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1* In the first episode, when Tut wakes up, it leads to this exchange.--->'''Luxor:''' It's alive! It's Its a kid?--->'''Tut:''' Glad to meet you, [[RipVanTinkle where's the bathroom, I really got to go.]] (Luxor points in the direction of said bathroom, Tut takes off running) Got to go, got to go got to go (dashes in)--->'''Cleo:''' (gasps)* Episode two: Tut promises to keep Cleo and Luxor safe from any ancient curses. Cleo reminds what happened the last time he said that.-->'''Cleo:'''...jackal demons from the Underworld tried to chew us up!-->'''Tut, in a sulky monotone:''' Yeah, well. Stuff happens.* In "Near Dead Experience":-->'''Tut:''' See, your body is trying to expel the hostile demon that's possessed it!!\'''Cleo:''' Yeah, the great demon called Snot.** Tut noticing Cleo's chicken soup.-->'''Tut:''' What is this yellow pond with the floating dead chicken?\'''Cleo:''' My mom's special cure.\'''Tut:''' Animal sacrifice? Amateurs! ''(throw the bowl out the window)'' That will not save you from your impending doom!\'''Cleo:''' At least I don't have to eat it.** Luxor's DeadpanSnarker remark.-->'''Cleo:''' Luxor, stop him from freaking out.\'''Luxor:''' Why certainly. Are there any other miracles you like me to perform while I'm at it?* In "Green Eyed Mummy":** Professor Bedhety's denial of any involvement in the wooly mammoth's disappearance.-->"I'm completely 100% [[ThatCameOutWrong irresponsible]]!"* A majority of the episode "Cleo's Catastrophe".----


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