woolie during Tsubasa's epiphany where she thanks the cat for his "coaching".²-->'''Woolie:''' Oh, you're just crazy... oh, she's just insane.\²'''Matt:''' No but look ''(Oribe's gaining a performa)'' she was right.\²'''Woolie:''' But she's just convinced that she's right. You don't have to be ''right'' you just have to'' think'' that you are.\²'''Matt:''' No, you can't get this shit if you just think you're right.\²'''Woolie:''' It's believe, Matt.\²'''Matt:''' Yeah, you're right.\²'''Woolie:''' All you have to do is believe! She's just nuts! She's slow and she's kinda dumb and she's crazy.²* Part 38: ²** Matt gives a flat no when Tiki suggests they get back to saving Barry. They reluctantly head back into the dungeon... and have to ''immediately leave'' to progress the story.²** Woolie choosing Touma to sing even though he didn't know the song.²** Woolie and Matt have an argument about Puff Daddy come with us had a great music video or not, Woolie says it is but refuses to check.²** Woolie summing up what is happening.²--->'''Woolie:''' What is this video game? What does this have to do with ''Fire Emblem'' or ''Shin Megami Tensei''? We are learning anime themes to sing to a demon program director at an infested television station. What does that have to do with either of those franchises?²* Part 39:²** Mamori having to sing to bring back Barry.²--->'''"Itsuki"''': Get into the fucking Eva and sing.\²'''"Mamori":''' But I just do a shitty cooking show.²** Tsubasa's Ad-lib Performance gets the duo screaming in joy.²--->'''Matt:''' Get in there my son.²** The guys going from amazed at Mamori's Carnage Form to laughing at the helmet.²* Part 40:²** Picking up from last part, Matt refuses this costume but Woolie decides he's in and Matt will just have to deal.²--->'''Woolie''': I'm pulling you in. I grabbed you by the fucking hand and pulled you in.²** Matt saying Draug's head remind him of the ''Home Alone'' furnace, which Woolie dubs as children's first introduction to fear.²** Hyping up the new president Mahiro Tsurumi, an unknown and eccentric newcomer in the idol industry, as a villain.²--->'''Woolie''': Tsurumi the Genocider has made his way to the top.\²'''Matt:''' Tsurumi the Vioblader. ''(Woolie laughs)'' What the fuck's a Vioblader?²** Woolie flat-out refuses Tiki's new side story because there's a whiff of a sneeze from Kiria on the wind.²*** Toward the end of the episode, they suspect all of her messages have alerts that let Tiki know they've been read but Itsuki isn't responding.²** Examining the various class changes for Chrom, they discover his Conqueror appearance.²--->''[Woolie cooes]''\²'''Matt''': Yo. Throw your hands in the air! Edgelord, ''[Woolie joins in]'' Edgelords!²* Part 41:²** Barry's sidequest is to get a Mamorin charms to the Hee Ho Mart.²--->'''Matt:''' You mean the one that's across the street from your fucking place!²** Their reaction to Itsuki's "Please do your job" line.²*** They point out this task is important enough to impact their XP and the price of goods... just like [[CallBack talking to a cat]].²** The Hee Ho Mart describes the person who left with the charm has a mature woman with glasses and business attire.²--->'''Matt:''' That sounds like Touma.\²'''Woolie:''' (reading) She nonchalantly came in mid-day to buy alcohol during the work week.\²'''Matt:''' That's Oribe for sure... We have to kill Eleonora.²** Now that they have her number, they want Itsuki to send the clerk some nudes.²** When news arrives that Kiria's side story is now available, Itsuki ''sprints'' to the office to arrive out of breath. And then Woolie's prayers that her new gig be a penguin mascot suit comes (partly) true to the couch's joy.²*** Kiria's outburst reminds Woolie of his own breakdown during ''Omikron''.²** Kiria's side story objective? Overcoming her weakness for cute things by slaughtering cute things in the Idolasphere.²--->'''Matt''': I don't know, should cute things really to die to appease Kiria's want to be cool?\²'''Woolie''': I've already stacked the bodies.²* Part 42:²** The episode starts with Woolie talking about a study that shows multi-tasking doesn't work the way most people think as people actually focus on one task while the others essentially go on autopilot. As he is explaining this, he nearly runs right into an enemy and then blunders into a dungeon hazard, perfectly demonstrating his point.²*** Woolie and Matt declare that this is the "LP Tax" which contributes to them messing up or missing seemingly obvious story bits or objects. They don't expect the harsher viewers to accept this, but still feel vindicated.²** Woolie guesses the absolutely cute sidequest was the core of Kiria's character and everything else was just lead up to a tough girl wearing a cat mascot costume.²** They choose the "May I feel the suit" option. Matt reassures her that it's not what she thinks, Itsuki's just a ''massive pervert''.²--->'''Woolie:''' It's like white people with my dreads.²** Woolie and Matt reject the fact that Tiki is an actual being. When Woolie once again calls her a vending machine, Matt states she's closer to a hotel mini-fridge.²** Another sidequest has them be on another wild goose chase because the clerk girl is out of the quest item.²--->'''Matt:''' Why do I bother with the Hee Ho Mart?!²* Part 43:²** Woolie's interpretation of Itsuki adding drama into eating a donut.²--->'''Itsuki:''' I'm busting a nut, oooooh shit! It's like she's still sucking! Oooooh.²** Making fun of Ayaha being set to the background, wondering if they'll pushed her in the dimension.²** Maiko getting another gig for Tsubasa, Ellie and Itsuki from Daiba tv.²--->'''Matt:''' THAT'S THE THING THAT KILLS PEOPLE, DAIBA TV! You stupid idiot.\²(intermission in game)\²'''Matt:''' Few days later, EVERYONE'S DEAD!²** The guys suggests Tsubasa got the gig thanks to her titi-charms, charmities.²--->'''Yashiro:''' Isn't Oribe a complete amateur?\²'''Woolie:''' You're not wrong, but have seen her giant... performa?²** The conversation about the sneezing detective being part of the three bodily functions trilogy or being used to convey the director's fetishes.²** The show director yelling at Tsubasa's acting being garbage is being possessed by a mirage, but as Woolie points out it's not like Tsubasa's performance is good.²--->'''Woolie:''' His eye for talent is still sharp as fuck.²* Part 44:²** The duo suspects that while previous Mirage victims were much better people after they were freed, the director will still be a massive jerk. They even suspect the Mirage will be ''happy'' to be freed from the director.²** Woolie wants to see what a savage encounter feels now, first clue for the TotalPartyKill is how huge the Mirages are.²--->'''Matt:''' (seeing the Chaos Falcon) What the fuck is that thing in the back?²** After the one-round wipe, they're informed they've unlocked [[EasyModeMockery Friendly difficulty]]. Matt fully approves of the name.²* Part 45:²** After listing anime of the early [=2000s=], Woolie spend most of the video driven crazy by his inability to remember ''VideoGame/SakuraWars'' by name.²--->'''Matt:''' Woolie is edging by the way.²** Woolie recounts his extreme dedication to the series ''Anime/WolfsRain'' and how he loved it so much he wanted to dress like the characters.²--->'''Matt''': You already do!²** Matt responds that he was introduced to it by the president of his anime club who also tried introducing him to ''Manga/{{Chobits}}''. He would later ask her to ''stop'' introducing him to anime.²** Itsuki wonders why, after doing everybody else's sidequests, nobody wants to do ''his''. He helped them figure out how to do what they want, now they need to help him figure out what he wants to do.²* Part 46:²** Woolie comments how news of ''WesternAnimation/{{Undergrads}}'' getting a movie isn't out of nowhere, since if you followed the website, the writers were really onboard to do it.²--->'''Woolie:''' I mean it's still out of nowhere because it's been like seven years. You don't keep checking the website.²** Woolie and Matt complete sandbagging how Ayaha is being hostage again, acting like Tsubasa completely forgot who she is and people's interaction with her is just walking around her to get to the vending machine.²** When they have to go back to the office and investigate for a source of drama, they joke that Tsubasa only realize who Aya is when she sees the family picture.²--->'''Tsubasa:''' Oooooooh, my sister.²** When it turns out Ayaha wasn't in fact kidnapped, but the desk was empty, they assume she left for lunch.²** The two start cackling at the idea of Ayaha [[Manga/{{Naruto}} killing the rest of the Oribe clan to make Tsubasa stronger]].²** Oribe powers up her Mirage due to wanting to save her sister... who is apparently as important to Tsubasa as a ''random street cat''.²* Part 47:²** When Tsubasa has to do a kiss scene with Itsuki.²--->'''Oribe:''' Kiss Shitsuki?²** Itsuki himself has to think ''very deep'' on whether he'll kiss "Snoreibe", with Matt declaring him accepting it is ''jumping on a grenade''.²** With Tsubasa's new show being a hit, Ayaha offers her congratulations.²--->'''Oribe''': You some kind of intern? I'm pretty thirsty. Hey new girl, don't look me in the eyes. I will fly into a rage, off the fucking handle.²** Their interpretation of Yashiro just forcing himself in the party is that they didn't really beat him in the boss fight, so he can pretty much do what he wants without retaliation.²--->'''Woolie:''' Yashiro steals your girl.\²'''Matt:''' And you have to say you're welcome.\²'''Woolie:''' And your house and your car, he's fathering your children. Thank you sir, may I have another.²* Part 48:²** Touma, having not seen any use in a ''long'' time is thrilled when Itsuki actually starts looking over his skills.²--->'''Woolie''': It's not his fault, but cooler people walked in the class and it's time to ditch your friends.\²'''Matt''': Remember kids, that's how Woolie feels.²** When they give Yashiro's persona the Hero upgrade.²--->'''Matt:''' He is like "Wow I've only just joined the team, and I get a level up. This friendship thing is working out. Maybe you guys were onto something with this whole caring about other people."²** Maiko summoning Kiria, Itsuki and Tsubasa all together, Matt guesses she'll reveal she embezzled all their money and they've all been fired.²* Part 49:²** Itsuki unlocking unbowed courage has Woolie muse he became American and doesn't bow to say hi anymore.²** Aside from Tharja's almost villainous dialogue and laughter, Matt and Woolie are amused at how she's still being shy about her feelings for the most dull character in existence.²--->'''Tharja''': ''[singsong]'' Kiria likes Itsuki~\²'''Kiria''': ''Nobody likes Itsuki!''²** After completing Kiria's sidequest where she learned to be cool and cute to charm and murder her fan, Matt and Woolie ad lib her rebirth as something from ''Literature/RedDragon''²--->'''Kiria:''' You're all simply ants in the viscera, you are beneath me as I step above your corpses. But fear is not what you owe me; '' you owe me awe''.²** Their reaction to the performance taking place on the head of a giant Sir Gen plushy.²** When Kiria thanks Itsuki for his help.²--->'''Matt:''' HE DID NOTHING.\²'''Woolie:''' I literally did nothing. I cheerleaded from the sidelines.\²'''Matt:''' I healed you once, I gave you a can of energy drink.\²'''Woolie:''' I put curry under your nose.²** Then Touma, who was not involved in any fight but had an XP share booster, is shown gaining a new level.²--->'''Matt:''' He didn't do anything.\²'''Woolie:''' You're nothing!\²'''Matt:''' What the fuck did he do? Why'd he get a level up? Was he even in the party?\²'''Woolie:'''He's watching through the door crack.\²'''Matt:''' I'm starting to forget who that guy is.²** Yashiro is revealed to not being able to even feed himself without an assistant, he then collapses before even making it to the café.²--->'''Woolie:''' They didn't warn you on Game [=FAQs=] to never accept his sidequest or else he ''dies''.²** When Yashiro says the reason he never bothered learning how to eat is because he would rather perfect his acting skill, Matt and Woolie wonder what kind of breakdown he has when his role ask him to eat.²--->'''Matt:''' "Now eat that loaf of bread" and he just stomps on it. Puts it on his dick.\²'''Woolie:''' They give him chopsticks and he just stares at the camera and starts crying.²** When Itsuki is embellishing the meal he eats to teach Yashiro and compares the soup to a samurai of the ramen world.²--->'''Matt:''' Hanzo Hattori himself would cry into this soup.²* Part 50:²** Yashiro and Navarre starting their post-Unity conversation with ellipses, with Matt hoping all their exchanges will be just that. Then they crack up as Yashiro asks his Mirage why he didn't say anything when Yashiro was starving.²** Yashiro puts his food report practice to good use, showing how good his acting is as he looks like a cheerful chap compared to his brooding self, and outhams Itsuki's food praising.²--->'''Matt:''' I want Itsuki to go "Was that special effects when you shot [that laser beam] out of your mouth?"²** Woolie pointing out how lost Mamori must be when she sees the crew's M.O for all their issues is to fight monsters in the Idolasphere.²--->'''Woolie:''' She's like "I should try singing one day". '''"Let's go fight sir Lorenz'''".²** After the battle is finally over, Mamori's Mirage tells her he's sure she'll do better given how ''shit'' her last few episodes have been.²* Part 51:²** Barry commenting that Mamori being such an angel is proof of God.²--->'''Matt:''' This bitch be microwavin', there gotta be a god!\²'''Woolie:''' Barry unlocks new Performa: Proof of God.²** When they comment on Sir Lorenz probably still needing help inside the Idolasphere, Woolie suggests making him a secretary like Ayaha.²** When Maiko admits she is drunk, but just a teensy bit so it's fine, Matt darkly mentions [[NoodleIncident he's heard that one before]].²** The reveal that Tharja is the one that made the utaloid software for Tiki leaves Matt and Woolie confused.²--->'''Woolie:''' The mage from Fire Emblem, in its ghost Stand form--\²'''Matt:''' Reprogrammed my fucking laptop, to display this fucking imp.\²'''Woolie''': ''[chuckling]'' What is this game?²** The reward for helping Maiko is "My Complex 2".²--->'''Matt:''' It was banned from store shelves in Shibuya. You could see all of the labias.²** During Tsubasa's sidequest they see a composer declining his offer to help and leave mumbling about an idol dead five years ago. Woolie mentions in real business this is where you call it mulligan and look for someone else but here it's the sign of an enemy Mirage so they must defeat the monsters and take the song by force.²*** The composer reasons that he has no interest in helping an idol whose popularity was artificially increased. Matt and Woolie point out ''that's the idol industry's job''.²* Part 52:²** Wandering lost in the Idolasphere trying to find the event, Woolie and Matt's conversation eventually veers into why hip hop culture and Jamaicans are "super not down with going down".²--->'''Woolie''': Big prohibitations, like your partner enjoying sex. Big, big prohibited. Not allowed.\²'''Matt''': If I'm not having fun, no one can.\²'''Woolie''': Big proclamations being made on the channel today!²** Faced with the evil ghost of a dead idol, Woolie thinks they should give up on friendship to empower their Performa and just rely on ThePowerOfHate.²--->'''Matt''': "This next song's for the guy up there that keeps yelling from the balcony! It's called 'I Hate You, ''Please Die''.'"\²'''Woolie''': Yeah! Why can't Hate Breed get pushed?\²'''Matt''': Hate Breed? Man, I can't think of a band that more parents would be like "You're listening to ''what?''"²** Woolie points out that Oribe's final triumph of her personal story is ''forcing'' a guy who declined working with her to do so. They assume her main motivation here is not ''saving'' the composer but just getting the contract.²** When Woolie chooses "Tsubasa will be a new legend" Matt comments he would say that line regardless who it is referring too.²** Woolie showing Matt the power of dual art that resets Sessions.²--->'''Boss:''' How? How could I - I, the legendary idol - be bested by this child?\²'''Matt:''' Did you see those fucking sessions?²** Sawafuji begins praising Oribe in an ''incredibly'' creepy and fucked up manner, such as referring to her as a "vessel that accepts all fans' feelings" and claiming he didn't think it was possible with a "body of flesh." Matt says he's ''shaking with fury'' at the first part and at the second part declares the composer is probably still possessed.²* Part 53:²** Matt and Woolie's reactions to Tsubasa and Eleonora posing in tandem, accompanied with sparkle effects.²** The duo speculate that Yashiro always fires a cannon out of his mouth when he eats, and also fires them off while in the ''bathroom''.²** Woolie asks Matt if he would kill eldritch monsters if it meant his skills with [=LPing=] games would go up. Matt would give it a try, but would also give up very easily.²** As Yashiro's current mission comes to an end, Woolie notes his story feels more like teaching Yashiro how to be a ''human being''.²* Part 54:²** When Yashiro thanks Itsuki for being so direct Woolie points out he just said "what about friendship?" ²** The duo's annoyance at the absence of choice when Mamori asks who from the cast should be her older sister.²--->'''Matt:''' "Hey how about Ms. Maiko?" "Oh you mean Ellie?" "No. Ms. Maiko." "OK how about Tsubasa?" "Oh, Ellie." "No, no."²** Their annoyance only increases when Mamori learns "improv" by ''relying on Itsuki for her lines''.²** When Ellie worries that having Mamori's sister be biracial could cause some problems, the guys break down laughing as they overlooked that particular plot point.²--->'''Matt''': That might create ''problems''. People calling up the network going "I don't- I don't know about this!"\²'''Woolie''': "I just wanted a wholesome microwaving show."\²'''Matt''': "I didn't know that the biracials were taking our jobs!"\²'''Woolie''': "I just wanted to know how to heat up my food!"\²'''Matt''': "But now I have to look at this ''weirdo!''"\²'''Woolie''': "How'm I supposed to eat, staring at a ''biracial'' on my television, quite frankly."²** Woolie and Matt get angry at Mamori calling Itsuki big brother, especially when she brings up how he lets Tiki do it.²** The next characters who get a special dual move are Tiki and Touma. Aside from complaining they don't want Tiki, they're also annoyed that the game is now including made-up characters like this "Touma" in their combos.²** When Ellie mentions the network is looking to make changes to the show, Matt assumes one of the notes they sent down is to get rid of the "gross hybrid."²** Woolie starts a joke about how Tiki should have their meal ready for them when they arrive and starts pushing it only to realize it's a little ''too'' close to home and taps out.²* Part 55:²** Itsuki saying Ellie's biracial heritage isn't an issue is treated like a big lesson in the game and Ellie is moved but Matt and Woolie aren't that impressed.²--->'''Matt:''' Itsuki's going "It's nothing really you need to be ashamed of." NO! IT'S FUCKING NOT ITSUKI. "No, no, we still love you" YEAH YOU FUCKING DO! "Itsuki, thank you for being so understanding of my ''dark, gross past''."\²'''Woolie:''' "Even as a demi-human-- ''I mean'' biracial." Like, she's taking it as a huge compliment and it was really just him not being an asshole.²** Woolie's mind is ''blown'' when they get confirmation that the police not only know about the Idolaspheres but specifically contacts Fortuna to deal with cases involving them.²** When a kid shouts for his sentai hero to save him, Woolie laughs at the idea that your last word aren't to get help or want your mom but asking for your fake hero to save you.²--->'''Woolie:''' Help me, [[Franchise/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles Ninja Turtles]]! [[WesternAnimation/BikerMiceFromMars Biker Mice]]!²** Itsuki says they need to check their Topic in a cutscene in case it's important. Matt screams that Woolie has ''thirty'' unread Topic messages.²** After freeing Abel from his curse the guys leave the kid with him. Woolie wonders how the police are going to react when they learn Touma left the victim of a kidnapping ''with his abductor'' because he's good now that they beat him up a little.²** Woolie declares that Touma, having obtained his dream of being a henshin both onscreen and in real life, has now peaked. From here it's all downhill.²* Part 56:²** Matt suggests that over the course of the game Ayaha should blend more in more in the background until she's a colored silhouette like the extras.²** Matt reacting to Kiria's new clothes.²--->'''Matt:''' What is this engorgement in my pants?²** Matt wants to throw Tiki in the Recycling Bin but reluctantly admits they need to keep her around for upgrades.²* Part 57:²** Woolie sandbagging Tsubasa by choosing the "forgot you were part of the show" option.²--->'''Woolie''': I just showed up to make her cry before her performance.²** Woolie's reaction to the RedBaron alias of Gharnef, the Dark Pontifex. He thinks it sounds like one of the enemies that [[Manga/{{Berserk}} Griffith]] had to fight.²*** The ''Berserk'' parallels keep cropping up when they hear about something called the "Cosmic Egg" starting to swell in size.²* Part 58:²** The music dissonance of Fortuna's office after a giant cosmic egg has taken the city hostage makes Matt and Woolie joke about how casual the things look now.²--->'''Woolie:''' [[Manga/{{Berserk}} Itsuki's there with a broken sword and he's cutting off his wrist while he's bitten inside of the demon]] ''hums the Fortuna's office music''.²** Woolie comments that Itsuki finally succumbed to peer pressure and accepted his role as leader even though he has no quality of one nor has he done anything that showed leadership.²** Discussing how good it feels to yell one to three syllable names like Gharnef when taking revenge, Matt and Woolie reveal what name they will yell one day for that reason: "[[CallBack BRENNAN]]!" for Woolie and "[[RunningGag BLESS]]!" for Matt.²** Matt comments how unimpressed Yashiro is at seeing his doppelganger on TV.²** On seeing an extended Session where Touma attacks in his sentai outfit and Oribe attacks in her wedding dress, Woolie declares he's changed his mind. He promptly changes everyone else to have the most ridiculous outfits just to make Sessions wackier.²** Looking around a side room, Woolie spots a treasure chest.²--->'''Woolie''': Yeah, I been holding onto these.\²''[Treasure Key in possession: 1]''\²'''Matt''': ''[as Woolie chuckles]'' No, you have not, you giant, filthy liar. Woolie the Liar has tons of keys.²* Part 59:²** Their reaction when they can put the ''Egg of Satan'' on hold to complete Ellie's sidestory.²** Woolie is stunned to learn that Ellie was in something that was ''actually popular''.²** Ellie levels up her Performa, which in the following conversation manifests as a massive glowing light over her chest. Woolie notes this makes it rather hard to maintain eye contact.²** As the sidequest is completed, Ellie decides to go to Hollywood once the Mirage business is done. Matt points out it could take forever.²--->'''Matt:''' What are you gonna tell the movie company? "Uh, I can't go 'cause... space wizards!" "Oh, I have the clap, I can't go!"\²'''Woolie''': "Doctor says don't get on the plane--"\²'''Matt''': "With my ''giant clap''."²* Part 60:²** Between episodes Woolie has done some extensive grinding, including getting two special items from the lottery that afficianados have been yelling for him to get. Matt hopes this will please the 115 people who have set up bots to thumbs down the episodes ''when they post''.²** Woolie apparently got TheTalk from each parent.²--->'''Woolie:''' "We are West Indians, all we know is your penis is bad and your vagina is bad!"²** Barry tweets that he just heard about Tiki and the Dragonstone, offering support and some creepy sentiments. Aside from Matt being disgusted by the later, he points out ''Barry was there when they talked about it with Tiki''.²* Part 61:²** Woolie, being over-leveled, almost clears a section fight in one session, leaving only one monster on the second round.²--->'''Matt:''' "Wha happun?"²** The guys create an axe named "Butcherer". They can only imagine that whoever named it just wanted to get out of the office at the end of the day; it's full name is "Butcherer, Killer of Children".²** Gaining an ability that lets him revive an ally with full HP, Woolie states he will intentionally let party members die just so he can get them to full HP.²** Matt reveals a game they wanted to play for Scrublords, but couldn't due to the massive amount of nudity, was recently censored. They discuss the potential of finally playing it and how discussions for playing it in the past had included the possibility of splitting up the video and having each person do one minute segments.²** Due to the repetition, Woolie and Matt starts talking about candy bars and which one to sacrifice.²* Part 62:²** Woolie realizes the dungeons are [[FakeLongevity "extend the game" dungeons]], where they just let a junior programmer do [[CopyAndPasteEnvironments asset reuse]] to make the game longer.²--->'''Woolie''': Anything you see once, you might as well see three times.²** Woolie takes a break to read through some of the texts. Despite the TakeYourTime aspect of the game, most of them consist of the other characters yelling at Itsuki to hurry up and get this shit done.²*** Matt doesn't even need to hear Barry wrote the text about taking care of Mamori but not trying to make a move on her.²** Matt suggests Mamori's ad lib should be sticking the mirages in a microwave while still alive. Woolie suggests that her ''helmet'' is a microwave and if she ever turns it on her head will explode ''Fist of the North Star''-style.²* Part 63:²** Matt is baffled that the "stylist" is a mirage wearing a ridiculous tanuki-themed outfit.²--->'''Matt''': ''[baffled]'' ''You're'' the stylist? You? Wearing that? Really? Really?\²'''Woolie''': The dead raccoon on its head.²** A Golden Mirage spawns and outruns them, despawning just as a message comes in from Barry. Matt decides Barry's watching them on a Mirage nanny-cam and called to mock Itsuki for being so slow.²** Matt remembers a story from high school where he tried to use a line from the ''Simpsons'' on a substitute ("Isn't that just pointless busy work?") and got sent to the principal.²--->'''Woolie:''' Did you expect him to say "bingo get cracking"?²*** As exploration drags on, this makes a comeback.²---->'''Matt''': Isn't this LP just pointless busy work?\²'''Woolie''': Is it? Now get cracking.²** Woolie points out that no other medium is so prone to reusing the exact same content over and over as video games, [=JRPGs=] in particular.²--->'''Woolie''': As long as Tolkien takes to describe the area that they're walking through, at no point will he just start using the same--\²'''Matt''': ''Lord of the Rings'' [[DoorStopper is busywork that has a story in it]].\²'''Woolie''': What I'm saying is at no point will you see the ''same pages'' get used later in the book.\²'''Matt''': ''[laughs]'' That'd be amazing. He would've if his editor let him.²** Woolie wants to make it clear he is not lost, he just wants to cover every corner of the map even if it's not that useful to do.²** The very long conversation between two mooks with no input from the human characters leaves Woolie baffled to the point he speculates Itsuki's just been high on peyote the entire game.²* Part 66:²** When Kiria brings up Fortuna's fifth anniversary is coming up and if Itsuki has some idea for what would be a nice present for Maiko.²--->'''Matt:''' Give her some fucking dick!²** Horinozawa saying the "My Complex" photo series was done with one of a kind lens made by dead artisan.²--->'''Woolie:''' Canon is a company, Horinozawa, just buy it from there!²* Part 67:²** Barry's stupid antics make Matt realize why Liam told him Barry is the one character he dislikes.²** When Barry try to force Tiki into being a performa.²--->'''Woolie:''' Child labor is not okay! [[HypocriticalHumor That's our vending machine.]]²** Matt wishing the party treats Barry's outburst as any Mirage possession.²--->'''Matt:''' "Now you can get up now Barry, Barry?" and he is just dead on the floor and they're like "Oh I guess it was just him".\²'''Woolie:''' It's us or the judge Barry.²** Woolie's displeasure at how the two options are praising Barry, Matt suggests choosing "you are cool, Barry" because it sounds more like a lie.²** Woolie is forced to pause in the middle of Barry and Mamori's duet because he can't handle it anymore.²--->'''Woolie:''' ([[SanitySlippage muttering to himself]]) I can't... I can't fucking do this...\²'''Matt:''' ...I get it. [[AFriendInNeed I'm there with you]].²** During the topic conversation after Barry ran away while Itsuki's group was fighting, Woolie mentions it's just everyone putting "...". ²--->'''Matt:''' It should show "typing..." than it stops.²* 67.5:²** Both Matt and Woolie misread Mamori's sidequest "golden child/monster" given they just finished Barry's sidequest there is a good guess where their mind went.²* Part 68: ²** The Chapter 6 is called: Fire Emblem.²--->'''Matt:''' FUCK YOU!²** Matt's rant about how bland Itsuki is cut by Kiria showing up in her casual training clothing.²** Woolie talks about how you can spot a creator bias by how many clothes they get and shipping they get.²--->'''Matt:''' *cough Chun-li cough*.²* Part 70:²** Due to the giant egg and the fact the festival has been going for days Matt and Woolie assume the singer are dying from exhaustion.²** When bystanders mention the Tiki fanbase has gone quiet, Chrom suggests that it could only be the work of a Mirage.²--->'''Matt:''' Of course, it ''can't'' be that Tiki sucks!²** Woolie joking that the real reason Tiki's reputation is taking a hit is that she said [[NWordPrivileges the n-word]], which is then followed up by the idea of real life celebrities having all their embarrassing moments or crimes being engineered by Gharnef.²** The sidequest ends with Tiki being able to interact with the real world which she proceeds to meet Tiki=Waifu who must have her mind blown.²--->'''Matt:''' If was walking down the streets and I just like saw Hatsune Miku I'd punch it in the face.\²'''Woolie:''' I would have so many questions in the name of science.\²'''Matt:''' No I'd just punch.²* Part 71:²** Tiki and Itsuki are now on top of a skyscrapper²--->'''Tiki:''' That concert felt really great. Thanks Big brother.\²'''Itsuki:''' Glad to hear it.\²'''Matt:''' Can we please get down from here I'm about to shit my pants.²** As Tiki's time as a physical being is running out, Woolie and Matt are savvy enough that she'll likely just go back to her garden. ²--->'''Matt:''' Get back to your job!\²'''Woolie:''' The Coke machine is sucking you in.²* Part 73:²** After defeating Gharnef and he reveals he just used them as part of his scheme.²--->'''Matt:''' Miss Maiko is gonna be so angry.²** Matt frantically imploring Woolie to not use the massively creepy [=BarryxMamori=] Duo Art when it comes up, but Woolie replies he has no choice as it's the better combat option. Fortunately, Woolie is able to skip the animation.²* Part 74:²** Yashiro's sidequest is to find an opponent he respects so he can get into a role. Woolie points out it means he did and still views Itsuki's group as garbage.²* Part 75:²** Due to Lon'qu being immune to axe and ice, Mammori's attacks are worthless and end each session. Matt and Woolie joke that she is being peer-pressured into attacking even though she knows it'll do nothing. And even more funny is that she does end up killing him, due to a design choice that prevents a "final blow" from doing zero damage.²** Woolie cracking up as Yashiro activates his Carnage form while wearing his Microwavin' with Mamorin chef outfit.²--->'''Matt:''' You forgot, huh?²* Part 76:²** Woolie is tapping out at how the Yashiro's father gave his soul just for a role in a villain show while the world is about to end. Realizing this world's priority is performance over well-being Matt reminds him he is in the life.²--->'''Matt:''' If two fuckin' videos don't go up a day you break that bond. I don't care of your teeth are gone you have to do it.²** Matt tries to make an allegory about it with what if instead of a Yahsiro's missing dad Woolie's stolen gameboy was floating around the air close and someone knew about it but kept it secret. Woolie replies he could simply replace Yashiro's missing dad with ''his'' missing dad (Matt just didn't want to bring it up).²* Part 79:²** Woolie greets Matt to the new session with Tiki dressed as a cat.²* Part 80:²** Matt and Woolie think Chrom has completely checked out now that it was announced he'll be in Smash Ultimate.²--->'''Matt(Chrom)''': I'm in Smash, I don't give a fuck anymore.²--->'''Woolie(Chrom)''': Ha, yeah. I'm outta this bitch! As soon as you finish this fucking game, put me in Smash!²--->'''Matt(Chrom)''': Yo, echo fighter!²--->'''Woolie(Chrom)''': Yo catch me in Ultimate! I'm out! Peace! Fuck this game! Fuck your SMT shit, fuck Persona, fuck Nocture, and fu-hahaha-²--->'''Matt(Chrom)''': Fuck you!²** Woolie and Matt impersonating Itsuki as he appeared fatally wounded.²--->'''Itsuki:'''I taught you ''all'' [[HealingHands Diarama]]! There's curry in your pocket, I can smell it!²* Part 81:²** Woolie comments that now the final boss is slain [[ArcFatigue the channel can finally get views again.]]²* Part 82:²** Matt wishes Itsuki keeps begging the Mirages to stay and be even more inelegant and childish as a child throwing a tantrum.²--->'''Itsuki:''' I want to come with you, there is nothing left for me here. Maiko teases me and does nothing, Oribe is an idiot, Kiria is cool but she'll forget about me in a minute, Eleanor is leaving and Barry Oh God Barry.²** Their full approval of [[SharpDressedMan Suitsuki]], new CEO of Fortuna.²--->'''Woolie:''' Unfortunately it went to his head years later as he became the new Vioblader Edgelord of Daiba TV.\²'''Matt:''' Suitsuki the Killmonger.²[[/folder]]²[[folder: God of War (2018)]]²* The title card which features Woolie as Kratos, Matt as Atreus, [[NightmareFace and Pat as Jörmungandr]].²* The boys make sure to give Kratos' past actions the NeverLiveItDown treatment.²-->'''Woolie:''' I wonder how he'll be if he had a daughter...\²'''Matt:''' Actually, we know [[OffingTheOffspring the answer to that question.]]\²'''(...)'''\²'''Pat:''' I like that the kid is not a psychopath.\²'''Matt:''' Oh we'll make him one, don't you worry.\²'''(...)'''\²'''Matt as Faye:''' "Hey what happened to your old wife" and he is like [nervous chuckle].\²'''Matt as Kratos picks up Faye's ashes:''' Are you gonna layer this on your skin too to power yourself up?²* In general the guys are constantly laughing at Kratos's attempt at parenting as he is really stern.²-->'''Atreus:''' Still can't get the doors open huh?\²'''Kratos:''' Quiet.\²'''Pat:''' ''(laughing his ass off)''\²'''Matt as Kratos:''' How dare you.²* Pat repeatedly mentioning he now understand the crafting mechanic, only for Matt to say that's what he said last time. It culminates to him just going with "strength goes up" mentality.²* Part 1:²** Woolie refers to Sony Santa Monica as the "Irredeemable Sony Santa Monica". Matt wonders if they killed a goat at the launch party [[NoodleIncident like they did at the launch party for God of War 2]].²-->'''Woolie:''' They didn't, but they wish they did.²** "I have to kill this tree because it has an emotional connection to me."²-->'''Matt:''' And then when it's broken, he's like, ''"Who did this!?"''\²'''Pat:''' Was it Zeus?²** Pat is ''delighted'' that the subtitles are actually closed-captions because it means they'll get such gems as "Kratos yells in anger" in little texts things.²-->'''Matt, as subtitles:''' Kratos blames everyone but himself.²** Matt and Pat's both awed and amused reaction at Kratos carrying a huge tree with branches falling from it. ²** The guys are quite confused at the relationship Kratos has with his son, as him not knowing that Atreus hunted sounds like he has just showed up yesterday.²*** Later when it's explained that Kratos was around but kept his distance, Woolie assumes he was just the old guy living down the road.²-->'''Matt as Faye:''' That's your father's bachelor pad, honey.²** "I like Kratos now. He is ''[[DentedIron tired]]''."²** The boys crack up over how Kratos opens the chests by just straight-up ''punching'' them.²* Part 2:²** This part opens with Matt begging Pat to [[MythologyGag throw the axe]].²** Pat breaks open a bright red pot thinking that there's something inside. Instead, [[WhatAnIdiot it explodes and damages him]].²-->'''Pat:''' Alright, good to know.\²'''Woolie as Atreus:''' Father, are you-\²'''Pat as Kratos:''' [[NeverMyFault AREEEEEES!!]] ²** The boys imagine a scene where Kratos tells Atreus he will never be as good as him unless he defeats him... and then is completely shocked when Atreus tries to defeat him.²** The three of them watching Atreus hesitate to kill the deer, remarking that it's something any farmboy would have to do.²-->'''Woolie:''' Plague, when did you first have to slaughter a thing?\²'''Matt as Plague of Gripes:''' I'm slaughtering one right now, Woolie. [{{Beat}}] I hate ''Dragonball''.²** Matt saying "Shhshhsshhh... [[{{Theatre/Hamlet}} sweet prince]]" to the dying deer.²** Pat saying that Kratos looks like fucking shit... before immediately [[VerbalBackspace clarifying that he meant he looks old and that the graphics look great]].²** Pat's reaction to the fight against Daudi Kaupmadr.²-->'''Atreus:''' We're gonna fight that!?\²'''Kratos:''' We have no choice.\²'''Pat:''' You have ''so'' many choices, Kratos.²*** Matt pronouncing the boss' name as "Dowee Cow-pa-man-er" in an exaggerated accent.²** The boys cracking up at Atreus going into a rage and frantically stabbing Daudi Kaupmadr's corpse.²-->'''Matt as Kratos:''' [[RunningGag Remember boy, you did nothing wrong.]]\²'''Woolie:''' Remember that time when you got into a fight with someone when you were ten, and you yelled "You are ''nothing'' to me"? ''(cracks up)''²** Matt wonders if Atreus was made from Kratos' crazy sperm - "[[ItMakesSenseInContext the type of semen that the other semen does't like to hang out with]]". They then imagine that Atreus's conception consisted of the sperm as a bunch of {{Screaming Warrior}}s surrounding the egg threatening to destroy it.²** Matt getting hyped over Kratos' grapple attacks where he literally rips a Draugr in half with his bare hands.²** When Kratos begins gathering Faye's ashes, Matt is immediately suspicious that he's trying to rub them all over his body.²** The boys suddenly realize that they have no idea what Faye's name is yet.²-->'''Matt:''' A love that will last the ages. With... "Oh, you."²** The three of them imagining Kratos playing "Stop Hitting Yourself" with Atreus.²** [[TheHeavy The Stranger]] makes his debut, and the boys love him immediately when he has the sheer [[RefugeInAudacity audacity]] to mock and pick a fight with [[WorldsStrongestMan Kratos]], ''despite knowing, seemingly, ahead of time [[TheDreaded who he is]] and [[KillTheGod what he has done]]''.²-->'''Stranger:''' ''(backhands Kratos right in the face)''\²'''Pat:''' ''(in awe)'' I ''like'' this guy.²** Pat immediately realizes (from his [[PowerTattoo appearance]] and [[ColorCodedForYourConvenience color-scheme]]) that the Stranger is probably "[[EvilCounterpart Norse Kratos]]". This view is reinforced when the Stranger turns out to have a fighting style reminiscent of [[VideoGame/DevilMayCry Vergil]].²-->'''Pat:''' He even ''moves'' like Vergil; he's doing table-hoppers!²** Matt figures that [[UnderestimatingBadassery Kratos is a few levels above the Stranger]]... seconds before the latter uppercuts the former clear over his house.²-->'''Matt:''' [[InstantlyProvenWrong Oh, nevermind.]]²** Due to how early in the game this battle happens, Matt and Pat quickly assume that the Stranger is going to be a HopelessBossFight.²-->'''Matt:''' You're going to lose this.\²'''Pat:''' ''(Giggling)'' I sure am!²** During the pummel prompts.²-->'''Matt:'''Get ready to counter too.\²'''Pat:''' Sure.\²'''Kratos keeps giving his NoHoldsBarredBeatdown without any counter from the Stranger'''\²'''Matt:''' Shit.\²'''Woolie:''' [[DeadpanSnarker Any time now]].²** At one point, the Stranger pulls a [[SuplexFinisher suplex]] on Kratos without warning, and the boys simultaneously squeal in shocked delight.²* Part 3²** The trio spends a good chunk of the episode portraying Kratos as generally being an out-of-touch grumpy old dad, ranging from not knowing how to check his email to forbidding dabbing (stolen from the gods by Prometheus) and fidget spinners.²-->'''Matt:''' I demand full access to your Instagram account- no your ''real one'', this is the fake one you made for my convenience.²* Part 4:²** When Atreus is too shaken over his first murder of a human to respond, Pat throws an axe at him.²-->'''Kratos:''' Move it or lose it kid.²* Part 5:²** The guys interpreting Kratos shy attempt at embracing his son as wanting to push him off a cliff.²-->'''Matt:''' Just one push and my quest can be over.\²'''Pat:''' No, not yet.\²'''Matt:''' I'm such a hero.\²'''Woolie:''' Damn you, Zeus.²** Pat dashing as fast as he can in an entrance, making it look like Kratos is trying to ditch Atreus.²** Pat saying Kratos in his Kratos voice when he punches a chest.²* Part 6²** The whole part with the boar.²** First after Atreus hit but doesn't kill the boar.²-->'''Atreus:''' Could the boar be magical?\²'''Matt as Kratos:''' That's your excuse for everything.\²'''Woolie:''' Could you be shit.²** Then they have Kratos rant about the boar being behind the destruction of Greece and tricked him into killing his family, among other things...²-->'''Matt:''' The boar put on a dress, looked like my wife.[Woolie losing it] Can I- You would have done the same Atreus.²** When the witch convinces Kratos to help saving the boar's life.²-->'''Pat as Kratos:''' Stop deaaath?²** When they encounter a white flag.²-->'''Pat as Kratos:''' A white flag means your enemy will be easy to kill.²-->'''Mat as Kratos:''' Always look for the white flag of cowardice.²* Part 7:²** Pat says you can tell it's a new recording because they come up with all the memes. Pat also wasn't aware he was the World Serpent in the cover art.²** They were told by suggestion that Atreus is basically the best weapon and to train him as such. They are amazed at the kid beating a downed enemy.²** Pat's brain failing at making coherent words.²-->'''Pat:''' Achor Achurs-\²'''Matt:''' What?\²'''Pat:''' I'm ok.\²'''Matt:''' Having a stroke again?.²** When talking about post game, Matt says Kratos is teaching Atreus about victory lap.²-->'''Matt as Kratos:''' After you have satiated a wench make sure to make a victory lap around the room-\²'''Woolie as Atreus:''' I'm 8.\²'''Matt as Kratos:''' My point still stands boy. When I was but a toddler when my father no wait nevermind.\²'''Woolie:''' [[ThatCameOutWrong Ooooh boy,]] Greece uh?²* Part 8:²** Matt and Woolie being dumbfounded by Pat's revelation that the original idea for God Of War 3 was for Kratos to find Norse and Egyptian versions of himself, take on the ENTIRE pantheon of gods and later on they all become the three wise men. You can clearly hear Matt having a mental breakdown trying to process that information.²* Part 10:²** The guys are convinced every puzzle they can't solve right away is because they need to come back with a time stop, because they played too many video games. Not only the puzzles are all solvable right away, [[WrongGenreSavvy there is no time stop power]].²* Part 11:²** Woolie is trying to convince Pat the puzzles they are facing is impossible, then Pat realizes it's possible and mandatory and makes a point to tell the audience he is glaring at Woolie right now.²** Pat laughing as they see the pile of corpses shortly after Kratos is pulled out of the light, realizing there was a time skip.²* Part 12:²** The end of the boss fight against the Dark Elf has him giving an (unsubtitled) dying speech warning our heroes. However the transition from cutscene to gameplay means [[GoodBadBugs Atreus immediately shoots an arrow at his body]] ''before the cutscene even properly ends'' as he disappears, prompting Pat to lose his shit.²* Part 13:²** Matt and Woolie says that no matter what the situation, saying "You've made a grave mistake" is the best choice of FamousLastWords.²** When Pat's encounter with the first purple enemy ends with him dead in one hit, Matt has only one thing to say:²--> '''Matt:''' Hello police, I would like to report a fucking murder.²** Woolie, who said last episode he hasn't ate much, tries to call attention to big blue orb on screen.²-->'''Woolie:''' Big blue, big bo blue. Right.\²'''Matt:''' ''What?''\²'''Woolie:''' Right, Big blue bo bluh blo.\²'''Pat:''' ({{Beat}}) A-Are you alright? Are you okay?\²'''Matt:''' Food needs to go into you ''now'' Woolie.²* Part 14²** As the struggle against massively over-leveled purple enemies continues, Pat opens the door to a treasure chamber and encounters a large, white wolf.²-->'''Matt:''' What level is this?\²''(Cue the wolf charging Kratos and [[OneHitKO killing him instantly]], leaving all three of them in shock)''\²'''Matt:''' What?! That's a death? I thought that was a cutscene!\²'''Woolie:''' Hello, [[VideoGame/DarkSouls Sif!]]²** When the Reaver spirit comments that he's not surprised his own son killed him considering he did the same to his own father, Atreus is taken aback by the thought of it. [[VideoGame/GodOfWarIII Cue slow panning shot to Kratos' face]] [[ and the trio laughing in unison.]]²* Part 15:²** Woolie's tired "yay" as Kratos is about to beat the ancient that killed him last episode causes Pat to lose his shit.²** Matt saying what Kratos winging a story would sound like.²-->'''Kratos:''' I knew a man named Ocean. And his friend, [[LineOfSightName Boat]], they sailed together with their son, Atreus...²* Part 16: ²** Matt and Pat are confused by tomb with people's riches as they see it more as Egyptian culture than Nordic. They conclude Egyptians are just Nordic people. Woolie is unimpressed.²* Part 17:²** Pat liking how Atreus is learning to ask for reward before taking quest.²** Pat claiming he doesn't abide to only help people for rewards when Matt points out he let plenty people to die, Pat means in real life.²* Part 18:²** Starvin' Woolie continues as they try to figure out runes.²-->'''Woolie:''' Boo Not resuscitate.²** After taking a two minute break, Woolie comes back and quick searched the pop song for the Inspector Gadget movie, Pat is frustrated.²* Part 19: ²** Talking about ''WesternAnimation/MummiesAlive'', Woolie put his foot in his mouth when Matt recalls flashback before they were grey mummies they were brown skinned.²-->'''Woolie:''' Were they human?\²'''Matt:''' ...Yes.\²'''Pat:''' Wait? WHAT THE FUCK are you actually saying Woolie? Were they human? What made you think they weren't humans, was it Matt said that they were gray or otherwise.²** Pat asks a question about Kratos's weight while watching him kill yet another monster twice his size, which prompts Woolie to do an impression of Kratos acting like a coy Japanese schoolgirl:²-->'''Woolie as Kratos:''' Are you asking me my three sizes...My three sizes are [[GratuitousJapanese hi, mi, tsu]].²* Part 20:²** Pat has been making predictions about [[spoiler: Baldur being killed by mistletoe]] since the god first appeared, thanks to [[GenreSavvy his knowledge of Norse mythology]]. After the dragon boss fight, the game throws him a bone.²-->'''Sindri:''' [[spoiler: Braided mistletoe arrows.]]²-->'''Pat:''' *sputters, goes LaughingMad*²-->'''Woolie:''' Yeah. Yeah.²-->'''Matt:''' Here's your [[MacGuffin game solvers]]!²* Part 21:²** Matt fails to say button basher correctly, Pat can't even repeat what he says.²-->'''Matt:''' Just by bushing the battons.²** Woolie's silence when Atreus is asked what is port and starboard. As he said once he goes by those instead of left and right to explain his bad directions.²-->'''Matt:''' Yes and once again it applies when you're in a boat.²* Part 23:²** Woolie's bored "boat tales, woop-woop" from the start of the episode.²-->'''Pat:''' [[SarcasmMode The enthusiasm is just knocking me the fuck over]].²** Pat loses Atreus, and have him teleport for the climbing animation, he concludes the kid clipped through the world.²-->'''Matt:''' Hope you enjoyed this LP of God of War.\²'''Pat:''' Kid just died.²* Part 24:²** When Matt talks about how a similar power ability existing Dante's Inferno, a game he can't LP because everyone in the channel is too cowardly. He wishes ''someone'' with religious upbringing could help with the commentary, Woolie remain silent.²** Pat is really loud about people not believing there were toilets/toilet equivalents in Kratos' time. The ''entire'' conversation about Mimir being next to Kratos' ass that leads into a conversation about farting is this.²-->'''Woolie:''' I will say that, uh, Mimir's placement is definitely unfortunate.\²'''Pat:''' He would have to turn his whole head though.\²'''Woolie:''' No, well, okay, but th-, there's no toilets back then, this is squat holes-\²'''Pat:''' '''''[[SuddenlyShouting SHUT UP "THERE ARE NO TOILETS BACK THEN"!!!]]'''''²** Woolie bringing up David Suzuki is really hated in Alberta because of his criticism on sand oil. The best friends concludes the best way to get dunk on him would be to name a bunch of oil rigs and mines after him.²* Part 25:²** Woolie takes the piss out of Pat's obsessive stat-number crunching whenever he begins showing off a piece by saying "But (Stat) goes ''dooown''...", much to [[HairTriggerTemper Pat's]] irritation, and [[{{Troll}} Woolie's]] delight. The trolling comes to a head with this climax:²-->'''(Sound plays in the game)'''\²'''Pat:''' Ah! Did you hear that?\²'''Woolie:''' That was not loud at all. You really overreacted.\²'''Pat:''' I'm a jumpy guy, man!\²'''Woolie:''' You oversold that.\²'''Pat:''' Hey. I don't sell nothin'. I ain't sellin' shit.\²'''Woolie:''' cream...'''[[{{Corpsing}} (Corpses)]]'''\²'''Pat:''' ...I'm gonna start slapping your ''fucking'' '''''balls.'''''²* Part 28:²** Woolie loves how Atreus keeps hammering how a bandit killed his own father.²** In the middle of a discussion about umlauts and [[Creator/JRRTolkien Tolkien]], Matt suddenly brings up a desire to somehow stream ''Film/TheHobbitTheBattleOfTheFiveArmies'' [[CrossesTheLineTwice directly into the author's grave]] and putting the whole thing up on Twitch, complete with Tolkien's skull on a face cam.²** The guys all agree that Kratos wouldn't stand a chance if he faces ''ComicBook/{{Asterix}} with magic potion. As it's cartoon super strength.²* Part 32:²** Woolie for a moment thinks Atreus is really strong as helps Kratos pushing the giant stone hammer. Pat explains it as your little brother "helping" you play Mario.²* Part 35: ²** Pat is overjoyed when they come across a red sap obstacle in Helheim, since it's such a blatant InterfaceSpoiler [[spoiler:that Atreus is going to get better.]]²** Woolie speculates on how much better the game might be if Kratos had a more stereotypical Greek accent and name, complete with terrible imitations.²* Part 36:²** At the end of the episode, the boys decide to test out "Photo Mode". Within, they find an option to swap out Kratos' facial expression. The very first choice is [[MoodWhiplash an incredibly cheerful grin]] that sends everyone laughing their asses off for how out-of-place it looks. They then trigger Photo Mode in the middle of one of Kratos' flamboyant Blades of Chaos attacks, and scroll through the available expressions until they find an almost orgasmic-looking pout, making Kratos look almost like an elegant ballerina caught in a FreezeFrameBonus.²* Part 37:²** The thumbnail has been changed with the above mentioned freeze frame of Kratos.²** When Mimir talks about how Tyr was the best God of War ever Woolie mentions all that's missing is him loving his family to really throw mud at Kratos.²-->'''Matt:''' And never ever killed them.²* Part 38:²** The guys laughing at Atreus saying Kratos [[BlatantLies only killed tho]][[MythologyGag se that deserved.]]²** Pat suggests they should administer some divine spanking to shape Atreus' attitude.²* Part 39:²** During the malfunction of The Bifrost, and the gang is wondering where the hell they're going to end up now, Matt has one wish for where they might go.²-->'''Pat:''' ''Where are we going?!''\²'''Woolie:''' Where?\²'''Matt:''' [[SuddenlyShouting MODERN DAY!]]\²'''[Woolie and Pat burst into laughter]'''\²'''Matt:''' ''MODERN DAY!!''\²'''Woolie:''' Shut up!\²'''Matt:''' ''You shut up!! YOU KNOW YOU WANT IT!!''\²'''[...]'''\²'''Matt:''' Damn it, I'm so mad they didn't go to Modern Day...\²'''Pat:''' Oh man, that-, come on, what is-, what- what're you even talking about?\²'''Matt:''' Shut up! Just let me have it!\²'''[...]'''\²'''Woolie:''' Like, silent cut to people walking around New York City on their phones. Light in the sky.\²'''Matt:''' They come crashing down in Central Park.\²'''Woolie:''' '''[Chuckles]''' I would ''leave!''\²'''Matt:''' I would ''stay longer!''²** Pat realizing Atreus is not obeying has him both happy and freaked out.²* Part 41:²** The episode's ending as Pat tries to go through a spike smashing puzzle.²-->'''Woolie:''' Dead.\²(block Kratos stands on goes up and crush him on the spikes above)\²'''Pat:''' No I didn't think-(cut to the outro with Greens Green playing).²* Part 44:²** Pat reveals that he did some heavy grinding offscreen, including hunting down the Valkyries to unlock the BonusBoss. During the fight with Sigrun, Pat gleefully reveals [[BrickJoke a certain power unlock he finally discovered]] in the process:²-->'''Pat:''' Hey, by the way, guys; I would like to say there's an upgrade I didn't tell you about...\²''(Pat activates the [[BulletTime Talisman of the Realms]])''\²'''Everyone:''' ''TIME STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP!''\²'''Woolie:''' Goddamn it. In the end, there it is.²* Part 46:²** The way Pat nonchalantly says "Anyone else getting emotional?" as [[spoiler:Freya is cradling the corpse of her son.]]²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: A Way Out]]²* On a meta-level for the playthrough is the fact that Pat is the more violently-inclined of the two with Woolie acting as the objector, despite their characters being the opposite. This is only compounded by the fact that [[spoiler:Vincent is a ''cop'']].²* Part 1:²** Pat and Woolie refer to this as the sequel to ''VideoGame/PrisonBreak'', a playthrough they had no [[TitleDrop Way Out]] of.²** The two start arguing over which character they're playing and have to start over so they can swap who has sideburns...²-->'''Pat''': Oh my god, this is such a good LP.²*** ...and ''then'' the game lets them choose after a bit of dialogue.²** Pat mishearing Woolie made him reference Waterworld, a RunningGag Matt kept pushing during the ''Prison Break'' LP.²-->'''Pat:''' You said mat, I heard map, and then I became Matt.²** As Woolie is on the verge of being shanked, Pat feels it's more important to focus on his [[GoodBadBugs magic food]].²-->'''Woolie:''' Hey I'm- I'm- I'm- kind of--\²'''Pat:''' Oh, oh yeah.\²'''Woolie''': A little bit--\²'''Pat''': It was more important.²** Because of the split screen Pat and Woolie have problem keeping their eyes on what is happening, this leads to Pat looking for a place to eat and suddenly hearing two slaps as Woolie forces his way in the cafeteria because of two assholes.²* Part 2:²** When Vincent and Leo have a loud conversation out in the open about getting revenge on Harvey and escaping.²-->'''Woolie:''' You want to escape and murder, damn it's like pick one.\²'''Pat:''' I like this murder plan.\²'''Woolie:''' Murderscape.²** When an inmate happily chats about how he's going to be released next week, [[{{Retirony}} Pat immediately declares he's going to die]].²** Pat's glee as he hides himself in the cart and uses a towel over his head to hide.²** Woolie tries to put a second object in the drier to break it but can't, so he puts it down. Except the object completely blocks his walk path, leaving him walking in place and quietly muttering "Oh no".²* Part 3:²** Pat notes that the duo shutting off water flow in the sewage system and breaking steam valves is the sort of thing that the guard ''will'' notice.²*** He also wants to know how they're going to explain the fact that their clothes now ''reek'' of shit.²*** After the back-to-back climbing sequence, Pat notes that if it was he and Woolie, this would be the end of their escape attempt. And if it was two Pats, they wouldn't be able to reach the walls.²** Pat loses track of whose character is whose.²-->'''Leo''': Get on the other side and help me.\²'''Pat''': I fucking know, I just told you to do that, Leo. Wait, that's me. I just told ''myself'' to do that, me... Vincent...²** Pat's reaction when, after seeing Leo with his wife talking about their child, only to find out Vincent has a ''pregnant'' wife waiting at home.²-->'''Pat''': ''Fuck!''²* Part 4:²** While running through the wood, Woolie books it and lets Pat fall far behind with a cheeky "Bye".²** Coming to the first major choice between Vincent and Leo's [[StealthBasedMission respective]] [[CrazyEnoughToWork plans]], Pat and Woolie get ''really'' invested because they happen to each agree with the characters they're playing. It takes almost a minute for Pat to acquiesce to [[RefugeInAudacity stealing a cop car and driving it across the police blockade]].²-->'''Pat''': ''[as the car goes airborne as cops fire on it]'' This plan sucks, Leo!\²'''Woolie''': This plan's ''great''!²*** On top of that, earlier Pat had weighed the pros vs. cons for both routes. Vincent's route had the Pro/Con setup of Stealth/Danger and Leo's had Car/Loud. They have the car for less than five minutes before it's a wrecked heap they have to abandon, meaning the only thing they got out of that exchange was the ''con.''²--->'''Pat:''' Boy, God almighty do you owe me a favor!²** Pat is mildly annoyed there's no option to kick Leo's legs out from under him and leave him for the dogs as they run.²** They are more than excited when they arrive near a house, expecting to make a choice about killing the owner for clothes. Pat is even more excited when they turn out to be old people with a rifle and insist that they go with the subdue plan. He ''really'' wants to beat up the old woman.²** When Woolie knocks over something on the second floor, he realizes the old woman is rushing for the phone to call the cops while her husband investigates with his gun. He admits that's actually smart as they are caught.²** Pat fails to subdue the woman so she screams and her husband shoots Vincent dead.²* Part 5:²** Pat and Woolie are pretty sure the old couple are gonna starve to death and proceed to fuck with their home.²-->'''Woolie:''' (on the piano) Playing a requiem for the old couple.²** The old couple eventually free themselves and the old man heads out to chase after Vincent and Leo with only a loaded revolver. Pat declares him free game.²-->'''Woolie:''' I would just yell "I have a shotgun."\²'''Pat:''' "I have ''your'' shotgun."\²'''Woolie:''' "And I don't want to shoot you."\²'''Pat:''' "I ''do'' want to shoot you."\²'''Woolie:''' "If you keep shooting at me..."\²'''Pat:''' "I will be forced to indulge myself."²** The whole boat escape. Not only are they somehow outrowing the police, but they have to avoid rocks by yelling at each other.²*** Before that the truck sequence, where Woolie worries about killing cops while Pat constantly states they're all ''fine'', even when their cars are ''on fire''.²** When they see Vincent and Leo's faces in the newspapers.²-->'''Pat:''' Those sketches are super good.\²'''Woolie:''' ..It's their ''photos.'' 'Cause they were ''prisoners.''\²'''Pat:''' Oh yeah, okay, why did I think they were sketches? Why the fuck did I think they would be--?\²'''Woolie:''' We know ''exactly'' what they look like!²** Woolie and Harvey are confused about Harvey's plan as he keeps killing all the potential buyers for the diamond.²-->'''Woolie:''' Oh man, Harvey killed that old couple.\²'''Pat:''' He offered them the diamond first though. Weirdest serial killer signature ever.²* Part 6:²** Pointing out how Leo going to visit his family is the ''stupidest move'' they could make as the police department will essentially be camping in their house. Sure enough, there's a pair of cops asking the wife questions when they arrive.²** Pat spotting the baseball minigame.²-->'''Pat:''' ''(gasp)'' I can play baseball! Fuck your family, who cares.²** While Woolie has to talk to Leo's upset kid, Pat tries to have Vincent flirt with Leo's wife.²*** When the kid runs off, Woolie stops to play darts.²** Pat idly comments that Leo got a nicely detailed flashback about why he wants Harvey dead but Vincent didn't. Worth a chuckle if you know [[spoiler:it's because Vincent is a cop]].²** Much like ''Heavy Rain'', the duo want to ''wreck'' Alex when they start playing basketball with him. The similarities only increase when they notice how bad the kid's VA is.²** When Linda gives Leo a gun, Woolie states now the cops have to shoot him and expects cops will be yelling "Gun! Gun! Gun!" every time they try to "arrest" the duo.²*** Of course all of this ignores the fact that the cops have been attempting to gun the escapees down from the very beginning of their escape.²** Pat and Woolie comment on a number of stupid decisions at the construction site, such as Leo and Vincent removing their ''safety hats'' and the guy they're trying to catch going ''up'' a building and cornering himself.²* Part 7:²** Pat's suspicion of Vincent continues to grow due to his reluctance to hurt Ray and showing knowledge that a banker really shouldn't have. He sincerely hopes it ends with a ''Double Dragon'' moment and suspects it will be all on Vincent. [[spoiler:His wish will come true]].²** When they leave Ray tied his back toward a ledge Woolie asks Pat if he'll try swinging himself forward.²-->'''Pat:''' [[NoJustNoReaction Hell no]].\²'''Woolie''': You just sit there, right?\²'''Pat''': Yeah. ''No'', no fucking way. ''I'' wouldn't!²** Pat saying why he likes Vincent's approach of the robbery instead of Leo's in-and-out approach. ²-->'''Pat (as they walk to the gas station):''' My favorite part about this version is that right now, we're not committing any crimes.²** Woolie meets a woman with a crowbar next to a locked door. Pat looks at Woolie's screen and asks what the hell is going on.²-->'''Pat''': What did you encounter, I looked away for a second!²** Woolie praises Vincent's foresight on buying cigarettes since he'll need them to trade for shit since they're going ''right back to jail''.²** The duo doesn't complain about the cops obviously staking out Vincent's wife's hospital room; instead they point out that this is leading Harvey's ''assassins'' right to said family.²* Part 8:²** The spend the first three minutes talking to waiting hospital patients and mocking them. Then they remember the wife. This more or less sets the tone for the episode.²** Viewers that played the game finally got their wish of them playing Connect Four. Woolie wins [[CurbStompBattle in four moves]].²*** Even better, the only reason Woolie won is because Pat [[EpicFail accidently dropped his piece into the wrong column.]]²** Pat laughing at Vincent stopping Leo from slugging the cop in the elevator.²** Woolie keeps beating Pat at every mini-game and then refuse any rematch to the point Pat says Vincent is gonna shoot Leo just because he keeps winning.²-->'''Pat:''' Who is good at darts NOW! Motherfucker.\²'''Woolie:''' Connect these.\²'''Pat:'''... Four.²** Their reaction to the hospital chase, as Vincent is sneaking slowly while Leo is going ''[[Film/OldBoy2003 Old Boy]]'' on the cops and even takes one hostage.²* Part 9:²** Their reaction to Leo's EpicFail where he bursts every straps of his parachute by pulling one cord.²** Woolie points out it's actually not that hard to fence a diamond so long as you don't ''kill the buyers'' for not paying what you want.²** Pat tries ''very hard'' to shoot Leo during the first gunfight sequence.²*** During this he speculates the endgame will involve an option where both characters can get out alive, but Pat and Woolie will be hammering the "Betray" button too desperately to notice.²** In the middle of a tense firefight, Woolie has to call a pause on the action due to his microphone going AWOL and swerving into his mouth. Cue two minutes of the two quibbling over why only Woolie's mic does this.²** Both Wooolie and Pat spot the obvious ''Film/{{Scarface}}'' inspiration of the final encounter with Harvey and are delighted by the over-the-top sequence where they gun him down.²** Woolie and Pat are both waiting for Vincent to suddenly pull out handcuffs and start Mirandizing Harvey, but Woolie would be ''pissed'' if that's what happened.²*** At the end of the episode, both erupt into shouts when the reveal hits.²** Vincent starts writing his letter, despite the fact he's probably dripping blood all over it. Pat and Woolie then start talking about how the pen can be a shiv... and the paper can be a shiv... and [[ShapedLikeItself the shiv can be a shiv]]... and Vincent's ''beard'' can be a shiv.²* Part final:²** Pat and Woolie are absolutely ''delighted'' when the final stretch of the game has them [[spoiler: actively [[DuelingPlayerCharacters working against each-other]]]] in a sequence that calls back to [[FinalExamBoss various earlier segments in the game]]. They proceed to indulge in ruthless trash-talking, getting even more fired up than Leo and Vincent.²-->'''Woolie:''' Oink oink piggy, oink oink.\²'''Pat:''' Hey, these freedom doughnuts is delicious!²** When Emily is joining Vincent to apprehend Leo.²-->'''Woolie:''' I don't want to kill her but if it's her and me I'll have to defend myself.\²'''Pat:''' See, this is why you have to go.²** The moment ''health bars'' pop up for Leo and Vincent, Woolie erupts in delighted laughter.²** Woolie and Pat are adamant that they'd both be perfectly happy to ditch their guns and go in for a fistfight. [[spoiler:Sure enough, the climax of the final confrontation is a slow, ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolid4''-style final fistfight between Leo and Vincent, complete with flashbacks between punches.]]²-->'''Pat:''' This was your life before crime.\²'''Woolie:''' This is my life ''because'' of crime!²** In the end, not only does [[spoiler:Pat beat Woolie in every shooting segment]], but the deciding factor comes down to [[spoiler:a GoldenSnitch that depends on button mashing, which Pat wins easily thanks to having more health]].²-->'''Pat:''' [[CurbStompBattle This is very unfortunate for you.]]²** [[spoiler:Vincent]] goes to meet with [[spoiler:Leo's wife]], with the duo declaring he now ''owns'' her as a right of conquest.²*** The reason they give for [[spoiler:Leo's death]] is that he [[spoiler:beat Vincent at every game]].²** Woolie wishes he can control [[spoiler:Vincent's baby and cry every time he touches her]] as a final revenge from [[spoiler:Leo]].²[[/folder]]


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